Politicized "Medicine"

Chris, or anyone who might have this
You mentioned that the army had done a study and found that those who had a 'flu vaccine were 36% more likely to get the HB virus. Can anyone point me in the right direction to find this study?
Thanks in advance.

Nicola - I think this is what you are asking about. Angi

I am not sure if this has been posted yet. It is quite the indicator of the damage honey badger can do to even healthy 40 somethings… wow.

Andy_S, as a New Zealander I just want to modify your statement about NZ using Chris’s gold standard approach. It’s good but not gold and, I think, luck has had something to do with our success.
When strict border controls were announced, there was a rush to get back and the managing of people at the main airport (and probably others but I only know about Auckland) was chaotic, with no screening and no attempt to avoid crowding. On top of that, the mandatory quarantine was originally managed through trust (with a little bit of follow up), later eventually managed properly. I’m amazed we didn’t import more cases in that period but relieved also.
There was no step 1b (face masks for all) and face masks have never been recommended for public use (though never explicitly advised against), not even for grocery store staff (though a few did wear them). I also believe that step 2, aggressive testing, wasn’t done though it improved over time. Early on you had to have symptoms and a strong likelihood of having recently travelled internationally or been in close contact with a known case. One still has to have some symptoms to get tested on request though they encourage people with only slight symptoms to get tested. There is also, now, some surveillance testing though this is by no means random.
Now 4 days of zero new cases, and 7 of the last 8 days with zero new cases (and only 1 on the other day). So it’s looking good but we’re only a week into the more relaxed regime of Alert Level 2, with an average incubation period of 2 weeks. So let’s see how the next week pans out.
I’d say that we were also lucky that the breaches of Levels 3 and 4 didn’t seem to result in the virus getting away from us. So luck and an early strong response seemed to do the trick for us. But if we ever open up the borders again, all hell could break loose.

Good response from our Govt along with truly fortunate blessings has allowed NZ to avoid the worst. But I agree - we cannot be complacent.
Personally, I just scraped back to NZ in the nick of time - after travel in Europe and UK. Did my 2 weeks quarantine - and PHEW - so relieved to be in this country right now.
The FINANCIAL response in NZ has also been fantastic.
-Andy S

Mike, we are on the same side!! No, it’s not right, it’s terribly wrong. How can voters make good choices when the news can be false, when advertisers determine what information/content is reported to the public?
What can we do?
What I would like to see is a public that ‘unplugs’ from corporate. Ditch the cell phone. Ditch the Ipads. Ditch subscriptions for cable. Ditch the TV(s). Ditch corporate food and corporate medicine. And ditch Hollywood.
One reason these corporations have oversized influence, control and power is because WE BUY THEIR SHIT.
I think we need one helluva boycott.

Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth, along with (10) 911 family members and 88 Architects and structural engineers have submitted a Request for Corrections to NIST to correct a number of mismatches in its WTC Building 7 model. NIST has never released its data for the model it used to explain how the third tower came down by office fires alone. Because NIST has not released its data, the NIST model cannot be peer reviewed. No peer review, No gold standard. In other words, its junk science.
A&E911truth is asking folks to contact members of the rules and oversight committee to review the Request for Corrections submitted to NIST. You can find out more here:
Here is an article regarding the Request for Corrections submitted to NIST:
For me, it’s important to let the Swamp know, I know what’s going on and what I think should be done about it.

It’s the perfect analogy. Fake, blowup dolls filling restaurant chairs to make a business look busy and force social distancing. Who better to explain it -
Well holy smoke - blowup dolls don’t consume anything but hey the govt. can keep injecting air into the lifeless consumer dolls.

You left out taxes

Did the lockdown save lives? It’s possible but not yet proven, and the evidence so far points to a negative answer. No matter how much we try to spin this in our heads, no matter how much we want to believe that something good has come out of this catastrophe, we are all going to have someday to deal with the terrible but likely reality that it was all for naught.

http://Did The Lockdown Save Lives?

I agree. The less we buy there stuff, the less control they have over us. I live very simply, not just because I eschew consumerism but because it is a happier way of life.

Science is always evolving, progressing, changing as our research and understanding grow. Scientist are by definition, people who question and test every theory and hypothesis about the world. If they did not our society would still be in the Stone Age.
I don’t necessarily agree with everything in the article, but I agree with the author’s right to question everything. It is a very frightening age we are currently in. The Media-pharma complex is now crushing any questioning of their propaganda. All for profits and control.
I keep repeating: "I don’t agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

Moderna stock is crashing.
Apparently the Corporate Media listened to Chris’s podcast. Now they understand that checking the evidence is important in coming to conclusions.
It took a full 24 hours before the market actually read Moderna’s clinical trial, which cited COVID-19 antibodies forming in only eight subjects.”
Well, better late than never.

Thank you for the links. At this time it is hard to know who to trust. The only option currently is to take all of the information available and sort it out. I do not like to be given faulty data. It makes my decisions much harder to make. This is why I originally joined this site. I was watching Chris on YouTube and eventually I had to search to find the videos.
Just so you know where I stand about our governor I voted for him but would have voted differently if given a better choice. The appointment of someone with direct ties to the stock market to be senator did not help my view of him. In spite of these things I will continue to support him.
I live in south central GA and I grew up in southwest GA. I know people who have been affected by the virus. I don’t know anyone who has died but my cousin has had several friends to die. My daughter is a dialysis nurse who is treating covid patients after hours at the clinic. I am not trying to diminish the things that are happening.
My family has been in the manufacturing business for nearly 40 years. We closed for three weeks even though we could have made a case for being an essential business(waster treatment equipment). We did this to “flatten the curve”. We gave our employees money to buy supplies. A week later we received a PPP loan. Without this we would have only lasted for a few months. I do believe that if we stay in our houses until the danger is totally gone we will lose our economic future and possibly our freedom.
There has been also concern that starvation in the world will greatly outpace the death toll from the virus. If I can help prevent that in any small measure I am going to do my part.

Thanks for the response. I think we are actually in pretty close agreement on a lot of things. First, I think you came the the right place (here at PP) given this discussion. I haven’t been big on commenting in the past, but I have been here for 10 years, and it is well worth it!
I couldn’t agree more on your comment that it is hard to know who to trust. I trust Chris and Adam here, in no small part because they will always tell you where their information came from, and they always welcome new data (even if it means they need to change their position on something). In the past, if I have ever wanted more info on where they sourced something (or if I can’t figure out where they got some data), I always get a great response and they always are happy to share.
You and I are on the same page for decision, our vote and decision to try to support Kemp. I am critical of him (and his admin) only in the hopes that we can get better results. I have been vocal about it here (of course), but more constructively (I hope), I reach out to the governors office often to voice my concerns. I know I am only one person, but… gotta try.
Thanks for sharing your background. I live in North GA, and run a tech company based in NYC. We have been fortunate that we are able to be pretty effective running remote. Given that most of my staff live in and around NYC, we have seen a lot of tough things in the last 6 weeks. I know many people who have been infected as well as a few who have died. All that being said, I am very sympathetic to the issues you mentioned regarding shutdown. It is a tough call to make, and I don’t really have a position against opening the state… I just really want all of the information so I can make the best decisions for myself and my family. I think many of us here feel the same way. It is why I get so riled up about the appearance of doctoring or manipulating the data. Whether I am right or wrong about that, I am happy to debate. I just wish it was clearer.
Hope you decide to stick around Peak Prosperity.

Media and researchers force people to get influenza vaccination for the next influenza season 2020-2021 in couple of months again. But, there is a paradox: less people vaccinated in the influenza season 2019-2020 in some states and agglomerations - less problem with Covid-19. USA 50%, Germany 25%, Czechia 5%, Slovakia 4,4 %. Influenza vaccination rate in the category 65+ can reach in such agglomerations as NY or Lombardia 80 %, while Germany 35 %, Czechia 20 %, Slovakia 13 %, Estonia 5%. There are extremely big number of Covid-19 deaths in NY and Lombardia agglomerations and almost no Covid-19 deaths in Estonia, Slovakia. Germany is in the middle. Can somebody explain it?


In the entire history of Mankind, the “Media” has never been worthy of automatic Trust and has always required Rational analysis to reveal lies, contradictions, and misunderstandings.
From the first time clay was impressed with a stylus, until today, media has always attempted to influence how people think and act, even if it is trying to communicate fact.
The greater your rational ability, the more you realize how completely surrounded by the insane, you really are.

In the entire history of Mankind, the "Media" has never been worthy of automatic Trust and has always required Rational analysis to reveal lies, contradictions, and misunderstandings.
Unfortunately, sometimes my rational analysis tells me I have no f-ing idea what is going on but I do know whatever “it” is - isn’t what they say it is.
From the first time clay was impressed with a stylus, until today, media has always attempted to influence how people think and act, even if it is trying to communicate fact.
Even here - “wear a mask”! You would think people could be adults and determine when masks are appropriate and make sense. I see some people out and about wearing masks in their car, pumping gas, walking the dog, just about everywhere. Really if people are six feet apart is there scientific evidence masks are necessary, four feet, two feet? And who gets to say when, where and for how long to wear masks? Besides a single piece of cotton fabric really provides very little protection. But hey, it makes a person/people feel good!
The greater your rational ability, the more you realize how completely surrounded by the insane, you really are.
Yes everyone is suspect - except me and thee. And sometimes I suspect thee!   AKGrannyWGrit      

Lockdowns are only worthwhile if they are done EARLY - and very STRICT. Good testing, good leadership, transparency, etc. That is the only way it works. After 2 months you can actually get on top of the outbreak.
This is why I worry about America. Too many states with totally different responses. Acting too late - too piecemeal. Lots of political agendas interfering, etc, etc. America is a big, unwieldy place. In some situations, America shines. But I think this particular crisis is bringing out all the weaknesses.
Has the makings of an ongoing, rolling disaster. A real catastrophe.
-Andy S.