The Vaccines: Awesome Ingenuity or a Huge Mistake?

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche has two things; a very long career in industry vaccine development and a theory that these vaccines — as configured and rolled-out — represent a gigantic mistake. One that will cause immense harm in the future. Is he right? Is he wrong? We don’t know, but his ideas deserve to be heartily debated and discussed, not censored and shut down.

Why? Because the science isn’t settled and we deserve to know.

As you know, the COVID-19 vaccines are being steam-rolled out and the social, corporate, and governmental pressure to take them is immense. In this video, I introduce you to Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche’s controversial critique of this initiative. Dr. Bossche has devoted his entire career to vaccines, so I invite you to consider what he has to say about mass vaccination using these vaccines during this pandemic.

As always, you decide what to do with the information that’s revealed here, and during the full interview.

Video of Full Interview

Audio of Full Interview


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It’s important to remember it’s a hypothesis.
What would be great is Chris interviewing an expert who’s hypothesis is pro vaccine.
It would provide a balanced picture and confirm that Chris is open minded on the subject, as any science oriented person should be.
My experience with medical professionals has been different. All the doctors, nurses, dentists and ophthalmologists I’ve had dealings with are vaccinated, are pro vaccine and some are disappointed in the progress of the vaccine effort.
I have several doctors and two nurses in my family, all vaccinated.

It is not an issue of pro-vax or anti-vax and people who reduce it down to this are simple minded gits.
In parts of Nazi Germany the undesirables, Gypsies, Jews, Homosexuals, etc. were given “injections” that killed them. Any who refused must have been “anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist nut jobs” right? Grow a brain people.

Pro-vaccine experts are already all over the mainstream media

We on this site have produced reams and reams of data, especially during Chris’s absence, to try to figure this out. In all that time I never saw you or anyone else providing data driven rebuttals to what we were providing.
It is on YOU to provide the people, data, and rebuttals to refute the evidence we have thus far. It is not on US or CHRIS to do your homework for you - it is up to you to bring YOUR evidence to us to consider.
Until you can put up facts & data that we can collectively weigh and consider, your arguments have no merit - in my opinion.

Thanks Les for your perspective. It’s good that we can share our thoughts and opinions. My daughter who is a healthcare professional also (against my advice) took the jab. She believed the false narrative being pushed upon her by “science” the government agencies, and peer pressure. We have been lied to since the beginning of the scamdemic. Millions of “cases” determined by fraudulent PCR tests. People scared to death forced to hide in their homes. Vaccines granted EUA when effective treatments were known. VAERS has confirmed the dangers of the vaccines and yet they continue to be pushed even upon our children and grandchildren. I’m sorry if you can’t see there is a dirty agenda here (whatever it may be) besides the hundreds of billions of profits to the vaccine companies. I am sorry too if you can’t see that the “scientific journals” have been corrupted. The truth is that the “vaccines” don’t prevent one from getting or transmitting Covid. The long-term effects are unknown. I sincerely pray that you, your family members, friends, and all those including my friends and family who have taken the vaccines aren’t negatively impacted. When proven safe I may consider it…but not until then.
Edit to add: Les, I don’t think most here are against vaccines (including me) We have been given good reason not to trust those pushing the lies. One lie leads to another, before long everything becomes a lie. This isn’t about who is right, it’s about what is right. When open debate and science is stifled and suppressed at the cost of human lives people need to be held accountable.

Here’s my quick capsule summary: We are conducting Gain-Of-Function research on a mass scale, because we have a large enough cohort of unvaccinated people who act as a resevoir which is in constant contact with the vaccinated population. Thus a vaccinated person may be repeatedly challenged by community transmission, over and over, without getting sick. It’s analogous to “serial passaging” in the lab… you keep doing it long enough and eventually you’ll get a breakthrough mutation.
Of course, on the one hand, this can be taken as an argument to vaccinate more people more quickly. But it’s an even better argument to stop dithering and obfuscating about the highly effective treatments we already have available. In particular: Vitamin D, Ivermectin, and Fluvoxamine, but also including Vitamin C, Quercetin/EGCG + Zinc, Melatonin, Bromhexine, Famotidine, etc…
A prudent deployment of these interventions could terminate this pandemic rather quickly.

It’s still unclear to me how these injections prevent transmission. I have seen numerous people make the assertion that they do without explaining how. In my simple engineering brain, these injections produce antibodies in the blood. Whereas the infection first presents on the surface of the lung. How do antibodies in the blood get to the surface of the lung in sufficient quantities to neutralise the virus and prevent transmission?
Question: Do those on IVM who get attacked by Covid: do they achieve a natural immunity of any kind?

Another hypnosis would be grate.

I don’t think Les was being unreasonable. He’s simply suggesting it would help the conversation to hear a different perspective on this topic. “Pro vaccine” is shorthand.
Calling people simple minded gits and telling people to grow a brain is not an argument. It’s just a tool to shut down conversation and feel superior. Save that shit for Facebook. Since you’ve only been on PP for six months show a little humility.
To helmadi #3’s point, sure Pro vaccine experts are all over the corporate press but the mainstream never gives a deep dive like Chris does in his interviews. It would be good to hear the strongest case for vaccines and hear the rebuttal to this hypothesis. That’s how you hone in on the truth and sharpen your arguments.
To #4 and #5, If Les was making an argument then sure he would need to bring data. But he wasn’t. And he also never suggested he bought into any false narrative or the “mainstream lies”. He was just asking for more info and sharing his observations.
For the record, my personal interpretation of the Covid response and media and govt agency lies and failures is very much in line with Chris’ take. I just want to caution against attacking honest inquiry and shutting down debate by piling on. There’s enough of that on the internet and this community is better than that.

You said,

We are conducting Gain-Of-Function research on a mass scale, because we have a large enough cohort of unvaccinated people who act as a resevoir which is in constant contact with the vaccinated population. Thus a vaccinated person may be repeatedly challenged by community transmission, over and over, without getting sick. It's analogous to "serial passaging" in the lab... you keep doing it long enough and eventually you'll get a breakthrough mutation.
I agree with almost everything you have said but there is something subtle in here that I think is important. Maybe it's the propaganda getting so deep inside your head that you don't even recognize that it's propaganda anymore.. but I see it immediately because I know they (TPTB) are constantly working to deomonize the unvaxxed as being, "The problem". Look what you said above, in bold. On the one hand, we recognize that vaccinated people can get sick, especially from variants. We must also assume that they can transmit, right? Why does your statement suggest that the unvaccinated are the, "reservoir"? Wouldn't the reservoir include the vaccinated who can still harbor the virus also? Now, I think it's fair to say that the unvaccinated can potentially contribute to the reservoir, but from a population macro GOF perspective, they DO NOT put the virus up against the same evolutionary arms race that the spike-protein vaccinated do. The vaccinated are the main cohort driving the immune escape. Naive immunity doesn't put the same pressure on the virus... Wanna see the science? Risk of rapid evolutionary escape from biomedical interventions targeting SARS-CoV-2 spike protein SARS-CoV-2 is commonly considered to acquire mutations more slowly than other RNA viruses [1,2]. However, the SARS-CoV-2 mutation burden and evolutionary rate (1x10-3 substitutions per base per year [2]) have only been estimated under conditions of neutral genetic drift (distinct from antigenic drift) [3], in the absence of strong positive selection pressure provided by population-level immunity or other interventions that select for resistance mutations. In immunologically naïve COVID-19 patients, viral load and transmission [4] peak near the time of symptom onset, while the host antibody response peaks approximately 10 days later [5]. Thus, transmission in immunologically naïve individuals occurs well in advance of the appearance of a robust humoral response. These kinetics suggest the immune response in naïve individuals exerts limited selection pressure on the virus, consistent with direct genetic evidence from deep sequencing showing little to no positive selection [6]. Hence, the evolutionary rate prior to the widespread deployment of vaccines or development of natural immunity (based primarily on neutral genetic drift) may underestimate the evolutionary potential of the virus to evade nAbs deployed as active immunity (vaccines) or passive immunity (nAb prophylactics). When nAbs are broadly present in the population, population-level selection for antibody-evading, infection-competent viral mutants may result in a rapid resurgence of SARS-CoV-2 infections.
The unvaxed, with our naive immunity, are not the problem in terms of driving the evolutionary kinetics in our GOF population lab.

I opened the PP home page and saw this interview between Chris and Dr. Vanden Bossche was the headliner. GREAT! I’ve been hoping to hear Chris unpack and delve into the ideas of Geert. I watched the introduction and tried to click on the full video … only to be informed that “SORRY. This video does not exist.”
That sickens me for several reasons. Firstly, that it was deemed to be misinformation by the algorithms at Youtube (I assume it was Youtube who was hosting it since the owners (Guugle) have a nasty habit of doing this.) Secondly, I’m sickened that Chris still supports the owners of Youtube by posting content on their site that makes them money.
Obviously, the video pointed out shortcomings of this “vaccine,” namely that it is not a sterilizing vaccine and hence, promotes variants to propagate. As we know, virus is gonna virus. It is what they do. They make imperfect copies during replication. Most of the imperfect copies fail. Occasionally, one of these comes out that can avoid the limited immunity and start replicating in the “vaccinated” individual.
Getting back to Youtube and their draconian measures to disappear videos under the guise of “misinformation,” why is the truth so damning to their campaign?

I agree with you Grover….where do you suggest Chris move his platform? We should never support those that suppress free speech.
do you suggest Chris move to?

I get the same thing Grover. Even under the premium content (which is usually Vimeo) says “Sorry. this video does not exist.” I’ve never had that issue with the previous premium content

How does an avid vaccinator answer these historical graphs that show zero effect on the infection rate of any disease?

In parts of Nazi Germany the undesirables, Gypsies, Jews, Homosexuals, etc
The German method of execution was traditional. A bullet to the back of the head or a firing squad. (Sheesh! The rationalizations that people will go to on order to avoid their stupidity and guilt! We bombed our Kinfolk into a bloodsoaked rubble at the behest of our Masters, the Banksters.) This thread runs through history up until Qaddafi who tried to sell oil for Gold. I am not sorry to tell any and all civilians that there is no "nice" way to wage a war. The next one will be as bloody and brutal as the last. Best to not go there.

Indeed. It would seem that at some point scientists lumped viruses in with germs, and the misinterpretation has become dogma. They are very different. Please watch talks by Zach Bush MD for a fascinating account of what viruses actually are. Hint, we would not be here if it weren’t for viruse; viruses do not kill us, our poor health, including the state of nature, is what is killing us.

Driving to work this a.m., listening to NPR interviewing some vaccine toady, praying my head wouldn’t explode. I can’t remember the exact wording, but the woman doing the interview asked a question, something the tune of “But will the vaccine actually keep you from (something undesirable)…?” It was definitely questioning the MSM narative and the interviewee certainly didn’t properly answer the “real” question. And it was the second or third time in the last 3 or 4 days that I’ve detected such straying from the narative by an NPR personage. I don’t have access to other MSM, so, is it just me, or are there chinks developing in the MSM armor (after 15 months)? Aloha, Steve.

Tonya McKinney wrote: I agree with you Grover….where do you suggest Chris move his platform? We should never support those that suppress free speech.
Tonya, I wish I had an answer. I've had bandwidth issues with bitchute and vimeo where the video downloads v-e-r-y slowly and pauses every few seconds while buffering. Is that just my link or is it endemic? I don't know. Stealyourface made a comment in #14 that the video was suppressed in the premium section. Lots of ways to interpret that. Was it blocked on PP premium? Is it the same video and hence same provider? Is Stealyourface a premium "vimeo" subscriber and couldn't find it on their premium platform? I know that Youtube is the 800 pound gorilla and that it is the best place for Chris to advertise his expertise in order to be able to afford hosting this site. I can see that he would use their services as a promotion vehicle. Why can't he post his material to other video hosting services as well? Perhaps he could post it to as many as reasonably possible and provide links to each platform. I'd love to have the option to see this interview. I'll even give feedback on which platform fits my needs the best. Let the herd decide which provider does it best. I suspect we'll coalesce to a few platforms relatively quickly. Let Youtube step up to the plate or slit their own throat. I don't use them if I have viable alternatives, because, like you, I don't want to support those who suppress free speech. For the same reason, I use for my search engine because they don't track me like guugle does. Oh, and guugle owns Youtube, right? Let's starve the bastards until they get it right. Grover