The Great Taking with David Rogers Webb - Part 1

How safe are your brokerage portfolio holdings? Would it surprise you to learn that you do not actually fully own your stocks and bonds but rather have what is now called a “security entitlement?” What the heck is that? It sounds legally weaselly…because it is.

Quite worryingly, thanks to relatively recent changes in the laws, not only are you not the senior or secured creditor in a long chain of claimants, but you also can’t even find out who is ahead of you. When it comes to owning something, there really shouldn’t be this much complexity or mystery. Yet there is, and by design.

Today’s guest is David Rogers Webb who wrote the explosive book called The Great Taking, and has made it freely available to all as a service to mankind.

So settle in and have a listen. Then let’s get busy figuring out how to respond.

As always, our goal is not just to observe but to understand and prepare for the implications these changes hold for our future.

In part 1, we delve into the main issues, examining the ways in which our financial system has evolved into a tool of control, masquerading as a guardian of freedom. In Part 2 we go deeper into the implications and what needs to be done.

The journey ahead is complex, but understanding these dynamics is essential for anyone seeking to navigate the uncertain waters of our global economy.

Mike on the Peak team has converted the book PDF into an audio version (using AI, of course) as a service for those who would prefer to listen to the book as they go about their daily routine.

Full Book in MP3 format: Click Here

Prolog: Click Here

Introduction: Click Here

Dematerialization: Click Here

Securities Entitlements: Click Here

Harmonization: Click Here

Collateral Management: Click Here

Safe Harbor for Whom, and from What? Click here

Central Clearing Parties: Click Here

Bank Holiday: Click Here

The Great Deflation: Click Here

Conclusion: Click Here

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Ah Well…


Holly Smokes

And that’s all I have to say about that. My thoughts are that if some thing is constructed, then it can be deconstructed. Lets hope that through part 2 we can figure out some remedies???

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Hey Chris,
Thank you for a great interview. Here is the question I am struggling with:
Who are “they”?
I know “they” are not the politician passing/approving the laws as they are all replaceables with large brokerage accounts (could be taken away with their own laws!).
If “they” are the big bankers, CEOs and WEFs, then they literally own (or have direct access) to the money printers. They can create a market crash and then buy everything free and clear. No need for convoluted laws that create unrest/uprising against them.

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Ends Abruptly

Small editing item, video 1 ends abruptly. Maybe add a small “That ends part 1 of our interview, go hear to listen to part 2”


Vaulted Gold

Is vaulted gold safe? Does it matter if it’s pooled on balance sheet, allocated off balance sheet, or segregated off balance sheet?

I think this is about more than money and raw power/control. I think the people really behind this stuff have some sort of religious/cultist/occultist narrative driving them and they are trying to transform the world to bring about the “new world” set out by those beliefs.
Unfortunately, the details of who exactly they are and what exactly their beliefs are seem exceptionally difficult to pin down.
No need for convoluted laws that create unrest/uprising against them.”
They want to change society itself, not just to own everything.


The “how” Of

'you will own nothing." OK we now know how we will own nothing; I’m still trying to figure out the “happy” part of the plan. What’s up their sleeves?
Yes, we are under attack. How do we end it? Who wrote all those regs/laws for taking all the collateral from the lowly mainstreeters? What branch of government was ultimately responsible for this shit for law/regs garbage?
Taking property not encumbered by debt, whoa, that is some kind of shit-for-law-situation. Very hard to wrap your head around that concept.
I wonder what the USSC court would say about that? Would the USSC consider that a “lawful” taking or null and void the regs/laws? Uh Oh, looks like the high court already rubber stamped this outcome.
OMG, derivatives were designed to vacuum up all the collateral? Now that’s a revelation that should trigger a revolution!
The power of setting these interest rates at what ever speed desired is breath taking. How can these people NOT be evil?
Listening to the first half of this interview has practically given me heart palpatations!
I’m off to run some errands and will come back for part 2 later…


According to what Elizabeth Nickson wrote recently in her Substack on the topic of a review of Webb’s book:
Who is the protected class? Who are the ‘secured creditors’? Essentially the men at the top of the World Economic Forum, and the families that own the New York Fed. These are specific people and specific families. They are not the faceless mass of the U.N. General Assembly or the US Congress or the UK Parliament. There are people who did this, and not many of them. Maybe 300 of them, who obey their leaders - who number, I am guessing, twelve. You can call them the Round Table – though they change their name for the sake of confusion often – and they operate out of England and the financial district. They are associated with Bilderberg, but the Bilderbergers, when summoned do the bidding of the Round Table. And yes, the Orsinis, the Warburgs, Rothschilds, Rockefellers. The Gray Pope.


The Great Turning

It seems to me that the Bankers can now create a massive wave of bankruptcies to then own everything. Maybe that is what is happening now with trillions printed and interest rates raised?

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I went into a gold IRA last yr. I suspect this is not safe either if they can borrow against other assets without disclosing it. My “custodian” is Equity Trust. I emailed them yesterday to ask if I am an “unsecured creditor” should they go bankrupt. I suspect the only secure situation are assets in your own hands…until they come door to door for those at gun point. Grim. Will let you know how Equity Trust answers.


The Only Laugh That Matters

Is the last one.
– Chuck


Equity Trust never replied when I made similar inquiries.


Piece Of The Puzzle

The attached video showcases a piece of the puzzle when it comes to the financial world. It gives a general idea of some of the machinations behind the scenes. It covers the shift from de-industrialization to financialization, the revolving doors between business and politics and more.
I add this.
At some point it is stated that Britain can’t do anything about things related to off-shoring and that this is false. For what I’ve gathered lately, it seems to me that they’re mixing up Britain and City of London with this statement. First thing first, The City of London as they mention in the documentary is different from London, the capital. A bit of extra information: The City of London is the same as Washington D.C. which have a structure akin to the Vatican (City), however not internationally recognized like the Vatican is. All are their own entity within a city/ state/ nation. The City of London has it’s own everything, legal system, political systems etc. The rules applicable to greater London, Britain and the UK as a whole do not apply to them. No one from the outside can do anything about what is going in there. On the other hand, the City of London has influence everywhere, even UK politics. The City of London is the only place where the British monarch needs to ask for permission in advance the enter and where they bow to the Lord Mayor on visiting the city. Only outside of the city does the Lord Mayor bow to the monarch. That sure says something about the power dynamics there.Through this video you’ll get an better picture how come certain names don’t show up in lists like the Forbes top 500 richest people in the world, while we know that there are individuals and families that are far wealthier than those that appear on there. Their wealth is obfuscated by trusts, off-shoring and other hiding practices they have in place. What we see un record it only a small fraction of what is going on in the shadows.
I might come back edit this post, when my third point I was going to make pops back up in my head.

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How To Be A Crook

If you’ve never seen this 8 minute video, it perfectly describes what has been done to us by the best crooks to ever walk the Earth.


There needs to be something like a google maps of tyrants and their assets. Something everyone can see and understand that shines as much light as possible on these people and their minions.


Perhaps I don’t make myself clear.
That’s incredibly likely, I fear.
But the one who laughs last
(and no matter one’s past)
is more likely to live out the year.
Sometimes, some very serious things are best said in Limerick.
After all … one can’t say it most places, but
we can still say it here or better yet, in Limerick.
At least we can, for now. That could of course change.
Keep Calm and Forge a Head.
Or whatever you want to Forge.
As for me, it is a Head.
– Chuck


Hey Travis, Thanks for the feedback. We did put a screen in to that effect, with a little teaser of part 2. Are you recommending adding audio to that effect for those that are listening (if so, good idea for when we do this).

Ai Editor Needed

David may be a great author but his speaking style is aggravating. Someone should invent an AI program that could edit out all the Umms and Ahs for such speakers.

Part 2 Paywalled

Ahhh I cannot believe part 2 is behind a paywall. I’m not looking for investing advice or money advice whatever, just want to know when this guy thinks this thing is gonna crash. Hey you got to make a living and you want to get paid for your time I get it but… this one is tough.