The Deeply Troubling FTX Facts and ‘Coincidences’

The FTX scandal reveals profound corruption that could both span the globe and reach right to the top of U.S. politics. The facts as we know them (the first week of the FTX collapse) are deeply troubling.

A gaggle of youths, pretending at being adults, and operating without oversight, secured billions in funding and customer deposits which they then gave generously to the U.S. Democratic Party, and dodgy clinical trials that – surprise! – showed cheap, off-patent medicines don’t work against Covid-19.

Yes, Virginia, it’s really that bad.

Part 2: How is Covid/FTX-corruption destroying stem cells and pregnancies? Upgrade to learn.

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Here We Go…


Thanks For The Head Up

I knew I could rely on you Chris to take a deep dive and investigate this, go down the rabbit hole and give the low down! I usually save these videos until my morning in the UK, but watched it tonight, to be up to speed. Another one of them “incompetence” versus “planned evil” things we are seeing an awful lot off. [ps any initial thoughts about the reports of symbols e.g. on his t-shirts linked to the FBI’s known paedophile rings, or is that just a step too far?]


oh f*** me!!!



Waiting For The Auction

Maybe some lucky folks will get to bid in a clearance sale of some of Sam’s jewelry, rare watch collection, real estate, and antiques. Kinda like Bernie’s tag sale.


I went down to the salvation army, apparently, his clothing has already been distributed out. Baggy shorts, and shlubby pullover t-shirts. Found 'em!


“…the reports of symbols e.g. on his t-shirts”
I hadn’t seen that yet, but part II behind the paywall goes a bit deeper into what’s actually happening…it’s all one fat, grotesque racket of corruption.


Due Diligence

Chris, you’re thinking of the old fashioned method of due diligence. The modern method is to analyze a business’s connections to powerful politicians and organizations, too big to fail banks and investment houses, and the media. You don’t even need to know anything about the actual business of the company. When I see that FTX was founded by and is run by kids with many, many of the right connections, Blackrock and the WEF are on board, and the business is sending pallets of money to politicians I already know everything I need to know. I don’t think for a minute that Blackrock performed any old fashioned due diligence. They’re way smarter than that. They performed the modern kind and saw all their old familiar friends and partners and gladly signed up. The 2008 Great Financial Crisis and the ugly Corzine Fraud are all I need to know. No whales or sharks will be harmed in the making of this FTX movie, just the little people (the remoras). No one significant will be appropriately punished, though an underling may be sacrificed and someone may have to pay a Corzine Fine which they can easily afford and will be their ticket to avoid any jail time. No MSM, government regulatory or law enforcement “investigation” will see the light of day until it has been thoroughly white-washed. And BTW, Epstein didn’t kill himself.
”Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor.”


Here is what I’ve seen. Also the Almeda logo is apparently similar to other such symbols. Yes, this is like the Democrat logo thing you point out in part 2.


I may start ending business emails with EDKH. Just because my ability to give a f*** is rapidly diminishing.


“trump Lose” Was On The Ftx Balance Sheet


I like the way you think! Let’s go one further, Blackrock probably did just enough DD to see what an absolute horror show it was going to be, supplied “consultants” to help Alameda make their trades, and then took the other side of those trades to complete the siphoning operation.
Suckers lose their money, the “right” candidates" get theirs, and the insiders skate off with billions.
Wash, rinse, repeat.


Well, that’s straight-up ugly.
Not sure how “Trump lose” ends up on the balance sheet (uh, is that an asset or a liability?) but that would be a question for the soon-to-be-defunct auditors.


This Is So Bizarre …

This is so bizarre that I am going to have to listen to this podcast a second time just to make a rough estimate the number of nefarious deeds and con games that are going on at the same time.
After that maybe I’ll be able to hypothesize what is at its core.
Maybe not.


Connecting More Dots…

As chris points out, it’s miraculous how these seemingly unrelated events appear to be connected after closer scrutiny…
Like for example, Wetjen served as a top aid to Harry Reid and became acting chief of the CFTC under Obama, replacing - wait for it - Gary Gensler…
Well, as it turns out Gary’s former boss at MIT, a one Glenn Ellison, is the father of none other than Caroline Ellison, the 28 year old head of Alameda Research, part of the FTX scandal.
Looking at the list of players and democratic donors there’s definitely a clear pattern and common thread emerging here. Who/what is backing them and where do their allegiances lie? Just connect the dots.
And by the way, guess which university is at the center of developing and testing the CBDC? You guessed it…M I T.


Thank you for having “Truth Wins” on the balance sheet of Peak Prosperity Chris.


No, fuck them. Buy PM, and for F*** sake, get crypto. Just prepare for a parallel society: hope for the best, prepare for the worst…


Finally! Nlw Has Posted

An FTX employee, NLW has been my favorite source of macro crypto news. Stay tuned for more.


Get Bitcoin I think, many other crypto’s don’t add value or as highly susceptible to attack like LBRY and XRP. many other Proof of stake are more centralized and may be banned by US government. proof of work Crypto’s like bitcoin do not have as much propensity to become as centralized.