The TGA's Actions Are Truly Inexcusable

Australia’s equivalent of the FDA, the TGA, has been caught (1) having assigned causation to two childhood covid vaccine deaths and then (2) hiding those from the public. One was a 7-year-old boy, the other a 9-year-old girl.

The TGA’s excuse? They “didn’t want to undermine public confidence.”

Instead, they opted to strongly encourage parents to get their children vaccinated and boosted as soon as they possibly could.

From my vantage point, they are all monsters, especially John Skerritt the head of the TGA. They had the data, and they decided somehow that exposing more children to the risk of death was “worth it” for some reason.

Can the TGA point to any particular harm children face due to Covid, especially Omicron? No, they really cannot.

The one ray of light in this truly horrifying tale is that the public is finally waking up in Australia. Questions are being asked. Politicians are getting testy. Still too few, but the momentum has changed.

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Glitchy Video

Perhaps it’s just my various connections and devices tried, but it was very difficult to watch this video. Sections where mouths were moving but no audio, others where the broadcast froze, plus serious buffering.
I’ll try again later and edit this comment if this issues are found to be mine.

Hey there, Don’t worry, we always appreciate feedback. It is the only way to improve. Last week we know Odysee went down, and now see you are having issues. To this end, I just sent you a private message hoping to help figure out the potential issue. On our side, it plays ok, but didn’t want to make any assumptions =).


Always frustrating on our end, as we Q/C everything and this plays fine on all of our systems.
However, Odysee can be glitchy.
Here’s a Rumble link in case that works better for you:


I guess I’ll chime in to give you the feedback that I had the same issue when trying to watch about the same time as BR549 was. Clicked the link to watch directly on Odysee and still had the issue. I’m using Brave as my browser. Listened to the audio only option which played just fine. I just tried watching again and it’s working better, but still freezing from time to time. As much as I want to like Odysee, my uneducated guess is that the problem lies with them. I thought they had fixed those issues but perhaps not quite.



Do we need a new word to describe the obfuscation being used to hide vax injury results?
I’ll suggest “Garbalogic”.
Somehow it seems to me the vax pushers had to have war-gamed for negative outcomes and the blowback that would follow.
I imagine they would choose wording as tame as possible, but they deserve to have that dialogue ripped from their control.
So Garbalogic is my suggestion.
But maybe some of you have a better one?

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Yeah, Liars!


The Other Documents?

There were too many documents responsive to the original FOIA request, and they whittled the scope down to 11. What’s in the others? If the 11 they chose to release were this bad, there are probably others which are worse.
It seems like multiple follow up requests, shifting scope each time, are in order. It also seems that the legislators should be demanding those documents in a single tranche.


Lula Da Silva (brasil) Newly Imposes Holy Shot Mandate For All Children

And so it begins…

Brazil’s newly installed authoritarian President Lula da Silva announced last week that the dangerous COVID-19 vaccine will be mandatory for all children in Brazil if parents wish to continue receiving government assistance.

And now it’s clear why he was installed and the Brazilian election was a sham. Expect to see more of this


Communists authoritarians just being communist authoritarians.

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Disgraceful, Immoral And Possibly Illegal…

… plus many more things besides.
Chances that those responsible will ever be held accountable: Near Zero.
What is becoming of our Western Societies where the masses meekly put up with this shit?

Liars And Murderers

Liars by any other name (including “representatives”) are still liars. Murderers by any other name (including health care practitioners) are still murderers.


Hello, I will add my own feedback as well. I watched the video just now. I have had multiple issues watching video’s on Odysee (Not just Peak Prosperity’s) or linked in through a website on my phone, using the Brave browser. Tt freezes up around every 3 minutes, reconnecting my VPN helps and will allows to resume the video. I have however not experienced a single issue watching this video on my laptop with the Brave browser. Personally I find it annoying when watching on my phone if a video platform does not allow for quick 10/15 seconds back and forwards which is why I disliked Rumble. I often listen to the video while doing other chores and when something important comes up that I need to see I like to quickly skip back a few seconds on my phone, however when I have to use the play navigation bar on a 45 minute video it often ends with me searching and skipping through several minutes of content. As David Huang says when my laptop is not available I tend to use the audio only option as well, but works quite find, however I miss out on video content in those moments.
Thanks to you all at Peak Prosperity for all the hard work.

Chris - All good here in Australia !
Comes through fine using the standard Safari browser on iPhone, and Windows Edge browser on Laptop.
No VPN, though im thinking i should start using a VPN and even a more secure browser.
I would love to dump the iPhone for something more secure, but have no idea what or how, and dont really trust many people locally for advice.
Chris - an idea for a video / interview… what phones do you use, or would recommend ?


Why is it that contested elections always result in an authoritarian nightmare moving in? Is there some sort of connection there we should be looking at?


Part 2

Is there a part 2 for members only?

No Informed Consent

Hiding the deaths of children so that parents would allow this gene therapy in their children means that parents were not informed of the risks and could not give informed consent.
If in Australia it is legal to give people a medical treatment without their consent, I hope the Aussies provide some treatments they deem efficacious to The Decision Maker and his/her minions.

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A Klaus Schwab puppet who has the backing from the depopulation maestro himself, Bill Gates. This is what brings about revolutions and violence when people figure it out that either we kill them or they will kill us.


Another Twenty Something Is Dead

Of course this is all normal, so NO need to blame the vaccines or boosters. You just NEVER noticed it before.
“Jansen Panettiere, actor and brother of Hayden Panettiere, dies at 28: Reports”