The Psychology of Totalitarianism

Just over seven months ago, I helped introduce the world to Mattias Desmet and the concept of “Mass Formation” (aka Mass Psychosis). Nearly half a million people watched our video on our many social media channels and at the Peak Prosperity website.

Prominent voices like Dr. Robert Malone, Joe Rogan and many others quoted the show and Mattias, and the idea of a mass psychosis taking over our world became common knowledge.

I found profound relief at finally having a framework for understanding - and even having compassion for - my fellow citizens who seemed to be going, well, crazy. A light on a very dark path began to shine.

People who once relished freedom and Democracy, often sporting a healthy and well-earned distrust of government and pharmaceutical companies, suddenly became acolytes of those entities. They attacked anyone that questioned the obviously authoritarian actions of those same entities.

How could so many people turn into slaves of the very entities that they had shunned throughout their lives? They literally became the victims and the tools of totalitarian leaders…voluntarily?

Just so, how could so many so-called “trusted leaders” turn us – their constituents or customers or friends and family – down this horrid path? As I wrote for the original interview, these “dim actors” pull our emotional strings “to create fear and isolation in order to push their agenda of technocratic control of our lives, dreams of transhumanism, using vaccine passports as a first step on a path to overt totalitarianism.”

Early on, you might have justly given those bad actors a break; after all, it was a pandemic of a new virus. But it didn’t take long to see the truth behind actual science and data; yet these elites doubled down on their control.

In his newest book, “The Psychology of Totalitarianism” Mattias helps us understand how those we supposedly trusted are still trying to create a world in which they have full control.

As he writes, “Totalitarianism is not a coincidence and does not form in a vacuum. It arises from a collective psychosis that has followed a predictable script throughout history, its formation gaining strength and speed with each generation—from the Jacobins to the Nazis and Stalinists—as technology advances. Governments, mass media, and other mechanized forces use fear, loneliness, and isolation to demoralize populations and exert control, persuading large groups of people to act against their own interests, always with destructive results.”

While we may think the lies of the pandemic and authoritarians are being exposed, and there is a light at the end of the dark tunnel, the truth is that we’re still very much in danger. Climate change, Monkeypox, Ukraine, China, recession, supply chains…the list of emergencies are never-ending, and thus the excuses for more control are never-ending.

Take this to heart, the risks are as grave as ever. We few brave and courageous people must continue to stand up and say “No!” If we do not, Mattias shows exactly how throughout history good people ended up somewhere they deeply regretted. That could be us, soon.

The good news is that many more people are now waking up to the truth that government restrictions and mandates, seemingly endless fear-based public relations campaigns, lockdowns, forced medical procedures, and vaccine passports to travel in one’s own community were created not on the basis of sound science or firm data, but out of a desire to control.

Human misery and mass atrocities are always possible, but now more than ever, our “leaders” are pushing us in that direction. It is our solemn duty to resist.

As always, “It doesn’t have to be this way.” We can do better. Listen to this important interview so “they” can’t transfer their anger and rage at us.

Mattias tells us how it’s done, and what we can do. Of course, we must defend ourselves but never resort to unnecessary violence. Continue to be courageous. Hold everyone with compassion. Hate the sin, not the sinner. But most of all, we must speak up.

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The part2 video isn’t playing and the audio is only part 1

Try again? Works for me…maybe refresh the page.

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yes. Its playing now. Thanks!

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I’m So Glad His Ideas Picked Up Traction

I’d be so lost if this guy hadn’t come along. Thank God for him. I hope other thinkers will expand on these ideas and also make a splash.
His most useful advice that I have taken in is that we must not stop talking about what we think is true. Once the dissidents go quiet, that’s when atrocities happen. So I have to be less chicken to be made fun of or insulted or be afraid of losing acquaintances. I have no stomach to write on Facebook or anything, but one on one I can attempt to talk about this.


Psychology And Spirituality Vs Totalitarianism

Great interview. Psychology is the “science” in which I first encountered the divine, realizing it speaks to us through our unconscious. Clearly spirituality and faith in the universe and self is missing in totalitarianism.
You daughter’s quote is the perfect antithesis to totalitarianism and technocracy, taking risks in the spirit of adventure rather than trying to control everything out of fear.


I don’t even see a part 2

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Pt 2?

As a peak insider, I am not offered it…just part1. (Yes I am signed in) It’s a great message, but I’ve heard him interviewed with the same message sooo many times. Fresh meat? :slight_smile:


No Part 2

There is no insider-only part to this interview - the whole thing is public and can be viewed on this page. The video posted on YouTube is a shortened version. Hope that clears up some of the confusion here.


Be Ok

I think the most important part of this discussion is to be ok with who you are and the decision that you made to stick with reality. Taking responsibility for your own thoughts and your own health is a time consuming task and a lifestyle.
The reality of the situation is that big pharma has been leading people down this path for decades. Maybe 100 years or more. The current bullies who think they have control over us, have sped up this trajectory because of their own mental illness. Eventually this madness lead them to their own demise. Like it was said in the interview, those who chose to follow, instead of taking the time to learn how to take care of themselves, feel safe with the ritual of wearing a mask even when they know it doesn’t work. It’s like everyone wearing the same tee shirt to be on a soft ball team.


A Truly Profound And “off The Charts” Informative Interview!

Thank you Dr. Martenson and Professor Desmet!
For me, Professor Desmet’s final thought really struck home, and was so incredibly poignant:
" If you mean what can we do in the present situation, I think that the most important advice I could give is that we all have to stick to the first and the foremost ethical rule for a human being: it is that we should try to articulate the words that emerge in themselves, and seem sincere and honest. That is the first and most important thing, I believe. We all should continue to speak out in our own way. In a dehumanizing world, we should stick to the principle of humanity, and the first and most important principle: we should do our best to articulate the words that seem sincere and honest to us. We should claim our right, in this world, to give our own opinion…(not trying to convince other people, as that doesn’t work anyway) but just living up to our ethical duty of articulating the words that are honest and sincere with us"


Positive Concluding Remarks

Great discussion! Mattias ended on a white pill moment - values matter - don’t focus on pointing out the flaws of others as much as making sure you practice what you preach. You talked me into buying his book. ?


Re: mask wearing - I can’t help remembering how Joe Rogan pointed out that maintaining physical fitness and appropriate weight would go a long way to helping people recover from covid easier but we’re not allowed to say that out loud. Just shows that the CDC doesn’t truly care about public health.


New For Me

I haven’t heard the division between rationality (mechanics) and … call it fully integrated understanding? - before, but it makes total sense to me. I can get good at the mechanics of something but once I integrate it, I can’t explain so well what I’m doing - the thing just happens all by itself.
So while this experience isn’t new for me, hearing it articulated was actually quite helpful. And that moving into a world where this “next step” becomes the common environment (and that everyone understands) is pretty interesting.
Going back to my usual thing: “what would you like to create?” This looks pretty good to me.


Eye-opening Analysis

Amazing analysis of a somewhat contrarian viewpoint in regards to mass formation psychosis. The first time I heard about MFP was from these two’s first interview, this follow-up interview did a great job at further going into the history of MFP and how it relates in society today. I hope more people become aware of MFP and decide to stay as far away from it as possible, but if history shows us anything, it’s that MFP will most likely be the predominant ideology in the general public. But….this time it could be different, as Homo Sapiens’ is stuck at a turning point; one of high-tech feudalism and one of prosperity….what will you choose?


Connected With The Content Easily

In the name of God.
I like it when Mattias Desmet speaks, to be honest and out of humbleness I resonate with a lot of his ideas. As he said everyone looking for the truth has a catalytic situation that can be a book or event or anything else that brings the person to a two way cross road. To select the truth and to lie to themselves, Mattias said his was complex dynamic theory and for me its been the comparing complex and simple “real” scientific observations and understandings with my religion. So I did this a long time ago and have been doing it ever since to be able to see if my belief system is logical or not ? At least to the extent that I can understand , and to be honest every time I have found that my “true” religion (and I emphasis on the true part) is the one that wins. And I have mentioned before that I am a Shia Muslim.
Now some might come and say that they disagree with point to certain laws of Islam and especially the Shia Sharia that is extreme and all, but my point is not about certain laws which we can debate on. My point is about the belief system and the fundamentals of how you might look to this world. Who am I ? Why am I here and where do I end up ?
Personally, if someone can find a good answer to these question and understand their position in the plot of the creation, then as Mattias said they will not be afraid of death and nor will they be pushed around by others because they will find a connection with the root they have established.
So I would encourage anyone that is interested to listen to the video below. Its a video of a pray translated in English.
If listened and read carefully I would argue that a lot of the questions that Mattias mentioned is also brought in this prayer.
So I dont want to make my comment long and seem like I am preaching , cause I am not. I am just trying to do the same as others here and provide the part of the truth that maybe I am aware of.
Take care everyone and be safe from all the diseases out there and I am not just talking about the physical ones.
Note: The video is hosted on a Persian streaming system so if you choose to play it there might be a couple of seconds of Persian ads that you might not understand. Just wait for a couple of seconds and the video will start playing.


How The Magic Trick Is Done

Chris, are you aware of Dr Iain McGilchrist’s work? This provides another important angle on this…
Indeed, combining the ideas of Mattias Desmet and Iain McGilchrist, we can propose the following hypothesis: the mechanism by which the mass psychosis works is via a form of societal level hypnosis that literally puts peoples right brain hemisphere to sleep or into a state of hibernation.
This model predicts, for example, that since the evolutionary role of the right hemisphere’s way of attending to the world is the open sustained vigilance needed to look out for threats and predators, those under the spell will be left totally exposed to predatory forces.
They will be completely blind to clear and present dangers and warning signs, and will be unable to heed the warnings of those around them, until it is too late, even when it comes to the children.
Since the left hemisphere is intrinsically disconnected, and without empathy, people under the spell will be highly to susceptible and willing to engage in dehumanization and othering.
They will “lack appropriate emotional depth, or concern, tending to be irritable or facetious, especially when challenged”, “disown problems, and pass the responsibility to others”, be overconfident about what they cannot in the nature of things know much about; fabricates (often improbable) stories to cover ignorance”, “see parts at the expense of wholes”, “have an affinity for the inanimate, and for technological solutions”.
Then the “waking up of the masses” becomes the task of literally waking up the right hemispheres of people under the spell of mass psychosis. This cannot be simply achieved by argumentation with facts and logic, because this just feeds the left hemisphere over-activation, but must be done by appealing to the right hemisphere via re-connection to love and common humanity, through metaphor, comedy, poetry, music, awe and beauty.


Wow, garysharpe! This explanation resonates with me and points the way to recovering the capture of our friends’ and families’ minds: sharing OUR FEELINGS with love! Doing that can never be wrong and although in the moment may not seem to be working will have a wave-like, ripple effect on those hypnotized individuals around us and facilitate the reactivation of their right brains.


Problem As Old As Time, The Few Who Want To Control The Many

Jesus described this phenomenon in Matthew 11: 16
“To what can I compare the people living today? They’re like little children who sit in the marketplaces and shout to each other,
17‘A wedding song we played for you,
the dance you all did scorn.
A woeful dirge we chanted, too,
but then you would not mourn"


Great Interview

Book is an absolute “must read”

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