The Coronavirus Is Swiftly Breaching Defenses Across The World

Things are now starting to get fast and furious.

Outside of China, covid-19 is swiftly breaching defense lines all over the world.

Italy is suddenly in big trouble -- with the military being called in to enforce city quarantines. Iran, South Korea & Japan similarly find themselves overwhelmed as new cases continue to spread unabated.

And there are many other countries (including the US) whose low reported numbers just don’t appear believable at this point. We may soon find out that there are many more infections worldwide than are currently understood.

As China, Italy, South Korea and a growing list of other countries are showing us, outbreaks can happen extremely fast, slamming the door shut on your window to prepare.

Which is why taking action now is critical – because a government lockdown will likely catch you by surprise (e.g., armed troops, empty store shelves). After the moment it’s implemented, you will have to make do with whatever measures you managed to put in place beforehand.

Meanwhile, we’re starting to be able to quantify the damage of the current shutdown of China’s economy. China is responsible for nearly 30% of world’s manufacturing, and it’s estimated that at this point global trade will take a hit of nearly $600 billion.

And it gets worse. Millions of Chinese firms are at risk of going bankrupt from lack of cash flow – a national bailout by China’s banks is likely needed to keep a huge part of its industry from vaporizing. And on the social front, we’re hearing stories of families giving up babies they can no longer afford, as folks are becoming homeless due to lack of income.

This pain is a likely preview of what’s to come when other countries get hard-hit by this virus.

This is why the downplaying to-date of the coronavirus by world authorities has been so dangerous. The risk is real and the costs are high. The masses should be preparing now.

But until they are, we need to be ahead of the curve.

Which is why Chris and I continue to accelerate our home preps. He explains why in his new report Why I’m Ramping Up My Coronavirus Preparations, available to Peak Prosperity’s premium subscribers.

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forgot to post link in my previous comment and it won’t lower me add it on the other blog now! Sorry for duplication if it’s posting and I can’t see it. This is very significant of the work they were doing in Wuhan!


Hospital-based Intravenous Vitamin C Treatment for Coronavirus and Related Illnesses

by Andrew W. Saul and Atsuo Yanagisawa, MD, PhD

(OMNS February 2, 2020) No matter which hospital a coronavirus patient may seek help from, the question is, Will they be able to leave walking out the front door, or end up being wheeled out the basement backdoor? Prompt administration of intravenous vitamin C, in high doses, can make the difference. Abundant clinical evidence confirms vitamin C's effectiveness when used in sufficient quantity. [1] Physicians have demonstrated the powerful antiviral action of vitamin C for decades. [2]

Specific instructions for intravenous vitamin C

The Japanese College of Intravenous Therapy (JCIT) recommends intravenous vitamin C (IVC) 12.5/25g (12,500 - 25,000 mg) for acute viral infections (influenza, herpes zoster, common cold, rubella, mumps, etc.) and virus mimetic infections (idiopathic sudden hearing loss, Bell's palsy). In adults, IVC 12.5g is given for early stage illness with mild symptoms, and IVC 25g for moderate to severe symptoms. IVC is usually administered once or twice a day for 2-5 continuous days, along with or without general treatments for viral infections.
IVC 12.5g cocktail
Sterile water 125 mL
50% Vitamin C 25 mL (12. 5g)
0.5M Magnesium sulfate 10 mL
Add Vitamin B complex
Drip for 30-40 min
IVC 25g cocktail
Sterile water 250 mL
50% Vitamin C 50 mL (25g)
0.5M Magnesium sulfate 20 mL
Add Vitamin B complex
Drip for 40-60 min
Patients with acute viral infections show a depletion of vitamin C and increasing free radicals and cellular dysfunction. Such patients should be treated with vitamin C, oral or IV, for neutralizing free radicals throughout the body and inside cells, maintaining physiological functions, and enhancing natural healing. If patients progress to sepsis, vitamin C should be added intravenously as soon as possible along with conventional therapy for sepsis. Rest of the article at:

As i posted on youtube under the video, start preparing yourself for loss. This will be just as vital as preparing yourself to not get infected or to try and save friends.
Because the cold hard truth is you cannot save everybody. Today was supposed to be a relaxing day for me but i spent it screaming at an Italian friend who “didn’t wanna think about it because she had other things going on” to drop said other things. And she lives very close to the quarantine area (but isn’t in it yet).
And this is one of my closest friends. So you need to prepare yourself, especially in this day and age of online friendships where you can’t possibly help somebody when shit hits the fan.
One day you’re going to log in, and somebody dear to you lost somebody dear to them. or one of your friends is feeling a bit ill, says he’s going to the hospital, you never see him again. They, or you, are going to feel helpless, powerless, and completely distraught. It’s one thing to lose family; but another to lose family in an ongoing calamity that might and will claim more people.
And you need to be prepared. Just like the virus moves in phases, preparation happens in phases. The “Material” phase is almost over. When everybody panics, whatever you wanted to buy needs to have been bought. But then, the “Mental” phase begins.
Expect loss. Expect fuck ups. Expect being completely prepared to survive a lock down and then having to travel to save a friend who was totally unprepared. Expect to abandon people; you will not be able to save every one or protect everyone. Even people who are near and dear to you might pull you down with them, much like a panicking drowning person.
We’ve all seen the movies where people are running for the escape hatch but the “hero” of the story needs to close it or they all die. That will happen to you in real life. You can only buy so much stuff, and at some point, you will have to make the hard call; who do you save? Who can you save?
Ask yourself these hard questions now. Think about them. That’s all the preparation you need. The only difference between a hero and a helpless bystander in those movies is the hero has contemplated loss early and was capable of making the hard call when it was time. The others just freeze like deer in headlights, not capable of giving up life, but not capable of protecting it either.

Hi Alexis,
Great post. Thank you for the link.
In the discussion under “Antibody dosages for antibody-dependent enhancement of coronavirus entry.” the Mersmab1 concentrations and their effect on viral entry fits perfectly with ADE in dengue. In Dr. Martenson’s video on this he referred to the work of Eva Harris on ADE in dengue evolving to dengue shock syndrome as occurring only when monoclonal antibody titers are low. Her article states >1:20 and < or = 1:80.

US Emergency Legal Responses to Novel Coronavirus - Balancing Public Health and Civil Liberties (Lawrence O. Gostin, JD1; James G. Hodge Jr, JD, LLM2)
"The federal Public Health Services Act authorizes the CDC to detain, medically examine, and quarantine persons traveling into the US or between states suspected of carrying specific communicable diseases.7 For decades, the CDC’s direct use of its powers lied dormant. In 2017, however, the CDC expanded its powers coupled with modest due process safeguards.8 Its rule stressed interjurisdictional coordination, recognizing the primary public health powers of states and the availability of medical isolation facilities.

Under the rule, CDC agents can initially apprehend persons suspected or known to be infected with specified communicable diseases for up to 72 hours. Medical testing, consensual treatment, modes of communication, and other accommodations must be offered at the government’s expense (unless health insurers are obligated to pay).8

Following initial apprehension, the CDC can quarantine suspected cases or isolate infected persons pursuant to due process protections, including access to independent medical experts, legal counsel, and outside witnesses. CDC agents must also determine whether less-restrictive alternatives to separation and confinement are available. Although meaningful, these due process measures are constitutionally insufficient. The Supreme Court requires “clear and convincing” evidence (not reasonable beliefs) for civil confinements, with the right to appeal to independent tribunals.8 Under the CDC’s rule, individual appeals are handled through internal agency reviews although anyone deprived of liberty has the right to petition courts for habeas corpus."


Interesting point on the antibody numbers pawch. This article was very technical and I read it right after listening to Guo news of biological weapon lol. I may over over perceived the importance of the article. Lol. But it does make me wonder about the timing and what they are working on. Maybe this was just a really unfortunate accident while they were working on a vaccine for SARS/MERS or other coronavirus. Sad, speculation makes us humans think the negative aspect and maybe they were trying to find a cure and it accidentally got out.

Sparky1 messaged me and said “You’re famous!”
It wasn’t until I watched the latest video I saw what Sparky meant. Thank you Chris for mentioning my work here in the recent video but I have to say its praise unearned in my mind.
Complimenting me for compiling all the comments here is like praising the Librarian for all the great books in the library. I’m not the one who should be given a pat on the back, its each and every one of you who post a comment, add some bit of information or especially took something that is complicated and makes it simple for the rest of us to understand.
I would have never thought a few months back that I could argue with a good friend who is a skilled RN over the subjects of the immune system, medicinal protocols and treatment regimes and have her say “Ok, maybe I need to do some more research, you might be right.”
And that’s all because of this community that I have faith my family and I can get though this.
Thank each and every one of you.

Thanks Alexis for that. I wonder what purpose the Magnesium sulfate was for? I can understand the Vitamin C, but such a tiny percentage of that additive makes me wonder if its not for health reasons but something else. (Thinks of a lubricant or something?)

Was reading this
Fascinating observations from within the hot zone in China. One thing jumped out. Your dog’s feet.
If you have a dog and are in an urban environment, when you walk them and bring them back, disinfect their feet. I’d also not let them lick you. they stick their noses to the ground.
This won’t be an issue in suburbs where they sniff in grass or fields, but if you are in a city environment, of concrete and asphalt, then its possible they have walked over the infected germs of someone earlier. Don’t let them bring it into your home, or onto your bed.
I wouldn’t use bleach but instead maybe hydrogen peroxide with a water rinse. Don’t scrimp, let it linger for a bit to allow it to kill the enzyme coating of the virus and then it. Too many people spray a disinfectant, like Lysol onto a surface and then immediately wipe it off. The bottle recommends 10 minutes of soak.
Take care your animals don’t harm you, so if you die, they won’t be left alone. Also make plans for and arrange people who will take care of your pets should you become ill. Animals are dieing in China because their owners fall sick, get hospitalized and no one knows they are stuck in an apartment all alone and hungry. Starvation is an ugly death.
If the authorities are spraying the sidewalks and streets with chemicals, then pick up your pets when out so they don’t get them on their skin and their feet. Be careful they don’t eat off the street or park as well. Watch what they put in their mouths. If they need meds, stock up. If you need a vet, plan ahead and see who is open. Your regular vet may close and leave you not option in an emergency.

I’m not sure what the purpose of magnesium sulfate in the IV vitamin C drip, but magnesium sulfate is commonly known as epsom salt.

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The Emergency Powers yielded by the United States government -more specifically the President- are rather expansive. Some examples:

  • United States troops are normally prohibited from operating on United States soil, however, under certain circumstances they can be. Such circumstances could include a WMD (which COVID-19 could fall into should this spiral out of control within the US)
  • During periods in which social unrest becomes insurmountable for local law enforcement entities.

Time2help, thanks for your informative and thought provoking post and article. They made me realize I know almost nothing about my personal legal rights, and those of my loved ones when it comes to a public health emergency.
There are so many potential actors, policies and laws (e.g., federal, state, local public health or emergency/law enforcement) that may come into play, some of which are ambiguous as to which takes precedence and under what circumstances.
As a recent example, we saw this play out between the State Dept. and the CDC in transporting diagnosed infected passengers with the non-infected passengers of the Diamond Princess ship. The State Dept. over ruled the CDC, but what of the passengers’ rights? What rights to travelers have on planes, trains and ships under a public health emergency? What rights do citizens have in their homes and communities during public heath emergencies?
I recall SandPuppy raised the question some time ago to the effect of, “Are you ready to be quarantined?” Well, yes, no, and it depends.
I’ve been focusing primarily on the practical aspects of staying heathy and prepping for coronavirus infection avoidance and prevention in public and private settings; and management in a home environment under voluntary or “forced” quarantine.
But what about away from home restrictions of movement (e.g., barred from returning home or going to specific locations) or freedom (e.g., being involuntary detained, subject to testing and/or placed under individual or group quarantine)?
We’ve all watched and read accounts of lax, moderate and draconian restrictive measures in China and now in several countries. Some countries are conducting raids, blocking off roadways and transportation routes, picking off suspected infected from streets or removing them from their homes, instituting programs using anonymous tipsters or recognition and surveillance technology, separating families for forced quarantine and medical treatment.
Voluntary and forced quarantines are already underway here is the US; to what extent is still largely unknown. It is a near certainty that increased restrictions will be imposed soon as this new coronavirus pandemic spreads across the US.
It would be really helpful if we had general information and a concise cheat sheet of citizens’ (and health care workers’) rights and responsibilities under public health emergencies. I’m sure there would be some state and even local variation. Still, having some basic information would be very useful and timely.
It would be great if Chris could do a PP podcast interview of an appropriate like-minded content expert on the legal (and maybe ethical) aspects of public health emergencies.
I’m sure it would prompt some lively discussion and valuable information-gathering among our PP community.

Wow, has it just been 4 weeks since this started?
Right now, my latest foster cat is at my feet, looking up and wanting to get on my lap so she can be petted. She came to me out of a police raid in the southern part of my state. Officers found this little tiny cat and thru a local shelter, she ended up with me.
She doesn’t know anything about Covid or the chaos that will soon come.
She knows that in my house there are soft places to sleep on, that the Sun shines on for hours. She knows she gets tasty food on a regular basis, mostly treats in the morning and wet food at night, with dry food all day. She sometimes gets things to play with, little foam balls to chase and boot laces to try and grab. In the morning she gets to sit in the front door and watch as the birds get feed. She knows in the afternoon there is this great big queen size place that is soft (2 blankets, a comforter, another blanket, and a sleeping bag) that she can sleep on, though she has to share it with 3 other cats who also live in my house.
I know that someday someone will see her in my FB feed or our shelter’s website and fall in love with her. They will come and take her from me, then give her a fur-ever home and if I’m lucky they will send me pictures of her. I hope she remembers me.
She doesn’t know anything about Covid or the chaos that will soon come.
Sometimes we as humans get so wrapped up in a subject we forget what is important. We lose perspective and need to be reminded that the immediate isn’t the eternal.
I want to commend the community here for getting important information to everyone on just how serious this crisis is BUT I also want to ask each and everyone of you to step back and take a day off. If you have been following the situation here on Peak Prosperity, you are way ahead of the public. You are probably prepared better than 99% of those in the World.
Don’t let your concern for the Future, ruin your Present.
I’m going to take tomorrow off. Maybe go have a pizza or visit St Louis’ new aquarium. Soon I may not be able to do that. Savor what we have now. It may not be there tomorrow.

The Emergency Powers reserved to the United States government are rather vast, however, if you want a quick cheat sheet, I will do my best to provide one. The following are all based upon the Declaration of a National Emergency.

  1. The Secretary of Health can authorize the use of unapproved drugs/medications in times of national crisis due to pandemics, biological &/or nuclear warfare.
  2. The President may use the Public Health Agency essentially at his or her discretion in a matter such that he or she deems within the public interest.
  3. The Government may dispose of medical waste into the ocean 50 nautical miles or more away from land.
  4. The President may authorize a substantial amount of funding to certain contractors in order to increase the production and/or speed of certain supplies deemed necessary in relation to the declared emergency.
  5. The Secretary of the Army/Navy may authorize transportation for private citizens for work relating to the emergency.
  6. The President may appoint civilians to qualified officer positions within the United States Military. This is a temporary assignment.
  7. Domestic transportation can be coordinated in accordance with the needs of the declared emergency
  8. The President has broad powers to impose statutes which allow for the creation, maintenance and/or expansion of domestic industrial capabilities. In other words, the President may direct nearly anything he or she feels is necessary to maintain domestic production (whether it be industrial, medical, etc) of essential goods/technologies.
  9. The President may alter federal pay to federal employees during times of crisis.
  10. The President has the right to authorize varying governmental agencies to guarantee loans which are authorized through private banking entities. In other words, the President can authorize that certain Federal government agencies promise to repay private sector loans should a citizen default. This is normally done to spur the economy and restart the flow of credit following a severe economic downturn or during an emergency when the economy has ground to a halt.
  11. For medical supplies, an emergency declaration (specific to health - which has been issued already for COVID-19) allows for emergency distributions of PPE, the extension of expiration dates and the loosening of certain storage restrictions for certain pharmacology agents (Ie medications). The CDC is in charge of such rules (for the most part).
  12. In the event of significant social break down/unrest, the President may utilize National Guard and/or regular duty military personnel to restore order. He or she may also utilize such personnel in the event of an overwhelming event such as a WMD (which COVID-19 could theoretically fall under as man made or not, it is a rather deadly biological agent). These personnel -under strict guidelines- could also be used as domestic law enforcement.
  13. The Surgeon General -under the authority of the Secretary of Health- may make any regulation he or she feels is necessary to prevent the spread of a communicable disease. This applies to international transmission as well as interstate transmission.
  14. The Surgeon general has broad and sweeping powers to disinfect -in any manner he or she sees fit- intimate objects and animals. This includes what has been seen in china (spraying the disinfectant from vehicles), the mass culling of certain animals and more.
  15. An individual may be apprehended and examined if it is suspected that he or she is potentially infected with a communicable & qualifying disease and that he or she is attempting to move between states or may infect persons who are attempting to move between states (between states is necessary as it creates a federal jurisdiction vs state)
  16. If an individual is found to be infected, he or she may be held the necessary amount of time to prevent transmission.
  17. The Surgeon General -under the authority of the President and Secretary of the HHS- may block entry of persons and/or goods from a foreign country for such a time as deemed necessary
  18. Those who violate a federal quarantine may be fined
    These are some, but not nearly all of the legislation penned in regard to National Emergency Declarations. The overarching point is that the United States government and President have broad and sweeping powers which are designed to contain and mitigate national emergencies. The truth is that if the United States were to experience what has taken place in Wuhan or Iran, then the powers allocated the President would be exceedingly broad and due to the precedent of ever expanding powers with every emergency, I would expect that the outcome would yield an even further extension of the powers granted the government and President during times of true crisis.
    (While these are some of the sources which I consulted, it should be noted that I hold a MS in Homeland Security and Emergency Management and thus some of the information provided has been derived from said schooling)

Careful, that cat looks like she has a case of Feline Purrova. She could be dangerous!

Prague, Czech Rep - One thing I have tried to avoid doing is worrying about this in the evenings, when I can’t actually do anything about it. During the day while at work, I can get supplies/various bits ‘n’ bobs and at least quell some of the concern by these actions, but as I can’t do anything once I’m at home, I’ve decided to block it out so that I can get the best night’s kip that I can. Which is important in and of itself. I watch Chris’s videos during my lunch hour and try to keep up to date on the latest developments throughout the day, but once I get home, that’s it.
This morning I disinfected my workstation, seemingly breaking my own keyboard in the process (yes, it wasn’t yet turned on when I did it!) and have stepped up my own use of hand sanitiser, now using it once departing from any means of public transport. Over the weekend I strongly considered starting to wear my mask but, again, with 0 confirmed cases here, it is sill hard to justify.
I remain prepared for the inevitability of a lockdown, which will certainly be no fun for anyone but my preparations have been reasonable and we’d certainly be better off than the vast majority of other city dwellers if/when it does come.

Hi all, I’m new here, but not new to prepping. There’s always something to learn though!
I live in a small city in New Zealand, and have some inside info on our local public hospital. Today, our Emergency Dept was at 90% of total physical (and clinical) capacity at one point, ICU at 50%, and several of our wards at 60-70%. Clincians are stressed and overworked as it is, and this is before the flu season (Southern Hemisphere) and before any Covid-19 cases.
We don’t have enough GPs, and there are waiting lists to “enroll” with one. At some GP practices you have to wait 4-5 weeks (yes - weeks) to get seen.
People just don’t realise how stretched our system is. Locally, we won’t even be able to handle dozens of hospitalised cases, let alone hundreds, or thousands.
We have a large Chinese population and students too, so I’m very surprised that we haven’t any cases yet, but apparently there are three New Zealanders evacuated from the Diamond Princess that have just tested positive.
One of my friends who’s a GP has said that he’s waiting to see how this turns out in Germany, France and the USA before he will get concerned. He reckons the third world countries are not a good barometer to predict how it will affect us, but I’m not so sure. Of course there are already the economic and supply chain issues which we can’t escape. Our meat, dairy and timber exports have already been hit badly.