The Great Taking With David Rogers Webb - Part 2

From time to time you have seen me discuss the synchronized markets, where global markets like the Dow Jones, S&P 500, and Euro Stoxx 50 move in a perplexing, synchronized rhythm. David Webb says they aren’t really markets anymore, but a simulacrum.

What could possibly go wrong by having fake markets?

In this second part of our conversation David Rogers Webb and I explore the concept of ‘hyper-financialization’ and how the growth of financial instruments has far outpaced real-world economic activities. This imbalance, I argue, is not accidental but a result of engineered efforts, leading us toward a financial accident of our own too-clever-by-half making.

This conversation is more than just a financial analysis; it’s a call to awaken to the realities of a financial system that has strayed far from serving the common good. As we ponder the Great Reset that looms on the horizon, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to see things other than as a great swindle, a great taking, an unfair last grab for what’s valuable as the economy slides over the peak net energy hill.

So, buckle up and tune in.

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Chris, Maybe you should cross reference the Great Taking in one of your “Chris’ Alerts”? Seems like it rises to the occasion!


Adjustment Reaction

Fantastic interview. Reading the book (last week) has completely changed my perspective.
In addition to talking about it with everyone that will listen, I have reversed my investment strategy of using funds from low-interest fixed-rate debt to buy investments with a higher return, keep the spread, and pay back the debt with de-valued currency over time. Instead, now I am working to minimize or zero the balance of my bank and brokerage accounts assuming they could be taken, and use the money to pay down debt as fast as I can.
It feels like a massive over-reaction but it’s better to lose some upside than be at risk of losing everything during the next crisis (which seems overdue).


I second that. This is another unbelievable crime against humanity. We need to alert others to take action to not be subjugated or deprived of our assets.



Stellar interview. One of your best. And a service to further spread this information out there. I had heard bits and pieces of this from people like Lynette Zang, from who I first heard of Cede co, but it was a partial picture. Webb is low key, thoughtful, seems really credible and gives us a surprisingly panoramic picture of the system that’s been put in place to basically legalize fraud. Chris’ interviewing skills here were fantastic, letting Webb expound at length but also adding new directions at times.
2 things struck me at the end. The first was Webb’s insistence that you can’t protect yourself if this system remains in place. Even some of the top 1% would be at risk, and that seems to be his and our best hope, that the billionaires see it’s in their best interest to ensure property rights are not abrogated. The second was his mention almost in passing that he wrote the book on an older computer not connected to the internet. That speaks volumes to levels of surveillance that we can reasonably assume are at work today.
Great stuff. I’ll set this aside and listen to both parts again in a few days.



Just want to say a big thank you to Mr David Webb for risking so much to expose the plan of The Great Taking to the public. History will remember you as pivotal to helping humanity,


Terrific Interview

Glad that you guys were able to get David to do an interview. Kudos to you all for that! His book reinforces the assertions that I’ve had in my mind about the controlling interests in the West (aka, “old money” + deep involvement of with IC). Their motivations are demonic at best, and I believe that David is absolutely correct in that we cannot hide from it. Thus it’s up to is to stop it.


We All Have Skin In The Game

This reminds me of an old story of The Little Red Hen. Who will help me sow the seeds, who will help me cut the wheat, who will help me grind the wheat, who will help me bake the bread and none of the other animals helped until it come to eating the bread and every one wants to eat the bread.
It appears that this will take a legal challenge with all hands on deck as we all have skin in the game. So I think the first action is for us as PP is to share the book far and wide, particularly with smart minds who understand complex systems (ie sowing the seed). We need this to become common knowledge. Cutting the wheat may be something like lessoning risk with less debt of personal finances in the market, given that the banks will look to take assets from company’s/ other smaller banks first then private ownership of property with no outstanding debt is likely to be not on their radar as a priority.
As a joke and to lighten the mood we could just pray that we have an EMP or white hats hack the systems of 0’s & 1’s on their electronic ledgers.


What We Can Do…

I really connected with the notion that our first reaction to The Great Taking is… how do I protect myself from this coming great thievery? However, as David Webb says in the interview, the real reaction / action should be how do we stop this from occurring?
First, I think we need to share this far and wide with friends, family and colleagues. Then we need to pressure lawmakers to write laws that specifically guarantee property rights (that we all thought we had).
Just like with Covid, there has been a groundswell of people waking up to the the “plandemic” and the clot shot gene therapy “vaccines”. I think we need to start a bottom-up campaign of warning people what these demonic monsters are about to do.
And one last thought, you should make Part 2 open to the Public. EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT THIS. (Sorry for the all caps)


If Only There Was A Decentralized Banking System Being Built?

Very intriguing conversation. Thanks!! I plan to listen to his entire ‘audiobook’.
Just wanted to throw out there that DeFi/‘decentralized finance’ already lets us do our own banking (payments, lending/borrowing, etc) - for the most part. It’s not easy to navigate through the noise/scams, but for the good stuff, your assets are not someone else’s liabilities.
Bearer instrument banking? Now nothing’s perfect - and there is risk - but it seems to me like it at least has a place in this conversation. Just sayin’!
thanks much!

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Best thing we can do is expose this. It has metastasized throughout the global financial system because it was done quietly and slowly - which means for TPTB keeping this out of the headlines has been a key to its success.
For self defense? More complicated.
Some say get out of the system; that’s easier said than done and there are big consequences to that.
There might be things we can do, as TPTB have likely built in protection for themselves. Maybe we can learn what that is and replicate it for ourselves.
Some might be tempted to beat them at their own game. Shorting something, perhaps. But keep in mind: they write the rules; they control the game (exchanges etc); politicians are mostly bought off; they have very deep pockets; and they’ve been doing this for a very very long time.
I’m reminded of Michael Burry in The Big Short: he was right but when it came time for his payday, they created many excuses to avoid paying out. I expect the same here. Based on that, I’m very reluctant to even try shorting or similar countermeasures.


Do You Choose Your Adds?

The add associated with the video is a shameful infomercial full of lies. A miracle electric heater that heats your house for almost nothing. Electric heaters are already 100% efficient, but they claim a miracle secret invention.
“It heats up any mid sized room within 60 seconds. No other heater is this efficient,” They mix meaning since efficiency has nothing to do with how fast it heats a room.
“It claims 90% more efficient, pennies a day to heat a room”
I am just saying it is insulting that a “perpetual motion - free energy device” is being pushed onto those who watch your video. Granted that I suppose that your audience is not so ignorant to fall for the scam, but still it makes your opinions seem less reliable when they are proceeded by a scam directed at gullible people.

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Strike Of The Chisel

CS Lewis spoke about the strike of the chisel, as God’s way of perfecting us. A much more elegant way of saying, “no pain, no gain”, which is usually applied to physical fitness. But it is oh so more true in the psychological and spiritual realms.
I have long thought that a large catastrophic event that caused the least amount of physical damage would be our best bet for survival. A wake up call. I am comforted by the adage, “if things could have happened any other way they would have”. Our collective awareness determines the path of current events. Perhaps the unfolding of the first stages of the “the great taking” is just such an event.
The understanding of the capacity of humans to commit evil, not just those others, but ourselves, is something we need to wrap our heads around. I remember reading about a holocaust surviver crying out when seeing one of the Nazi leaders at trial after the end WWII. When asked why he cried out, the response was “he looked so human!”.
We have met the enemy, and it is us. We are also the one we have been waiting for. I love the contradictions that blow up the rational mind. It is in those spaces that true perception of what is real can open up.


Hi Dan, No, not at all. In fact, a few months back (not sure timeline, was a while ago) Rumble changed their menu’s and defaults and now these adds just play. We do not like/approve or choose any of them that come on.
To this end, I will take another crack at finding the controls to fix/remove them accordingly.


@treebeard wrote,
“The understanding of the capacity of humans to commit evil, not just those others, but ourselves, is something we need to wrap our heads around. I remember reading about a holocaust surviver crying out when seeing one of the Nazi leaders at trial after the end WWII. When asked why he cried out, the response was “he looked so human!”. 
We have met the enemy, and it is us. We are also the one we have been waiting for. I love the contradictions that blow up the rational mind. It is in those spaces that true perception of what is real can open up.”
I concur. And I would add the following points.
Chris said, “This is not apocalyptic.” Au contraire my friend. If “they” trigger it, just look at the scale of it and try to justify that belief that it won’t be apocalyptic or a “disaster of Biblical proportions.” Shoot, even the way the WEF has framed it makes it apocalyptic/of Biblical proportions. Contradicting himself seemingly, Chris also said, “We have to hit rock bottom, to go through a rebirth,” to get through this. Considering the scale, that seems apocalyptic to me. Maybe unavoidable and ultimately good for us, but also apocalyptic.
David said, “You can’t invest your way out of this,” and “You can’t protect yourself. It can only be stopped from happening.” There continues to be a lot of talk on these Great Taking threads focused on protecting ourselves while still on this planet and still in The System. Give it up folks! The example of JPMorgan taking/stealing client assets and having it approved by a court tells me everything I need to know.
If this is really triggered on a massive scale, I don’t see how it doesn’t become ultra violent, violent enough to make Mad Max blush.
“Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor.”



The people at the top are the criminal sociopaths and psychopaths that governments should be protecting us from let alone enabling them with power and weapons of mass destruction. Hoping they will fix the problem is a bit delusional.


Thank You

Fantastic interview, they just keep getting better. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.
I agree, no place to hide.
PS Iove your facial expressions, Chris. I always try to watch the interviews!


Joe Ellis

FYI most folks do not file a tax return anyways.

From The Declaration Of Independence

…when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government,…
Our ‘government’ may not be the driving force behind the Great Taking but it has, certainly because of many generous contributions from TPTB, been complicit in this most egregious theft of The People’s wealth.
I fear that the time is approaching when, as the founding fathers anticipated, we must take matters into our own hands to throw off the forces which have proven beyond any doubt to have as their object ‘absolute despotism’.
To paraphrase what David Webb stated in the interview: “it is insane, it cannot be allowed to happen”
I submit that, if we all sit on our butts and do nothing, it WILL happen and when we are asked the question “When did you know and what did you do about it?” we will have nothing but an ashamed response.
Now is the time for every one of us, each according to his ability and the opportunities afforded to him or her, to do whatever we possibly can to stop this takeover of our lives.
David Webb has undoubtedly put his life at risk by publishing his book. The founding fathers risked their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. What are you prepared to risk?



I’m hoping Rogan will pick this up.