The Truth About Covid and Government Mind Control

This is the Second in a three-part series, which I have decided to make public and freely available. Part I explores the UK “Lockdown Files” which are a trove of text messages between and among UK health authorities revealing a startling pattern of using scare tactics to control the populace. Part II then explores how these files reveal more about the psychological operations waged against UK citizens, as well as the rest of us, with devastating results. Part III gets dark and shows the “Midazolam Murders” which saw wildly inappropriate drug delivery policies contributing to if not causing the deaths of many people within the UK hospital and care home systems.

In part I, we covered The Lockdown Files, which exposed the depths to which UK health officials sank in order to scare people into compliance.

But they had help. Lots of help, mainly from the psychological nudge unit at the UK Institute for Government’s Behavioral Insights Team, and from SAGE, or the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies.

Their goals are always the same; to get a reluctant populace to go along with whatever the government has schemed up, no questions asked.

These nudge units’ own behaviors are rooted in two things;

  1. the certainty that the government has the right answers and
  2. an unspoken rule to never look back and see how often that wasn't the case.
For instance, here’s a public document from SAGE outlining how they might go about nudging people to comply with social distancing rules. Never mind that there was zero science behind the 6-foot rule, nor any nuance around whether that distance was indoors in a poorly ventilated environment or outdoors. None of those details mattered. What mattered was getting people to comply.


As bad as the UK was, Australia went overboard to an exceptional degree with Australian politicians being especially vile and nasty about their use of shaming and coercion and othering to accomplish the aims of locking people down and/or getting them vaccinated.

In the US, we just found out this morning from the latest Matt Taibbi Twitterfiles release, that various agencies conspired to even block completely true posts about vaccine injuries because those might have fueled ‘vaccine hesitancy.’

What the even…?

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Without further ado, the piece:

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Re: Perceived Threat

I love the part where it mentions they have to enact Defcon 5 because people just don’t feel threatened by the low death count. Orly?
Could it be that, turned out to be the case anyway? The thing that bugs me about the entire Covid 1984 scam-demic is that there were reports that the CDC was counting Covid deaths even if you died in a head-on collision. If you tested positive you were a Covid statistic. If you were killed by a wild animal and you tested positive, you were a CV1984 statistic.
What really gets me is that the test the CDC approved were beyond unreliable. I never tested positive for CV1984 but my doctor refused to see me at the height of the hysteria because I had a bad cold and I was told, that was CV19.
So I got tested and yup, NEG result.


Request For A Future Chris Article

Chris how about delving into the supposed claim that TPTB plan on injecting our food source with mRNA tech? That includes animals as well as fruits and vegetables.
It would be reassuring to know since this topic is right in your wheelhouse, as to the implications if this turns out to be true. Will we potentially have the same health risks as those who took the CV1984 injections?


Well, that kind of depends on what the mRNA tech is aiming to do. Of course, we have mRNA in every living cell in our bodies.
What we didn’t have before was mRNA churning out full-length spike proteins that had been fashioned via a quite unnatural methyl pseudouridine, codon-optimized pathway.
That should never have been done.
The rest I’ll have to take on a case-by-case basis but my default setting is “we sure as hell don’t need any of that.”
Nature is plenty. Let’s figure out how to work with her.


Did Chris Martenson Discover A Problem Worse Than Tyrants, Broken Vaccines And Vaccine Harms?

As much as I lament the harms brought about by the Covid-19 panic, I think Chris may have found a greater harm.
First a short story.
Some of you may have heard of “dynamite fishing”. In this method, a stick of dynamite is lit, timed for how long it will take to explode, then thrown into the water. The explosion concusses the heck out of the fish and they float to the surface. If dynamite was cheap, I could imagine there would be no fish left anywhere if this method caught on.
Did the world just witness the biggest example of dynamite fishing for people? If yes, then as much as we debate the risks of social media, bots, trolls, and the like, we may be in for a world where 1984 looks like and upgrade. I wonder if these behavioral specialists will become the new method of amping up marketing for not just governments, but anyone - ANYONE.
The cascaded consequences of such a world would likely be worse than nuclear fallout.
I imagine we can try to find some method for tracking the number of job postings soliciting such persons and track them over time to see if that’s where we are going.
May it never be.


Write Off

I can write off my entire family. They all fell for it and have big difficulties to climb out. It is sad.


The effects of using these weaponized psyops will become apparent over the years.
Many have lost families, friends, colleagues, lovers, parents and children over this. That toll will ripple through the years. For some there will be no return.
Like for poor Sam Harris, I suspect.
I submit to you the “nudgers” all consider themselves good people, trying to do good things. But in reality, they were like Monkeys with Machineguns.
They could not fully appreciate the weapon in their hands. It was beyond their cortical depth.


Cdc: Recipe For Fostering Public Interest And High Vaccine Demand–

The CDC in a publication titled Recipe for Fostering Public Interest and High Vaccine Demand, encouraged physicians and public health officials to “state concern and alarm” and “predict dire outcomes” for the upcoming flu season.
The CDC has been doing this for a long time with the help of the MSM.


Thank You Chris.

For all that you do!


Tests were beyond crap… Pretty clear I had caught Omicron … 6 weeks later I was totally fine HOWEVER…
I needed to a recent negative test to attend a concert my wife wanted to go to since we didnt have compliance cards… So I took 2 tests same day because the 1st pharmacy said they were backlogged and results may be late… so i booked again at the same major pharmacy different location… 1 came back Positive?, 2nd came back Negative?.. guess I got over it from 6 weeks back and was all cured in an hour between the drive between pharmacies?.
Bigger tell… I also made an testing appointment for my wife, same pharmacy same day… after my 1st came back Positive … she said wait… mine will come back positive too…
I said how do you know?.. she said because the pharmacist turned their head away and I never put it in my nose at all, I took the the sterile swab broke it and put it in the tube and i told them i swabbed it in my nose.
She said this is all a BS money laundering scam you just wait… no way it could be positive unless they are intentionally lying… Guess what? hers came back positive too… so explain that one?
Test results were worst than meaningless… they were either random or manufactured… full stop…MAYBE if the jabs uptake was slowing down? hmmm… bump up the positive test rates to drive the fear…


‘right & Wrong’ – A Clue To The Meaning Of The Universe


With your analogy do you mean that this op was the dynamite fishing where all the places they’ve used similar processes in marketing and news in the past 30 years was a more normal sort of fishing?
The focus grouped, emotionally targeted messaging has been around for quite some time. Along with several other forms of nudging and persuasion.

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Apparently Sam Harris thinks he is one of the few people smart enough to determine who is qualified enough to do their own research. I never enjoyed his podcasts. Jordan peterson and Jonathan haidt are both much better.


I’m sorry, Hans. It is sad, and I hope they come around.


Missing Arms

Interesting that the are missing the big arm. Get it or lose your job and livelyhood.


I Have Been An Anti-vaxer Since 1986/87

Hello All,
My subject line kind of says it all. I am very proud to be one. I realized that the Germ Theory was totally wrong way back then. I was not fooled by this one either…never will be. Virology is a TOTAL FRAUD.
I know that there are others that frequent this web-site that also know this TRUTH. VIRUES DO NOT EXSIST. Period. Full stop, as Chris is fond of saying.
I also stopped believing in Santa Claus when I grew up. I know it is hard to do, to accept this truth but it is the only way to prevent what was done to our Western Civilization from happening again. It is time for all of you to grow up too. Thank you.


Sorry Sam. Shot kills more than it saves. That’s from Pfizer’s own clinical trial data. Doesn’t take much of a “qualification” to look at the all cause mortality data and say - gosh, if I have a greater chance of dying from the shot than I do with salt water - I think I’ll pick the salt water thanks.
He’s a “trust the experts” guy, it seems. Of course if bad people can corrupt the “experts”, they can engage in mass murder with Sam none-the-wiser.


One way to assist a test in coming to the correct conclusion is by using a nasal spray pre-test. Study from Bangladesh told me that one.
That’s probably why the bad people don’t like nasal sprays.


Guilt, Hah!

Imagine how foolish you’ll feel when you get vaccinated and spread covid-19 to someone you care about anyway (because the vaccine doesn’t stop the spread) and maybe even suffer a significant vaccine injury.


“the Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves.”

“The beatings will continue until morale improves.”
That phrase is a personal favorite of mine.