Shocked People Pick the Wrong Targets...

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Want to understand why people are fractured into groups and fighting each other? Here’s why…

When social animals are shocked, physically or metaphorically, they tend to focus on nearby and identifiable (but usually the wrong) targets. The science on this stretches back decades. Whether intentional or not, these tactics are now being applied to us all.
After watching this video you will be able to both detect and avoid falling into the “rats in a cage” trap.





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This was a helpful confirmation of my growing concerns that things have been building and building to a place of even more civil unrest coming… I agree 100% and enjoyed your explanation!
It’s been a wild year and a half and it certainly doesn’t feel like it’s over anytime soon…

Excellent episode, thank you for your hard work.
I would love to see the second part but can’t afford the premium. Chris, please consider adding an option of one time payments to see single videos or other content. Your work is so important, and you should be paid for it. I do not disagree with the premium price at all, but I do wish there were some options for people like me to support you monetarily, but as one time payments, or smaller fees to see just some of the exclusive content. I would gladly pay a small one time fee just to see the continuation of this video!

The Manufacturing of a Mass Psychosis – Can Sanity Return to an Insane World?


Why an Obsession with Safety creates Sick Minds and a Sick Society

explain almot everything going on in the world

I’m not sure. Really really skeptical that these are the big problems we are seeing. I am strongly one side of the aisle. So I have a dog in this fight. But people are divided on the ways to fix the problem. They are not just ideologically divided. Only one half of the population seems to think the government is out to get them. The other group believes that the government are good or at worst incompetent. There is no way that these two groups can believe in the same source of the problem.
If the guy on the right is correct then the answer is to allow people to have the vaccine if they want it and then allow the other treatments as well. If the guy on the left is correct then the answer is for everyone to get the vaccine. If they could possibly agree, then they could address the issue. But how can they possibly reframe the issue to see the true cause when their assumptions are completely opposite. Even if a person on the right thinks that the elites are causing us pain, the person on the left believes that it is the people on the right causing us pain.

Common ground? If where you live is anything like where I live, your leftist neighbours are as horrified at grocery and petrol prices as you are, and are going thru much the same things as you. The vaccine bit is difficult, I know.
My city’s subreddit is full of 'we should watch them die, take away their medicare, selfish ____ (fill in the blank with any obscenity you like). On the one hand I get it. Fearporn 24/7 and new variant and - though they will never admit it out loud - the vaccines aren’t working as advertised. That’s gotta be scary.
So start with the things you have in common, and I guarantee that you and I and our neighbours have way more in common with each other than we do with the likes of the Davos crowd.

It was my understanding that diversity is our strength. No?

Reason and rational thinking are the ways out of this. Pure emotionalism is not. That said, its easy to be irrational, unquestioning and lazy in ones analysis of complex issues. That is Chris’s gift and challenge to us, thinking for ourselves.
The bedrock of any debate and productive thought lies in principles. Ones that are essential to men and by extension society. Freedom, justice, constitutional rights, integrity, honesty, self determination. Strip these away or let them atrophy and you get to live thorough the worst of times. Begin an argument with a position that does not respect these, and no matter what one can dream up, it won’t stand and it won’t work. Why…because its against man’s fundamental nature.

I don’t think you are totally in correct in your thinking if you’re mind is not free, in order to understand it you have to wipe out your self-imposed bias about your fellow human (whatever that might be) . IMO if you can’t do that or if you cannot “have a dog in the fight” you won’t be able to get there. We are all in this together. Cheers
P.S. put the dog down he’s doing you no good.

Wait. I just stated up front that I had a bias. I am trying very hard to not use it.
If Chris says that the lab coat wearing experimenter is the in the lab rat pain test, then the rat that attacks the supine rat is the people that I see that are pro vaccine, pro lockdown. Yelling at strangers for not wearing their mask outdoors. Shunning friends and family for not getting vaxed. Censoring anyone who questions the dogma.
So what is the answer? Just take the abuse? Try and present facts while being yelled at? I am at a loss. Willing to work with anyone as long as I don’t get abused.

I understand that there is an oligarchy at the top of our society which has been benefiting from keeping the focus off of their activities and on sowing division, etc… I also understand why Chris doesn’t do Left\Right as it protects the integrity of the information he is presenting. But honestly…I have lived a long time now and the pattern of personality differences I have observed all of these years has led me to some definite conclusions. People who tend to self-identify as Left\Progressive tend towards authoritarianism, a need to exert power and a general lack of empathy which is disguised behind a facade of ‘caring’. We have seen this time and time again during the pandemic as the most vocal supporters of lockdowns, masking, and distancing have been the same ones promoting Leftist social causes (and who seem to be immune from following their own advice regarding the above rules for the rest of us). Which side is the one silencing the other? Which side is trying to enforce untested vaccines on the other? Which side is digitally hunting the other side down and wrecking their lives by getting them cancelled? I think at this point the ‘moral equivalency’ argument doesn’t hold water. I remember a time when the Left\Right social debate was just that…both sides had their points in that debate and thing were for the most part civil. But in the past 10-15 years the room for debate has shrunk and now has disappeared completely. One side lords it over everyone else and now has become completely unhinged and in some cases deadly. Until we can address this issue we can’t do anything about the oligarchs who are sitting back watching it all unfold.

It is a privilege to have a reader, no?
The internet has given me tremendous opportunity to improve my writing skills.

The perspective of KLynchATL is very interesting, and I really appreciate that Chris is trying to avoid the divisiveness that aligning with the left or right can cause. My sister, who is a public health nurse, identifies as very leftwing and belongs to and is very active in a host of social justice groups. When I recently moved to a small town in upstate NY for the summer where my sister was living she yelled at me about how selfish I was because I hadn’t been vaccinated. Over the next week, I learned she was telling people in town that I wasn’t vaccinated. At a public art show which had a small sign out front that said please wear a mask if you’re not vaccinated, she called out to me across the room in front of many people and said “Did you see the sign? You need to wear a mask.” Now I usually do wear a mask if requested but I was taken by surprise by the sign (because most businesses weren’t requiring them) and I felt awkward wearing one because I would be “outed” as unvaccinated in such a small town. (I only learned afterward that she had already been telling people my status). I was in shock that my own sister was “informing” on me and it was altogether a chilling experience. I should add that she absolutely refuses to listen to any information about the vaccine that doesn’t align with her view. This is even though our mother had to go to the ER 3 times after receiving the Moderna shot. I’m curious if others are experiencing anything similar. Headlines like those in USA Today about “shunning” the unvaccinated are very worrisome.

Hi Linden2,
sonsorry to hear that. I did not have this experience, but a friend of mine was raised in The DDR, his stories are very similar to yours. The only difference is that there it would have happend behind your back. Bit do not worry, once normal sense arrives again, most of these people will walk in front of the parades demanding justice, all will be OK in the end…

Admin: This post has been removed because the topic is not central to this site’s mission and would prove to be distractive and potentially disruptive regardless of its accuracy or inaccuracy.
Just as with the off-the-rails racial conversation terminated some months back, the topic of Israel is not a hill upon which we wish to die at this point.
There are other sites more appropriate for various conversations we choose not to entertain here at this time.
Thank you for your understanding.

I think there is more to consider than left-right or up-down in these matters. Here is a quote from Sebastian Junger’s latest book, Freedom. It is sort of a meditation on the meanings of freedom and what that means for citizens of any society.
“For most of human history, freedom had to be at least suffered for, if not died for, and that raised its value to something almost sacred. In modern democracies, however, an ethos of public sacrifice is rarely needed because freedom and survival are more or less guaranteed. That is a great blessing but allows people to believe that any sacrifice at all – rationing water during a drought, for example - are forms of government tyranny. They are no more forms of tyranny than rationing water on a lifeboat. The idea that we can enjoy the benefits of society while owing nothing in return is literally infantile. Only children owe nothing.”
I would add to the list of sacrifices that are far less than tyrannical, wearing face masks in public, maintaining social distancing and even getting vaccines. Experience now teaches us that vaccines work very well in preventing illness, hospitalization, transmission of the virus and death. There are always exceptions for people who are unusually sensitive to vaccines, but those instances are rare and in the main its not much of a sacrifice to make for your family and friends.
If you want to get an idea what real sacrifice looks like, watch the opening scenes of Saving Private Ryan. Spoiler alert, they are of the assault on Omaha Beach on D-day. I have heard from people who were there that it is the best representation in cinema they have seen of what actually happened that day. Now compare wearing a face mask, maintaining 6’ distance from others or even getting a vaccination.

TPTB won a long time ago. The lies they have been piling up on all of humanity are simply too deep to ever overcome. No population has been more mired in lies upon lies than the American public but the whole world is too. I talked about this after 911, how if we let them get away with lying about all this then they can lie about anything, and now that is where we are.
My friends, family, and acquaintances buy the lies completely, won’t even entertain the thought that “they” are lying to us. Only a miniscule percent of the population understand the lies but they are easily marginalized, canceled, ridiculed, etc.
As Caitlin Johnstone said, “If the propaganda engine of the US-centralized empire ceased actively deceiving the public about the world, it would collapse immediately. There would be mass unrest at home and abroad, status quo politics would be abandoned, alliances and coalitions would crumble, leaders official and unofficial would be ousted, and US unipolar hegemony would end.”

“We’ve Got To Fight Disinformation,” Says Empire Made Entirely Of Disinformation
Its too late – we lost – they can lie with impunity now we must follow.

Is LBL’s screed going to be allowed to stay? It is vile.

People who tend to self-identify as Left\Progressive tend towards authoritarianism, a need to exert power and a general lack of empathy which is disguised behind a facade of 'caring'.
The truly astonishing thing is how "the left" has been utterly hijacked to serve the needs of the Oligarchy. Did "the left" from the 60s trust the FBI? the CIA? The NSA? The government? The institutions? No. Because all those groups wanted to send everyone off to fight a stupid war in southeast asia. The guy who leaked The Pentagon Papers was a hero to the left. The situation has reversed completely. Julian Assange? The "new left" wants Assange strung up by his heels. "He leaked the Clinton Emails! He must be evil!" How about the FBI? CIA? NSA? The current "left" snuggles up to these authoritarian institutions. I mean, I'm old enough to remember when "the left" didn't trust authority at all. Now, "the left" is all in about mandating vaccines (apparently - "my body, my choice" doesn't exist any longer), censoring uncomfortable speech, calling anyone they disagree with "racists" and "white supremacists" - "the left" is an absurd cartoonish figure of what it once was. I know this, because I still believe in a lot of the things "the left" formerly stood for. Not anymore. "The Left" left me behind. I don't recognize it any more. The Left has gone from challenging authority and rebelling, to being fascist and authoritarian. So I think the term "the left" is meaningless. They are just the group of people who have forgotten what they used to stand for - brainwashed by tribalism and the Oligarchy to act as the current horse for the Oligarchy to ride into a complete authoritarian control over society. [EDIT] In case it isn't completely clear, I believe: Julian Assange = Hero. Daniel Ellsberg = Hero. Edward Snowden = Hero. Glenn Greenwald = Hero. A hero does something difficult, and dangerous. These people all stood up to institutional authoritarianism, at a direct threat to their life and personal safety. I honor their contribution to freedom & democracy. They are "the old left", which I miss a great deal.

Please retract. The forum does not benefit from your post. Only harm. If you’re correct, you’ll raise the ire of TPTB, if you’re wrong and there’s a debate to be had you’re diverting energy better spent planning and doing. Please delete your post.