The W.H.O. (Finally!) Declares Coronavirus A "Pandemic"

In the spirit of letting the horse run out, catch an Uber to the airport, then hop a trans-Atlantic flight, before closing the barn door, WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom finally admitted today that the coronavirus outbreak should now be officially recognized as a “pandemic”.

He now urges all countries of the world to activate and scale up emergency systems, communicate with the public on how to stay safe, and test & treat everyone at risk.

Ya think???

Peak Prosperity has been advocating for those same steps since Chris’ first video on covid-19 on Jan 24th. That’s 47 critical days ago.

Tedros, the WHO, the CDC, and many other government/health organizations have endangered the public welfare by downplaying the seriousness of the coronavirus outbreak and delaying critical action.

Our actions here at Peak Prosperity have been intended to present the data and facts as we best know them at any given moment, so that people can take informed action. Our warnings were designed to get as many people prepared in advance, so that they would be and *not* have to panic if the pandemic indeed continued its spread.

Ironically, it’s the media and organizations like the WHO, who initially derided our daily updates as fear-mongering quackery, who are now stoking fear and panic with their sudden desperate scramble.

As we find ourselves repeating a lot these days: it didn’t have to be this way…

This is why educating yourself via sites like Peak Prosperity and taking prudent action when the facts call for it is so important.

Those of us not already self-quarantining all need to use the scant time we have left to get our preparations fully in place.

The coronavirus preparation megathreads available for free on are a great resource for those still preparing:

  1. Coronavirus: Sanitation, PPE and Self Quarantine Megathread
  2. Coronavirus: Medicinals, Herbals and Supplements Megathread
  3. Coronavirus: Home Prep, Deep Pantry & Gardening Megathread
If you’re one of the many new readers here on Peak Prosperity, be sure you’re up-to-date on developments with the coronavirus. All of our latest covid-19 video updates, podcasts and articles can be accessed here for free.

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Louis Doran
HELP. SOS. PLEASE HELP. If there is anybody from the province of Quebec, Canada or from Canada or that know Canadians, reading this, please help. Our authorities have yet to understand anything regarding the urgency and severity of the crisis staring us in the face. I have been trying for 4 weeks now , since Feb 10., to warn my superiors and whole hierarchy of the danger and the seriousness of our predicament. Since that went nowhere, i then tried the local media. To no avail. Yesterday, since I work in the Quebec parliament, i tried to talk to one of the MPP or MNA as we call them here and again that wen nowhere. I again went to the parliamentary press to give documents concerning the Covid-19 epidemic and my story to journalists whom i had deemed trustworthy but again nothing came of it. The work of Chris Martenson, Ken Stanfield, Liz Specht , were all referenced in those documents. I have been following Chris's work for years. Since 2009 at least. Yesterday, i was taken to the hospital by ambulance since i had many of the designated symptoms of Covid-19 infection. Working in parliament as a tour guide, i have been in close contact visitors from all over the world including China, South Korea, Italy, France, UK, Germany, US and the least goes on for the since day one of this epidemic as Canada as never thought it was a good idea to stop plane loads of tourists arriving from this countries to simply walk in to the country. At most, a self-declaration of symptoms was advised. Not even mandatory. Just advised. Anyhow, yesterday evening, after running all the tests to find something else to explain my condition and finding nothing, ER doctors finally conceded to test for Covid-19. I was sent back home in the middle of the night to await the results. Those can be up to 48 hrs to obtain. As of this writing, I am feeling my condition worsening. It is nos a brutal decline but a steady decline that as occurred over the last 3 days. My breath is getting shallower and shallower. I had lightheadedness, i now have my head spinning and ever more trouble concentrating. And although i still don't cough much it is nonetheless increasing slowly but surely. I just might have to head back to the ER tonight. What do I want from you folks, To stir the pot. To make some noise. To relay this message to friends and family especially if they live in Quebec. I assume, if you are on Chris's youtube channel, it is because you are well aware and understand what is going on, what is the seriousness of our predicament. How we are all in this together as a single humanity and how save for a few exceptions, our various public health authorities have consistently been way behind the curve on this, not to say criminally negligent. Unfortunately, from my own experince up to now, Quebec just might win the prize for the lamest response of them all. Please HELP. My name is Louis Doran. I live in Quebec city, Canada. Good luck to all. I'll see you some day when you visit our parliament. God be with you all. You can of course find me on faceb..k.
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Louis Doran
Yup, that was province Quebec being portrayed there in the video. The last line really says it all. ''Health officials say the risk of transmission of the disease in the community remains low''. I spend all yesterday afternoon stuck in an meeting which these fools (well to of them at least from the Quebec area local office) , trying to convince them of the severity of our predicament. But of course, THEY being the experts in public health, they shot the messenger plenty, but never cared to look at the message. The hard scientific data. Hence, wee, nothing came out of it. Oh, and the whole reason for the meeting to start with. My refusal to carry out my normal duties unless my employer, the government of Quebec, through its parliament, supply me and my colleagues with such expensive protective measures got it, alcohol based hand sanitizer. It's been an epic 4 week battle already. Some distributors were finally installed last Thursday. But not in the area where my colleagues and I work, but in the offices where our bosses hang out. An area where the general public does not have access. As for us, front line soldiers, diddly squat. Yup, got that right!!!! I now realize that even I was careless and complacent. Yet, in a organization that is 750 people strong, I am the ONLY alarm bell ringer. And have been since Feb. 10th. And I am at the lowest rung of the hierarchy. Just above the janitors basically. Perhaps, that is why I never managed to catch any of the higher up's attention and have been ridiculed for the last month. Well, we will see who laughs last now won't we. If I survive this thing of course. God bless.

should we still consider buying food at stores, even with deep pantry, or are we in lockdown. is that bad yet? i am thinking doing essential shopping with ppe still

For those of you just stopping by, we have compiled the information in the Peak Prosperity videos and blog posts that Chris Martensen has done, beginning 1/23/2020 when he first alerted us here of the threat. He mentions them in the information on this video but due to unforeseen circumstances, those links only cover 1/2 to 2/23.
We’ve broken them down into three broad categories

  • Sanitation, Personal Protective Equipment and Self Quarantine Information
  • Medicinal, Herbals and Vitamin Supplements
  • Home Preparation, Deep Pantry and Gardening
This does not include all of the information in the comment threads but does cover the most important self help subjects. Those links mentioned only go to 2/23/2020. Due to the very fluid situation we've had problems keeping them updated, but we have put them online, updated to 3/3/2020 so you can read and search them here: Peak Prosperity Covid19 Library of Files They are list chonologically by video but more files sorted by subject will be going up soon. Use your browser's "Find" tool to search for key words and subjects of interest. Feel free to add comments with useful info please. You can also get the files sent to you but clicking the PM link in this post, and asking me to send them to you. If you would like them emailed to you, include your email address in your PM.
Should we still consider buying food at stores, even with deep pantry, or are we in lockdown. is that bad yet? i am thinking doing essential shopping with ppe still.
Nordicjack, I think it depends on a couple of factors. First, what risk category are you in? I myself am 62, relatively healthy, though 20 pounds overweight with no conditions like heart disease or diabetes which would increase my risk of dying from this illness. Call it perhaps a 10% worse case. Second, St Louis in Missouri presently doesn't have many cases, all of them are travel related. Though one such case, decided to break self quarantine and go to his daughter's school activity. That means its almost certainly out into the public but we don't have a case of community spread. I don't assess my risk of getting this illness if I am at "Level 2". Level 1 being no PPE, Level 2 being social distancing and lots of hand wipes on surfaces, but no mask yet. At Level 3 I'm going to gloves and limited trips out. As it is, I've cut almost all of my casual trips out, and only doing essential shopping. Even then its usually at around 9pm, just before the grocery store closes. I'd say I'm at about 3 months of food in my home. Right now I'm putting away some stuff at my sister's house as an alternative. Probably a month there. I'm going to take the rest of the week to bring her up to 3 months, then next week do another pause to organize and review, depending on the local situation with infected cases. So it comes down to how big of a risk is going out in your location? --- ADDED: Paul Helinski in this forum post Makes the case that suggestions that you buy what you eat for your deep pantry are missing the point and that what you should be giving priority is getting the most calories for the dollar in the foods you buy. I can see his point. For someone of limited means, yes you want to get as many supplies and extend your deep pantry as far as possible, and that means making choices that are as economical as possible. I've also been a naive prepper who had a very old 5 gallon container of rice and of beans I didn't eat. To me a deep pantry isn't like some vault of gold you close the door on and hoard, but simply a resource that is much bigger than your normal pantry. Instead of a weeks worth of food, you have 12 weeks or more. That means you rotate thru the resource to make sure nothing goes stale, rancid or to waste. You can't do that with food you wouldn't normally eat, fantasies of hard core preppers in their bunker bug out locations aside. I think there is a middle of the road approach, where you go for the best value you can, and yet still buy the foods you eat and have a measure of comfort foods and treats. Its going to be hard enough to self quarantine for weeks with little or no outside contact, without being miserable at meal time.

No flights from Europe - but not for a couple of days? But not from the UK where “Health minister and Conservative MP Nadine Dorries has been diagnosed with coronavirus.”
All our new cases here (WI) are people who traveled from US hot spots - no help there and our college students are all going to spring break party spots on Fri.
Maybe economic aid for the top 10% (loans, less tax), but nothing that will help hourly service workers or small service businesses.
Not that I think the Democrats would do any better. We’re in trouble.

I agree Chris. I so agree. But unfortunately, i have to report that it is useless. Just fuckin’ completely useless. As I wrote in my earlier comment, I have been on a mission since Feb. 10 th. trying to raise awareness amongst my colleagues, family, neighbors. I’ve been laughed at, politely dismissed, ridiculed, etc.Of the hundreds of people, i have tried to warn to no avail, i’d be surprised if one or two heeded my advice which is basically to lok at the science. Look at the numbers. And of referencing your work for them to do so. I have tried to go to the press. Even elected reps since I work in parliament. All to no avail whatsoever. All that has happened is that I have more and more questionned my sanity of mind. I truly feel like in a movie or I must be dreaming and I will eventually wake up from this nightmare. For the rest, I’m sorry but I am down to Darwin tonight. The dumbest part of the human specie, which in Quebec seems to be a hell of a lot of people will die and that will strengthen the specie. It’s evolution. That’s it. There is nothing to do. There is absolutely nothing to do until the shit hits the fan and people emerge from their zombie-like mindless sheep state of mind. Because, up until now, they still trust the authorities and the authorities aare saying everything is A OK. Remember the Milgram experiment. Remember the power of the white coat. Because the experimenter wears a whitecoat he must know what he is doing and if he orders to send a a life-threathening voltage of electricity to a human guinea pig, mot people just went ahead and did it. That is what we are dealing with here. People have been brainwashed to mindlessly obey "authorities’’ to a degree I never imagined was possible. That is now an established fact for me. Case in point. I just got off the phone ( i hung up actually cause I just couldn’t take it anymore) with my sister. She has been figthing a form of leukemia for a couple of years. She is thus amongst the most at risk with this thing. She has 3 kids, two of which are barely teenagers. Well, what does she answer when I invite her to check out your website? How do you know you can trust this guy? Me, i don’t (well i do now because I have been following your work for years and you have never let me down). I don’t trust anybody. I take a look at the facts that are presented. And if those facts and the conclusions derived from them are logical, and respect the basic laws of physics, of math, etc. I make them mind. But I think. I analyse. I never gobble up hook, line and weight. Never. So don’t look at the messenger. Look at the message. And her to answer: ‘‘Well, I follow this guy that says not to worry because viruses are just part of nature, their part of life, they have always been there and always will be so it’s useless to worry.’’ That’s when I hung up. Good luck sis’.

I’m out in CO, USA. Our governor declared a state of emergency relatively early and universities in the state are now moving to an online format. Could have been better, could have been earlier. But big, and awesome move to hopefully reduce spread. Fingers crossed others pick up and follow suit. And here’s hoping that others get similarly creative.

Sports fans are rioting as we speak

Its the time to get creative with looking for supplies. Two sources not to over look, Dollar stores and business supply stores.
Dollar stores surprisingly here locally still have a good supply of stuff. Its all second rate stuff and things you wouldn’t normally buy but much of it is still good resources. I filled out a first aid kit with bandages and other stuff very cheaply. Dollar bottles of bleach and packs of hand wipes were still available today.
And don’t ignore the next tier up suppliers who sell to retail businesses. My nearby restaurant supply store still has cases of gloves, nitrate and latex, as well as cleaning supplies. They sell to the public and are often $1-2 less than retail.
Might be time to consider using your credit card too supplement your cash supply. They can’t sue a dead person.

As a rule, I never watch politician’s speeches, but thought I should watch Trumps address tonight. It was truly painful to watch. I only made it about 5 minutes. It wasn’t just the content, although that was truly bad. He seemed out of breath. I know he was exposed and, so far, has refused testing. I wonder if he’ll wind up being a super spreader?
My wife and I are about 10 days into isolation. We hike alone in the desert, go to the grocery store for fresh produce, when we must, showering afterward and otherwise #StayTheFHome.
Louis, our friends will not alter their behavior either. We remain honest with them about our reasons for isolating and provide them with links to good information sources. The rest is up to them.
Thanks again Chris and Adam, for the early warning. Honorable mention to David Trammel.

Hello Everyone, I highly recommend all the folks new to this site and to Chris’ daily Corona Virus updates to go back and watch them all from the beginning. These updates build on previously established info/data. Also read the comments sections - not just on this site. I have acquired really good info/intel from the comments sections, you just have to filter.
As for Chris, my heart felt thanks. My first exposure to you was the first version of the Crash Course. I had already gone down the proverbial “rabbit-hole” in 2008, but finding your Crash Course, then The Transition Handbook and then The Hidden Secrets of Money literally changed the course of my life. The “rabbit-hole” was a dark and lonely place until the trilogy happened. Then I got busy.
I’m not surprised by the quality of your coverage of the virus. Super excellent! You have been a trusted source of news for me since 2011, and I took your warnings seriously. Fortunately for me, my guy listens to me and has voluntarily self quarantined. I don’t have that luxury. Thanks to your early and prescient warnings, I feel secure with my preparations for the virus, possible quarantine, and personal protection protocols. I’m gently pressuring my adult children to stock up on essential items and at least two have taken my heed. Your matter-of-fact approach, cool head, and clear synthesis of data will save a lot of lives.
I’m especially grateful because I’ve been preparing since 2011: (7) peach trees, (3) pomegranites, (3) apple trees, (2) persimmons, (4) pear trees, (8) loquat trees, (3) pecan trees, (3) blackberry bushes, and lot’s of banana trees - they reproduce like gang busters - so do the loquats. We’ve harvested from all but the persimmons and blackberries. I also started a growing operation and hand farmed from 1/2 to 1 acre for five years. I took my produce to market once a week. It was hard work, I ain’t no spring chicken. I never made a profit, but I learned how to grow food and I installed infrastructure. I also learned how to can, dehydrate, and preserve seeds. I use heirloom seeds.
I also turned my home into somewhat of a boarding house. I rent out three rooms in the house and have 3 RV’s renting on the property. We have a little community with like minded people. Additionally diversified by converting a mother in law suite into an airbnb. (That may have to go back to long term in the near term).
I started the farming operation for many reasons, but one was for further diversification of income and a cash flow as my law office suffered five years of consecutive decline beginning in 2008. After a dead cat bounce in 2013, the office bottomed out in 2014. By the time 2014 rolled around, I was much more informed, educated and aware of relevant current events and was determined to never be caught unawares again. Also diversified the law office income and offer self help legal services where I help people represent themselves in court, and I recently became a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediator in addition to my Family mediation certification. Diversify, diversify, diversify.
And have been saving a modest amount in other than fiat currency over time.
I am one of the horrible statistics of this mega credit cycle, but I’ve built in some resilience, thanks to the Crash Course and this site.

Tom Hanks has it now - I wonder if that might make some people take notice? ?
Also just saw this
Maybe they might finally stop giving advice to the contrary?

Sincerely appreciate today’s March 11th video, Chris. One of your best.
My immediate family is quite religious and have steadfastly contended that “The Lord will protect me” any time I try to talk to them about prepping for this oncoming wave.
I am reminded of that old cartoon where the drowning man turns away the rescue boat and ends up in heaven, very upset.
You sir, are the man in the boat.
But it seems that this situation may finally be getting to you, and that’s OK. But PLEASE keep up your good work.
And I hope to ski with you soon. Or maybe, on second thought, we should just -
Stay TF Home!
See you on the other side.
And good luck to you all.

More great info. I’ve been watching Chris’ daily posts since he first appeared on MacroVoices back in January. I watched today’s vid and saw that total test for COVID19 for Canada was 642 and thought immediately that something is missing since I know in BC (where I live) it has been over 2000 as of March 4. So I did some digging and came up with the following stats with sources:
Alberta pop 4.37mil tests: 2619
BC (Mar 6) pop 5.07mil tests: 2803
Ontario pop 14.5mil tests: 3395
Quebec pop 8.40mil tests: 578
The above are the four most populous Provinces in Canada making up over 32 of the 37.5 million Canadians. In the stat you showed from the National Microbiology Laboratory (NML) there is a note “This number does not reflect the total number of reported cases in Canada, as some provinces perform diagnostic testing within their jurisdiction.” which would not include the above mention Provinces since they have their own testing it seems. The remaining 6 Provinces and 3 Territories (none of which has a population much over 1.3 million) would most likely use the NML for testing. Here’s what I could find in that regard:
Manitoba pop 1.3mil tests: 92 (by NML)
Saskatchewan pop 1.16mil tests: 216 (by NML)
Nova Scotia pop 965k tests: 47 (by NML?)
New Brunswick pop 770k tests: 12 (by NML)
Newfoundland pop 523k tests: 44 (by NML?)
That’s all I could find currently. Information is less available in the lower populated areas such as the territories (Yukon, NWT, Nunavut) but they definitely would run any testing through the NML due to a very low population (120k for all three combined).
Therefore, the Canadian COVID19 testing total is around 9800 currently. Obviously there will be some discrepancies in the numbers as there are several jurisdictions reporting at different times e.g. BC seems to be reporting on a weekly basis and are promising new stats on Friday. So 9800 is better than 642, but is it good enough?
Not here to toot our horn, just here to report the facts as best one can. We here in Canada, as much of the world does, need to do better to mitigate this pandemic as well.
Thanks for your time,

I am 55 with recent history of recurrent pneumothorax, likely due to old car accident injury. Also, with a central sleep apnea but think that again is related to possible lung injury. I also have hereditary endocrine disease. likely MEN2… hard to get official diagnosis but have consistent genetic tests, and symptomology. with 30 year history of misdiagnosed parathyroid disease leading to severe neuro damage (peripheral neurapthy , vertigo and other dizziness , balance , cognitive impairment etc. ) Along with cardiac issues due to hypercalcemia and hypophosphatemia… that was dismissed for a long time. (30 years as depression ) So , yeah , I have been super careful to not get the flu… but i work from home ( again because of health) … So, that is where I am - not freaking… But I would not consider myself in the top 50-75% of the population in health… So… that makes me wonder…

Two elderly, retired family members will not change one single thing about their life.
I say they are putting both me and themselves at risk. They say if it is their time to go, it’s their time to go. All the appointments and engagements outside the house still stand: dog grooming, haircuts, nail appts, indoor performances and plays, card games, dice games, dining out, parties with the neighbors. Workers, housekeepers, neighbors, friends still coming through the house.
I have been gently trying to inform, tidbit by tidbit, and make small changes, one at a time, since Jan 23. Yup! That long. The media is FINALLY helping me. Tom Hanks, NBA games, cruises, warnings for over 60’s. They still say they will not cancel anything unless the government tells them to.
In another state, bro, SIL, and two adult children are still planning on their spring break cruise. One is an EMT.
Personally, I cancelled a domestic flight on Feb 1, at great cost, and great interpersonal disruption. Cancelled a very important in-home client at great personal disruption, and limited the rest of my life to quite prudently. And spent every penny I have, and more that I don’t have, stocking up for me and these elders.
I. Am. Frustrated.
And not sure when to start hiding in my bedroom with the vents taped, LOL.
How many families will this destroy? How many divorces will this cause?

Well, speaking for myself, I have less health issues going on and I am no longer going out. I called it last week. I am in CA, USA. If I have to go out, it will be in mask and gloves and not to anywhere around people ( ie., I may have to go the the feed store to get hay eventually, I DO have to get some lumber. But lumber yard with mask on, doesnt seem too risky )

Yes, this was one of the best broadcasts. I think Feb 25 is now second best.