REPLAY: The Halloween Peak Insider Live Q&A

I’d love to jump In here. Please refer to my comment about social connection.
I don’t speak for everyone, but I dont always want hard facts and deep dives.
I enjoy the humanity, the genuineness of these meets.
I’ve gone and brought a camera so I can go live more.
It’s important for you to want to be here. Part of this tribe! having said that, this is a place where you can vent.
I understand it’s frustrating atm, but this is the remnant and we’re all doing what we can together much love brother :heart:
BTW has anybody seen Putins speech?


How Do We Keep Our Farmland? Property Taxes Will Be Due.

Things will probably collapse, from supply chain to energy grid to financial system, transportation, etc. Without these things, we won’t have jobs and income. But I bet someone will still demand to collect property taxes. In such a situation where we have no income, no fiat currency, no digital currency system because the grid is down, how will we pay the tax collector? I don’t think they’ll be providing services like fire protection or police or garbage collection or schools or road maintenance or libraries anymore, so we won’t be getting any services for our taxes paid, but some robber baron will still want to collect, and we may lose our land if we don’t pay.
How do y’all see that going? How do we keep our land from unpaid tax seizure? Do we get violent about it? Do we barter booze or food? Do you think things will collapse so completely that nobody will come asking for the property taxes anymore?
What do you foresee happening in regards to this?

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Dust comes through the smallest holes and cracks in a house. We have a glass display case that never opens. Yet there is dust there.
On a windy day, after a long dry spell, look at how much dust you find everywhere. Believe me: you don’t stop dust. Even in a greenhouse, you don’t stop dust from outside. What will you do when it’s 40 degrees Celsius outside? Keep your windows closed? Then your plants will die anyway. How many locks will you work with before you go inside? Are you going to create a positive pressure chamber there? Showers?
Living in a radioactively contaminated area is not possible in the long run.
The best thing is to constantly measure using a geigercounter. Constant cleaning by people who do nothing else, the entire day.
The preparations that I do is what I have learned from your book Prosper. I also have a greenhouse, but I have this to be more resilient with my crops anyway; not to prepare for nuclear war. It is logical to prep when something this destructive is above our heads as a nuclear war. But personally I refuse to prep for it, more than I already wrote. I have bought that stuff, put it near reach and I continue my life as before. Worrying about nuclear war is taking to much from my emotional capital account.
Don’t confuse this as it I advocate for doing nothing. People who know me, know I build in resilience in my life where possible. We can heat our house using oil, wood and coal. Water we collect from the roof, from te grid and from a groundwater well. Electricity we have from the grid and from a solar setup. And so on and so on. But I do not have those to prepare for a nuclear war specifically.

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Farm the land and use the product to pay taxes.
Actively farmed land will invite the attn. of the actual owner which is the gov. The farmer should expect to be indentured to the land to produce for the owner, the gov, a range of produce to be collected to pay for the luxury of farming.

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The Break Down Is Simple

Evie commented, “Now, just listening to you talk, I was just appreciating how unbelievably complex it it all is and how everything that relies on everything else to be functioning well in order for just basic things to be carried out is insane.”
But the breakdown, (when things break down) is so simple.

Chris, Please Tell Your Team To Replace All The Videos Which Have Gone Missing…

Dear Chris
I am very upset to hear about Vimeo having deleted your channel. Would you please tell your team to replace all the Vimeo videos which have gone missing as a result with new links to re-uploaded videos? I hope the Vimeo archive was backed up. I’ve seen that on old posts, in many cases the Youtube video links have been removed, leaving behind only the audio. Would you please tell tell the team to keep the video links alive? A lot of times, video is a better experience, and of course in the most recent videos, we have lots of your wonderful visual presentations which cannot be conveyed through audio.

I’ve read explanations involving changes in the earth’s atmosphere. They didn’t strike me as very convincing, although I admit I don’t recall the details. I should take another look at that.

Great Q&a; Oil And Uranium

listened working in my gardens. yesterday had a load of mushroom compost delivers thus today I was out Removing the top couple inches of soil from all my raised beds to refill with new compost. i have few leaves on my property so yesterday was over at my neighbors collecting his big collection of leaves (he even helped :)) Will cover compost with the leaves and let it leach into soil over the winter rains and little snow we get ( I hope little :))
Chris, i sure hope you can keep at the oil discussion. Your description of excess oil coming to US from unfriendly nations as their supplies diminish is compelling. Leading me to see a real “prepper” value proposition in Solar and having an electric car as a third car - need backups anyhow for everything.
not invested in Oil - wish I had a year + ago but look forward to discussion on oil.
check out if you have not - Justin focuses just on Uranium. I like his portfolio, plus I own a few others. I sure wish I could rebuy many of the U stocks now as they have been dragged down with everything else this year. But good U stocks are likely to do very well. Hoping for a 10x+ run like last time U took off - time will tell.

I agree, and wish the lives were every week instead of every month!:slight_smile:


Chris you do not need my coming to your site’s content defense BUT it is your site and you can do as you please.
having bit less formal chit-chat in an AMA format is one option that many like. If someone doesn’t - do not listen ?

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study the depression. there is the answer.

are you referring to the penny auctions?

I’ve picked up some land at county tax auctions in the past “hate me later” the key point in my research is SOME counties don’t auction off the land for back taxes, or let anybody buy them no matter what… Whether its a a matter of pride and principle and community and this is in the leftist Pacific northwest… they just keep adding up the past due… and work with the owners on a payment … finding which counties those are near you and having or relocating your farmland holdings to one of those counties wouldn’t be the worst play… Also trading your products for someone else using their CDBC’s to pay your bill isn’t the worst approach either… My wife grew up in soviet Russia… her grandfather even though he was the town communist party leader he also had a hidden moonshine still to make ends meet… her neighbors secretly raised bees in the forest and had honey ot trade… somehow with no money her neighbor always had plenty and his kids got accepted to the best schools in Moscow… Her dad traded a case of old wine he got from a friend at a local monastery who owed him a favor to get her on the apartment assignment registry when she was 16…ormally you would have to have been a male and married to get on that list… she later sold it to buy our 1st house. Russian during soviet times and even now have a form of currency in favors in an exclusive membership network … N. Prisoners use cigarettes and I’m told top ramen noodles as money in prison in WW2 chocolate and nylons became a currency… no matter how tight make things there will always be another form of money…there will always be a black market or a way that human nature…the county clerk that didnt accept bribes in Russian would be helped out a 12 story window by the mafia… we know gold and silver is obvious… but next time your are in town walk into a pawn shop and take a look everything in there is alternative form of money for the current struggling working class "guns and tools being the most common, I deal with them sometimes in car parts they dont have a lot of money but they do have an alternative money system…

i happened to have watched your video where a lot of language was used with emotional content. your response contains just such language. you also use ad homs. i have been around here for 15 years. i think you are better than that. . i offered my comment as a personal opinion. as i said i i pretty much ignore these podcasts. they are not focused. on the other hand i noted that there are far fewer interviews which as a paying member i would like to see make a return. now you can certainly take umbrage at my comments that is one of your rights as the owner. on the other hand you might take my comments as constructive criticism and address them on those grounds rather than resorting to insults.
my time is extremely valuable. i do not have time to listen to a podcast where i do not know whether i am going to be interested in the questions or the subject matter… . so in the future i am going to pass on them .
as far as developing a “tribe” . that is your goal not mine. i wish you all the best. i come here for information. i have a great number of people in my community. i am not interested in bonding in an online community. there is no one in this “tribe” that will be here helping me build my shop, buld and fill garden beds, battle creeping charlie, can, freeze and dry my produce.
ftr. i moved to the woods over 50 years ago. i have been an organic gardener for over 60 years. i can build, wire and plumb a house. i can do rock work, sheet rock, cabinet work, tile work i can work draft horses. i have had cows, chickens, ducks, and horses. i was part of the back to the land movement of the 60’s and 70’s. i have bought and sold numerous pieces of property. i have been involved in lawsuits in regards to land. and somehow i find the time to be on the board of directors of a non profit doing charitable work in some of the poorest areas of the planet. and i am a convicted felon.
this is not in any way to establish any type of superiority or credentials. as i learn new stuff everyday. i contribute what i think is useful information. the message of this site has been very consistent for 15 years (guns, gold, and garden.) that is sage advice that i have been doing for a long time. there is an elephant in the room though that all of that relies on a functioning society.
so for you and anyone here using your advice if my comments don’t help you just cruise on by. my intention is to see this site be better. good luck with your farm.


Cloud Seeding & Dirty Bombs

I’m not sure if this has anything to do with rivers drying up (Rhine, Mississippi), but someone recently shared the idea of “cloud seeding” with me, a way to modify the rain / snow “for the good of humanity”.
And in relation to the election and impending WW3, I’m interested to see what the tribe thinks is the likelihood of this Colonel’s prediction about a dirty bomb ahead of the election: I’m often surprised by how many people see the lies behind the CV shots, but are ignorant to what else we’re being fed.

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i don’t see the resilience long term in relying on plastic greenhouses which need to be replaced every 4 years or so. the recycling is non existent. i investigated them 20 years ago and decided to salvage glass patio doors which glass companies give away when they pull them out of houses being remodeled.

i never said pil was about interviews. i said my prefernce is “for” interviews. there have been far fewer . there were quite a few interviews before you got here. people like art berman, daniel quinn, marc andreeson, etc. if it a question of either or, my vote is for interviews. i then have a choice based on information. pil is just not my thing. there is nothing inaccurate in my post.

btw stewart i really like the peak insider shorts.


Flat bed. Did that once myself - maybe not as big as you’re looking at. Warning: heavy snow…

In my thinking, plastic covered greenhouses are a “30-year solution.” They work well for as long as they can be kept functional. We don’t know how long that might be, so a more basic backup “100-year solution” is also a good idea. I’m building a polycarbonate greenhouse as my 100-year option, recognizing it could fail to go that long but will last longer than plastic if plastic (or polycarbonate) stops being available. I’m also collecting windows, with your solution in mind.
But I also want moveable plastic hoop houses that allow me to create warmer microclimates in the field, since our NE summers can be ridiculously cool on occasion. I also have shade cloth to put over the plastic (and polycarbonate) in case I need less heat and sun.