The Surprising Truth About Vitamin D and Why the NIH is Ignoring It

News flash! Vitamin D prevents Covid ICU and deaths! Of course, we all knew that as far back as early 2020.

But now there’s a new meta-study that actually shows that, yes, Vitamin D administration does prevent ICU admission and death. It cuts both in half.

I used the word ‘actually’ in the prior sentence because I believe this study tried its hardest not to find a positive Vitamin D effect. It excluded 73 of 78 possible studies and of those selected, only used those where patients were already hospitalized before receiving a Vitamin D intervention/therapy.

I mean, wouldn’t we be even more interested in examining the relationship between Vitamin D blood levels and outcomes? What about Vitamin D administration prior to getting to the hospital? Wouldn‘t that be an even more potent thing to know from a public health perspective?

Of course, the answers to those questions are all ‘yes.’

Regardless of the study’s (intentional) limitations, it still managed to find a significant and strongly positive effect of Vitamin D.

So the next questions are:

  1. Why did it take this long?
  2. Why do the NIH Covid treatment guidelines still have a completely neutral stance on Vitamin D (it’s “neither for nor against.”)?
It’s not a mystery to me. The NIH panel exists within a system where you can get in career-ending hot water if you dare to promote something cheap and off-patent that could cause a pharma company’s profits to suffer.

In other words, everyone on the panel is corrupt and unethical.

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Vitamin D

I was one of the few who actually had to reduce Vitamin D intake. Probably because I got so much sunlight on top of taking supplements and keeping myself in shape. But when I got Covid, it was a nothing burger. I attribute that to Vitamin D and Ivermectin.
My doctor has been intimidated into no longer prescribing Ivermectin.
That is a problem. I am about to leave on a trip to Africa. I’ve decided to increase my vitamin D intake for a week, take quercetin and zinc for a week and hope for the best.


Maybe D Is Correlated But Less Causative?
what a complicated system we need to continually ponder….?

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Fish Poisonings

There was fish poisonings in Miramichi Lake in New Brunswick. It seems there is a lot of this going on in other pars of the world and USA. Does anyone have other info regarding this topic.

Bodies Handle D Differently

My first Vitamin D blood level I ever got was January 2021 after convincing my PCP to order it against her pooh poohing the accuracy of the tests and the benefits of D. (She was pushing the vaxx from the beginning and is still pushing boosters today ?.) My level was 28 ng/ml even though I had been taking 4000 IU daily of D3 for six months before that. She gave me a prescription for a 50,000 IU pill to take once a week for 6 weeks. Six months later my level was only up to 37 ng/ml so I added a daily 5000 IU D3/K2 (total 9000 IU per day). Six months after that (January 2022) my level was up to 52 ng/ml. My goal was 70 ng/ml or more so I continued my 9000 IU/day (with K2) for another 6 months. In June of 2022 my level reached 72 IU and I decided to cut back to 2000 IU/day. Six months later in December 2022 I was shocked when my D level had fallen back all the way to 29 IU!!
So now I’m up to 14,000 IU/day. Once I get back to 70 ng/ml or more I’ll settle into a maintenance dose of 5000 IU/day of D3 + K2. The plain D3 seems to do much less for me than the D3 + K2.
As another interesting data point, I was diagnosed in 2017 with a tiny, slow growing prostate cancer and have been closely watched every 6 months since then. No sign of the cancer since 2017, though I have had some unusual cells on biopsy after an MRI. Back in June of 2022 when my D level peaked at 72 ng/ml my generally stable PSA score was 4.7 (slightly elevated but not alarming ). In the next six months as my D level was falling from 72 to 29, my PSA shot up from 4.7 to 6.4. That caused my urologist to want to do another biopsy but he has given me three months to get my D level back up to see if that pushes my PSA back down where it belongs. To further muddy the picture I had a mild case of Covid in June 2022 and with my new natural immunity I quit taking a weekly dose of Ivermectin horse paste. I read of a recent study purporting to explain how Ivermectin fights prostate cancer so now I have resumed the horse paste two times/week. Yuck!
Vitamin D for the win!!


Thank you for posting all the details of your supplementation vs. blood levels thc… it’s very instructive, although as you say the dosing should be personalized. In the first substack article I published, making the case for everyone aspiring to >/= 50 ng/ml, I showed the results of a Mexico placebo-controlled study that was supplementing front line medical workers with 4000 IU daily (vs placebo). The supplemented cohort had 73% less infections, but more to the point, their mean blood levels rose only to 28 ng/ml, up from a mean of around 18. That is the same figure you saw at 4000 IU daily.
For the record, I take 10,000 IU daily, along with K2 and Mg. I have not had my blood tested but I feel confident that I am at or near 50…


Vitamin D3 Information

Michael Holick Ph.D. M.D. A life long vitamin D research scientist wrote and excellent book about vitamin D3 in 2010, “The Vitamin D Solution: A 3-Step Strategy to Cure Our Most Common Health Problems”. He also created a Vitamin D app called “Dminder”, an excellent tool for determining the amount of vitamin D you may get from the sunshine in a given geographical location.
Dr. Cícero Coimbra of Brazil has been successfully treating MS with very high dose vitamin D3 for decades,
Another website worth a moment of your time is an ever growing database of case stories of people using vitamin D3 for a wide assortment of maladies,
Finally another extremely informative book closely related to vitamin D3 is by Kate Rheaume-Bleue
“Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox: How a Little-Known Vitamin Could Save Your Life”


I’ve been a vitamin D groupie for a good while. My OD25 had gotten down to about 40ng/ml in June last year I began taking 50,000/day for near a month then backed off to 5,000/day my OD25 was 121ng/ml in October. I also supplement with about 200mcg of vitamin K2 for every 5000iu of D that I take and also take about 500mg/day of magnesium glycinate. As you are probably aware back about 1920 when the sunshine vitamin was first identified they were putting it in everything from bread to beer and the normal daily dosage was 25MG which is equal to 1 MILLION iu. As far as I have ever read there is no known/proven toxicity level for D but vitamin D supplementation has often been blamed for hypercalcemia however that is almost always caused by magnesium deficiency.


Ivermectin is available from the factory from multiple sellers on the IndiaMART app. FYI

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Vitamin D3

I was lucky enough to find this website and to find the FLCCC site.
My wife and I immediately started to take 4000mg of vitamin D3 a day and to get the “horse dewormer” as well as Zinc. The punchline is that we both avoided the MRNA vaccines. We did get one dose of the J&J vaccine. We could understand the issues with it. When we did get the omicron variant of covid, I started taking my “horse dewormer” immediately and my wife waited for two days.
The basic outcome was for her two days of fever and a mild cough for a week. For me I thought I had a mild cold until I was tested. I never had a fever and had no cough.
I count us lucky to have had the advice and insights from this source and the FLCCC.


Vitamin D

I have been on board here since Jan 2020.
I have been in Health Care for 45 years, now I’m 72.
Most MDs don’t appreciate the power of diet or Vitamins in general.
I have a wide circle of professional friend who are MDs, RNs, PA, NP etc.
And that circle extends to Naturopaths, DOMs and Chiropractors.
The most persuasive is a pathologist. Just like your.My last 10 years was as a Quality and IC surveryor for my State DOH. (Pathologists are the hospital quality for physicians)
Anyway I ignored my physician and followed advice from these folks who later contributed to the FLCCC.
The data from India and many other countries was more than the confirmation I needed.
The most impressive arguments for Vit D and Ivermectin is a MD/PharmD who retasks medications. He reviewed the cases of young women who had various cancers.
The afflicted had very low Vit D levels and the correlation was high
My wife was also a hospital surveyor for JCI.
International and domestic hospitals were/are seriously intimidated by governments and their minions such as the CDC, FDA, NIH etc.
I used ivermectin as well and my wife and I just had a few days of no smell, and extreme fatigue.
My fights with the local press and state officials here in New Mexico is heart breaking.
I don’t know who is more obstinate, laymen or health officials.
This is a far bigger crises than just public health.
The same mind sets apply to the evidence of stolen elections.
This is a spiritual crisis for humanity.
Fear has warped the masses, just as you have discussed so well.
Keep up your good work.


Thanks for the info, but it would not get here in time.
I’ll keep that in mind for the future.

Vitamin D And Vaccine Recovery

A small comment: I now consider myself fully recovered from vaccine injury. After suffering from initial injury and long term effects from a Moderna jab in Dec. 2020, followed by second jab(J&J) in June 2021 with worse effects, issues finally began to subside quickly the last 5 months. I am now 3 months clear of issues (most persistent were/used to be - haha, so happy to say no more: migraines, tachycardia, fatigue, depression, hives outbreaks, leg and foot bruising for no reason). I am no expert, just someone seeking answers and being on the front lines of WTF to do about it. I was willing to explore any possible avenue to restore myself to a former state of truly perfect health. There are five medicinal compounds(?) which I found that had greatest impact for me: Vitamin D, Magnesium (in the form of transdermal magnesium chloride massages, mostly), Ivermectin, bicarbonates (sodium/potassium), and chlorine dioxide. Wait - there are six - also cultivating a hopeful, positive, peaceful, and joyous emotive state. Curious comment: combining the ivermectin with CDS/chlorine dioxide solution seemed to coincide with sudden positive gains in health. What to make of that? Idk. It didn’t harm, and may have helped.
I take Vit D daily, esp since working in healthcare and plenty of exposure whatever viruses are circulating. I have not been sick except from those jabs.
SO grateful for Peak Prosperity and this beautiful tribe.
Chris has a wonderful way of presenting information while keeping it positive. And this has been an enormous blessing.


I’d be surprised if you could not buy it over the counter in most African countries, or find some local clinic who would sell it in the worst case. It is common there. Bring back a load of it :slight_smile:


Vitamin D For Cancer Treatment

I’ve listened to these reports and this on is interesting regarding cancer treatment.


Beating An Injured Horse…

Great presentation Chris. I’ve brought it up before, hence the title, but I think it is important to understand that the denigration of vitamins as a class has been going on for more than 80 years, ‘they’ are expert at it. I’ve been active for 20 years trying to get friends & family onboard to supplement their modern ‘diet’, with a few successes, but many more failures.
It was interesting to see the other day on Darkhorse, Bret & Heather’s admission where they wish they could revise their brand new book to include (or rather, retract) their policy on Vit D specifically. Then they went on to repeat the standard slogan taught in all med schools “just eat right and you will get enough of the rest…” or some such. The problem remains, almost nobody “eats right” in our modern world. Store bought veggies contain a fraction of the nutrients they once did. Biases, even for the brightest among us, are difficult to get rid of!
The list of “hero’s” over the past decades is strewn with the corpses (figuratively at least) of the brave doctors and researchers who tried to enlighten people to the value of supplementation. At first it it was the AMA that crushed the careers of many of them, later to be joined by the FDA, NIH, Big Pharma et al. Its a long and sad list, but as an example I’ll mention a few many here will recognize:
Linus Paulings: Vitamin C in the 70’s
The Shute Brothers: Vitamin E in the 40’s
A. Hoffer: Niacin for the latter half of the 20th century.
There are many more whose work was stifled by tptb of the time, but the above were a few of the more severe cases which in my opinion, have cost the lives of countless millions due to the active suppression they encountered. The ONLY positive thing I have seen from from the Covid plandemic is the realization now by many, of the depth and breadth of the medical malfeasance which we now call “modern medicine” in the west. Its a travesty! And I’m glad to see it has revealed itself at last to more of us. Soon to the masses is my hope. A lack of trust in our institutions? Absolutely!

Ships from the USA

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Safe travels, Mike! Ivermectin is ubiquitous in Africa, as is sunshine. Hope you enjoy indulging in both.


@thc0655 My experience with Vitamin D is the same as yours, a lot of variation with oral dosing. What seems to work much better and result in higher blood levels is just sitting in the sun with as little clothing as possible. Also, and might be placebo effect but I feel much better when I do that.


Thanks. I actually went online and looked to see if I could make over-the-counter purchases. The problem is that most search engines are rigged. If you type in “Ivermectin” and “over the counter,” you are directed to articles saying “Don’t use Horse Paste” and “Ivermectin is Unsafe” and so on.
I tried being “country specific” in my searches - still no luck.
I’ll find out when I get there.

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