The Power Of One

Today I want to resurface an article I originally posted a few years ago.

I’m hearing so many people express feelings of defeat and despair, that they feel they have no agency to make a difference in a world victimized by huge corporate cartels, government overreach or climate instability.

To offer a candle of hope against that feeling of powerlessness, I want to remind folks that one person can indeed make a tremendous difference, even in the darkest of times:

Never forget, no matter how overwhelming life's challenges and problems seem to be, that one person can make a difference in the world. In fact, it is always because of one person that all the changes that matter in the world come about. So be that one person.
~ R. Buckminster Fuller
Few people embody being “that one person” better than Nicholas Winton.

Never heard of him? Neither had I until a few years ago. But he’s now a hero of mine.

Winton was a British citizen who rescued nearly 670 Jewish children from Czechoslovakia during World War Two.

He did this of his own accord, not as part of any state agency or organized movement. Initially on a skiing trip to Switzerland, he canceled his vacation after Kristallnacht and went to Prague to help a friend there who was working to support the local Jewish population. Having learned that Britain’s Parliament had recently voted to accept European war refugees provided they had a place to stay and could pay a £50 deposit, Winton began single-handly relocating Czech Jewish children to safety in his home country.

Before the Nazis tightened their control on Czechoslovakia, Winton managed to put 669 children on trains to the Netherlands, from where they were then sent to homes of foster families in Britain that he (and his mother) had found for them.

Tragically, after their children departed to safety, many of the biological parents left behind ultimately ended up perishing at Auschwitz.

Winton sought no fanfare for his heroism. He spoke so rarely of it that the general public had no idea what he had done until nearly 50 years later. His own wife (whom he married after the war) didn’t even know until she one day came across the ledger he had used to keep track of the children during the evacuation.

Once she realized the magnitude of what this quiet hero had done, she worked with a television producer on a TV special to recognize him publicly for his humanitarian effort. By this time, Winton was an elderly man.

He agreed to attend, embarrassed by the attention. And unbeknownst to him, the producers had tracked down one of the children he had rescued, now an adult, and seated her next to him throughout the evening. It wasn’t until the end of the ceremony that they announced to him who she was. Watching Winton realize that the smiling woman next to him had been able to live a long, happy life because of his courageous action all those years ago is a very tender moment.

And if that doesn't bring a tear to your eye, what happens next should. The host then asks the audience “Is there anyone else here who owes their life to this man?”… and EVERYONE stands up. Turns out, they had packed the theater with his former rescued children, now in their 50s and 60s, each of whom was saved by this kind, humble man:

We rarely get to witness such a moment of grace like this. It's simply perfect.

For me, it’s a reminder never to discount the impact our own individual acts can have.

Winton certainly answered Fuller’s call to “be that one person” to make a difference in the world.

Will each of us?

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Thanks Adam. A great reminder and re-grounding.

It brought tears of joy. Bless you and bless the memory of Nicholas Winton. One person can make a difference…for the good.

And so true. I am reminded of a 2016 interview with Terry Fox’s nurse, on the 35th anniversary of the annual Terry Fox run. She said something that is forever imprinted on my heart:

"... To me it's about the awesome power of one. After Terry I could never again say 'well, I can't do anything about that because I'm only one person. He was only one person. Look at what he's done. Look at the legacy he's left us."
In those moments in my life when I have felt absolute despair from the hardship that comes from profound deafness, not sure I could keep going, I think of Terry, running alone in the darkness and rain on wilderness highways. I think of how no matter what, no matter how much pain he felt, or how much despair, he kept going. And in that moment I am able to dig down deep and resolve to keep going too. Each one of us has the awesome power of one. If ever there were a time to use it, this is it... Not all of us will leave enduring legacies. That does not matter. All that matters is that we try. Jan

A very knowledgeable friend who had been educating people about how the world really operates and the problems that needed to be addressed gave up some time ago due to his frustration with the inability of the majority of people to receive and embrace that message as he delivered it. He asked me why I keep trying. I ask myself the same question sometimes. This is why. Plus, I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I didn’t.

Everyday I try to tell one person about D3. It seems like the easiest way to spread a truth that matters and can even save lives. I tell random people…like the grocery checker…or someone on my construction site. 8 times out of 10 they are attentive and thankful.
Since Fauchi won’t say it, I guess it is up to us.

Thank you Adam for this wonderful video! It struck a cord.
I try to do my own small part. For example by telling other people about HCQ and vitamin D3 which I learned from Peak Prosperity. And by telling people on Peak Prosperity other information not everyone (but maybe some) here knows yet.
If I only can reach at least two people, and they in turn can reach at least two people, and so on, then in no time you can get a real movement of people and save a lot of lives.
Cheers to you!

If your opinions were not important to them why would they invest so much in propaganda? If they were winning so clearly why would their propaganda become so overt as it has now to the point of sacrificing the credibility of their assets (think news organisations and sports franchises for example). I sense desperation.
Many ordinary people know things do not make sense, they are going through the motions, they are on the verge of waking up and it does not take a majority, just a critical mass, say 10% to understand the truth, remain positive and start to cast questions about the narrative in the minds of others. Making you feel nihilistic and hopeless is part of the strategy to stop this happening. Reject the black pill:
Enjoy ?

Also Evie was very prudent to speak of Emotional Resilience. Once this goes, loss is near.
Thank You for this

What a great post. I really needed that today. Many thanks for sharing.

that is so freakin cool. I can’t remember the last time a youtube video brought me to tears.

Thank you Adam for your words. This is exactly what I needed to be reminded as I have been getting a little discouraged. We all can make a difference even if it’s just small differences. It reminds me of the adapted story of the starfish washed up on the beach and by throwing one back in the ocean, the character made a difference to that one starfish and so he tosses another one. I just need to focus and do my part by being encouraging and helping others in the ways that I can. I try to pass it on.

Recently I listened to a interview with Mike and Sarah Huckabee (Sanders).
Mike Huckabee took the family to Yad Vashem (World Holocaust Remembrance Center) in Israel. Dad and mom discussed if an 11 year old Sarah was ready for this. A very talkative Sarah said nothing for an hour and a half. The images were incredibly graphic. As she walked out there was a guest book to sign. She said “Why didn’t somebody do something?”
What concerns me? We have a grandson (and another on the way). I don’t want to walk through the Great Reset museum and have him look at me and say, “Opa, why didn’t YOU do something?”

I had never thought of doing that necessarily as an organized, planned strategy but it’s an effective and efficient one and more of us should strive to emulate it. I’m an introvert by nature but my wife is always amazed by how easily I’ll strike up conversations with total strangers in different venues, probably because I am curious by nature and enjoy learning and I also enjoy educating others. She teases me about the many times the conversations will come around to the same subjects, subjects that most of us here are quite familiar with.
But I do notice that more and more people are aware of things they weren’t aware of 10 years ago. The word is spreading. People are waking up! As Spacecat notes, there is indeed an air of desperation about the efforts of TPTB and an urgency, like it’s now or never. Their efforts and actions are so blatant and so egregious that even the most indoctrinated can’t help but sit up and take notice. But by no longer even trying to hide what they are doing, they are inadvertently feeding the growth of the numbers of those learning the truth, numbers that are building towards a critical mass.
For some reason, our present situation reminds me of the Band of Brothers series and Private Blythe, cowering in fear, but then being rallied to act by Captain Winters telling him to “Stand up!”, “You can do it!”, “Fire your weapon!”, “Don’t slack off!”, “Pour it on 'em!”
Now’s not the time for us to roll over and submit to the NWO/Great Reset subjugation of the people. Now’s the time for us all to stand up and increase the pressure and “Pour it on 'em.” Today, my wife told me about someone she knew getting off of Facebook and going onto Parler. A small step, yes, but if we each take these small steps, and then more and more of them, and then bigger and bigger steps, the aggregate impact can be massive and powerful. We have the power to change things if only we recognize it and use it!

You waited 12 years and posted something that good…unlikely. Still love it though.

After reading your post Adam, it became obvious to me one thing I could do. I printed up a bunch of copies of the evms Covid Protocol and placed them on the front counter of my business. At least a few of them were picked up during the day. Progress. Aloha, Steve.

Good watch. I appreciate compact wisdom I can remember and put into daily use: “Speak into Being. Choose Victory”. Aloha, Steve.

ao wrote:

But by no longer even trying to hide what they are doing
It's an act of extreme confidence in the game of chess where a player believes that their overall position is so strong that they have no hesitation in even sacrificing a valuable piece. That's because the end result seems sure, and the elite's ability to checkmate their opponent (all of us) is already pretty much a forgone conclusion. They have the resources and endless printed money...they have the AI, and intelligently constructed algorithms to profile the masses, to predict all outcomes mathematically. Or so they think. And yet the best laid plans of mice and men can still come up short, because we have within each of us a divine nature, something which can't be measured. Our spiritual hearts are not static and never predictable. Unlike machines, we all include within our souls a part of the infinite, a creativity, and a deep desire to share our eternal love. Thank you Adam for reminding us of the miracles of which love can work. The power of one is also a recognition that we each are more than we seem to be, more than our darkest and most cunning opponents think that we are. With love in our heart we have the courage to face even our greatest fears, and still to continue on each moment doing good works.
thatchmo wrote: After reading your post Adam, it became obvious to me one thing I could do. I printed up a bunch of copies of the evms Covid Protocol and placed them on the front counter of my business. At least a few of them were picked up during the day. Progress. Aloha, Steve.
Steve, Thanks! Your link may have been posted somewhere else on PP, but this is the first time I've seen it. I just bookmarked it. I'll share this link with friends and family along with my interpretations. The recommendations for prophylaxis are really close to what I've upped my daily vitamin/mineral intake to. B complex vitamins generally have a slow release, "no flush" version of B3 as part of the package. That's okay for other bodily functions, but I'm also starting to include 500 mg B3 as niacin. (h/t to PP users Jim H and 3nthalpy. Fast release may cause a flush similar to a menopausal woman's hot flash.) Also, from what I've read, zinc needs to be balanced with copper or it can become toxic. My 50 mg zinc has 2 mg copper included. I bought some Ivermectin (horse wormer for a 1250 pound horse) at a local farm store for $4.99 and will use about 1/6 of the tube on day 1 and then again 2 days later if I get symptoms. Why 1/6 of the tube? Because I weigh about 1/6 as much as a 1250 pound horse. Would it be better to use "human" grade Ivermectin? You bet! Expect to convince your practitioner to prescribe it and then pay many times as much for essentially the same thing. That's fine if you actually do it before showing symptoms. How long will that take when early intervention is critical? Right now, this product is cheap and available. This is what I plan to use when push becomes shove. Just so you know, I'm not a medical doctor. Only a fool would blindly follow my advice. Read up and become your own advocate. I'm only responsible for me. Grover

You mentioned all the “things” they have which give them the power and control, except one, money.
At one time serfs were tied to the land. Serfs are now tied to currency.
As long as the serfs are tied to “their currency” they will remain serfs. That is what is missing from the discussion of crypto here. Crypto is "our " currency.