The Website Launch Is Now Officially Announced!

This is one of the biggest moments in Peak Prosperity’s entire existence; not only will we launch a brand new, totally rebuilt and vastly superior website, but our entire business model will change too.

Since 2008, Peak Prosperity has had one business model; $30/month gets you over the paywall. Some people thought that was too much. Some thought it was far too little. Not once did we ever raise the price, or offer a way for people to engage at the level that made the most sense for them.

We did away with Google ads and its revenues because I found their cookies and tracking to be against my personal ethos and those of this site’s many members. We did branch out and develop seminars that went along ways towards helping to keep the lights on around here. To round things out we also offered a few placements with affiliates whom we trusted and thought offered a valuable service at good prices (Hard Assets Alliance, New Harbor, and Farmland LP for example).

Then Covid came along and our boutique shop switched from talking about the massive changes coming to the world because of resource depletion (and too much debt issuance and currency creation) to talking about viruses and lockdowns and Great Resets. Site traffic and reach exploded in terms of viewership, followers, and impact.

Going with that flow offered the opportunity to rise up and use my one precious life to have a positive impact on as many people as possible. Suddenly, this required pouring my all into content creation while also bringing on a whole new team and making significant investments back into the business. Oh, all while operating Honey Badger Farm with Evie, serving on the board of the FLCCC, helping my many new friends in that space as they grew, and forging new alliances.

Luckily (and I’d rather be lucky that than good!) the universe was in agreement with these efforts and has blessed Peak Prosperity with an expanded tribe of dedicated and brilliant people as well as a stellar team.

Now that everything I have been preaching/educating about for the past 14 years is coming true, we simply have to have as large an impact as we can. Millions more need to be reached and they will be.

The Vision

Every company in the world has to continually ask and answer the same two questions; where are you going and how are you going to get there?

That is, what’s your vision and what are your resources? Good, crisp visions are masterful works of art, and there are never enough resources to achieve them. At least that’s how it seems.

My vision and goals for this coming year for Peak Prosperity include:

  • Reaching as many new people as possible.
    • This means lots and lots of content creation.
  • Fostering more engagement at the site. Many people lurk and never post or share. I’d like everyone to feel welcome and to contribute.
  • Maintaining the culture. We’ve got a great community and I don’t want to do anything to risk that. The new people we’ve attracted the past two years have been absolutely wonderful (with very few "bad fits"). As we attract new people, we will do everything we can to both welcome them and on board them by…
  • Creating learning modules. The Crash Course needs to be redone. There are a dozen or so key "framing pieces" (e.g. “One Step Removed,” “Zozobra & Demoralization,” and “facing our Horrible future) that need to be polished and converted into a "course" of study. As well, I have an entire new body of work centering on Mass Psychosis, propaganda, behavioral economics, etc. that needs some time and space to turn into a program of study. Having these assets all buffed up and organized will help greatly as new people won’t have to stumble about a terribly designed website in hopes of accidentally finding these nuggets.
  • Reaching out and continuing to form new and strategic relationships with the people and organizations I’ve met these past two years.
  • Delivering more and better events than ever before. Virtual, live, experience and skill trips (Front Sight, Polyface, and more), you name it!
  • Delivering a vastly improved website experience for everyone.
With your help all of this and more is possible. Yes, Evie and I will be very busy with both Honey Badger Farms and the project “across the street” known as Brookside Springs of which we are overseeing the development.

None of this would have been possible without your support. Because of you I was able to focus my skills on what I do best, which is communicate in a way that some people can hear, absorb and act upon.

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The New Website

The moment of truth is coming. As many of you know, the new website has been in beta testing for a couple of months, and we are getting very, very close to launching the new, updated site.

When? If all goes well…and it seems to be…the new and improved Peak Prosperity will begin its launch sequence Sunday night, Feb 28. Please note that we will be offline for a short period of time. Our goal is to keep this to under a day.

Obviously, the whole process has taken longer than we ever imagined. As we said in December, some of your feedback required us to go back to the drawing board and overhaul our approach to the site’s general architecture. And, it will be worth it.

We want to deliver the very best updated website we possibly while it took time, I hope the changes meet your standards.

There will be bugs, of course, so please be sure to use the new “Contact us” form to let us know right away about any glitches you encountered or improvements you’d like to see.

Our goals for the website were many, but fairly focused: we didn’t want just a better website, but the most welcoming one we could possibly build.

Here are the site's main new features:

  • Hugely improved page loading optimized for speed
  • Searching and filtering that actually works
  • Improved ability to more easily find content including your own posts and comments
  • A cleaner look-and-feel that’s easier to navigate
  • Threaded comments (yay! Finally!) which nest replies under the main comment
  • The ability to sort comments by most liked, newest, or oldest
  • The ability to jump to most liked or hottest (most active) comment thread
  • Demystified signup and membership processes videos
  • More accessible membership plans, with more features
  • Amazing deals on products and services from our new amazing partners
  • An expanded and rejuvenated Resilient Life area that will get a lot more focus from now on

Again, when we are launching the new website, we will go “offline” to make the transfer from old to new. And when we return, the forums/comments could take up to two extra two days to “catch up.” We’ll keep you updated with as much detailed information as possible. Stay tuned.

On that, thank you for your support and thank you for your patience!

The New Business Model

The biggest risk and opportunity in all of this is the implementation of an expanded business model. No longer will there only be a one-size-fits-all $30/month plan. We listened carefully, gathered a lot of feedback, and here’s what we’re going to be offering.

  • A $10/month ($90/yr) option for the people who simply want to hear my part II commentary and reports.
  • The same $30/month ($300/yr) option for those who want more of the community and direct access to me. This offering includes everything in the $10/month option plus the monthly webinars, ALERTS, special deals on everything we can use our buying power to secure for you (both products and services), and the new Discord chatting capability we pioneered during the recent seminar (to rave reviews).
  • Our top offering at $75/month ($750/yr) for those who wish to support our work and/or plan on attending our events. This includes everything in the earlier offerings, but includes free attendance at all our Peak Prosperity annual events (the virtual and the live seminars), as well as VIP access to exclusive discussion forums and event access.

We’ll help you adjust your membership if you so desire, and will fully explain how to do this yourself prior to launch.

I am truly excited to put this new business plan in operation. I feel that more people will be willing to try us out at the $10/month level and some of those will want to progress deeper into our community, once they get a sense for who’s here and how they might fit in.

When we get the website and business model working as intended, we will reach more people; the black-belt level conversations (which can turn some new people away) won’t appear right on the front page; and, our precious community culture will be preserved even as we add more voices to the mix.

That’s the plan, Stan. One of many irons that has been in the fire since May 12, 2021 when Peak Prosperity became my sole responsibility as CEO and owner.

Your faithful Information Scout,

Dr. Chris Martenson

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This sounds absolutely fantastic Chris!
I was absolutely cheered by -

Hugely improved page loading optimized for speed Threaded comments (yay! Finally!) which nest replies under the main comment
Looking forward to it!    

Can’t wait! Here’s to the next level!!!


This is fantastic news. Love all the improvements in the forums. Adding Discord is great as well.
But even more - the new member tiers are outstanding. Love the ability to tailor what we pay and get for it.
Big thanks to the PP team for making it happen.


Hoping for the ability to start a thread behind the paywall. Last minute add?? :slight_smile:
Looking forward to all of the new improvements.


Can’t wait to see the new website. Sounds great!
I am interested in taking the full membership, but unfortunately I already know upfront that I will never be able to join a live event. I live in Belgium, so that is quite impossible for me to do. Will these live events also have video recordings and possibilities to attend remote?


This all sounds great. Wouls someone on the team implementing the solution give an overview of which components the website is built from ? It would be interesting to know as this gives some idea of what will be possible/reasonable in the future.

I recently canceled my 30/mo subscription but absolutely will come back at 10/mo for the part II commentaries. (I canceled several subscriptions and enrolled in a regenerative soil course using those $$)
I’d like to second the above request to see if there’s the chance to add a paid members only forum thread option.


I hope that the threads don’t lead to silos.
It is important that cross fertilization of world-views happens. Novelty is it’s own reward. Fresh perspectives are the lifeblood of community.
EDIT. I also hope that a searchable archive is kept so that each of us can review how much their ideas and concerns change over time.


Do we need a forum? -as a traffic generator. Who is interested in my and your opinion?
there is rumble etc.

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  • Creating learning modules. The Crash Course needs to be redone. There are a dozen or so key “framing pieces” (e.g. “One Step Removed,” “Zozobra & Demoralization,” and “facing our Horrible future) that need to be polished and converted into a “course” of study. As well, I have an entire new body of work centering on Mass Psychosis, propaganda, behavioral economics, etc. that needs some time and space to turn into a program of study. Having these assets all buffed up and organized will help greatly as new people won’t have to stumble about a terribly designed website in hopes of accidentally finding these nuggets.
These changes sound great and long overdue! The Crash Course has been on my radar for some time but I haven't got to it yet. With the new website, this seems like a great time to finally do so.

Great looking forward to it. Thanks.

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As I’m facing forced early retirement in 36 days, I really appreciate the new pay structure!


Read it! Why be exciting? Walk the walk and not talk the talk! Influance your community
forums are a dead end street.

Looking forward to the new web site and continuing to be a part of the gang. Being a part of this group for over 16 years and being able to know and trust Chris has made the biggest difference in navigating these past two crazy years. Thanks to Chris I sold my home in 2006, and got top dollar for it. And was informed enough to make our move to SW Colorado in late 2018. Who knows where I would be without Peak Prosperity. Looking forward to the challenges we all will be facing.


Looking forward to the new website. Navigation finding previous topics has been a big challenge. Thanks for all you do!


I get worn out just seeing how much time and effort you are expending to make Peak Prosperity the shining light some of us have come to rely on. Don’t forget to relax for 5 minutes occasionally.
I’ve been on this train with you for quite a while and plan on riding it out. That is unless or until the powers that be pull a Trudeau on you and you are disappeared down the memory hole. Hopefully, like Rogan, you will be beyond their reach by then.
Side note, I gave up on Discord. I kept getting emails “Someone mentioned you in a comment”. So I’d take the bait and never be able to find what they were referring to.
“Live long and prosper.”
And, it will be a long hard slog. I mean, Mark Dice still can’t give away an ounce of gold when people are given the choice between that and $10, or even a candy bar.


I hope the new site contains security features, or absence of connections back to participants. Now that thoughts are crimes in Canada, and soon to be introduced “misinformation” crimes are on the horizon.


Rogan is beyond their reach? He’s probably forced to sell his copyrights. He was a succesful independent podcaster end needed the money?

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Please continue to support old computers like XP