Shocking NIH Cover-Up!

The Intercept news organization has been trying to gain some insight into the origins of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19.

They have had to submit FOIA requests to a very reluctant NIH that seems quite uninterested in sharing anything about their role in funding the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV).

The recent FOIA release is a case-study in guilty agency behavior. Out of 312 pages released, a full 297 of them were 100% redacted. Nada. Nothing.

Well, when I won’t show you something, that means I am hiding something. I am 100% sure the NIH is hiding something here. Probably just a bad case of institutional embarrassment, but still, a hide.

The NIH clearly funded activities related to Gain of Function at Chinese facilities, including the WIV. This we already know from prior releases.

What are they hiding now that’s worse than that? Well, we can only guess.

But now there’s also been great detective work to uncover how exactly the “furin cleavage site” (PRRA, baby!) got into SAR2. The precise genetic sequence is quite odd as it doesn’t appear anywhere else in the entire world of viruses or higher animals. But it does appear in several Moderna patents. We deserve answers as to how that might have come to be.

After all, the entire world lost two years of proper living, and a bunch of draconian governmental programs were implemented. People lost livelihoods, children lost childhoods, and people lost lives. We deserve proper answers and, where appropriate, full accountability for anyone found to be responsible.

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The German insurer BKK has blown the whistle and called out the Kock Institute as being not believable. In a polite German way, which speaks louder to me in its own way.
From Eugyppius:

German publicly regulated health insurers, the Betriebskrankenkassen, report substantially higher vaccine adverse effects than the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut, our vaccine regulatory body. Andreas Schöfbeck, board member of BKK ProVita, one of these insurers, told Welt in the linked article that “The figures we have found are substantial and demand urgent verification.” Basically, BKK ProVita noticed anomalous diagnoses indicating adverse vaccine side effects, particularly surrounding these codes: T88.0: Infection or sepsis after vaccination; T88.1: Other complications or skin rash following vaccination; Y59.9: Complications due to vaccines or biologically active substances; and U12.9: Undesirable side effects from Covid-19 vaccines. Meanwhile, the official PEI reports figures almost one magnitude lower.
The above chart isn't the rate of vaccine adverse events in the vaccinated, it's across their insurance pool of 10M+ members, not all of whom are vaccinated. So our internal numbers of around 1% to 2% rate of adverse events was in the ball park but on the low side. Second, the damnable "public health agency" of Germany was busy undercounting the injuries and overstating the effectiveness, same as the execrable health agencies in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and most of Europe. Beyond this, the BKK executive went on to calculate that extrapolating their data suggest that more than 2M people in Germany were harmed by the vaccines and some 31,000 died. Translating that to the US number would imply some 120,000 deaths there. We are now immensely closer to vaccine injuries as being "common knowledge." Soon you will hear people talking about it in the store openly. Team Elite is absolutely shitting their pants at this prospect. So expect them to do some wild things in the coming days. Tick tock.

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Hey Chris, I really enjoy your perspective and thank God you and a few others are out there sharing critical thinking about what’s been going on.
Here’s something I just observed, I did the same search you did on Google and came up empty. I did several several ways, the first with two with the typos you had and got results, not what you mentioned but other things. The third search was on DuckDuckGo and was able to find the information. Here’s the main question, once you showed the typo, I did the search again on Google and came across a number of links that would have allowed me to get there. Question - did you do the search I did without the typo? I ask because if you did, this isn’t just an algorithm we’re dealing with, it’s probably an active effort of monitoring and responding.
Please keep up the great effort!


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NIH’s B5 is all BS.


Earlier today Sketchypoodle started a thread on this article. It’s probably worth reposting here. The article is titled “ Bankruptcy for Moderna, Definitely Pfizer”.
Here’s some excerpts from it:

Dowd foresees an avalanche of lawsuits coming as the insurance industry continues to uncover the legions of mounting deaths coming from the complications of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. Dowd teamed up with an insurance industry analyst and researched the life insurance claims. They found that since OneAmerica shocked the world by announcing a 40% rise in non-COVID deaths in younger working-class employees, multiple other insurance companies worldwide have seen the same thing – massive rises in non-COVID deaths. And the evidence inescapably points to the vaccines as the cause. Other insurance companies have reported the same or worse death numbers as OneAmerica. For example, “Unum Insurance is up 36%, Lincoln National plus 57%, Prudential plus 41%, Reinsurance Group of America plus 21%, Hartford plus 32%, Met Life plus 24%, and Aegon – which is a Dutch insurer – saw in their US arm plus 57% in the 4th quarter – in the 3rd quarter they saw a 258% increase in death claims.” The idea is that no company – upon government request – should have to pay for unforeseen complications resulting from an emergency product that they released to the world out of their goodness of the hearts, with the best of intentions. Right? Wrong – not when your company accomplishes this through deceit, also known as fraud. Fraud undoes all these protections. If a company or person intentionally deceives another to profit, we have fraud. If Pfizer’s data showed increased all-cause mortality and hid this to motivate people to take the vaccine while claiming it was safe, then fraud exists. Under common law, the required elements to prove fraud amount to: #1. A materially false statement or purposeful failure to state or release material facts which non-disclosure makes other statements misleading. #2. The false statement is made to induce Plaintiff to act. #3. The Plaintiff relied upon the false statement, and the injury resulted from this reliance. #4. Damages include a punitive award as a punishment that serves as a public example to discourage any future similar fraud. Punitive damages are generally proportional to the Defendant’s assets.
Looks like yet more evidence to me that vaccine injuries are about to be blown out into "common knowledge".

Welcome to Immunology for Daily Living! Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD Feb 20 My generation of immunologists has been taught that the immune system’s job is to react to foreign antigens and avoid reacting to self. And that’s basically it. For a long time, this outdated and severely limited outlook was creating a misperception that the utility of having an immune system lies solely in getting vaccinated in a quest to beat natural infections. However, with a constantly expanding body of research, the paradigm is gradually shifting to embrace the fact that the immune system’s regulation is affected by a broad range of internal and external factors, which in turn determines whether your immune system will heal you or kill you....  

I did a search on start page and posted to YT immediately deleted. But people will continue to sleep walk through life.


Not to detract from the main points, but I submitted “R01AI110964” to Google and it returned many results. It appears to me that you may have entered “ROIA110964”, which would have legitimately returned 0 results. DuckDuckGo did find some results when I submitted “ROIA110964”,so maybe it is a bit more forgiving when matching search criteria.

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Yes it seems that the market is waking up to the potential of fraud. Maybe this is what flips the narrative?

An excellent short read that also indicates more people are waking up, and information becoming common knowledge.

... We are experiencing a turning point in history, a point when the majority are not complying, with the Globalist narrative. That is the Tyrants greatest fear. And indeed afraid they are, very afraid. We may see them burn a few sacrificial lambs to appease the mob, Fauci, Macron, Trudeau are all dispensable, maybe even a Bill Gates. But that is not enough. This war will not be over when the mandates end, it is no longer just about that. Humanity is entering uncharted waters and what comes next is far from certain. What is certain is that all the institutions of power and control have been exposed, any trust they once enjoyed no longer exists. ...

Here is nakedcapitalism’s take on Edward Dowd’s information:



And – with the official denial – the “WEF trying to overthrow everything and institute Great Reset” conspiracy theory is now conspiracy fact!