Prospering With Integrity: Announcing Our Powerful New Webinar Series

I am beyond excited to announce an upcoming paid webinar series designed to help people get their minds and hearts around what’s actually happening so they can more easily decide what, if anything, to do in response.

[I’m already in! Click here for tickets]

Here’s how it came about.

During the podcast with Peter Boghossian, he “steelmanned” the Woke position, which means to take and argue the other side as effectively as one can, and it was exceptionally effective in helping me to see the other side.

I mean, I am still confused by the whole thing as I see the woke position as being destructive and utterly disconnected from reality, but knowing the other side’s position is always a good thing.

Fast forward a bit and it suddenly occurred to me that I hadn’t heard anybody steelman the WEF (Davos, or “Elite”) position. Then I thought about who the dream team might form a red team and a blue team, and the idea for this webinar series burst forth as if the universe really wanted it to happen.

I made some calls and with great interest, we now have Bret Weinstein, Peter St. Onge, Ed Dowd, and myself as the faculty for this incredible webinar. As a live attendee, you’ll have the chance to submit questions and have them responded to during a generous 1-hour long Q&A session.

This will be free for our Key Supporters, and for everybody who has either been with us as a Peak Insider for 6+ months or is a Peak Insider with a yearly subscription. For those who are not subscribers, are new monthly subscribers, or are Information Scouts, you are welcome enroll/upgrade to a 1-year Insider or Key Supporter option to gain free access. From our quite biased perspective, the economics of becoming a yearly Inside or Key Supporter are so compelling as to be a no brainer.

For everyone else including the general public, it will be $99 for any one webinar and $199 for the entire series, with an early bird ticket sale discount of 25% for the next 12 days (11/22/23 through 12/2/23).

Cost Structure

Key Supports and eligible Peak Insiders can use coupon code FreeInsiderWebinar

  • Monthly Subscribers or Info Scouts can use coupon code MemberWebinar50

** Public Early Bird 25% coupon code is Peak25

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For anybody questioning “why are you charging?” I would say for three reasons. First, because I want to be in a position to financially reward the truth tellers of our society who have been universally punished by the system for daring to speak rationally, adhere to common sense, and utilize first principles of logic. Do I dream of creating a platform and an outlet to enrich those people? You bet I do. Every ticket we sell is a poke in the eye of Sauron.

Second, people don’t value what they get for free. Everybody putting their time and extensive experience into this series want – desperately – for people to take it seriously. We charge for the benefit of the attendees many of whom would otherwise ignore the information as if it were a pamphlet discarded on a city sidewalk.

Third, Peak Prosperity has an incredible team, and this is our livelihood, and we are spending/investing constantly to bring more content to more people in a better way. We feel a deep urgency to get to more people while we can. There’s a ticking clock and we feel like we’re racing, and additional monetary resources both help and are put to good use.

Again, this is a huge value-add for our subscriber base and yet another example of how we’re always working to bring even more and better content to you.

Okay, so what is the series about?

Simply put, there’s an agenda. We can all feel it. Some of us have been targets of it. It’s highly destructive and will most likely end in disaster. So we’ve got to prepare.

But for what exactly? And why?

To get to the answers we have to start at the headwaters. Why are the WEF and W.H.O. and U.N. and Elite Globalists doing what they do?

This is where I have some insights as do the other guests. We’re going to ‘slip into their shoes’ and have a robust conversation where we explore the why in detail.

Then in Webinar #2 we’ll explore how they are going about things and explore the many actions they are taking. Again, we’ll steelman this as a means of better understanding their motivations and therefore their dedication to the project.

After knowing the why and the how we turn to exactly what viewers can do about the situation. So, webinar #3 will be about the responses and actions we can take.

The reason we need to step through all this material so carefully is that it’s not a lack of data that is preventing people from seeing what’s happening and responding appropriately. It’s that we’re all good human beings and we are having trouble believing it’s really happening. A big part of helping all of us, myself included, step further along the Adjustment Reaction pathway is being around other successful and intelligent people who are also on that path.

So you are hereby cordially invited to join what we hope are thousands of like-minded people in what is sure to be a highly informative, entertaining and life-changing event.

More details from the Webinar landing page:

Webinar 1

"Power and Prediction: Decoding the Elite’s Control Strategy"

9th December 2023, 12:00 to 4:00 ET

In the first webinar, we’ll dive deep into the psyche of the elite. Why are they doing what they do? Why do they want us eating bugs, living in 15-minute cities, and being under constant control? What is actually driving the Great Reset mindset? Are they merely control freaks or is there something hidden and possibly more sinister at play?

Our view is Team Elite has perfectly understandable reasons for thinking the way that they do. While we disagree entirely with how they are going about it, it’s vital that we first accept that they have a position and are acting on it.

To uncover this thinking, and help you see it more clearly, we’re going to invoke a special tactic during the webinar called “steelmaning” which will involve two team members taking the red team, or WEF/Elite position, and the other two taking the blue-team, or your position. You won’t want to miss these minds as they battle out and puzzle out the thinking that is driving the actions of Western leadership.

By understanding their mindset and tactics, we can start to see through the fog of manipulation and strategy. This session will not just be a theoretical discussion; it’s about presenting the information in such a way that you can finally, thoroughly connect the dots, escape paralysis, and move into action.

Webinar 2

"Unlocking Power: Understanding Elite Tactics for Subterfuge and Control"

Date: TBD

After webinar #1 has established why the Elites are behaving the way they are, and their likely aims, the next step is to understand the tools, strategies, and tactics they will deploy to achieve their aims. Once people know how “they” exert control they will be in an improved position to resist and block out those campaigns out. Only then can people begin to constructively map a path to a resilient and prosperous future.

We’ll discuss:

  • The Great Taking and how you’ve already lost control of “your” assets such as stocks and bonds
  • 5th generation warfare and the intense psychological operations targeting your cognitive equilibrium
  • “Divide and Conquer” and how people are being shocked into behaving like rats in a cage. The gender wars and Covid
  • Propaganda tactics that drain your emotional energy by flooding your information flows with outrageous and infuriating distractions while steering you away from the real stories of the day.
  • Medical tyranny as the means of overriding people’s sense of self.
  • [Other topics TBD]
Again we’ll steelman the positions and use solid questioning to poke holes and help frame the issues so people can see them more clearly.


Webinar 3

"Withdrawing Consent: Scenarios & Strategies to Protect You and Your Family"

Date: TBD

It’s obvious that a prudent person should prepare. But for what exactly? This webinar uses some possible (likely?) scenarios to help frame the risks we face and the implications of where all this seems to be headed. (e.g. a war that disrupts supply chains, a major internet outage, a financial crash…)

Is there anything that we can do as individuals and small groups to increase our resilience and prosperity? The answer is “yes!”

Some of the positive actions we’ll cover:

  • Strategies for protecting your portfolio, your other wealth, and your sovereignty in a rigged system. Find out what the truly wealthy are doing and then model your actions after them.
  • The critical importance of withdrawing consent from ‘them’ and their actions.
  • Covering the basics; the importance of having a Plan B location, and emergency plan, storing food, having a garden and/or supporting nearby farms, having cash out of the bank, & buying gold and silver.
  • Achieving true health (you’re going to need it).
  • Building up emotional resilience for weathering tough times.
  • Forming communities and deepening your bonds.

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I Really Am Beyond Excited!

This webinar came as an idea that just had to happen…I am beyond excited to have a long-form discussion in this steelmanning format, with these gentlemen at this time.
Please attend.
Also, I have a request. Get one other new person to attend, if you can. Or more!
The more people who get it and understand that - yes, all of this really is happening! - the better off they (and you) will be.
So please help spread the word.


Great Line-up :slight_smile:

Looking forward to it Chris though here in Phuket I’ll just see the replay. Should be interesting in the steelman format. Reminds me of my schooldays in the debate club where you had to research and then be prepared to argue either side of a position. Its a great way to learn!


Sorry Chris if I rained on your parade yesterday re BW and stand by what I said. Unaware it was fixed already.
Integrity also requires humility….

Heather Heying might have been more productive. She brings balance to discussions re women & gender. We do have some very smart women. Check out Monica Perez whom I discovered during the C Event. And of course Dr Eeks whom I connected with when on twitter & now does podcasts on Spotify.
Energy as you say is the foundation. We are literally energy & what we radiate matters.
Have a great weekend all from the edge of a burgeoning smart city.
I tracked Tampa from C40 down to local EDCs (Economic Development Council). Lean into the light……

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Invalid Promo Code

It appears that the checkout process is not applying the coupon correctly for the “FreeInsiderWebinar” promo code, seeing as I’m a yearly subscriber and it’s showing as “Invalid Promo code”.


Running into the same issue.

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Thanks. Looking into it…

@140336 and @glpank - Can you please try again? It should be working for you now. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Confirmed working. Thanks gents.

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Webinars On Dec. 9, 2023

Dear Chris,
I am a paying member since August 2021and pay quarterly. Do I have to pay for the webinars? Just wondering …
Would love to get your feedback!
Kind regards,

Webinars On Dec. 9

Hi Chris, I am a Peak Insider for more than 6 months. I just paid $149.99 for a ticket. I didn’t know it should have been free for me. Not sure what to do.

Just tried again. “Coupon code is invalid”

We will sort out a refund and get you taken care of. We will reach out when it is sorted out.

Will take a look at get back to you.

You are a Peak Insider, so your ticket is covered by your existing membership. Please proceed to the ticket page and complete the process. It should reduce the charge to $0 automatically. Let us know if you have any issues.

@21306 I just used the code and it worked… after I logged back in. going to the purchase page logged me out. Once I logged back in, it accepted the code. maybe that’s your problem too.

I suspect I’ll be busy most of the days that you plan on having these webinars ( kids sports, family get togethers, etc)
I assume that they’ll be recorded so we can watch them later, correct?
If not, can I ask that they be made available?

@thc0655 - Can you try now? Should be working. Thanks.

I’m in thanks!