Rats in a Cage

We are all rats in a cage who are being shocked. A very well-studied form of psychological warfare is being waged against us, and it’s designed to encourage us to overlook where the shocks are originating and fight amongst each other.

Knowing that this is running is your first step towards freedom.

Police fighting people is an example of “rats in a cage.”

People fighting over relatively meaningless things is an example of acting like rats in a cage.

People arguing over Joe Rogan’s prior podcast series (while having practically no objections to zero “Johns” being named in Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial) is an example of rats in a cage.

The shocks being administered are anything but accidental:

  • Student debt growing a trillion dollars in the past decade, while being the only non-dischargeable form of debt in bankruptcy court, is shocking.
  • The Federal Reserve printing up and expanding the nation’s money supply by 300% in the past 2 years is shocking.
  • Inflation exploding to levels not seen since the 1970’s is shocking.
  • The wealthy becoming grotesquely more wealthy and powerful as a result of the Fed’s reckless printing is shocking.
  • Insects disappearing so comprehensively and suddenly is shocking.
The list of shocks is a mile long and ten feet deep. Given that, it’s not at all surprising that people are turning on each other. But it’s a shame.

Their ire really ought to be directed at the architects of the shocks. There are people in power who are both conscious of this dynamic and actively engineering more shocks simply so that people remain befuddled and harmlessly fighting amongst each other. Well, harmless to the powerful, that is.

If we do not recognize this and turn the righteous anger towards the rightful targets, our lives will continue to erode and, eventually, this all devolves into a major social, political, economic, and ecological storm.

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Synchronized messaging and putting forth the good info seems a really good tool to help get to those middle one third of the people. There’s a healthy discussion on that going on in “mass messaging formation”. It’s a form topic here at Peak…


Alex is a good person….he is mostly on the side of science….and freedom…BUT recently he has started going off on other good people. First he viciously attacked Dr. Malone…it was like a sucker punch coming out of nowhere….Then Alex went after Joe Rogan….It’s like he is loosing it….I couldn’t understand until this Video….Thanks Chris for giving me a plausible explanation for uncharacteristic behavior.
I still subscribe to Alex’s sub stack and think he has a lot to offer….


He is under tremendous stress. Not sure why he went after Malone - really not sure about that one. But he’s done good work too. Maybe … here’s an idea … he didn’t want to share the screen with Dr Malone. Every other time I’ve seen him on, it was just him.
This was the only time (that I’ve seen) that he had to share the airtime. Perhaps he didn’t want to be “part of a panel” and/or “part of Malone’s group.” Maybe he just wanted to be in his own group - the Alex Berenson group.
And Malone (a Biden donor) isn’t shy about going on Bannon, or - really - anywhere.
Alex isn’t nearly as flexible. “I’m not with him over there.”
That’s my best guess.


Has Chris documented his experience of having Covid in relation to the effectiveness of immune boosting protocols adopted?


“Insects disappearing so comprehensively and suddenly is shocking.”
I’d like more read more about this issue, but an odd thought crossed my mind.
Are all animals affected by SARS-Cov-2? Birds can get some kinds of coronaviruses, though I’m not sure about SARS-Cov-2. Deer, cats, and dogs can all test positive for SARS-Cov-2. Can insects?

“Perhaps he didn’t want to be “part of a panel” and/or “part of Malone’s group.” Maybe he just wanted to be in his own group - the Alex Berenson group.”
I haven’t seen what you’re referring to, but I wonder if Berenson is striving to maintain independence rather than get grouped and expected to uphold a parallel commentary rather than follow where his research takes him. It’s not that it’s about him but about the integrity of the research and information.


In 1950 in VA, an outside 100w bulb at night in Summer would draw a 15 ft dia. impassible mass of flying insects. Many varieties, many odd shapes, wings, noises, beautiful colors…
Now, 2 or 3 single insects.



QUESTION: Marty, you said Socrates projected that 2022 would be a Panic Cycle in politics. You also said that would be global and impact Canada as well. If I am not mistaken, I think 2022 was the 3 wave of your ECM in Canada. You were the first to say that COVID was organized and you were the first to point to this as a plot from the WEF and Schwab. Do you think this bold initiative of Schwab will collapse sooner rather than later? ... ...What people must understand is that the scheme is already in play to direct pension funds to pour money into losing projects to try to further Schwab’s Agenda 2030. Australian pension funds are to shift money to help a collapsing Europe and ignore their own people. Of course, they put a different spin on it, but there is no reason to invest in Europe when it is in serious trouble. Joseph Dear, CIO at CalPERS, called green a “noble way to lose money.CALPERS, California pension system for state employees, was directed to invest in “green” projects for political reasons and lost. They have been trying to cover-up their politically correct investment decisions. We get requests from pension funds asking if we can select “green” investments that they at least will break even on so they can comply with the political directive to be investing in green. ...

Nah, this is going on for some time, the use of herbicides and pesticides is a huge factor. In the Netherlands there was this long debate about the disappearance of bees. Luckily, it is now commonly accepted that pesticides did play a big role; contrary to what the bought “scientists” claimed —oh I hate the words scientists, “serohw” read the other way aroud whould be a better desciption; from now on, when someone introduces hemself/herself as a scientist I will proclaim “How dare you! You pervert!”
We don’t need aliens to rob earths resources, we are perfectly capable of doing that ourselfs for shiny thingies and hot women and/or men. In the meantime, we fool ourselves, and the ones we didn’t kill.


WCJ, a question, as you have boots on the ground so to speak: do you have any idea what the informal stance of the military and the police is?
I think that this is an important factor in whether Turdeau will fall or not (or is it Trudeau, I’m really bad at spelling). If he is unable to project violence using these government apparatuses, my guess, and hope is that he will fall. This would send a shockwave around the world, I could even imagine that this would “unhypnotize” at least a part of the 40%.


I agree it has been going on awhile. RoundUp has been horrible, in particular. My dad farmed and said clouds of butterflies would be in the fields back in the 70s and early 80s, especially monarchs.
Has there been a recent accelerant in insect loss? If so, since SARS-Cov2 seems to deplete zinc and zinc constitutes proteins, could this virus accelerate insect loss? I agree that pesticides and herbicides can do plenty of damage on their own but might there be additional factors? It could simply be a function of the unfortunate nature of hockey stick exponential curves…

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Hi Dave. It is a good question. My reading, observations and experience tell me that the military and police and other first responders are on our side, and they will ultimately not respond en masse to orders. There may be some militant yahoos who want to go all SWAT on us, but I do feel in my heart that is more the exception than the rule. And if they are lone wolves without their comrades joining in, they will not be effective or be able to endure.
We have several organizations that were extremely active early on, and especially after it became known what was happening in Australia. Big efforts were made to get as many members on board, with great success. More and more are listening to their conscience and joining every day! Here are some of them:
Calgary police officers call to action: [edit after posting, while not a lot of views showing on YouTube, this went viral on Telegram, all over the globe!]
This short video from yesterday or today (?)shows how they are calling for more members to lend their support:
Anecdotal stories:

  • police at my protests are polite and kind. Many have indicated they are on our side. In hot weather one officer asked us if we were being sure to stay hydrated!
  • Two weeks ago four RCMP officers on the street told a fellow protestor they were on our side.
  • The sister of a fellow protestor lives in Ottawa and spends ~ 4 hours a day spending time with & helping the truckers. She reported (but I cannot verify) that it was very dicey on Tues-Wed evenings this week with two attempts to intimidate with extremely large numbers of police dressed in SWAT gear, lined up in formations as if to encircle or attack. Nothing happened. The actions, whatever they were supposed to be, were aborted. Major loss of face...
  • Last but not least, here is a link to what has become a joke here in Victoria, a cop giving us a thumbs up, and the media trying to spin it negatively! Too funny!!
https://www.timescolonist.com/local-news/officer-seen-giving-thumbs-up-to-vaccine-mandate-protesters-5014073 So.... my take: 'they' do not have the necessary support of the police or military to support their agendas. This movement is growing exponentially all over the world. 'They' will ultimately fail. It may take some time yet, and their may be some ugly stuff, but people power is going to win this war on humanity! ??

When I look at video’s of police brutally attacking unarmed people, or elderly, or people who are already laying on the groud, I often think: “where do these police men and women draw their line in the sand, obeying orders?”. Will they shoot with bullets on a crowd? Just to kill? I think they would obey the order. Would they also obey if there were children among them? I think they would still obey the order.
What if they got the order to stop women who push a babywagon and there and then shoot the baby in front of the mother? Okay, I believe most policemen and -woman would probably NOT obey that order.
But where is that line!?!?

Thanks! This looks really hopeful, boy who could have imagined that. The last couple of days I’m thinking of the 5th of May parades in the Netherlands. Usually there are a lot of WW2 veterans being cheered at, with of course a lot of Canadian veterans. We have a saying in the Netherlands celebrating the 80 year war with Spain. We might need to introduce a new one though: “our liberation started in Canada”…



Justin Trudeau won’t be able to tow the trucks on the bridge away. He also won’t be able to send in the military against his own people (neither will Joe Biden). If the truckers persist, they win. It really is that simple. They are serious, as the mayor of Windsor ON understands: “You have a number of people who are … part of the protest group who have openly stated … they feel such a passion for this particular cause that they are willing to die for it,” Mayor Drew Dilkens told reporters on Wednesday. “If you have people who hold that sentiment, the situation can escalate and get very dangerous for police and those members of the public in very short order. It’s fair to say we don’t want to see anyone get hurt.”
Trust me when I say every single person I know who is protesting has expressed this sentiment, and they (we) mean it!


What’s Up Canada?, [2022-02-10 12:39 PM] A post from John Milke from Blast Radio. Please blow up his feed with love!! John Mielke: Today I have witnessed a handful of posts from people working within what people call "mainstream media" who have publicly expressed their concern that even they are questioning why they're not seeing media giving honest coverage to the convoy. One of them has even made their way across the country to come here and see for themselves what is actually happening downtown. This person describes the gathering as peaceful and wonderful and began crying on a live stream that they posted. Thank you Heather Prosak for allowing me to share. https://www.instagram.com/p/CZxZ68vKvj3/?utm_medium=copy_link&fbclid=IwAR3rT2rmd2tfngpPpqnXBhnIbJteoGm7RSDFtr16IdhDaT-muWbZp15QNak In Vancouver, a prominent morning host is questioning everything that is coming out of his mouth. Why is he reporting on the Kardashians and not what is happening in all levels of government? https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/kid-carson-pro-trucker-stance?fbclid=IwAR0QG8lKQqxGbEEx2eypdulQ8LpIk8NS_eMoSzJ2RpkEm_3ebe8OME636io UPDATE: Kid Carson (linked to above) was relieved of his duties today. Yesterday your Prime Minister stormed out of The House Of Commons because he didn't like the question he was asked by a member of the opposition. Where was the coverage? Today, a second member of the Liberal party broke ranks with the PM. I had to go digging on Google to find any mention of it. I recently asked a group of broadcasters how we, in the media, begin to re-gain your trust. The answers I got were, frankly, beyond disappointing. Most feel that there isn't much they CAN do. The response has left me stunned. If the media doesn't know how to become more accountable YOU, the people who grant them a license to broadcast, then why do we have media outlets at all??? I have long standing relationships with every broadcast entity in this country. I have friends working in many of them. People I respect and hold in the highest regard. But it seems to me that there are a growing number of people working IN media who are no longer sure what their message is supposed to be and are questioning their roles in all of it. TV, newspapers, radio... I have loved you more than anything in the world, but you aren't losing the room... You've LOST the room. Not just with the audience, but now with those who are on your front lines. We are in a VERY dangerous place here... Today it just smacked me right in the face. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CZxZ68vKvj3/?utm_medium=share_sheet

So Chris, where are the shocks coming from, I thought you were going to tell us your opinion in part 2. Who is at the top of the diabolical pyramid? Is it Soros? Is it Schwab? Is it Xi / the CCP? Is it the trilateral commission, the Bildebergs, the CFR, Bill Gates? What is the oranogram, who are the puppets and who are the puppet masters? Who is Belzebub, who are his direct henchmen, and who are the peons? Whoever is the real kingpin of the underworld seems to be keeping himself very well hidden. But I don’t believe it is all spontaneous and that there is no well organized hierarchy, there are too many things happening in too well co-ordinated a fashion, globally. Usually, there are leaks. But here, there are no leaks. Occasionally the curtain slips and we see the fire and brimstone behind it, like with Epstein, but they soon clean things up - “nothing to see here” - just as they did with Epstein.


Canadian Army Major Stephen Chledowski breaks ranks and spill the TRUTH!!