The End of Media

Ben Swann, always provocative and entertaining, is an American television news anchor, investigative journalist, political commentator and alt-media entrepreneur. From his days as an avante-garde anchorman in mainstream media, to eventually creating his own media network, Truth in Media (which was later censored and de-platformed) Swann has worked every angle of the media business and knows all too well its many dysfunctions.

For example, you’d think that ratings would be the main driver for Big Media but they are not. According to Ben other considerations routinely squelch stories and shape journalistic inquiry.

Despite Swann’s hard-hitting investigations and popularity, he has been consistently silenced by big tech and mainstream media outlets; long before the current “COVID purge” began. He shares his insightful thoughts and predictions around what this new environment of censorship means for the greater media industry and free citizens of the world.

I really enjoyed this interview, and look forward to working with Ben more in the future.

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These faceless cubicle dwellers haven’t a clue.
I’m not threatening them; the Law is threatening them. (Hey! Facebook lacky,“Following orders” doesn’t cut it. Neither does staying silent.)
Let us use the “N” word. Nuremburg. You see all those carcases swinging in the breeze? Journalists. Every single one.
Don’t like the N word? We have others. Lots of others. And anyone can read the law. It is highly recommended that you go read them yourself too. Do you think Mark Zukkerberg is going to protect you? Really? That’s not how it works, Ducky.
Still a bit vague on the details?
Here, let a high-class Lawyer spell it out for you. The secret word of the day is

"Ceaușescu" Natty suit one day, dead meat the next. "

Thank you so much. Strong and clear.


I’ve followed this Canadian & independent thinker for years - he’s just come out & spoke how the first shot really messed him up (within YouTube limitations) - see the first 10 minutes of the video. Sill recovering, he is still a ‘non-person’ because he hasn’t had the second jab… Now he’s looking at going wild - has a boat & everything. Too many reliable people are coming out with similar stories for it to be just coincidence.
Where I’m sitting - this all looks like some creepy cult, mass ritual sacrifice nightmare - it’s the most logical conclusion I can come up with until I see a better explanation.
Regarding Ben’s & others’ rejection of masks as an act of non-compliance - I still wear an N95 indoors because I don’t know what’s in this gain-of-funtion pathogen, nor what mutations the vaxxed could be shedding… In my industry, you wore them all the time & got used to them.


A word to the wise and a snippet, drawn almost at random.

She described it in a conversation with me. I get the sense that he wants me to accept him and participate in whatever the plans are. . . . But it has something to do—in my mind at least—or, am I getting this vision of this taking-over-the-world thing from them? . . . . The picture is that they're going to replace us but we have to help them. I'm thinking as this is happening, “Why would I do that? Are you kidding? No, I'm not going to do that.” How do they portray “replacing”? How do you know it's a replacement situation? They're going to replace us with people that look like us, but in this staring thing, it's not quite like that. It's more gradual. . . . I can't tell. The staring thing is more to try to get me to cooperate and the gist of it is that I have not been at all helpful and they're not very happy about that and they have to force me to do things. Jacobs, David M.. Walking Among Us (pp. 42-43). Red Wheel Weiser. Kindle Edition.

On the subject of holding those in power to account (around 0:50:00), I came across a quote on Big Brother Watch:
“In a famous quote about power, the late Tony Benn devised a useful tool for measuring the legitimacy of authority. Benn’s five questions
What power have you got? Where did you get it from? In whose interests do you exercise it? To whom are you accountable? And how can we get rid of you?”
— should serve as the basis for scrutinising today’s arbiters of digital censorship.”


The truth attracts.
It is bracing and refreshing to watch a video in which two highly intelligent and knowledgeable people state the truth that our major media outlets are now purveyors of propaganda and that a small group of influential people are destroying societies and that our elected officials are powerless against a toxic and out of control bureaucracy—something every thinking person should at least suspect by now. Refreshing, but not comforting.
There is one helluva fight coming. It hasn’t really gotten started yet.
The curtains have been partially peeled back, and the man operating the levers and keyboards isn’t the old man from Kansas whom everybody called the Wizard of Oz.
There is an evil at work that will make the 20th Century’s villains look second string.
I’ll state again my belief that what we are living is the campaign of the first horseman of the Apocalypse—I know that many won’t accept this—but the bow and crown he has (“toxon” and “stephanos”) mesh very precisely with the vax mania campaign. “Toxon” is where we get “toxic, toxin”, because arrows were often poisoned. This “vaccine” is a poison. The crown answers to “corona”, the Latin for “crown”, and the spike protein of the vax comes from the virus’ crown, which is composed of spike proteins.
It just works very well.
The first horseman conquers. The vax pushers have been very successful. I fear they will continue to succeed with their diabolical mission.
But noncompliance is our only option for the duration of this troubled episode.
We shall overcome one day.


“It’s important to realize that it’s not our politicians who are running the show. They’re foot soldiers for unnamed, un-elected globalists, which is why fighting in the political arena is unlikely to eliminate this threat over the long term.”


That was another video well worth watching, I am very glad she is working on this.

It really stirs my thoughts on things we could and should be doing here.


As discussed in the interview, and what I have long felt, is that as long we, at least in the USA and Canada, have four year election cycles, there will never be any political will to change anything. There is no long term strategic planning done under such systems. No one thinks beyond their immediate mandate and re-election - with selfish rather than altruistic intentions.
We do indeed need a great reset - just not the one the oligarchs have planned for us.


LOVE THIS!!! ??? It even has a nice rhyme to it!


Many of us in BC are in the “unpersoned” category. If you aren’t fully jabbed +14 days, you are a non-person, according to Witch Bonnie.
Today, the “Health” minister, has now ordered all Medical Colleges (Health professional associations) for 100% compliance of all members.
Doctors, nurses, dentists, etc.
This is tyranny and gross overreach. How long will it be to make it mandatory for every citizen, or else? What will be the stick to use? How many doctors and nurses will it kill? This province already has a shortage of health professionals. On top of that, the health system was already under a mandate to vaxx or be suspended, which has been implemented. Nothing like government kicking people when they’re down. Doubling down on vindictiveness.
I read Michael Yeadon’s 6 phases to Tyranny yesterday. Hmmmmm, don’t know when it was first published, but of course, it looks perfect in hindsight. Going forward paints a dark picture, that can’t be discounted.


In 1984, US Code of Federal Regulations (21 CFR part 630) was amended so as not acknowledge vaccine injury.
At the time, there was a controversy over the oral polio vaccine. On Friday, June 1, 1984, FDA published in the Federal Register (Volume 49 No 107) additional standards on viral vaccines:
Quote from page 23007 of that document [emphasis mine]:

...any possible doubts, whether or not well founded, about the safety of the vaccine cannot be allowed to exist in view of the need to assure that the vaccine will continue to be used to the maximum extent consistent with the nation's public health objectives. Accordingly, because of the importance of the vaccine and of maintaining public confidence in the immunization program that depends on it, good cause exists to issue these amendments as a final rule effective immediately.
Doubts "cannot be allowed to exist" even if well founded. Not aware of any evidence that this final rule has been changed in the COVID context.

I think more meet ups would do us all a lot of constructive good. I’m in Washington. I know a lot of us are located in near areas. We can start signal group chats.


Take the time to watch the video in the first post in this thread.

It’s a UK lawyer who goes into some detail on human rights violations and relates them to international treaties.

The US can’t make variances to international laws just because they find them inconvenient.

The video goes on for a bit but it isn’t boring.



Thank you for sharing, that was very interesting. If I read that correctly, it sounded like tossed out the rule that they had to have a successful five out of five batch study and were allowed to toss out failed studies and keep trying until they just got up to five that passed? Wow. By the way, this year, 1984, is also the same year that Anthony Fauci was put into his position….


That sounds like ‘digital twinning’ of people, something Alison McDowell has discussed. A company like Palantir collects everything they can find online about us, then creates a metaverse avatar, with our face, voice, mannerisms, vocabulary, & thought patterns. As deep fakes become easier and cheaper to produce, they could use it to impersonate us, for blackmail, or to frame us for a crime.


I’m also in Washington… on the Olympic Peninsula in the town of Quilcene. Would love to meet up for folks in this area!


A criminal trial brought by the parents of a girl who was vaccinated without their consent, against the school headmaster, seems like a powerful way to get around the blanket legal protection that apply to the covid vax manufacturers, doctors, nurses.
To determine appropriate charges, the court would have to examine the questions of harm and intent to harm: what are the ingredients in the vials, MSDS reports, animal studies, human studies, VAERS reports, how many autopsies have been done on those who died shortly after the vax? Are the injections gene therapy, does the science support giving them to 12 year olds, is there a hidden agenda, what are the long term consequences of the injection, has she had blood drawn to test her immune function? If the girl develops cancer, MS, myocarditis, in a year, is the vax to blame?

Doubts "cannot be allowed to exist" even if well founded. Not aware of any evidence that this final rule has been changed in the COVID context.
Even if this document does not cover all vaccines I am sure the attitude of the bureaucracy does.