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You remind me of living in the SoCal desert. When the wind kicked up into “driving wind” gear there was no house so tight sand didn’t silt through. Those days, sandy wind would take the paint off cars and pit windshields. But on normally windy days the house seals worked and the paint stayed on cars.
I conclude: if I’m near enough to a blast, the force of air pushing contamination will push it through my preps. But if I’m an adequate distance away - whatever that might be - such preps would be helpful; might make the difference.
All we’re doing is tilting the odds as much as we can in our favor. After that, yeah - no point worrying to distraction. Life still needs to be lived.

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No argument. Your priority is mine. There are things I would do before taking up nuke preps if I were starting out preparing for bad events. I doubt a serious nuclear war is survivable for over 90% of people north of the equator, so I’d rather focus first on ways to keep going if bad things happen short of a nuclear exchange. And I have done.
I expect not everyone agrees that life would still be worth living in such a scenario. I can certainly think of a lot of reasons for saying ‘no.’ On balance, though, I’d rather be here to help pick up the pieces than not.
So just in case it’s limited, and just in case I’m not directly downwind of such a limited exchange, and because I’ve got a great deal of non-nuke preps in place, if there are a few things I can do toward tipping the scales in favor of surviving nuke idiocy I see no reason to not take them.

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BTW has anybody seen Putin's speech?
Which speech? And are you asking because you're looking for it? Or because you recommend it? Here are links to the official Kremlin transcripts for both the Sept 30 and last week's. Both are worth reading. Sept 30 (accession of 4 regions): Oct 27 (Valdai):
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Nice to learn more about you JoeB…

I think you are referring to Putin’s speech a few days ago, here is a link, highly reccomend everyone watches it - he lays out what the West is “really doing” in the world.
here’s a link in “English” :


How Do I Deal With A Dear Friend Who Is Fully Wetted To The Vaccine Fallacy Of Transmission Suppression

Hello everyone,
I belong to a local men’s group that is part of the non profit entity known as the ManKind Project. A dear friend within the group expressed his personal concern upon learning of my non vaccinated status. It is born out of his belief that I represent a threat to the health of others as, in his view, I could harbor the virus.
My question to everyone here: how do I defuse this situation?
I was frankly surprised by this as he himself experienced a ‘breakthrough infection’ even after being fully vaccinated. Thus, he is concerned for the future after his present immunological response wanes over time.
I welcome your advice.
Thank you,

have him watch these… Pfizer exec admitting in EU congress, they lied and made it all up… if that doesn’t work not sure he is he ready to wake up and nothing will work… sorry :frowning:

My advice would be to NOT try to convince him with facts. If he is truly a good friend, a talk about what he means to you, and why you do not want this virus thing to become between you would imo be a better approach. Just like the fact that he can’t convince you, you can’t convince him. You could, sneakily, tell him that you was really worried for him when he contracted the virus as you heard that vaccinated people will get the worst symptoms, and that you are glad it was just a mild encounter.

Interesting approach , I’ll give it props for creativity… use emotion to deal with an emotional person… I’m not a psychologist, it might work better than facts, he is probably not interested in facts anyway as they attack his narrative…tough nut to crack I guess you could try it 1st… We have all lost friends and family this way… at a certain point you need to let go for your own sanity and move on and hope they come back on their own eventually…

Indeed, we have all been there. My wife lost a live long friend because of this crazyness.

Thank you for your advice. He actually contracted a relatively mild form of Long Covid as a result of his infection. He had not heard of the FLCCC during our conversation surrounding his concern with my status. So I sent him the relevant protocol from their site as I thought that it could be of help to him.
I agree that convincing him to reach a different conclusion from his entrenched position - he invoked the term quackery when discussing the off label use of existing drugs to treat Covid - would likely be fruitless. He is convinced that the current stage of the pandemic is one disproportionately affecting the non vaccinated. He supported this view by mentioning that a relative is a medical/demographic researcher who can attest to this trend.
However, I feel the sad news that a good friend of his committed suicide after being vanquished by severe Long Covid underlies his emotional justification for the undisputed propaganda comes into view. Add the understanable of fear arising from his advanced age, one can only conclude the further cementing of these views.
Thank you again,

The Persistence Of The Vaccine Efficacy Narrative

Sadly the narrative supposed effectiveness of the vaccine is still holding strong - at least in some circles. I was excluded from a personal development workshop due to my vaccine status. And it all hinged on the notion that the vaccines could prevent transmission and, if not, minimize the severity of symptoms in case of the worst outcome. I was surprised to learn of the latter. Does it depend on the proximity of injection date to the onset of infection?
Well hopefully the lost friends will return once enough exposes are broadcast with the passage of time.

yep its a tough one I agree that convincing him to reach a different conclusion from his entrenched position” One of the major challenges is “facts” are being overrun with “Official” misinformation… My best friends wife is a local county family counselor… her boss at the county is the local county health administrator… My buddy has been asking me for facts for an ongoing daily fight his wife who wants to vaccinate their kids immediately … She told him he was misinformed and sent him a county approved powerpoint of “facts” from “experts” on why pregnant woman and children should all get vaccinated immediately they are distributing to the entire county… he sent it to me for help I was able use Chris’s data to tear it completely apart in 2 minutes… it had zero facts, zero data and was a lot of happy family pictures saying “safe and effective” “experts say” " thoroughly tested to the most rigorous standards" minor sore arm side effects… “Covid will kill all the kiddies etc” and absolutely ZERO data all claims were generic statements backed by nothing… But since it comes as official “data” from the county Health Administrator… the official peer reviewed papers and data I sent are complete quackery.


Is it only me? But from 36 minute mark I lost sound…?

unless something has changed the plastic for hoop houses last 4-5 years . then what? hoop houses are not movable. the frame is attached to sleeves driven in the ground. i built a 90 footer about 10 years ago for someone. research has shown to be efficient they need to be 90 ft.
of course since i am aware of the three e’s i am very interested in using as little plastic as possible, which hoop house plastic is.
as 100 year option i don’t think polycarbonate will do it. it is generally warranted for 10 years. i built a poly building for a friend and it needed lots of repair after 15 years. algae buildup is also an issue.
i am a “salvager” and always look for the many diamonds to be found with out imposing on the environment.
of course a great strategy is to just grow a shit load and preserve it. grow a few greens in a cold frame. might be problematic in vermont though. that’s why i don’t live there.

full resume upon request. but you can’t afford it.