The Real Panic Hasn't Even Started Yet

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I get it.

Staying on top of and making sense out of the world is a real problem these days. At times like these, I like to back way up and take a wide-angle, big-picture view of the situation.

When I do, things clarify, although I often wish that the picture were more benign or hopeful. Alas, we play the hand we are dealt.

Once enough people see things this same way, and we cross over the common knowledge boundary line, real financial panic will set in.

That’s how it will be perceived and reported on, but it will actually be a sudden and quite necessary realignment between what we have been conditioned to think of as wealth and real wealth.

The difference is between primary and secondary wealth which are real and tangible, and tertiary wealth which is abstract and nothing more than a claim on real, tangible wealth. Cash only has value if you can buy something with it.

To understand this and then act on it, it’s essential to grasp the connection between oil and the economy, and the degree to which our economy is fictional due to its dependence on the perpetual expansion of debt at a rate that far exceeds the underlying economy’s rate of growth.

It’s a complicated set of connections, to be sure, but vital to grasp. Armed with this information and framing, you will be far in front of the rest of your fellow humans and able to more gracefully navigate the emerging risks and opportunities.

If you see things differently or have better or more complete data, please share it! Concrete, data-based challenges are always welcome here.


The problem lies with the money and moral character of those elected. Our money and the concept of ownership has been split into a thousand pieces but nobody knows how to rejoin them. Similar situations exists everywhere. The system of classification (TS, SECRET, etc) does not provide for downgrading among government agencies. Or, how do you undo condominiums where one owns air space or undo government granted easements.

Our Constitution was framed to prevent government from printing money. Gold and silver were explicit limits on the power of government to print. Little did they realize the connivances of their inheritors who would take everything out of their great creation. It was compounded by a flaw in our Constitution: the Supreme Court. It was never given a specific purpose. The institution has never had men or women of sufficient character and today, character is replaced by political alliance.

Whatever happens will have to replace the values of embedded in the current population. That will take some really hard times.


A theory floating around about why Mike Johnson is behaving the way he is is that he’s giving in to the uniparty so that when the US economy self-destructs, or is in the process of it, that the majority of Americans will finally SEE who is fully responsible for the big mess in their lives and then that they can see that only by supporting Trump will get this ship turned around.

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Edit to take a moment to thank Chris and this Tribe at PP:

Had I not dove head first into The Crash Course (the 1st one published) long before I understood how very important everything about it was to become, I would not be debt free and clear of additional financial scathing by those dirty stinking Great Takers. THANK YOU CHRIS!

The same sentiment is true in every cell of me regarding gratitude I have for The Pathology that helped many of us staunchly refrain from untested, ineffective jabs and all that followed them. All delivered in language that was easy to understand and all of it verified as accurate.

More to come, I just needed to put those two points out here.


Thank you. You and your PP team produce tons of quality content and excellent presentations.

There is not much new material in this presentation, with the exception of the Mike Johnson and the ‘current wars’, however this presentation was well done is easily one of your best. I’ll share it with many people but few will watch and even fewer will understand and make necessary changes to prepare for the dark future that humanity is certainly going to face.

These are momentous times in history. I don’t have much optimism, this is quite scary.


Years ago, I figured no one owns anything, particularly when looking at wars, so I started looking at sovereign deeds and such. I was told every Chinese officer has his eye on your house and how you’re upkeeping it for him.
With 12 million federal employees, 400 million population with 30 million of those being illegal, I hope everyone is picking a second language and talking to the chickens with it.


I would LOVE to hear you interview Whitney Webb, she’s got some solid theories on what the plan is. Have a listen to this last American vagabond, with her on. It’s all about how they want to make the natural world, and your very being, as a new asset class, to be used as collateral for all the debt.

Everything this woman does is top shelf, goes through digital ID, the border, the right-left illusion & how to intend to enslave us all, on the blockchian. She is fearless.


Horrible theory. Trump is a Trojan Horse for NY liberal policies to be spewed out across the nation. There is no solution within, or from, the uniparty.


Chris, if Nicole Shanahan is interviewing Luke Gromen, maybe you need to get this story to her and RFK Jr. I think the RFK ticket has a listening ear.


He’s a corrupt swamp creature likely on the take.


Thank you Beth! I really appreciate your reflections on how you were able to hear and heed my work.

You are my motivation. I do what I do to try and help people. I pray regularly that I am helping and not accidentally misleading.

So I stick to the facts such as they are, knowing that they may be in error (like the early Covid case reports out of Johns Hopkins - pure bollocks) or they may change.


Thank you Allan. The public presentations (which this one was) are geared by me to try and reach people who have maybe never heard of Peak or our messages.

There’s quite a few of them out there still!

Even with a repetition of the core messages, I am constitutionally unable to give the same presentation twice and I am always refining, honing, and putting things in new order. So, as you noticed, they tend to get better over time.

Someday I hope to deliver the entire thing in a single short slide, but I have not advanced the craft that far yet. Just kidding. Sort of.


I’m certain that Chris has already interviewed Whitney Webb about 4 months ago.


Just got some off road diesel, $3.19/gal, lowest in several years.


This presentation is a great example of how badly the decision makers in the USA fucked up. The Fischer-Tropsch process has been around for about a century and we could have developed it more to run on nuclear fired steam.

I never understood why the USG decided to subsidize “renewable” energy. All that it did was waste valuable time and resources. It was society masturbating to the thoughts of energy and it felt great but produced nothing of value in the end.

I 100% know that we could replace petroleum with synthetic oil and hydrogen. It would require us to greatly increase our nuclear capacity with advanced nukes and a fuel cycle that could supply the needed fuels to power them. Unfortunately for us I don’t think we have enough time to mitigate the worst of the coming energy crunch. The people will scream and cry for cheap fuels instead of investing what little capital we have left to build the nukes. This is akin to people eating their seed corn rather than plant it for a harvest in the fall.


We could, but I wish we’d started that project a couple of decades ago.

I think the capital build-out and systems and processes and supply chains would take 20 years to sort out.

Sure, we may get busy when the crunch hits, but then, for some reason, things are just harder to get done, and some things never actually get done, and the vitality is missing for some inexplicable reason.


I don’t think we will have the discipline to actually put what little capital we have left into developing the energy infrastructure that we need.

Many problems would pop up.

  1. Nukes will always have a vocal segment of the population that will not listen to objective reason. No matter what you say, they will be against it. I think this is part of why the IFR design was killed in 1994.

  2. We need a large supply of carbon to convert it into synthetic fuels. Coal is a cheap and plentiful source of this carbon. Many people will be against this as well.

  3. The fuel cell Technlogies have advanced a lot in the last 20 years. Unfortunately, the are still large and bulky. If we could reprocess the high level nuclear waste to recover valuable metals and recycle the U/Pu, we could mitigate many of the challenges that must be overcome to make nukes a viable solution.

The US is not ready to adopt nukes and few people know just how badly we are prepared to try and use nukes. We just built the first enrichment plant in 50 years in Ohio but the production capacity is nowhere near what it needs to be to supply the fuel required to replace fossil fuels.

We also don’t have the industrial infrastructure to make the large components that are used to build nuke plants.


Re: nuclear waste.

I could never figure out why if it has enough energy to worry about we have not yet created a way to use it. A humorous thought occurred to me the other day. What if I invented an energy recovery scheme? Get the large plants to PAY to send me their waste, use it as energy inputs, and when it’s dead as a doornail, then figure out what to do with that.

The whole encase the waste in a concrete tomb seems stupid to me.


The main problem is the regulator. You can submit a license request to build a reprocessing facility but it is going to take many years to get approved. This is before you could even think about putting a shovel in the ground. Consider that the license review will consume about 15,000 hours at $330 per hour. This is the main hurdle to reprocessing.

Rhodium is a valuable metal that makes up a large fraction of the fission fragment yield. The isotope have short half lives and will mostly decay away in about 10 years (5 half lives). There are many more other valuable materials in the high level spent waste.

I must be living under a rock. I have never heard of the “smart wall” that Whitney talks about.