The Coronavirus Pandemic Is A Crisis Now Obvious To All

As 19th century German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer claimed, “All truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as self-evident.”

After weeks of denial, and attacks on voices like Peak Prosperity who dared question the "Everything is fine!" narrative, world governments and their mass media partners are finally admitting that the coronavirus threat is real and serious.

The pandemic continues to spread across the globe, interestingly, largely in the northern hemisphere at this time. This may suggest it could migrate south as fall/winter arrives there, possibly returning northwards when the seasons change again. Time will tell.

Meanwhile, the markets continue their sell-off as the economic damage from the impairment of Asian supply chains become more apparent.

How much further can they fall? A LOT if the virus continues to rage on for months.

As this crisis is now becoming more obvious to all, remember that your best time to prepare is BEFORE the panicked herd stampedes.

Take the time you have now to keep plugging away at your preparations, so that you’re secure and positioned to help should covid-19 hit your community.

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Welcome the Peak Prosperity those of you who just found this great site.
Like Chris said, his first alert, just over a month ago caused many of us, who have been following and learn from this site, sometimes for years to sit up and notice.
Since then Chris, Adam and the community of diverse members have been discussing this virus, its affects and its characteristics to try and get a handle on how we should prepare. Because of this, we have some great resources to help you get prepared.
Start with this post:
An ER Doc’s Summary –Written for His Family
It will give you a quick introduction to the virus.
Next you are going to want to prepare and buy some supplies. You may be forced by personal decision or perhaps even government edict to self quarantine. Can you live in your home for 14 days without having to leave for food or other needed items? If not, then you need to go out and buy what you need NOW.
As Chris said in this video, time to prepare is running out.
This post offers some very good ideas on what you might need and areas you may have forgotten:
Preparations By Category - Revised 2/14
Not everyone will realize how critical it is to prepare, and so when it does dawn on them, the seriousness of the crisis, and find empty shelves at grocery stores they will get desperate. They may remember then how they saw you, unloading bags of groceries and supplies then decide to come knocking on your door.
It is not selfish to want to protect your family, friends and loved ones.
If you decide to stock up and prepare with purchases of supplies and groceries, do so wisely and with a little bit of discretion. This post explains how to do that:
Protective Camouflage Is Now Needed - Getting Serious!
Now this is a good post on what to do if you do get ill. Chris found it on reddit and its a great list:
Nursing 101: Caring for your loved ones at home
Along with that gem, there are many other comments filled with information.
Its hard to go through each of the almost daily video threads here and find what you need to know so we have put together a megathread, one where all the comments about basic subjects are listed so you can find them.
Here are the three current threads:
Coronavirus: Home Prep, Deep Pantry & Gardening Megathread
Coronavirus: Medicinals, Herbals and Supplements Megathread
Coronavirus: Sanitation, PPE and Self Quarantine Megathread
(These threads are current to 2/14, they will be updated further later in the week.)
Lots of amazing information in those threads. If you are searching for something specific, use your browser’s “Find” option.
If what you are looking for is not covered in those comments, then please POST A QUESTION to any video thread. The community has a diverse and knowledgeable depth you won’t find anywhere else on the Internet, and they are here to help.
Best of luck, stay safe.
This video describes how to update a custom COVID-19 spreadsheet, so you can monitor coronavirus data and customize it. Included are three charts for site-specific data:

According to Wikipedia, Milan is a home to ~ 13,000 Chinese who, probably, returned from Lunar New Year at the end of January to Northern Italy. Milan, Bologna, Venice and Turin combined are a temporary home to about 28,000 Chinese ( ). It would be interesting to compare major hubs on Silk Road - heavily populated by Chinese ( ) - with centers of local epidemics (e.g. Tehran, Athens?, Venice, Milan, Duisburg?, Rotterdam?, Istanbul?, Nairobi?, Kuala Lumpur?, Jakarta?, India East Coast?).

I too would like to know the ethnic backgrounds of the deceased in Italy.

Look at the difference between blood levels of selenium in the U.S. and China. Could this be a factor in differences in outbreaks there and here?

Re-posting this comment here as it provides insight into situation in IRAN
BBC Persia correspondent confirms under-reporting in Iran due to a simple lack of reporting structure. She also speaks about the potential contagion risk in Qom from millions of religious visitors – OOOPS!! Also, anecdotal evidence from a local parliamentarian in Qom, who claims to have given the names of 40 dead to Iran’s Deputy Health Minister. The video link below should start at time 06:13 (video is 13:13 long)…

Re-posting this comment here as it provides insight into situation in IRAN
The same BBC Persia correspondent filed another report (see video below beginning at time 3:13 in this 8:36 long video). She describes the situation in Iran, along with local anecdotes, severely stretched resources (stemming in part from economic sanctions), also unrestricted movement within the country, particularly between large population centres and religious locations… Finally she reports (anecdotally) a 20% death rate and mounting fear… All rather concerning to say the least, particularly the high contagion risk.

US Senators were briefed Tuesday on Coronavirus in a classified session. Here is what one senator had to say afterwards. This is not encouraging, would be nice to know exactly what was communicated!

Agree that the Senator’s statements were not encouraging. Thanks Tom Sammy for sharing this information.

I sincerely don’t think that Italians will be able to contain the virus. All they have done till now were just large errors. They never stopped traffic from China, now they let Italians travel all over Europe and spread the virus. It’s just a flu, according to them. While spreading false information:
The masks “are of no use to the healthy but only to the sick and health workers”, says Ricciardi. The official guidelines on what protective devices are, who should wear them and how and what is being done to supply people and operators in red areas.
And while Jackal thieves take advantage of fear of Coronavirus to target the elderly

Audio very low but worth watching. The senator seems outraged and helpless at the same time. The senator states the information should be made public and that there would be an outcry if it were. I am somehow feeling abandoned. Why aren’t the folks in charge more worried about their own family and friends? And themselves? Thank you for the video.

I have known and respected this very clever man, who is also a doctor of medicine, for nearly 20 years. His laboratory works with analysing medical samples and assays. If what he says is true, this may account for why they can’t find patient zero. There isn’t one. He is no conspiracy fan, by the way…he said he doesn’t believe in the bioweapon idea and does credit the bat virus theory for China. Italy is something else. If what he says is right, it sounds as though this virus sample was far from inactivated and had mutated.)
“The infection in Italy was almost certainly intentionally let out by a firm who acquired the virus and grew it up and are selling it apparently inactivated for assay development. (they did the same in Germany but have not released it)”
I have his whole email, Chris, if you’d like to see it, but obviously don’t want to give his name and credentials here.

  • very interesting info from the doctor… my question is why is confident that it’s “apparently inactivated,” I would think an inactivsted virus would have less virulent potential but I’m no expert obviously, just know that from the “live” vaccines we have.
  • loves the selenium study! Good find!
  • uae cases… does anyone remember at the start of this in January, maybe late January there were 2 suspect cases in UAE that later I thought they said was something diff? I’m wondering if there is a more virulent strain in Iran or if it’s a product Of the general health/ nutrition of the people? Chronic stress does a whammy on the immune system. :confused:
  • is anywhere here from Bahrain/ Saudi Arabia area? Trying to get info for my sister. She’s in Bahrain, expat living in SA since oil and gas fall out in USA several years ago. They had to leave SA for their expat status and now stuck in Bahrain for several more days. I’m worried they are going to get stuck in B or quarantined on the way back in to SA. My hoping it’s not as bad as it looks. :frowning: Im concerned for her, daughter and husband. Talk about feeling helpless!
  • another note, that senators briefing was unnerving!!! I’m very concerned that they know way more than telling us. I told my husband tonight that their has been a lot of activity and change since the Dr. Aylaward just got back from a China. Link below, several times in the video he said “they are at war with a virus,” that stood out to me. :confused: To me, the CDC press conference was a GENTLE nudge of what is to come. Her description of what she “told her family” is what everyone needs to understand

Howdy y’all! I just made my first YouTube video on Preparing for the Covid19 Outbreak. I’d sure appreciate if y’all can head over there and give me some feedback on it, and possibly some likes and subscribes. I watch Peak Prosperity’s tracking of the Virus daily, wjich inspired me to provide some help to the average Joe on the street on how to prepare.

Thanks for that video Chris. I was reading the headline on your Taiwan News clipping and noticed it said that Wuhan virus victims (assume they mean people who perished) had amassed mucous in their lungs.
So I thought I would post on this again because it has become evident to me that our chances of survival diminish greatly at that key juncture when viral pneumonia turns infectious and becomes deep lung bacterial pneumonia.
This is after all a respiratory illness. I believe however that it can be beaten if we understand the mechanics of what’s taking place inside our bodies.
And I say that as a person who believes many of us may end up self-treating at home given that hospitals beds may be unavailable.
The word “amassed” in the Taiwan newspaper just informs us that the sufferer ended up drowning in their own lung fluids. There isn’t really any other way to put it.
The other day I mentioned that an effective treatment to assist clearing lungs of mucous is to consume more water but of course there are also medications that can assist.
The important thing to my mind is sitting up and coughing that damned infection out. We will breathe better while eliminating an infection source.
This is no time to be polite either so holding back the bodies natural urge to purge itself of fluid buildup must be done to avoid the risk of excessive fluids building up in our lungs. So find a nice private room and hork it out!
I found a nice chart describing mucous by color types that others may find interesting. If anyone has good ideas about how to reduce the risk of pneumonia or minimize its impacts I would like to hear about it.
The battle against this illness starts with not getting it in the first place but once its arrived we need strategies to correct the imbalances created by our lungs reaction to a combination of viral and bacterial infections.
So let’s get that inflammation under control.

“This briefing, which was classified, should be made available to the American people because there would be an outcry and an uproar if the American people heard what we have been told. And I believe the administration has a real obligation to tell the American people what it is telling us behind closed doors…I can give you my impressions but I can’t tell you what I was told which is really abhorant…I think this classifying is inexplicable and unacceptable”.
Senator Blumenthal

Holy shiitt!! This is WORSE than we thought. If anyone is not already taking preventative measures to avoid the virus (handwashing, avoiding touching public surfaces like restaurant door handles etc) then the time to start was yesterday. Its already here. We are just in the eye of the storm due to the long incubation period during which time there is no cases. Just nothing, nothing, nothing…
Then directly into a crisis.
I will bet what the Senator learned was that death rates are in the 15% range which most here have known all along. But that is not the real problem or the message we can take away from his comments on the closed door meeting.
The Senator used the word “abhorant” to describe what he learned. It means repugnant, disgusting or loathsome and that word is a descriptor that would not ordinarily be applied to a disease or its symptoms but rather to the behavior of people.
That in itself is alarming. We have already heard or read horror stories from Wuhan that some people here believe are simply sensationalized propaganda or simply not true.
Well what if they are true?
In Nazi Germany before the Second World War even began, there were stories of German people being killed. Prisons were emptied, old age homes saw all their residents exterminated. The sick, the old, the infirm and criminals were ruthlessly killed as some kind of social cleansing. You all know the rest. And nobody believed it until the war was over and the truth finally came out.
Sorry to say, but history repeats. Even if the snowflakes can’t handle hearing about it. I think something very evil is happening over there and it will not be pardonable.

I contract work to a team of software developers who live in a small town in Brazil called Bauru. They told me 2 weeks ago that there was someone who had tested positive for Corona virus in their local hospital and that the government was suppressing the information. Today Brazil finally announced it. Why today? Because today was Brazil’s biggest party of the year: Carnival. They waited until it was too late for people not to go until they released the information!

I’m not sure if this is a stupid question but I am going to throw it out there because it’s been in the back of my mind and this video is prompting me to ask. On January 21st I became really sick. I had three bad rounds of diarrhea and I was developing a cough. didn’t think to check my temperature the first day, but the second day I checked it with several thermometers (note to self: test all household thermometers to see what they say my baseline is) which ranged from 101 to 105. I didn’t have much congestion or sore throat. But I had gurgling in my lungs which is what prompted me to go to the doctor. It reminded me of how it felt a previous time I had pneumonia.
So they did a test for the flu, which came back positive for strain A and listening to my lungs, sure enough, she said that the bottom right lobe was constricted. They prescribed antibiotics and I have been recovering from the pneumonia for the last month, this week is really the first week things seem mostly back to normal.
Obviously at that point no one was thinking about or testing for Covid-19. And the person I live with took theraflu and did not catch it, so in terms of contagion, it seems unlikely it was Covid-19. But the diarrhea, high fever, and lower lung pneumonia line up with the diagnostic criteria outlined in this video, so I can’t help but wonder if I already had a mild case of it? Is it possible for someone to test positive for flu strain A and also have Covid-19? It’s a concern because of the issue about it being a lot worse the second time. Even if it’s not the case for me, it seems likely that would be the case for many others, who are being told that it’s the flu and/or pneumonia, and then are being sent home. That’s an incredibly huge disservice to anyone in that situation, because of what Chris said about being extra sure not to get it the second time.