Recap: Honey Badger Farms Live Event 2021

This past weekend 100 people signed up to come to a Peak Prosperity gathering hosted by Chris & Evie at Honey Badger Farms in Chester MA.

It was a smashing success and we all had a great time. Friends were met and made, experiences shared, and food offered in abundance.

We began around a roaring fire on Friday night. The demographics were quite varied; children, young adults, boomers, and an equal mix of men and women.

Evie got help putting beds to rest for the winter.

Our two pigs were slaughtered and everyone got the most intimate of farm to table experiences:

Evie cried at their deaths, and then lovingly and carefully cleaned their carcasses. It was all very real, as it used to be, and still is if we’re actually involved and honest about it.


The brand new smoker that Evie got me for my recent birthday was finally assembled and put to use. It was an inaugural success and the pork came out beautifully smoked.

The vibe? From my perspective, it was gratifying to have such wonderful people enjoying each other under a warm but typically finicky New England weekend that was as varied as the conversations.

I didn’t hear any small talk at all and saw people having real connections and feeling a warm relief at being around others who see the world similarly. Evie and I were especially keen simply to get people here. First, so they could be around each other. Second, so they could experience this immensely beautiful place we’ve settled upon and hope to draw others towards to share and experience and possibly live.

The only complaint I would lodge is that the time was far too brief. All of this was, in part, a beta test for the main gathering we will hold here next year. That one will be larger and a bit longer I suspect.

I’m hoping other attendees will grace the comments below with their own reflections from their time here.

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Love your work Chris and Evie! I dream of being in a position where I could either a) have joined you and/or b) be able to have a gathering at a property I own. Perhaps in 12 months time. But for now, still locked down in Nazi Melbourne (Australia) I continue to educate myself, share with others, and build my resilience each and every day. Your regular updates and level headed views/approach to current goings on provide me with much needed inspiration and inner peace.
Thankyou soo much!


It would be a bit of a drive from FL, but it does look like a good weekend of hands-on. Thanks for the pics and recap.


Looks like a great/productive time! Perhaps someday when my wife’s not paying attention I’ll slip away for some adulterous resilience training.


Hi from regional Danoslavia! (formerly Vic)
I trust you are keeping a low profile on the streets. I would also like to one day have a gathering to hear from others.


Let me start, rather than end, by saying “Thank You!” to Evie and Chris. I am sure they had hopes, but knew there were no guarantees, that the people who entered into their very private life would be peaceable and there to share with gratitude. While I can’t speak for anyone else, the only thing I encountered was openness, curiosity and genuine joy at being with others of the Tribe. I can’t imagine more gracious, kind and genuine hosts than Evie and Chris–we all barged in, stomped about and they welcomed us.
The sharing of knowledge and experiments and ideas…without having to guard your every word. It was so freeing, and I learned so much! From scything, to practical first aid, grain growing, to rabbit processing (shout out to Michelle), cheese and wine making, and the PIGS, and so much more–people sharing their passions and experience.
For anyone reading who is thinking that this was all about the vax–I can tell you I personally did not discuss the vaccine except peripherally in brief encounters and when I had news of the death of a family member while I was there. This Gathering was about life as it is, learning to live a life as it could be and, most importantly, about connecting. I am certain that at least a few life-long-moving-forward friendships were made and a number of experience sharing connections/friendships as well.
Thank you seems inadequate, so as an expression of gratitude I will try to share and spread the attitude. Resilience can be joyful!


What an amazing weekend! Bari and I are still glowing from the experience. It was a great honor to be welcomed to Chris and Evie’s home, and to meet some of the fine people who make the Peak Prosperity community what it is.
To “put a face to a username”, I’m Zack. To all those with whom I spoke with, please reach out! The connections we established are worth maintaining, especially as we as a society march forward into darker times. As an experiment in community building, working towards establishing parallel structures, I feel it will be more important than ever to invest in these sorts of relationships both locally and through the internet.
I’m left feeling encouraged and inspired by the important realization that I am not alone, despite how I might be made to feel so. I appreciate you all sharing this time with me, and look forward to seeing you all again.
Zack & Bari


Many years ago I watched a movie “Last of the Dogmen” about an undiscovered tribe of Indians living in the mountains. In the end some people give up their modern life style to live the difficult and simple life with the Indians, while abandoning modern society. I wanted to do that. I am in Ca, so coming out to Honey Badger Farm is not an option, but I wish I could, a little working in the garden and enjoying the company of like-minded tribe would be my dream. I am a science teacher in Ca. so as you might imagine I am in the center of all things liberal and heavy handed Government intrusions. I do have the good fortune of living in Tehachapi (4 acres) on my own little piece of land, mega garden, fruit trees, chickens, etc. Ever since watching the Crash Course (10 years ago) I have been a believer in Chris, and have enjoyed his honest assessments of , finances, energy, politics, and Covid-19. For so long I noticed him bending over backwards to avoid making un-supported accusations, and I have appreciated his calm logical arguments. Hope to see him at Front-Sight in a few weeks.


You’re building something cool honeybadgers! It might be the best that spawn out of the corona times.
It’s grass roots, but beautiful. Once I have the opportunity to join and cross the distance I will at least visit and pay due respect ?? and of course contribute where I can.


Hi Dan,
We live North of you in Ca. in the foothills of the Sierras. Looking forward to seeing you at Front Sight.


Rande and Lilian here,
We did make the drive from N. Central FL. To be a part of the Fall Gathering.
The experience at the Honey Badger Farms gathering was like nothing we had experienced before. The tribe (we are now a part of) that attended the event were the best. Most notably was the complete unselfish nature of all the people we met. It was like a family reunion without any of the negativity and bickering that has often accompanied many we have attended before. Lilian, is many times shy because English was not her first language. Not this time! The warmth of acceptance she felt allowed her to feel free and able to communicate with no apprehensions. She made many new friends she plans to keep in contact with. For me, seeing how the event affected Lilian was worth the entire trip.
Having basically been “locked down” here for nearly 2 years in the flat pine tree laden landscape of Florida, it was such a pleasure to enjoy the hills and valleys of Chester. The fall colors were coming on and the waterfalls were as tranquil and beautiful as any we have seen elsewhere in the entire world we have experienced.
To our new Brothers, Sisters, Nieces, Nephews and Cousins, as my Father used to say, “We will see you again as soon as we can, Lord willing and if the creeks don’t rise!”


Looks like everyone had a great time and learned some valuable skills! My boyfriend and I would love to come up next year. I know it’ll be a trek from the (Free State) of Florida but I know it will be worth it!


Deep gratitude to Chris and Evie for creating space both physically and spiritually for this gathering of like minded souls to learn, share and break bread together. Whether you were an experienced homesteader or someone seeking to learn and perhaps design a new future from those lessons, all were welcome. After nearly two years of on again/off again lock downs and social isolation, being together to as a group at Honey Badger Farm, in the crisp New England fall weather was an incredible gift. It was so encouraging and healing to know that we are not alone.


A thesis (indeed, an axiom): A half-dozen solid friends and allies in the real world (within reasonable distance, preferably walkable) are worth more than 12MM online “friends.”
Many thanks to Chris & Evie for a warm and wide welcome, and to everyone who helped facilitate (VT Gothic, Livio, Ron, Adam, the Marks, etc.) or put energy into creative and practical presentations–talks on small organic farms; energy-positive homestead and siting; scythe & sickle & seed; living in Gaborian collapse; hog and rabbit processing; first aid for wounds; wine & cheese making; homestead defense; outer & inner landscape; knitting, kung fu breathing and yoga chant. Garden harvest and potato-pulling & sorting for primes, greens, and unsolicited vole dentition.

Connections made and fine ideas heated and hatched (like chicks in the henhouse); including a PP dating app (swipe up and down–not left or right); where and how to live (right here, right now, freely); a palpable relief that folks could pull in, pitch a tent in the grassy field and find that no, we are not nutters after all, and even if we are, we’re not the only ones (and our numbers increase daily—and when they do, that’ll be the new normal); encouraged that thoughtful, decent people are concerned about the same things; here’s a tribe that won’t imbibe the Orwellian victory gin; helpful people lending a hand, a stove, a chair, hot coffee, a jump start); and as a barometer of sanity, a full weekend without seeing much of those danged phones … flashback to the unplugged era—umm, yes, the one that extended two million years from the Olduvai Gorge to about 4 1/2 seconds ago.

And of course, the ultimate antidote to all the electronic blue-light crazy-making: the mesmerizing ancient pleasure of the fire, everyone’s gaze swept into the crisp and pulsing white-orange innards; the crumbling ramparts of brilliant seething coals; the bright tongues of up-curling yellow and the fugitive jets of green and blue; the frank wholesome heat on our faces like sunlight skipping off a beach; face prickly and sun-warm while the middle and lower back feels cool and damp from the dew descending on the outer field, the dew-bank low and broad-brushed against the mountain rising black and humped like the back of a whale; some ancient thing happening here, in this bonfire, this warming circle, the atavistic imax after hunting the ibex, the memory going back—way, way, way back—a mystery unbraiding, the DNA of security itself, the coiled fire salamander in the heart of the blaze.

Tasty dishes and stories shared and consumed. Trading recipes, websites, leads and tips: vendors for IVM and vanishing necessities. In conversational snatches, snippets of mythology, mycology, hydrology, ornithology; passive solar, overgrown rabbit molar, peeling away pig shank and shoulder; ham-smoking, apple-roasting, seed-batching, Blasket Island roof-thatching; beekeeping, maple-seeping, hula hoop fire-sweeping; rammed-earth housing, spirit-rousing, rod-in-hand water dowsing; peeper-to-frog, jumping the bog, shingling the wooly bottomland fog.
Nigella sativa, growth and Shiva, the Federalist Papers and circular kiva; the Faucian bargain of good and evil, tracking the ablative absolute through the forest primeval … [OK, enough is enough, mate…] … all while long, booming freight trains hummed and shuddered behind the screen of trees, blaring their horns off the reverberant quartz of the valley.
On Sunday a bald eagle sailed high across the late afternoon sky ahead of the rising moon…the national bird tipping its wings to a huddle of citizens aiming not to “build back better” but to save their minds and souls and families and some fertile patch of their country.

Resisting, in a simple human way, the insidious project of the brain-battering propagandists to divide, demoralize, isolate, alienate, confuse; and to reaffirm and rediscover the real-as-dirt community wisdom that Wendell Berry identified as the best bulwark of the Periphery against the mad parasitic Center.
As Bari (and Derek Mahon) said, everything is going to be all right.
Thanks again to everyone, and a hat tip to all other people everywhere constructing their parallel structures wherever they are, tunneling on through these shortening days to better times ahead, but also to the abundant gifts of now, now, Now.


Where in NorCal are you Coop?

What an incredible weekend!! I drove up from the Richmond, VA area with no expectations whatsoever, and I was overwhelmed with camaraderie that we all experienced. I am sure that everyone has been experiencing close family and friend relationships that are stressed due to vaccine opinions, treatment opinions, etc. I know I am experiencing stress in my family and friend relationships. The emotional resilience I obtained from the Honey Badger weekend is priceless!! The practical knowledge was immeasurable. Thank you so much Chris and Evie for allowing us this past weekend!! I came away with new brothers and sisters!! As I left Sunday afternoon from the farm (and Evie, my apologies, I realized I did not get to say goodbye to you. I saw you down in the garden with a group and did not want to interrupt . . . . so text hug and love. Thank you for everything!). Anyway, as I was driving away I found my self tearing up like I was a little kid leaving the grandparents farm after a family reunion weekend. I can’t wait to connect, in person, with everyone again. Thank you Chris for taking the time to sit and answer my farm questions. I gained more insight. Thanks to all the presenters! Everybody be a Kung Fu breathing and yoga chanting, haha. Thanks Jim and Noah!! I am reenergized to renew those interests again. Dan - Last of the Dogmen is one of my favorite movies. Reiterating what Bari and Derek said . . . . ‘yes, we are going to be alright.’ We have each other, we are not alone, we are growing exponentially (the only good exponential growth!). All this wind from the guy that hardly ever comments or posts, because even though I feel it has been said before, I want to say it also!! I am Mark Billups posting as RedEyeMark. Peace and Love to all!!


Too far away to attend. Glad to see how Chris and Evie’s project is evolving and how many new people are joining the tribe. Many regards to Chris and Evie!

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I had been putting off joining your membership here due to being laid off work last year. I finally decided to jump in since I don’t see anything changing jobwise any time soon. So I get to fast more, which is good for my health!! So it is a win win for me. Except that I missed your get together… And oh my goodness, I have tried everything to find people that think like me and you. It seems the Wisconsonites are too afraid to join forces. So I am planning to head out to MA and my brother’s place to see if I can find a community to work with and help build soil and harvest sunlight! So how do I find you guys? Are you searching for more community members? Any information is very welcome!! is my email!! I have been looking for property for a couple of years now, but every time I find something I think is good, it is already contingent. And as I have continued considering this plan, I get to wondering about what happens if I get hurt or get sick? I am alone, so if the cow or goats have to be milked, I don’t have a backup. So I have started looking into intentional communities, because although I am introverted, I still enjoy being around small groups of people especially if we can work together. Please disregard the grammer mishaps, as I am just trying to get some thoughts down. I hope to meet you all soon! Brigitte, Pippin, Windy, chickies and quacks


Simon and Aliza here! (Simon is the veterinarian who helped with the hog processing, Aliza is his trusty sidekick)
We had many thoughts on this weekend. Our drive home was about 6 hours and most of it (while Aliza wasn’t sleeping off the late evening of visiting in “the barn” from the night before) was spent dissecting and retelling our time had. We spent some together and much apart, so we like to think we divided and conquered.
Many, many thoughts. The most prominent is (as Zach said in gathering Sunday morning), that there is great value in being among like-minded folks. Not all minds are in perfect sync, of course, but it was such great relief to not police our every word, concerned with the potential perception that we are consipracy theorists, worriers, wackos, what have you. For a weekend we were able to breathe deeply, relaxed in the idea that we were among peers.
Our friend Taylor came with us, speaking Saturday morning about regenerative agriculture. He had to leave Saturday around lunch, unplanned, when news from home sent him packing. But our smiles say it all.

Thank you to Chris and Evie for the hospitality, the vulnerability, and the venue for connection. Also, big shout out VTGothic for doing so much of the organizational legwork for this event, though he was unable to partake.
This village is a beautiful one! Be well all, until we meet again.


not big pharma