REPLAY AVAILABLE: November Peak Insider Live Q&A

Chris and Evie took lots of questions from the Tribe on many subjects:

  • How to invest in energy companies
  • Gold and Silver
  • Unrest in Brazil and China.
  • Covid vaccine and the movie "Died Suddenly". What embalmers are finding. Long term impact of the vaccine.
  • Who backs the WEF.
  • Russia's relationship to the WEF.
  • America's real relationship with China.
  • Earth's moving magnetic poles and what that means for life as we know it.
  • How to invest in organic farms.
  • And great advice on creating stronger emotional resilience in these hard times.

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My only concern would be that Russia is part of the G20 and they have signed up for the Digital ID with other G20 nations. This is central to the control/lockdown narrative, so I do not think that Putin is in any resistance at all.


I So Love Your Conversation,

totally worth the wait!

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Thanks, Will Re-listen

Will give a re-listen over the weekend. The audio was a little herky-jerky over my internet connection last night (got 90%+ though), and I was a little tired. Thanks for posting up so quickly.

Grieving/recounting Deaths Group

Thank you for getting to that question Evie. I appreciate your thoughtful answer. One thing that occurred to me as I watched was the difference between doing this with people who are awake regarding the vaccines vs. those who are still in denial or wrestling with the issue and doing this in groups from one camp vs. mixed groups. I can see value in all of these and am thinking about different approaches each type of group would require. The greatest value of doing this with folks who still believe the narrative or who have not yet acted on their private doubts is that it will highlight a whole lot of unusual deaths since the vaccine rollout. I could see something like an ā€œhonoring life, sitting with deathā€ event where people are offered to take turns speaking in a circle about the friend or loved one who died. It could be totally up to them what to talk about in terms of the story of them dying, honoring their life, their own personal reaction or some combination.


Died Suddenly Link Request

Hey everyone. I wanted to see this new Died Suddenly documentary that Iā€™m hearing about. Googling it presents only a wall of ā€œFact Checkingā€ that fades into a different unrelated thing. Anyone got a link for where to find the film?.. Particularly an official link? Thanks so much.

You can find it on Rumble:


Vaccine Shedding

Dr. Peter McCullough covers this on his substack site:
The entire article is worth a read, but here is one quote:
ā€œIn the most comprehensive paper on shedding thus far, former Inserm researcher Dr. Helene Banoun has published the basis for which there is great likelihood that mRNA either on lipid nanoparticles or within exosomes is circulatory in blood and is secreted in every body secretion that would naturally expect to contain particles of this size.ā€


Thank you, appreciate it!

that was amazing.

Hi Quercus and Evie. I sense a wisdom and depth of understanding in how you both approached this idea and itā€™s good to have that skill set along with us on this ride.
We have a small, new, mixed ā€œintentional communityā€ exploration group started up, with a simple talking circle format so far. Weā€™ve considered delving into that topic. I wonder how it will go in a mixed group, though we do have some good listening skills aboard. Maybe we will opt to give it a test run in the new year.
Any amount of grief, rage, shock, terror, confusion or fatigue that we can manage to actually digest will (from personal experience here), free our minds that little bit more. Truthtelling has a magic. Fellowship is a deep tonic. A free(er) mind is a thing of beauty. And if good food and music also materialize, thatā€™s fun too. There is much to glean if we can hold the space.


I read a paper a couple of years ago on a study of ā€˜self-disseminatingā€™ vaccines in animals. Vaccines made to spread within a group where not all members of the group are vaccinated. At the time I thought ā€˜interestingā€™ and filed it to the memory bank. Once the talk of shedding came up I thought of that article. Somebody has been studying this concept for a whileā€¦


Best Test Case For Vaccine Investigation

Western Australia would be the perfect state for vaccine adverse events i.e. died suddenly including clotting and linkage with vaccines.
Our state had no COVID within the community until our boarders opened in March 2022. However some 90% of citizens were forced vaxed with at least 2 shots by 1st October 2021 and 3 shots by end of Feb 2022 prior to opening in March of 2022.
And moreover the Omicron variant was the variant that was prevalent in the state from March 2022 onwards (not deadly right), so why the excess deaths?


Monoclonal Antibody Infusion

Does anyone have further information on MAI. Iā€™ve heard good things about it, but am skeptical. We caught Covid last week, and were blessed to have found someone who prescribed Ivermectin, steroids, antibiotics, and cough suppressant. We were advised to take the emu monoclonal antibody infusion in which we did yesterday because of high risk factors. After watching Sudden Deaths a moment ago, I pulled the folded piece of paper out of the med box they left behind, and it resembled the Vaxx print out. It has the ingredients on the outside of the box, but my skepticism has kicked in. I wish I would have caught the live Q & A, but we are busy trying to stay alive.
Chris, we are new to your tribe, but we have been watching you religiously since 2020. Please provide some input on this particular emu. I went back to a Dec 2021 interview video of you and Dr. Mccolugh briefly touching on this Moniclonal Antibody Therapy. Additional info will be much appreciated!

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Truth Seekers All On A Pageā€¦


Who Are The Men Behind The Curtain That Controls The Wef?

a question was asked who controls the WEF? why i donā€™t have a definitive answer here are some more cluesā€¦ Those who fell into the deep state and leaked say there are ~7 extremely wealthy and powerful families that pre video chat at leastā€¦ would meet in person once a year in Turkey to discuss the rise and fall of countries for their best interestā€¦ Turkey is supposed a sanctuary state with a special place set aside for them and they only send 1 family member in case they are found out and attacked " I know take it with a grain of salt"ā€¦ but real time todayā€¦ DAVOS is really a similar model on a much greater scale " and who knows who else shows up and what secret meetings they haveā€¦ in fact this info repeating is 30+ years old so DAVOS could be the new Turkey,
However if we take this at face value then who could it be? we need at least 7 "not sure how accurate that is "ā€¦ Chris mentioned Rothchildā€™s, this one comes up every time , i didnt know about the fall of Napolean, but i guess they also had a hand in starting the bank of Englandā€¦ Rockefellers are also another one that always comes upā€¦ they started the federal reserveā€¦ a third is the Royal family of England: think Charles and the Queenā€¦ which didnā€™t resonate with me until the queen died and in the inheritance transfer it mentioned the Royal family is the largest land owner in Englandā€¦ owning some ridiculous amount ~30% of the countries landā€¦ Also mentioned and i forget exactly Royal Family of Holland, Dutch, or Netherlandsā€¦ Which also didnt make sense until the Netherland farmers were attacked as we see real strong influence thereā€¦ OK thats 4ā€¦ so who else? Well got a couple more candidatesā€¦ WTF is going on in Canada? who has the money there? and How about Down under? same questionā€¦ then we also have the old European powers of Germany ā€œFrance lets give to Rothschildsā€, Spain and Italyā€¦ I imagine some old money at play their from Rome or conquistadors or Hilter lost goldā€¦ And who the hell owns all those Swiss Banks?.. Which Klaus conveniently makes his home there and Davos is heldā€¦ I think following the money there there is your old money listā€¦
Now how do we confirm it? Follow the moneyā€¦ Now I donā€™t know how to trace English land ownership or swiss banksā€¦I imagine there is a way, Iā€™m just not familar But I do know how to trace stocksā€¦ its even so simple you cna look it up on yahoo finance .
and the largest shareholder of all the fortune 500 stocks is the PRIVATE mutual fund Vanguardā€¦ and since its private the owners are secretā€¦ and Vanguard also owns Blackrock which is also the 2nd larest owner of stocks and conveniently is the only financial institute that gets the trillions of $ free quantitive easing of the FED. So that Trillons ultimately goes back to Vanguardā€¦ Additionally, supposedly the rockafeller family controls 49% of Blackrockā€¦I havenā€™t confirmed that myself but since since its a public companyā€¦ holdings can be tracedā€¦ So following the moneyā€¦ Vanguard elects all all the board of directors and chooses the CEOā€™s of every major western corporationā€¦ Thats not speculation thats just factā€¦ And since they control the corporations they control the PACā€™s that fund the politicians. So when we ask how can our politicians and companies be spreading misinformation, vax mandates, ESG, WOKE polices, get soft on crime, attack the 2A etcā€¦ that all if you follow the money leads back to Vanguardā€¦again not speculation just money and math So at at least in the statesā€¦ Vanguard controls the WEFā€¦ they are funding the WEFā€¦ they are the Evil bond villainā€¦ Who are the owners of Vanguard? we donā€™t its secretā€¦ although it looks like at Least Rockafeller holdings have been teased out of Blackrock since its public and has a paper trailā€¦ And even if we could break into their corporate office, hack into their couldā€¦ I suspect layers on layers of dummy shell corporationsā€¦ but I suspect eventually you would find it all leads back to the those old money families listed aboveā€¦
If anybody has any different data pointing fingers another way Iā€™d love to hear itā€¦


Would Like You Thoughts On This

I watched this this morning and believe Dr. McCullough is correct. This is a government thing.

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the largest shareholder of all the fortune 500 stocks is the PRIVATE mutual fund Vanguard.. and since its private the owners are secret
This claim gets thrown around PP fairly regularly. From my understanding as a former owner of shares in various Vanguard Mutual Funds, the owners of the mutual funds and ETFs which comprise the majority of Vanguard's assets, are the investors in each fund in proportion to the value of the shares they hold - essentially a whole lot of individual investors, pension funds, whoever invests in various markets through Vanguard's offerings. The fund managers obviously have great power because the majority of shareholders give their proxy to the fund managers with respect to voting rights that come from the various instruments that the mutual funds hold. Perhaps Vanguard might have other businesses and holdings that are more directly controlled by them or hidden figures. In summary, things are a lot more complex than that claim suggests and the claim may be to a large degree false. Perhaps though, the effect is similar. Please, if you are going to make this claim, research the actual ownership structure of Vanguard's various parts and demonstrate it and it's implications to us with actual evidence.

I totally agree. I have requested emergency department presentations and deaths in Western Australia, broken down by months and decades of age, for 2016 onwards. My request for a link to COVID jab status was denied. The emergency department presentation data was very interesting (highest on record - even the mainstream media reported this), especially given that there was virtually no influenza in Western Australia in 2021. The request for death statistics with the same subsets from Births, Deaths & Marriages Registry was refused. I then requested it from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, but it will cost at least $640, so I havenā€™t forked out the money - yet! Still pondering.


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