The Deeply Troubling FTX Facts and ‘Coincidences’

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In Another Strange But Perhaps Less Relevant Coincidence

Sean Kasten’s 17 year old daughter Gwen had a sudden cardiac death back in June shortly after her booster. I have a 17 year old daughter. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. I would, however say that Sean has essentially sold his soul by keeping his mouth shut and not finding a silver lining by leveraging the story of his daughter’s tragic death for a chance to prevent the loss of other young lives in the future.


Clown Show

Lol this is all just late stage empire shit.


this is very sad but its also an interesting observation… if he let his daughter get a real booster, it implies Sean Kasten doesn’t believe in side effects… and isn’t getting any special dose for his family… which implies he got his booster too and isn’t getting a special dose and will be going for #5 soon… so how many boosters before he has a cardiac issue? and does this apply for other members of the government too? what if at booster #6 or #7 they start dropping like flies? then we have lots of special elections and chaos…


You might find this book helpful with coping skills: How to Give Zero F*cks by Stephen Wildish. I bought it for a friend and (p.c. pronoun here) liked it a lot.


I have around 10 projects. Bitcoin is one of them. As long as people keep the majority of their assets in something that will fail 100% (fiat), nitpicking about which crypto project will survive for, say, 10% of their assets kind of irrational…


Really? An FTX employee as the major source for crypto news?

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Ftx Iceberg

Chris, can you please connect and do an insider video with Ryan Dawson? He’s one of the most diligent, oft copied, researchers on the Epstein scandal, and there seems to be a lot of parallels with Epstein’s financial crimes and the FTX stuff. I think it is always fantastic when real journalists who do deep research can connect.


“bank Man Fried!” Why Has No One Used This Headline Yet?

“BANK MAN FRIED!” Why has no one used this headline yet?


I think I can’t read it.


Evidence Ftx Was A Deep State Plan To Capture Crypto


This Bloomberg article (FTX Came Dangerously Close to Upending Futures Markets) does a nice job of outlining the murky depths and rivalries behind the SBF/FTX scandal.
Here’s the part that jumped out at me:
FTX wanted to just power into a very mature market, steamroller it really, and had “hundreds” of supporters for this idea including the heaviest of the heavyweights.
As with “eating insects as a school lesson” suddenly and mysteriously showing up in schools everywhere with support, I am suspicious when the ruling cabal wants something so quickly.
In other words, this fits somebody’s plan. It was anything but an organic development.
Now that we have the - surprise! - world’s leading central banks coincidentally rolling out their digital money experiment just a few days later, I have to commend ‘them’ for their patience and tactics.
They’re pretty good at shaping events. Kind of cool, in its own way.
Of course, it will only end badly for the vast majority of people, and it entirely lacks any sense of morality or ethics so I am against it 100%, just admiring their handiwork from a process and strategy point of view.


What do clowns do when they are cornered? They double down.
More funding for UKR was proposed yesterday.


yep- game on!

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Yep. Still will be. He’s really good.


When In Rome…

Do as the Trumps do…

..."Between 1981 and 2001, Ms. Trump said in her lawsuit, Mr. Trump and his siblings siphoned millions of dollars from the businesses by taking “exorbitant management fees, consulting fees, and salaries” from the companies she had a stake in, and by issuing loans to themselves from businesses she controlled that “included no terms of repayment.”
At the same time, Ms. Trump said in the lawsuit, Mr. Trump and his siblings worked with a “friendly appraiser” to “grossly understate the value of Mary’s interests,” even as they “fostered the impression that everything was OK.”
After Fred Trump Sr. died, in 1999, Mr. Trump and his brother and sister sought to gain control of Ms. Trump’s share of the family empire, pressuring her to give up her interests and threatening her with financial ruin, she said. During subsequent negotiations to buy her out of the estates, the siblings undervalued the assets and cheated her out of tens of millions of dollars, she said in her lawsuit."...

I haven’t watched that one yet, but his earlier video explains a lot about the pozi scheme that was FTX


And In This Corner…

For the journalism wonks… here is a central intelligence (Reuters) version of the story:
I love how white (washed) it is…amazing what little packets of Oxy can do for dirty underwear!


Posobiec’s Latest Take On Ftx

This is how it works;