Shocked People Pick the Wrong Targets...

After all, if you aren't being oppressed, only YOU are responsible for your own mediocrity.
Regarding Doug's suggestion that those of us unvaccinated need to worry... nice fear porn Doug! I have no idea how you can say that with a straight face after the last 1.5 years of deep discussion here about the efficacy of various therapeutics and supplements, many of which can be collected up into a cocktail that hits the virus with multiple modes of action. I have no fear of the virus at all... ZERO fear. This is not based on hope or witchcraft.. it's based on multiple studies, RCT's, and in some cases (Ivermectin) very careful metastudies. The science is there... it's just denied, stifled, and censored. The people who understand this evidence best have NO FEAR. This is not a unique concept at all.. do you fear a sinus infection? No. Why? Because if it's bad enough you can go get a prescription for antibiotics and wipe it out. Do I fear getting Covid-19 from any of today's variants? No, because if I feel something coming on, I will go from weekly to daily, higher dose Ivermectin (+ upping Zinc, quercetin, adding melatonin, povidone/iodine nasal rinse, etc) and wipe it out in the first few days. Early. Easy. I am sure if DaveF reads this, or Dr. Sandpuppy reads this, they will state the same. Now the mRNA vaccines... those I do fear. Statistically speaking, I would probably not have short term side effects... but man would I be pissed off if I did. Long term, nobody knows... though the terrible (relativel to other vaccines) short term side effect profile does not bode well in predicting a benign long term side effect profile. The vaccines are failing. The conversation needs to come back around to therapeutics. This data series out of Israel is the canary in the coal mine... showing how the rise of variants coupled with waning antibodies from the narrowly-based vaccine immunity lead to failure. The trend is unmistakable. The signal is clear. It says that the vaccinated need to wake up to reality;  

Found via the Automatic Earth:
He lets loose pretty good…

I’d like to encourage Fauci to feel free to sacrifice some of the money he’s making off the vaccines (he holds a number of patents on the Moderna vaccine, did you know that?) and take a hit for the team by encouraging the use of Vitamin D and therapeutics like IVM and Fluvoxamine. That would be a real sacrifice, and once he did that, we could all be free of this pandemic nightmare rather quickly.
But that’s not going to happen, is it? Profits over people. That’s Fauci’s moral stance.
VIVA – Sager

Chris’s presentation makes perfect sense on an intellectual level. Applying it in today’s world is not so easy. The problem, of course, is when only one of the two rats in the cage has realized that the guy in the lab coat is administering the shocks.
When the rat opposite you is in pain, pissed off, and ready to rip you to shreds, what do you do?

True, deaths don’t seem to be increasing much so far, but they are not zero as you suggest. However, check out this dashboard:
Click the numbers along the bottom of the chart. It shows large increases in cases and hospitalizations in the past 14 days. Unless they have stumbled across effective cures, it makes sense that deaths will be increasing soon.
Other data shows that (as has been repeated often and everywhere) over 95% of the covid deaths are among the unvaccinated.
“Further, ADPH says nearly all COVID-19 deaths reported in Alabama since April 1, or about 96 percent, have been people who were not fully vaccinated against the respiratory disease.”


There he goes again spouting mainstream misinformation. Totally duped by the most dominant narrative, never questioning, no independent critical thought. Frustrated that people like us exist, unable to impose his mainstream-downloaded world view on us. The seething vexation is just below a paper thin facade of critical thought.
Is he a troll, bought and paid for with the intention of sowing discord and doubt? Probably. Is he just a misguided dupe who is trying to take his mainstream downloaded anger out on those he perceives as ‘the enemy’? Possibly.
Either way he really does represent something, doesnt he? He represents the anger and vitriol of SOMEBODY [ if not himself and whether he is aware of it or not ] over the fact that we arent playing ball. Its really quite satisfying to see the lengths to which he goes to inflame, insult, and provoke because all of those feelings are inside of him [ or THEM ] and they want you to feel what they feel.
LOL sorry buddy. Not happening. I’m happy, unvaxxed, going to remain unvaxxed, and you guys are just going to have to deal with it. I love the fact that my freedom is just torturing you. This is a good exercise for you, at some point you’ll have to concede that you just arent going to get your way, and thats the beginning of some real personal maturity and growth that is desperately needed. Its ‘all good’ as they say. Cheers.
Now Im off to enjoy this beautiful day, absorb some Vit D, and get some work done on the farm!

Hard to imagine a culture would repeatedly subject itself to persecution and decimation just to hide its nefarious intent.
Equally hard to believe anyone could blame them for protective instincts like that against the backdrop of history.

The vaccinated are reversing the sacrifice issue. I have heard many a time the vaccinated saying I took the jab so I can go on vacation or attend sporting events. Once I get vaccinated life will return to normal, for us anyways. How is this sacrifice? I think a lot of them are using the “cover story” of doing this for the greater good to hide their own selfishness. The ones making the real sacrifices are the unvaccinated. They are willing to stand for our freedoms and rights against the coercion of the Government with potential penalties for doing so. The unvaccinated can no longer go on cruises, nor attend some concerts and other venues. In some areas they are unable to enter pubs, restaurants, etc. The freedoms and rights the unvaccinated win against these segregationalist policies will extend to all and not just the unvaccinated. The unvaccinated are the ones taking the abuse. The way I see it, it is mostly the vaccinated that are complicit in all the malfeasance we are seeing.


You know the Mrs Smiling Death Vax Nurse story seems a little bit like the hyperbolic ones being mass produced in propaganda farms offshore… given the loose relationship with facts, I think we can say that is very deliberately intended to get the population to divide itself. Very much a “shock the rats” scenario.

"Kennedy alleged in the interview, published by Newsweek, that Fauci had misused his role as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, a part of the National Institutes of Health of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and as a result, "He owns half the patent for the Moderna vaccine and will get royalties on it." Asked for comment, Fauci told Newsweek, "That's completely and totally incorrect. I don't have any idea why he said that but I can tell you that it's absolutely, unequivocally and completely incorrect."" "In the interview, which was fact checked and heavily annotated by NewsGuard, Kennedy made a number of exaggerated, debunked or unsubstantiated claims about the development of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. The NewsGuard journalists noted that while the National Institute of Health has said that it is seeking patents related to work done by its scientists that contributed to the development of the Moderna vaccine, any resulting patents would belong to the agency—not Fauci. There is no evidence that Fauci has any financial stake in the Moderna vaccine. According to the NewsGuard annotation, Fauci owns six patents but that does not include "half the patent for the Moderna vaccine.""
So, an untrue statement by Robert Kennedy, a guy who is noted for saying whacky things. Didn't you investigate any further? Remember critical thinking.

And he gets no “strike,” deplatforming or shadowbanning for saying it. ??‍♂️

He obviously doesn’t watch “The View.”

You should have a chat with Dr. Martin. You won’t know who that is because to find him, you need to have a curious nature.

Who shall we point the bone at? We need more context. Here’s my model.
The Cosmos is teeming with civilizations. Here is how to gain a new planet.
You look for oxygen. When you find it, you use the magnetic fields associated with the Birkland currents to go there.
You then guide it’s evolution until you have material you can use for the final push.
You send in your fleet of craft, armed only with the apparatus to subvert the last itteration of, in this case, humans, us.
Why the rigmarole? Because whatever life is going to live on a living planet must be embedded in the biome. Just dropping into a virile ecology will have, eerm, unfortunate consequences.
The material you are going to use (us) must be of that biology. Even we struggle as any hospital can attest.
Then you set about blending the characteristics that you desire into, in our case, humans. (Genes code for amino acids, not for morphology).
The New are programmed as much as possible to eschew free choice. They need instructions on the minutest detail. When to eat an orange, how to peel the orange, for example.
This is done to try to ensure compliance when they are inevitably subverted by the previous iteration, us.
If we want to keep this planet, we must subvert the New with our desire for Freedom. We have much to gain, and a planet to lose.
They are breeding with us as I type.
Further reading: anything by Bud Hopkins or Dr. David Jacobs, Dr. John Mack.
Human, put down that club.

I’m quite disappointed, the link to the webinar didn’t recognize my email and the password you sent.

Any advanced civilization that uses primitive species like humans for anything needs us simply for the extraction and processing of the materials necessary to sustain such a galactic empire. Minerals and metals buried deep underground too tediously diffuse for them to engage in extracting can be done much cheaper by using primitive (human) labor. Eventually the servants do consume more than they produce, so its better to get rid of them. While at the same time acknowledging the resilience of life, they understand that we will rebound, stronger, with stronger determination than before, so its best to keep that memory and focus on the false prophets of their own species, and remain a mystery themselves.
Integration with them genetically enables homogenization with the galactic civilization. They then introduce plagues that spare the strongest hybrids but diminish the primitive genes, while preserving the core kernel of survival-tempered DNA which will make the galactic race stronger.
But they preserve the DNA on their end, not on ours. The breeder controls the stock by renting studs, not by studding. So the hybrids are not here, they are up there. But once we are thinned out they may send the hybrids down here to further capture the ‘survivor’ genes and rebuild civilization. One more missing link at a time. Eventually, after enough cycles of rebirth and collapse, we are sufficiently primed for introduction into the galactic civilization and will be released from our “ecological preserve” our "primitive sanctuary"with the “no fly zone” being removed. Then we’ll see what this was all about all this time.
Whether true or not, I’m still not taking their vaccine. And Gates, Fauci, and Daszak will make nice pike decorations.

I think it makes sense to sacrifice for others when it makes sense to do so. But I don’t think masks, social distancing, and vaccinating actually result in the benefits people think. How many people got vaxxed thinking they’re helping end the spread and existence of covid? In reality, they could be spreading it unknowingly without symptoms. When the lock downs happened, families were stuck inside their homes and if 1 was infected the rest were likely to get it by being in confined space with each other. When things reopened, people wore masks to protect themselves and others. But, if you’re in a confined space with someone exhaling covid into the air, masks and 6 feet won’t help you. To me, it’s not much of an effective sacrifice. Rather, it seems to be emotional self-gratification where people think they’re doing the right thing, but are their actions actually beneficial to anyone but themselves?

I’ve got to hand it the ruling elite, could you a better person to divide the more than Donald Trump? He fooled both sides. The left would take anybody other than him and would believe the most ridiculous things like Russian collusion, impeachment’s, etc. The right would support him despite being surrounded by globalist. These globalist would never support Trump and will stab us in the back and was all WWE including Trump losing the election with obvious fraud. How is that to create more division? Freaking brilliant

Great video - but you have your work cut out for you - the wiring and effects of years of shocks will take more than a couple videos to overcome.
In a depressingly short time here in the comments, the rats on the right are blaming the rats on the left for the shocks they are receiving, and for being in cahoots with those doing the shocking, while the rats on the left have maybe made choices to exchange one set of shocks for another, but nevertheless are receiving just as many shocks and pointing their little paws at the right.