Preparing For A Post COVID Vaccine World


I’m used to sintered ceramic filters; they clog up over time and you can scrape off a thin layer (preferably under running water!) to revive them. Keep the outlets dry or sterilise the whole lot at the end by boiling or in a pressure cooker.
I have recently discovered about chlorine dioxide (and its stabilised form—sodium chlorite), which is used in municipal water treatment works and it is sold for water purification for hikers and such. It also has some medicinal benefits.

Unfortunately the psychadelics don’t stop murder by strangulation… oops, I mean “suicide”.

well LBL, I agree you might be quite spot on.
Many of the “hippie features” in Windows 10 are of little use in a limited or off-net wold. What everyone need in this situation is an operation system that is rock-solid and stable. No one has the time to constantly fix computer crashes during trouble times. And who knows if the internet will be always available. Even the enthusiasts at Bleepingcomputer and other support pages might have their own things to do.
And… btw, as far as I got informed Windows XP development never discontinued. It finished only for the ordinary mortal folks, but not for the DoD. Certainly, on the battlefield you don’t need something that constantly shows you blue and black screens.

Very interesting.
*** is osha

A note to add to the comments about water filters … don’t let your filter(s) freeze. Remember that (1) water expands when it turns to ice, and (2) there’s likely to be a bit of water left in your filter after use. If the filter is allowed to freeze, ice forming in the pores will cause micro cracking and reduce the filter’s effectiveness.
It’s something to keep in mind if you live or travel where freezing temperatures are sometimes a fact of life.

As a way to save some money on decent computers. I’ve only bought used business class lease returned laptops on ebay. Even if not Dell, business class laptops don’t have all the junk ware that retail computers come with. And they tend to be sturdier. Most sellers offer a 1-2 yr warrantee add on.
My last used laptop a lenovo X1 carbon g6, is an ok super light weight. It started hanging up and I bought a new lenovo yoga 15". I caught a sale so the new was better then another used. But all in all the Dell business class laptops have been the better values and are sturdy.

I think public pressure is having a positive effect on the lockdowns & mask wearing. I recently attended a major event which stated officially that vaccinated people did not need a mask. They did not even ask us if we were vaccinated, let alone require a passport. Of the thousands of people there, I only saw 3 people wearing masks. In my day to day activities, it seems that the people who are requiring masks are mostly hospitals and doctors. I hope this nightmare is soon over because my wife & I thought it would never end. We do not feel that the vaccine has enough testing to ensure the safety so we decided to wait and see. After all, it is a decision that can affect you for the rest of your life AND there is no turning back. For the record, I do not know of a single friend or relative who has not had one of the vaccines.

RE microsoft XP, I hear you and Win7 is more durable XP in my view. But after all the wailing about Win 8,9 etc. The latest 10 can be used in the simplifed XP/win7 style if you want. I used to fear upgrading from win7. The latest win10 looks just like win7 (to me) at the task bar level. I install apps so they show on the task bar. LOL I never use that silly start menu. Typing a desired command in the lower left search finds your program too. Plus it never crashes or locks up. :slight_smile: I’m the last unix guy to recommend windows. :slight_smile:
OBTW search on how to (simply) setup split login for much higher free security. IE your normal login is at user level, you are’t running as an administrator.

From the website:
DOL and OSHA, as well as other federal agencies, are working diligently to encourage COVID-19 vaccinations. OSHA does not wish to have any appearance of discouraging workers from receiving COVID-19 vaccination, and also does not wish to disincentivize employers’ vaccination efforts. As a result, OSHA will not enforce 29 CFR 1904’s recording requirements to require any employers to record worker side effects from COVID-19 vaccination through May 2022. We will reevaluate the agency’s position at that time to determine the best course of action moving forward.
Also very strange that the URL for the website ends in collapse-vaccine
EDIT: I think maybe the collapse is in the URL because the text appears and collapses when clicking on the question? Not because OSHA thinks the coronavirus will lead to collapse - HA!

Great article! However, one comment in the article is not correct, “At the moment employers cannot legally mandate the vaccine because it is not yet FDA approved.”
Here in Texas an employer mandated the vaccine and a group of employees refused and were terminated. They hired legal counsel and sued their employer. A federal judge ruled that their employer could require them to get vaccinated and they lost their suit and their jobs. More details here -

The Mexican army seems to be using Chlorine dioxide against Covid19 and the population also in Bolivia and probably elsewhere in Latin America.

jla, that Houston Methodist case is still being faught and they are trying to take it before the Supreme court so it is not actually a done deal yet.

This is an excellent article but I have a real problem with something that was said. Sorry but I do have to take you to task.
You say that you Hope that they don’t do vaccine passports.
I’m sorry but we have to fight vaccine passports. I don’t mean contact your local representative I mean fight like people fought to create this country
To allow these people to do vaccine passports makes us as much criminal as they are.
Vaccine passports are not for the vaccines. They are to control every aspect of our lives just like China does to their citizens. Our responsibility is to speak out against vaccine passports but then fight with every ounce of our energy against anyone whether it be business or government who tries to insert a vaccine passport. You are fighting for your child. I am fighting for my children
There is no hope when it comes to vaccine passports there is only fight as nasty and as mean as you possibly can.

But are you really ready for the consequences? I’ll only use those words when I know I’m ready to fell and fall.

Just that I believe it. Jen Psaki can go jab herself if she sends them to MY door.

If they come to my house, they better bring protection.

It isn’t based on individual health records, it’s based on the community vaccination response.

So if and when these jab-shilling bozos come to the door (and good luck with that – we’re behind a gate and there’s no intercom to buzz up and ask to come in), all one need say is “I do believe your inquiry is a violation of my medical privacy. Kindly move along.”
We’re playing for time, after all. Any door-knocking campaign could take months if not longer. So we’re playing for time, time for the ADEs and fatalities to become an undeniable and unbearable suppurating wound on the body politic. And as DF says, when the rank and file finally turn that corner, look out vaxmongers…
VIVA – Sager