The Quarantine Case And The Bizarre Ruling Of The NY Appeals Court

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Three legs make a stool stable. Once upon a time, the US had significant economic and social stability because of (1) the legislative branch, (2) the executive branch, and (3) the judicial branch.

Laws aren’t tangible things; they are words on paper that people imbue with power because they are fair and widely agreed upon.

These days, it’s remarkably easy to find jaw-dropping court decisions that don’t even pretend to follow the laws of the land. They are often indistinguishable from virtue-signaling ‘in-group’ expressions so that the judges and prosecutors involved can advance their partisan power or increase their local social standing.

Today’s Off The Cuff podcast with attorney Bobbie Ann Cox starkly illustrates one such case. After whomping the NY Governor and Attorney General in a trial court, Bobbie Ann saw her case not only get appealed but overturned on appeal 5-0.

The case? Challenging the nefarious and deeply concerning laws that the NY Department of Health had passed that gave them the right to quarantine anyone at any time for any length of time in any facility of their choosing (including one’s own home) without having to prove that the involved persons actually had an illness or any communicable disease at all.

The case rested on the Constitutional principle that only lawmakers have the power to pass laws, and that agencies are limited to interpreting those laws. The actions of the NY Health Department wildly exceeded their authority by making rules that were really laws in that they deprived people of their freedom and ability to earn income without any due process remedy available.

The appeals court made the jaw-dropping, comical-if-it-weren’t-so-serious, “ruling” that the three NY lawmakers Ms Cox had as plaintiffs “didn’t have standing” to bring the case and struck down the trial court decision. Well, if lawmakers don’t have standing in a case involving the making of laws, then the laws don’t actually mean anything. They are empty words on paper.

It’s crazy, but here we are…tune in for this amazing interview for more.


When unelected bureaucrats try to steal power from elected officials, well, this is a good indicator of how far we’ve fallen as a nation.


Brilliant. Here in the UK we call it Ultra Vires in non legal, but lawful terms, it means " beyond your authority" Without a shadow of doubt this case proves Ultra Vires… Unfortunately in the UK we have “judges” towing politico’s lines… Still does not make it legal or lawful.


I’m a peaceful person but if someone comes to my house to enforce one of these ridiculous orders I’m going to “protest” quite effectively, and all by myself if necessary. If you hear about it in the news, remember what I said.

“Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor.”


Who are they ??

Here I show you the Document of the Century showing who they are:

It is a letter, found in the Vatican archives. A letter from the Erzbischof of Köln the highest-ranking catholic priest in German Reich and friend of Kaiser Wilhelm II.

With an urgent message / waring to Pope Benedikt XV.

Kaiser Wilhelm II warns Pope Benedikt XV that they want to implement a new global word order, destroying the Kaiser, the Pope ,the church and the whole civil - society.

The Kaisers description of this new society is quit identical to the description of the WEF Klaus Schwab description of that new godless society that is waiting for us !

Kaiser Wilhelm II told the pope who they are! The Pope and the Kaiser knew the peoples behind these Organizations. Later in history People also realized who is behind these Organizations.

So WW II had to happen … and WW III will follow now to finish their agenda!!

All Documents are made public :

Book: ISBN 987-3-9525981-080

The book has all answers to the why …. your border crisis and so on!!

In love and truthfulness from Germany

Here the document

doc05701320240321085649.pdf (791.4 KB)


Once is an accident. Twice is a coincidence. Three times is enemy action.

We are in a full on war for the survival of western civilization, and the sheeple continue to remain clueless.


Excellent interview! You have turned the light onto the dark corner of that which is destroying the framework of our society. For me it is liken to discovering that termites have not only entered your homes structure, they have eaten through many of the structural support members and the only option is to get into action to fix it.

As Bucky Fuller might posit: you have to build an alternative structure that termites cannot destroy! Get busy!

And here we are. Your scouting and reporting efforts are really off the charts Chris. I appreciate it more that you may know so I’m saying it again today!


Thank you Coop. I truly appreciate you saying that.



Asked my Austrian friend to help translate. Here’s what she wrote:

His majesty, the emperor, has just informed me, that he received news yesterday, that the " grand/big orient"has decided to first get rid of all sovereigns, especially him, the emperor himself, then to destroy the catholic church, to intern(?) The pope, etc, and finally to establish a world republic under the leading / leadership of the big American capitalism (high finance) on the ruins of the previous bourgeois society
The German freemasons are faithful to the emperor(wich is doubtful) and apparently had let him know this
Also England seems to want to maintain the existing bourgeois order. France and America, instead, are totally under the rule of the grand orient 450.
Bolschevism should be the the external tool to create the desired conditions
In view of the huge danger that is threatening not only the monarchy, but also the catholic church, it is necessary, that the German episcopat has to be informed about this, and also, that the pope has to be warned.

What do you think he meant by “Grand Orient?” Seems like an important question.


The grand Orient is the Head , the most powerful freemansons Organisation … the others are just the lokal loges … freemasons is an absolut top down Organisation.
The question is who Are they ?
the answer the Book gives with endless evidence: Jews jewish interest Money
Without That truth no Peace will ever be possible
Writing this may bring me in jail here in Germany … but truth it is the only way out!

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The “they” part I had no question about. It was the Grand Orient I had questions about. That’s a term unfamiliar to me. Thank you for sharing this. May I share it on my Substack? I will make sure you remain anonymous.

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Please be carefull !

This letter from Wilhelm II is deeply connected with the founding of the state of Israel, the Kennedy assassination and other very hot topics!

Read the book! Have a look at all presented evidence in order to calculate your risk!! That’s no fun !

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My Twitter name is public, my name is public on my Substack, I am in the open and it is too late for me to hide. Fuck it. Caution to the wind. Not looking for a coward’s death.


The culmination of control is astounding. The courts have their own political agenda. The “science” is captured. The great taking has shown that the financial actors have control over your money. The constitution is set aside and the American flag is called offensive as ideological flags are praised as “inclusive”. The climate narrative is shaping policy and they want are vacinating us pork supply with mnra vax. The barrage of attacks are endless and its not even election season.


I don’t know why everyone is so surprised. This has been the status quo since FDR shredded the constitution both before and after filling the supreme court with 9 of his henchmen.

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Thanks, Chris, for this interview with Bobbie Anne Cox. I was among the 400 people who attended the appellate hearing to support her. She was greeted like a rock star. I pray that the judges at the next court are not as corrupt as the bastards that screwed us over that day.


The message of Wilhelm II (and much more) now is public. You may refer to the book and the website where everybody can see it !

Thanks, will check it out

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Thank you Chris for covering this! As a New Yorker, it has been obviously concerning me. Very important and unprecedented-we must get the word out!!!

…just one more reason to get out of NY.


Can you help us non-German speakers understand what this document/book says?

Don’t get yourself into legal trouble in Germany–if needed, send me a PM and we can post your explanation in a name that is not yours.

Who are “the people behind the organizations?”

What is the “mechanisms of Bolshevism?” Is this referring to a regular communist revolution–an overthrow of an existing political system with a collectivist (socialist, communist, Fabian) system ruled by an elite?

Again. Please help explain.

(I took German in High School for 4 years, but, alas, I can’t read a thing in German now!]