System Failure: What's Coming & Actions You Can Take

This is my most important advice given. Today, I am going to reveal exactly how I have become such an effective communicator. These are the keys to my success and I am freely giving them to you now. If you’ve ever wanted to communicate more effectively, there are some vital lessons here in Episode 81.

Perhaps you feel it too, a sense of impending disaster. The reason for that is you are paying attention.

To figure out how to move past that, and into effective and positive actions, is to have a filtering process and an effective scaffolding upon which you can more easily and efficiently hang the world’s news. If you don’t, it’s all troubling noise. There are simply too many things to track to even begin to absorb even a tiny fraction of it all.

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Many people consider me to be an important information scout in their lives, a function I perform well and thoroughly as I am constantly scanning the world’s information highways and crevices for relevant, useful and important tidbits.

What most people aren’t aware of how much time I spend figuring out how to communicate those tidbits in a way that people can understand them and – most importantly – absorb them. To be a great communicator, or educator, or mentor, what matters most is that you are able to get the stuff inside your own head to land inside somebody else ‘s head.

To do this, even though it may seem like I am discussing some fairly random bit of data – perhaps a clinical trial, or perhaps a bond market event – I always have a frame for that data and I am conscious of the narrative structure I am using.

If you are interested in learning how to communicate more effectively, you have to be aware of both of these items.

And if you’re not, but simply want to understand the world better, and maybe have a heads-up on future events before they unfold, understanding the methods I use will help you orient more quickly and completely to the world and its hyper complicated events as they unfold in real time. Or, at least appreciate the amount of thoughtfulness, time and effort that goes into my content relative to other’s (particularly the MSM).

Finally, Episode 81 ends with some encouragement, I hope, in the form of how this world view has shaped and drives the action Evie and I undertake in our lives. Problem, reaction, solution. For us, the final tally of all the data I pour through and present each week has resulted in us owning a farm.

I sincerely hope you both enjoy this episode and get a lot out of it. Whether you do or you don't, please let me know.

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The Narrative

I want to say thank you to
you Chris, and Evie, and the rest of the peak prosperity team. When I first ran across your crash course videos in 2017 it really did change my life. My direction and focus were aimed at old success, now I have a whole new idea of what success is. I’m in my early thirties now, and I’m one of those young people who sees that the narrative doesn’t match reality. It’s always strange how you talk about really horrible facts regarding the state of the world, and yet I come away from watching your videos with a sense of relief. Because FINALLY the narrative I’m hearing in your video actually matches the reality I’m living. It really hit me hard when you were talking about how the Fed has chosen to side with those who already have a home in their economic game of seesaw instead of those who, like me, are struggling to afford to live, let alone purchase a home. I’m really grateful to you for the counsel and perspective. On a side note the insider level of membership is so worth every penny! If only as a confirmation that I’m not crazy; the world is. Thanks again



YES! This book is SUCH an important read. Has helped me see through lots of bs in the 15ish years since I read it.
However, it was written in the 90’s. So it should be noted, for anyone picking it up to read now, that some of the studies and examples used are no longer accepted as valid. Both the Stanford Prisoner Experiment and the Kitty Genovese story are coming to mind, but there may be more.
Excellent episode as always though!


Your Farm.

Great Video Chris, I’m always learning something new, thank you.
I’m not sure if you have done a video tour of your farm? I would find it great to see what kind of systems you are personally setting up?
Take care,


Thanks Chris… But Wait, There’s More (perhaps?)

Your outlook is very much in line with mine and I really appreciate your ability to fill some of the gaps in my brain with up-to-date details. My wife and I are both retired, PhD scientists that have enjoyed your on-line thoughts. two areas where you and we might enjoy stimulating discussions are:-

  1. “Man-made global warming”
    I’ve done enough number-crunching of my own to be reasonably sure this is a scam. I’ve read enough from other climate-skeptics to be perhaps “97% certain” it’s a scam. You ask about the dissonance between the projected need for copper etc and our ability to ramp up production quickly enough. We have come to the conclusion that within governments there is an appalling lack of influencers who can perform simple math. My wife has worked in multiple government departments and has witnessed this shortage firsthand. In the absence of basic math skills, emotion takes over and emotion trumps logic.
  2. The consequences of an excursion of earth’s magnetic poles
    Your ‘prepper-outlook’ would also be very logical if a magnetic pole excursion were to happen soon. see (3) Suspicious0bservers - YouTube (warning: this is a deep rabbit-hole!)
    Having read Ben Davidson’s books on the evidence for ~12,000 year cycles, I think I would take his view of the future far more seriously than I trust the “97% of scientists”. Doomsday cults almost always have a set date for the ‘end’ but Ben talks of probabilities. If you only have time to watch one of his videos you might try this (3) THE NEXT DISASTER | Part 1 - Ice, Fire, Magnetism - YouTube

One More Thing

One thing I think we underestimate is the adaptability of humans. I’ve been expecting the breakdown of the financial system for some time, but when things get bad or stressful the people involved in the system adapt. Look at the amount of prep Europe was able to do wrt energy. In June I thought they would have no energy this winter (its still bad, but nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be).


A Narrativ Idea

Humanity should take note of who stepped up and fought for humanity and truth during the pandemic years. A nice way to do it would be to make 1 oz collection silver objects with the heros of the pandemic, with a booklet describing their contribution. I nominate the Swedish GP Jon Tallinger. Please steal my idea!


Get On Joe Rogan!

Chris, great content as usual! Thank you for the clarity and ability to bring it all together. The question is what do we do about our predicament? Also, you need to go on Joe Rogan, broader audience needs to hear your message!


Another Excellent Piece

You are going from strength to strength in getting your message across. Well done.
I have just pre-ordered the book from the amazon uk website.


Time To Address Overpopulation

It’s time for PP to admit that population is the driving exponential. The growth at all costs scam need more serfs and consumers to keep their Ponzi scheme going. That means the solution that native westerners had selected 50 years ago, voluntary lower population growth, is rejected by the Ponzi economic scheme that requires ever increasing starving young people to support the bloat. Westerners have refused population growth, so the WEF has used illegal migration to overwhelm public preferences for no population growth.
The earth is beyond carrying capacity. The Democrats are pushing policies that will help the poor have more children living in misery, when women worldwide know that the smaller the family the better their children’s lives will be.


I have felt that way for a long, long time. I tell people “we don’t have any energy crisis, we don’t have a water crisis, we don’t have a climate crisis and we don’t have an ecological crisis. We have a population crisis and all those other crises are derivatives of the population crisis.”
I have been saying things like that since I was a teenager in the 1960’s.
So what did we do?
We more than doubled the population since the 1960’s.
So when people tell me that I have to “do this” or “do that” to deal with the crisis du jour, I tell them to “get lost, it is too late. The apocalypse is upon us. Deal with it.”


Thank you Barbara and Mike for speaking out plainly. Efforts to enable those who cannot support a family to procreate without being responsible for their progeny, coupled with those who think they are commanded to “fill the earth” need to have to be given an “up close and personal” look at the disgusting way our prey animals are treated to meet the gargantuan demand. Plant foods can not be produced in sufficient quantity without massive chemical control of insect and nonfood plant competition. Arable land situated in climates that support plant food is only a tiny portion of the planet’s land mass. Prey animals can live in areas that will not produce “normal” food plants but require heroic efforts that have hidden cost that threaten the future in order to meat the current demand.
This could go on and on. Nuclear energy generation will not solve humanity’s sickness.


Yes. Very true. Population is the core issue. But DOING something about over-population is virtually impossible!!


Yes, that is true.
Unfortunately for all of us, the remedy will take care of itself.


Insufficient Resources 36:00

Simon Michaux no doubt did his calculations on the assumption of supporting the current world population. However the WEF wants major depopulation, back down to less than 1 billion. Even so, if you divide all his numbers by 8, you still get ridiculously large values for some elements.


Interesting observation. How much do you have to depopulate to get the numbers to work? Because that might give us their real target…

there is an appalling lack of influencers who can perform simple math.
Thanks for that confirmation. Seems likely...I am of the opinion that we're shot through with narrative hucksters who've entirely lost connection with actual reality. To them, the narrative is the reality. They don't know about physics or thermodynamics. I've been quite worriedly tracking the second thing you brought up there...If you've ever wondered what the "ticking clock" is that drives Team Elite with their plans... perhaps it's this...I've helpfully marked up this map of magnetic pole wandering with tick-tock sounds. :) Basically, the magnetic pole has moved farther in the past 4 years than it did in the 250 years starting in 1590.

Unless you find a way to inject an intentionally engineered toxic spike protein into every human on the planet that exponentially increases heart attacks, serious illness and cancer and significantly reduces fertility in the entire human population… then maybe you can do something about it… “THEY” think they are the good guys…


Thank you!

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Well, sure, but you’d better be careful to not accidentally eliminate the mining engineers, the drivers, the drillers, the mechanics, or the people making those big tires, or operating the smelters, or the long haul shippers and fabricators to turn all those metals into actual windmills and such. Oh and those folks all need to eat so be sure to keep enough farmers around, and barge and train operators.
And the nuke plant operators. Them too.
And sufficient doctors, nurses, surgeons, and probably waste haulers…
Hang on, this is getting complicated…