Team Biden Drained the SPR Making America Weaker & Now MSNBC Is Lying About It

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I’ve often said that if given the choice between telling the truth and telling a lie, some people will choose the lie automatically.

As we lurch toward war, seemingly unable to assemble the diplomatic chops necessary to prevent one, you’d think that at the very least we could be honest with ourselves about how much oil we’ve stored up just in case.

MSNBC brought the lies, which means I'm bringing the math (and the receipts).

They said Joe Biden is an oil trading genius having already refilled 20% of what he sold off while making more than half a billion in profits.

The reality is that Joe sold off a whopping 290 million barrels (Mb) and has only refilled 17 Mb, which is only 6%, not “one-fifth” as MSNBC claimed.

The math is stupidly easy to verify at the EIA website:

Next, the claim that *“Biden made $582 million …and managed to time the market to perfection”* is pure fiction.

As you can see above, Biden sold oil in 2021, 2022 and 2023. To then claim “he made money” requires a sort of accounting that will get you in trouble in real life.

Out here you can either use LIFO (Last In First Out) or FIFO (First in First Out) inventory accounting.

What MSNBC did is called “Cherry-Picked Accounting” where they took the absolute highest-priced barrels sold, ignored all the rest before and after, and then claimed the refilled barrels should be counted against those. This is not a valid method of accounting for the oil stocks.

The period in yellow shows when oil was sold. Anything above the red line (the current price) would have been sold for more than the current price and represent a potential profit if oil can be bought and replaced at the current price.

Everything below the red line would have been sold at a loss compared to today’s price. 44 Mb were sold in 2021 and virtually all of those would have been below the current price. On a FIFO basis, Biden lost money by replacing some of those 44Mb with 17Mb all rebought at a higher price.

This is just basic accounting, nothing fancy. It’s an insult to be fed the garbage accounting of MSNBC.

Why the perpetual inability to comport with reality and lie in Joe Biden’s favor? I don’t know, but it’s depressing to think an MSNBC producer’s vote counts the same as mine.

Just kidding, neither of our votes actually count.

But more to the point, it shouldn’t even be the case that the President is day-trading oil at all. They should not be using the SPR for political points or gain by selling off the national security treasure for a quick pop in the polls.

It’s gross and awful. And MSNBC is for it. The only reason why that I can figure is they hate the US.


MSNBC must use the same “mathematicians” as the folks who calculate the BLS statistics and the CPI! Products of our school/university system? :rofl:


They should not be using the SPR for political points or gain by selling off the national security treasure for a quick pop in the polls.

It’s gross and awful. And MSNBC is for it. The only reason why that I can figure is they hate the US.

I’m going to go with “enemy action, probably via bribes” on this one. The first time I remember the SPR being tapped for political gain was in the 2000 election. But that just seemed to be dirty politics during stable times. Drawing down the SPR by 43% (and that’s including the small re-filling) in the run-up to a likely war is only adequately explained by key figures in the administration being bought off by enemy agents.

Where is the investigation? More importantly, if treason is proven, where are the gallows?

ps: Yes, I know, I shouldn’t comment before a full listen. But just from the text and graphs, there’s enough to get the ball rolling.


Betcha I’m not the only one who turns in to the PP website every morning to make sure they haven’t started the war without me!! :wink:


Official Statement from President Biden

The draining of the SPR benefits America and makes America stronger and more prepared. It make perfect sense if oil is considered to be a transgender fluid with racial overtones.

Anyone who criticizes the use and complete waste of this strategic resource is obviously an insensitive racist transphobic bigot.

You know the thing, we need to remove our insatiable dependency on oil and by draining the SPR, we are promoting a cleaner future with green energy while making America stronger.


It reminds me of an old craigslist ad I saw where people were selling off their grandfather’s emergency food stockpile.

“I’ve sold the supplies that my ancestors collected over a lifetime, I’m a trading genius! After all I made a non-inflation adjust profit, and I’ll be able to eat those dollars if there’s ever a famine.”

If we end up needing the SPR they’ll probably blame Trump for not filling it up when oil prices were negative. Not to mention the potential damage to the salt caverns that draining down the SPR can cause.


Anyone who has ever been in a relationship with a narcissist recognizes exactly where we are: the discard phase. Now they don’t even pretend to try to come up with a believable lie: it’s just how much BS they can cram in during the end game, with extra points if you can be made the one at fault.

"I wasn’t kissing her…we were testing CPR techniques for her nursing class…why, don’t you want to save lives?

Joe Biden is a sharp, savvy oil salesman virtuoso who is making bank for Americans…why, are you against Americans having more money?

All the videos of Joe shuffling off like a demented uncle at a family picnic and being reeled back in are deep fakes…why, are you in favor of misinformation and fakes?

And so it goes, round and round, the crazy web of lies is spun…


Looks like Stanley Meltzoff’s cover art for the novel The Sky is Red, was perhaps prophetic. She’s holding gas cans, also known as “jerry cans.” You can get this artwork at Deutsche Optik as a rare poster or special edition print. You can also get jerry cans and a lot of other amazing things there (such as army surplus). I’m a regular customer. The Best Brushes, an affiliated company, is also really good.

LOL how they try to make Biden look like a cool dude with the sunglasses. All part of the mind control…if you’re like 9 years old…and have been taught fuzzy math.


I saw the thumbnail for today’s video and I didn’t think this would be a real story from “The Economist” magazine. I could imagine MSNBC and most US MSM sprouting such nonsense. The Economist is not a US publication.

What’s sad is that most American’s are ill-informed and will probably believe these lies, untruths, deceptions. At least 3+ years ago, I’d say, that too many Americans would have fallen for such lies. However in 2024, as the lies keep compounding, perhaps fewer will fall for this nonsense.

The original article is behind a paywall. The Internet Archives have the full article for your information.

I’m disappointed in The Economist. Sometimes that publication has some interesting and serious articles but this one is a love fest lie that hopefully didn’t fool so many.

I wake up every morning and the first thing I do is open up my PP to see the lastest global insanity. I won’t be surprised if SHTF within days. The time is coming up quickly. It’s imminent.

It’s getting serious and we are all unprepared and our side won’t win when it takes place. We will all lose. There are no winners.


The Rothschilds are involved with this publication and they also come out with those yearly cryptic covers that people try to decode to foretell what’s coming. It’s all propaganda.


I know the media is always lying, but I rely on this site to tell me exactly how they are lying.


I think that what basically Kissinger had in mind when formulating his doctrine of “Mutual Assured Destruction” (“MAD”) is to create the basis for Continuous Negotiations, between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, which Kissinger was very good at?

If both parties to the Negotiation metaphorically have nuclear guns pointed to the heads of their wives and kids then both parties must per force Negotiate?

But, for some strange reason, the American Neocons running the U.S. government now refuse to Negotiate, which is strange. Maybe, they can’t negotiate because of Secret Agreements and Secret Treaties?

There is enough firepower on that Russian nuclear submarine in Cuba to burn the entire U.S. East Coast, if not every major city in the U.S.

From “Nuclear War” by Annie Jacobsen:

“ There are twenty active missile tubes on each Ohio-class nuclear submarine. Each tube contains a Trident II D5 missile. Eight of the twenty missiles will fire. Each of the eight missiles is armed with four separate nuclear warheads in its nosecone. Each warhead carries a 455-kiloton nuclear bomb. The commanding officer authorizes the launch of the eight Trident missiles. The weapons officer pulls the trigger that launches the first missile. An explosive charge flash-vaporizes a tank of water at the base of the missile tube. The pressure of the expanding gas drives the missile out of the submarine through a diaphragm at the top of the launch tube, jettisoning the rocket out the tube, out the body of the submersible, and away from the submarine with enough momentum to reach the surface. A little more than one second after launch, the first Trident missile breaches the waterline. As it clears the surface of the Pacific, its first-stage rocket motor ignites. Rising up into the air, Boost Phase begins. Fifteen seconds pass. The second Trident missile emerges from its tube. And the next one comes fifteen seconds after that. The fittingly simple order goes like this: Missile 1. Missile 2. Missile 3. Missile 4. Missile 5. Missile 6. Missile 7. Missile 8. Eight missiles, each carrying four 455-kiloton nuclear warheads, for a total of thirty-two warheads that will soon destroy multiple targets across North Korea. The first stage on each rocket will burn for sixty-five seconds, followed by another fourteen minutes of travel time to target. As is the case with an ICBM, an SLBM cannot be recalled. What is done is done. ■”


So what happens to Europe when Russia really, REALLY stops selling energy to Europe, and the Red Sea remains closed?
What will happen to the Russian and Middle Eastern energy surplus?

How will European use of energy be prioritized then? Manufacturing (of materiel)? Transportation (of materiel)? Food production?
Perhaps again try to regain influence in Africa?

What will the US promise Europe, and what sacrifices will have to be made both here and there? Who and how will certain people gain from this?


Hearing things such as this really make me think that our political class is controlled by demonic beings.


You appear to have put up a ‘teaser’ video instead of the full subscriber version (both streaming and on the download).

@peakcovid, Yesterday’s video was just a short Scouting report that was put up for everyone (public and private) since we had a Peak Insider Live for subscribers at 3PM. The 10 minute video was the whole video for Tuesday. The PIL replay will be up later today.


Here’s my quarterly chart on SPR drains and “refills”.

If I were the guy running China, draining the US SPR would be at the top of my “to do list”.

“10, held by H, for the Big Guy.”


The apostle Paul said it nearly 2000 years ago, “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.”

rulers = ἀρχή - archē (chief in rank, supernatural)
authorities = ἐξουσία - exousia (superhuman delegated authority)
cosmic powers = κοσμοκράτωρ - kosmokratōr (a world ruler, an epithet of Satan)
spiritual = πνευματικός - pneumatikos (non carnal, inhabits the supernatural realm)
heavenly places = ἐπουράνιος - epouranios (celestial, not of this earth)

It’s been this way since God disinherited and scattered the nations after the Tower of Babylon incident. He placed 70 Elohim (supernatural sons of god) whom sat on His divine counsel, over the nations of the Earth. That is to say, God gave the 70 Elohim authority to rule the nations of the Earth.

See: Council members (Psa 82:1,6)
gods of the nations (1 Kings 11:33)
gods of the nations (Deut 32:16-17; cp. 1 Cor 10:21-22)


I have been looking through this morning. Look at this one:


I just came off the phone with an active member of the US military who I recently met, and we had an incredible conversation. I felt he was a nice guy and I wanted to clue him in to the true state of the world. Turns out, he was 10 steps ahead of me (and I am not used to that!). He’s a full-on prepper and agreed with me that we need to get away from the cities. He knows we’re at war with Russia and Putin is not someone to under-estimate. He knows about the Chinese military coming in with terrorist intentions. He says they are “keeping an eye” on them. He knows about the missiles brought to Cuba and says they’re very concerned about that, however he said it may be a mis-direction. He feels we will first be attacked from within and then by missiles, once we have been weakened. He did not discount the possibility of civil war between “left and right.”

I have more and more hope all the time when I meet people, especially young people, who are very clued-in. Doesn’t mean hard times aren’t coming, but I have no doubt we hold the final victory. We MUST keep that visualized and believe in it. Do not let yourself get demoralized.

I have been hiking lately and it is so energizing. Getting out in nature and becoming stronger, it helps on every level. After the winter, I was in such bad shape, I could not do a heart stress test in a treadmill. So I started with easy walks and hikes. Doing just that, has made me noticably stronger and I am re-doing my stress test in a few weeks. So, walking is something anyone can do, even people in the worst shape. Just do it. And it is helpful on a mental and spiritual level also.

…not to mention, knowing your local environment and its resources is a critical prepper tenet. As I’m doing the hikes, I am keeping a journal of local resources, such as fish, frogs, edible plants, rabbits, deer, water sources and potential campsites. I got a tick last weekend, so that is one area I probably won’t go back to, though it looked very good for campsites.