Shocking NIH Cover-Up!

I did a search on start page and posted to YT immediately deleted. But people will continue to sleep walk through life.


Not to detract from the main points, but I submitted “R01AI110964” to Google and it returned many results. It appears to me that you may have entered “ROIA110964”, which would have legitimately returned 0 results. DuckDuckGo did find some results when I submitted “ROIA110964”,so maybe it is a bit more forgiving when matching search criteria.

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Yes it seems that the market is waking up to the potential of fraud. Maybe this is what flips the narrative?

An excellent short read that also indicates more people are waking up, and information becoming common knowledge.

... We are experiencing a turning point in history, a point when the majority are not complying, with the Globalist narrative. That is the Tyrants greatest fear. And indeed afraid they are, very afraid. We may see them burn a few sacrificial lambs to appease the mob, Fauci, Macron, Trudeau are all dispensable, maybe even a Bill Gates. But that is not enough. This war will not be over when the mandates end, it is no longer just about that. Humanity is entering uncharted waters and what comes next is far from certain. What is certain is that all the institutions of power and control have been exposed, any trust they once enjoyed no longer exists. ...

Here is nakedcapitalism’s take on Edward Dowd’s information:



And – with the official denial – the “WEF trying to overthrow everything and institute Great Reset” conspiracy theory is now conspiracy fact!


The insurance companies and the funeral homes statistics are the nails in the coffin of the vax mandates/narrative. And we still don’t know the long term effects of vaccines, so the death claims could continue to accelerate for years to come. Pretty sure the insurance companies won’t settle for paying for Maderna, Pfizer, NIH, CDC, FDA and many others fraud.

Think the All Cause Mortality, insurance and funeral home statistics are the final nails in the coffin of the vaccine mandates narrative. Don’t think the insurance companies will be willing to pay for the fraud of Maderna, Pfizer, NIH, CDC, FDA and many others. Lawsuits will be forthcoming and with stocks plummeting by 70%, it is the foreshadowing of Dr. Frankenstein’s monster returning home to destroy him.


Chris, in regards to your super creepy creepy video at approximately 39 minutes, you are correct we will never know the intricacies of how our human body works, because we were made by God. And God is smarter than us no matter how much computer power we amass or how many experiments we run. The more we search the more questions we will have. Those folks at the WEF, will never figure it out.
So, in the meantime what do we do to thwart these enemies.
In addition to being resilient, which me and my tribe are doing, we as an awake tribe (for those who pray) need to be in prayer that the powers of darkness will be overcome. This is a spiritual battle. Peace, Frank
He saved them from the power of the adversary; he redeemed them from the power of the enemy.
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭106:10‬ ‭CSB‬‬


I agree with the following comment posted by notanumber6 on YouTube:
The reason Chris didn’t find any references to NIH project R01AI110964 using Google is because he mistyped the project ID. Google finds references to the project just fine when the ID is typed correctly. Chris should edit this video to remove the parts about searching for the project in Google (which we all know he shouldn’t be using in the first place), because not only is he wrong, his mistake detracts from his otherwise excellent presentation of new “smoking gun” evidence that the virus was created in the lab. Also, he should edit this video to show the link to the project document that he found “right away” in DDG. It does not seem to be listed in the DDG search results (at least not on the first page), and I think some of us would like to access it.

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Chris, You probably meant Koch Institute… Perhaps it was a freudian slip…
Perhaps you meant to say Kock-Up Institute… : )

  1. something done badly or inefficiently.
    "we've made a total cock-up of it"

I had something more Robust in mind.

Help, can anyone direct me how to find this US patent separately. One of my lawyer contacts is on the hook for starting to doubt things, and she wanted to call bullshit on that there was this patent that was also in the virus. We made a bet, help me win it where do I find this patent proof independent of what you address?? I tried it every way. Without the numbers on the end within without the space within without the dash, and this was my result I’m going to attach a picture

That is a Japanese unexamined patent application, which can be found by searching at the Japanese Patent Office.

Someone on Twitter is showing that there are close matches to the SARS-CoV-2 furin cleavage site in nature. He quickly found two host and two viral sequences that are close matches.
I don’t think this invalidates the claim that Moderna’s patented sequence likely ended up in SARS-CoV-2 by artificial means, but it’s one detail of the story that seems incorrect.

Here's something I just observed, I did the same search you did on Google and came up empty. I did several several ways, the first with two with the typos you had and got results, not what you mentioned but other things. The third search was on DuckDuckGo and was able to find the information. Here's the main question, once you showed the typo, I did the search again on Google and came across a number of links that would have allowed me to get there. Question - did you do the search I did without the typo? I ask because if you did, this isn't just an algorithm we're dealing with, it's probably an active effort of monitoring and responding.
Several things to note. First, I am clearly under some sort of YouTube, Google and Twitter suppression system. I have lots of data and anecdotes to support that. One of my 'features' is my brain will store data and prior searches with astonishing precision. I wish it would do the same for people's names. It refuses. So I recalled my experience searching for this Daszak patent two years ago, and it was easy as pie. It's true I had a typo back then and I simply pulled my 2-year-old PowerPoint deck up and grabbed the old search, typo and all. And I got a very different experience this time. Again, here it is: So, the options are (1) Google has simply changed its search algo and it is now less forgiving and therefore less useful than it was two years ago, or (2) they've purposely detuned it around some subjects to make them less easy to find. I run into option #2 all the time, and that's why I default to DuckDuckGo for anything sensitive, embarrassing to corporations or powerful people, or political in nature. Second, here's a direct communication I received two days ago: "Chris your last video was very tight! Well done. I wanted to let you all know there seems to be a new sort of throttling happening on Youtube. I have heard it a few times and now experience it. They can drop you into a commercial and then NOT return you to the video you were watching. It happened today twice during your video right when you started the MSH3 bit at the end." I also heard from a gentleman who reported that not only was he dropped, but that he was unsubscribed from my channel during that drop. It happens all the time... As I track it, I often notice that during the first hours of one of my videos running I will experience exceptionally low and even negative subscriptions... ... and this is despite my videos having lots of comment engagement (green) and a very high like to dislike ratio (averaged 98.9% before the dislikes were disabled from public viewing...still seeing the same ratio behind the scenes). Does it make sense to you that such positive and high-engagement material would tend to lead to a net loss of subscribers in the first hours of every show? Yeah, me neither. What I can't figure out is how personally I should take any of this. Is this an algo doing its thing, or am I the special project of a 27-year-old in a cubicle in San Diego whose tendencies lean towards man-buns and SJW causes? I have no idea, but I do know that most other channels don't put up with any of this crap because I've asked. At any rate, if I seem a bit sensitive about Big Tech censoring behaviors, I come by it honestly.

Dan: there is much evidence of the patents and their numbers in this video of Dr. David Martin with the Corona Investigative Committee.
I highly recommend sharing this, as well as the following link to any of the skeptics in your circle.


Something else I’ve noticed about your most recent video, Chris. Here are stats on your 3 most recent videos:
Shocking! mRNA and Spike protein found 8 weeks after vaccination in some people:

  • Title grab/shock factor by my biased personal assessment (should influence number of views): High
  • Number of views 316K
  • Released: 9.5 days ago
  • Comments per 100 views: about 1
JAMA: mRNA vaccines elevate myocarditis risk by 133x
  • Title grab/shock factor by my biased personal assessment (should influence number of views): Medium
  • Number of views 151K
  • Released: 5.5 days ago
  • Comments per 100 views: about 1
NIH Cover-up. It Didn't Have To Be This Way
  • Title grab/shock factor by my biased personal assessment (should influence number of views): High
  • Number of views 64K
  • Released: 1.5 days ago
  • Comments per 100 views: about 2
Engagement seems relatively high on this one measured by comments per view. Views are low Is that only because it hasn't been out long or are they monkeying with the number of views, either reporting a number lower than actual, or somehow preventing people from watching enough of the video to count.
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