Shocked People Pick the Wrong Targets...

Ya know, Doug, if the “institutions” - as represented by Pope Fauci, the guy in charge of the new “Science” religion - had evidenced a single shred of concern over the health of the people they allegedly are working for, I might buy the whole “vaccine” thing.
But Pope Fauci doesn’t. His desire to give The Holy Shot to babies, who don’t need it - will only suffer side effects - is just psychopathic. I can’t say what his motivations are, but for sure it isn’t concern for the health of the children of America.
See, I actually read papers, and understand actual science, and I know there are a dozen different treatments that work for COVID19. The vaccines are not only flawed and fading in efficacy, not only causing more side effect deaths than all the prior vaccines ever deployed throughout the history of VAERS, but they just aren’t needed, except - perhaps - by old people (you might qualify) with a bunch of co-morbidities. Risk/benefit is only positive for that group. Science tells me this. Its actually simple math. I can teach you, if you’re willing to break out of your Overton Window for 15 minutes.
So if risk/benefit works for you, if you are really old with a bunch of co-morbidities, then by all means take The Holy Shot. Every six months. Boosters are coming soon, too. (The need for a “booster” is NOT a sign that the Holy Shot is effective, by the way.)
From my calculations, the risk/benefit doesn’t work for me.
I know it is far more protective - against ALL ‘variants’ - if I take my vitamin D, exercise for 21 minutes per day, take melatonin at night, and drop my BMI to 24. These simple fixes will work better than the “vaccines” pretend to work. No “boosters” required. The only side effect might be reduced chances for cancer and dementia. Add ivermectin at symptom onset - for the most part, COVID isn’t a problem, unless you are really old with lots of underlying conditions. Which I’m not.
That’s actual science. Rather than Pope Fauci “Science” - which just happens to look a whole lot like Vaxx company marketing material. “Babies must take the shot.” Cui bono there, I wonder?
Certainly not the babies.

It seems as if your sister has malignant intentions towards your freedom of choice here. I have nothing to offer but condolences.
However, here we are. They have pitted sibling against sibling. And you aren’t on the “winning” team.
Hold strong, keep your wits about you and try to love your sister as much as possible.
If this was my lot in life, I’d have dropped her after she yelled at me. I understand the tightness of the nuclear family, but other than 20-50% genetic sharing I have with my siblings, I have no desire to put up with behavior like that.
Sorry I can’t help any more than that. I’ve had to drop “friends” for very similar behavior recently, I just hope my parents and siblings never cross that bridge with me. I don’t take to assholes very well even if I grew up in the same house as them.

An Alabama doctor is urging COVID-19 doubters to get inoculated by sharing her experience treating dying patients who wish they'd gotten vaccinated.

"I'm admitting young healthy people to the hospital with very serious COVID infections. One of the last things they do before they're intubated is beg me for the vaccine. I hold their hand and tell them that I'm sorry, but it's too late," Dr. Brytney Cobia wrote in a Facebook post Sunday.

"A few days later when I call time of death, I hug their family members and I tell them the best way to honor their loved one is to go get vaccinated and encourage everyone they know to do the same," the doctor's post goes on to say.…

Israel is a touchy subject that I would approach delicately even behind the paywall. Though I think the state of Israel has manufactured a lot of consent, there is a lot of variety within people of Jewish heritage, including many on the side of boycott, divestment, and sanctions. The list of Talmud and later quotations does not represent most Jews, who are largely unaware of them, but if they were they would treat them as unauthoritative opinion. I could produce a list of quotations from well-know Christian leaders over the centuries that I, as a more-or-less Anabaptist, would disavow in the same way. Leaders abuse and try to justify their behavior, regardless of tradition.

The favorite right wing tactic, change the subject and hope no one notices. The subject was freedom and sacrifice.

Uncucked Canuck,
I hear you. They’ll throw you in chains just to make you understand what someone elses ancestors felt because you are too priveleged. There’s no reasoning because the argument is emotional to them. They have picked their enemy and no matter how much you point at ir prove ill intent, the media and the government and tech companies, and the social system keeps reinforcing their view that you are the villain. So I have completely disengaged from that conversation. I studied history, psychology, sociology, finance and politics and read these subjects and theories voraciously. All of them tell me, there is really no saving them from themselves. They are oblivious to the sinking ship they are on and won’t listen to reason even as the crew below deck is bailing out water. At some point you just have to say, “I’m sorry I couldn’t reach you in time.” And let them drown.
To the point of Chris’s video, the worst thing you can do to save a drowning person is try to save them yourself. They always go into their limbic mind and try to stand on top of the other person, thrashing and clawing and generally panicking to the detriment of themselves and everyone. Once the vaccine side effects are known widely, there will be about 2 billion people suddenly feeling like they are drowning. And they will drag everyone they can get hold of down with them. Society is on the verge of collapse and despite their confidence and their hatred of everyone who refuses to buy into their delusions about the vaccine, they will soon be in a panic over what is revealed, and you have to just let them drown. They saw you on your liferaft and cast ridicule, and all you can do is pity them.

The irony is lost on many. So, you want to ban speech/thought too, just like the oligarchs, b/c you disagree or find it uncomfortable. Instead, just ignore and don’t engage. It’s called freedom. Or post some real philo-semitic views, of which there are many.
The charge of anti-semitism is used routinely to silence and destroy people. Criticism of specific behavior by Israel or by specific jewish organization is NOT anti-semitism, but demonizing anyone who does is considered fair game.
Did you know that you go to jail for openly questioning the holocaust in many parts of Europe? Do you want to live somewhere, where questioning history and criticizing specific individuals or nation states gets you thrown in jail? Without the 1st amendment, we’d likely already be there in the U.S.

I guess if you hate us - you hate us. But here’s a bit of salutary reading from our side of the fence:

Dave Fairtex,
I think by definition the left has always been synonymous with “change”. And sometimes change is good, like social equality. And sometimes change is bad like the drive toward authoritarianism. They see nothing of value from the old system and want to dispose of it. Conversely the “right” is synonymous with stability. Preserving the old ways, even though they are flawed, there’s more good than bad. For instance, constitutional rights are chiefly preserved by the right, and the founding principles of our country which were considered wildly revolutionary and liberal at the time are protected and respected by the right… because though imperfect, they work.
The issue with a constant need to change is that when you finally perfect a system, the only change left is to the detriment of the system. When society finally achieves equality, any social change requires inventing inequality and then fighting it. After all, if you aren’t being oppressed, only YOU are responsible for your own mediocrity.

Excellent point Dave. Things sure have changed in a relatively short period of time…in fact I was going to publish a list of bumperstickers I used to see all the time back in the early '90’s with their updated message :
1990 : Question Authority
2021: Question Authority…unless we’re the authority, then shut up and put a mask on!
1990: Visualize World Peace
2021: Visualize World Peace…unless we’re in charge in which case Bomb Syria!
1990: CoExist
2021: CoExist…without anyone who opposes my point of view
1990: Keep Your Laws Off My Body
2021: Keep YOUR Laws Off MY Body!

If you have a problem with the Facts …
Please let me know if you see any factual errors in my post.

If the subject is freedom and sacrifice, don’t conflate obedience with the latter, or selfishness with the former. The preponderance of evidence is that our sacrifices are not appreciated, and our freedom is not respected, and there’s no colored ribbon for you joining the herd of vaccinated. You made your choice ignoring the evidence provided to you and your appeal to the duty of free citizens is shamefully antithetical to the ideals you pretend to honor by your own obedience.
You are the drowning man. And I feel sorry for you, but no one can save you.

Sure. I’m right wing just like Glenn Greenwald is right wing.
Labels are awesome. I’ll send one back atcha. Doug, you’re definitely a leftie - just like HRC, Clapper, Comey, and Brennan.
Of course in the old days, I’d be calling you a fascist authoritarian. But that was then, and this is now. Now the term is: leftie!
“Shots for all the babies! Now! Mandated! Your Baby’s Body Is Now Ours To Command! Your Babies Must Make the Ultimate Sacrifice for - Me! Because I’m Just That Important!”
Today’s “left.”

There is a lovely little book “How to Read Lacan” by Slavoj Zizek where he describes the concept of the “Interpassive Subject”, which fits nicely into what Chris is pointing out.
“… Even in much of today’s progressive politics, the danger is not passivity but pseudo-activity, the urge to be active and to participate. People intervene all the time, attempting to ‘do something’, academics participate in meaningless debates; the truly difficult thing is to step back and withdraw from it. Those in power often prefer even a critical participation to silence–just to engage us in a dialogue, to make sure that our ominous passivity is broken. Against such an interpassive mode, in which we are active all the time to make sure that nothing will really change, the first truly critical step is to withdraw into passivity and to refuse to participate. This first step clears the ground for a true activity, for an act that will effectively change the coordinates of the scene.”…

I’m happy with my choices. Those who are unvaccinated need to worry. Your evidence is obviously cherry picked and ignores the most recent data from those places that have the lowest vaccine rates. That’s where people are getting sick, getting hospitalized and dying, even young people with no comorbidities. Hospitals are again getting jammed with them. But you probably didn’t notice.

Sacrifice and freedom. Try to focus.

I am curious whether you approve of the active suppression of Ivermectin? Do you feel the evidence of the effectiveness of Ivermectin, vitamin D, Fluvoxamine, etc. is not yet convincing and the public must be protected from these?

Dr. Brytney Cobia wrote in a Facebook post Sunday."A few days later when I call time of death, I hug their family members and I tell them the best way to honor their loved one is to go get vaccinated and encourage everyone they know to do the same," the doctor's post goes on to say.…
You know what I like THC0655? I like data. This sounds pretty dire what Dr. Cobia is writing! So I went searching for Alabama data. Here's what I found for Covid deaths in Alabama involving "young people" (up to age 49). No deaths at all involving Covid during June or July (through the 14th). There were 18 deaths in May but Dr. Cobia mentioned "recently" in a July FB post, so I am going to have to question that. Maybe the data is stale and will change with time (possible) but it's pretty clear there isn't a huge rash of deaths going on... There were 14 deaths in June in the 40-49 cohort that *might* have involved Covid (rightmost column), but it could have involved the flu, or pneumonia. The chart is unclear on how it classified those. Last I checked AL has 5+ million residents. So for Dr Cobia to have been personally involved with a significant fraction of the 18 recorded May Covid deaths would be rather an unusual statistical fluke. In other words, I am filing this anecdote under "maybe it didn't happen that way, or any way at all." Edit: By the way the 7-day moving average of Covid deaths (which don't distinguish dying "with" vs. "of") shows a daily death count of 4. Four. Since we know that Covid mortality doubles (exponential growth) with every 7-years of age, statistically speaking these 4 deaths are probably in the over 70 crowd. This is the 'wave' that has Doug so concerned. I'm not seeing it...

Yep I’m focused. Even though you are vaccinated (and we know, the Holy Shot is flawlessly effective), you remain terrified of COVID, which impels you to sacrifice the health and freedom of other people’s children in a vain attempt to make you feel safer.
What’s really sad is that you know nothing about ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, vitamin D, zinc, melatonin, exercise, and BMI. All you know is the word “vaccine”, which is so incredibly uninformed. People who live so deeply in the narrative like you really are in much greater danger. I really do understand why you are so scared. You really just don’t know how else to help yourself. So everyone’s babies must get the shot. Even though they have no risk at all.

Certainly, sacrifices have to be continually made for freedom to prevail. But -I- will choose what sacrifices I will make. I will not have my sacrifices dictated to me by my neighbor, by my doctor, by a mob, or by my government. I will decide.