Title 42 Invasion

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Border Issues

I lived in McAllen Tx 2017-2019 for my Preventive Medicine/Public Health residency. The southern border has been a joke for a long time and everyone there knows it. I spoke to Border Patrol agents and other officials who said that about 50% of illegal border crossings at that time were “OTM” (Other Than Mexican). People from nearly every country gain access to the US illegally that way. Russian, Chinese, the Middle Eastern countries who hate America. And, of course the drug cartels run the show. There are small mom and pop businesses on the US side (usually restaurants) that are really just fronts for the cartels. There are very nice houses in wealthy neighborhoods that are occupied only part time by the cartel overlords.
Of course, being embedded in woke academia for the residency, we had to attend a program at the start of residency that was designed to push the narrative that these people are suffering terribly and are being treated badly (Of course, this is true for many but there was no talk of those who have nefarious intent). We were shown a documentary about a train referred to as “the beast” that many migrants climb on to ride on top of to get to the US border. We were taken to a detention center to show how horrible it was to keep them in “cages”.
Sadly, my medical specialty (Preventive Medicine/General Public Heath) is leading the charge on wokeness. Based on my experience with woke language, I believe this immigration problem is truly an engineered invasion. A hallmark of the woke left is doing “land acknowledgment”- meaning at talks/meetings you make a statement acknowledging that you are working on land stolen from XXX tribe and developed using stolen labor. I believe that this migration is being tolerated/allowed/encouraged in order to “steal” the land back from the eeevvilll white people.
Every time I’d fly from McAllen back to the Northeast to visit family, there would be illegal immigrants on the flight being sent to other places in the US. McAllen is a small airport (6 gates) with only commuter size planes, but usually 6-8 seats would be for migrants. They would have their travel documents in a large manilla envelope on which was written in large font “please help me, I don’t speak English” On more than one occasion, one of the would ask me (who is obviously very Northern European in ancestry) a question in Spanish. I only know few very basic Spanish phrases, mostly related to medical stuff. But somehow they just assumed I would know Spanish. The flights from McAllen basically olly go to Dallas or Houston, so they would either stay there or get on another plan to other destinations.
it’s totally ironic that Canadian Urban Farmer turned Homesteader Curtis Stone was denied entry to the US last week to speak at a homesteading conference in Texas (for free) because the organizer was paying for his flight and hotel.


African-american Anti-bullshit Expressivity Is Eloquent…

… and community meetings like that are fonts of vernacular poetry.
The City Council, which preens when declaring Sanctuary City measures, was prepared, thanks to it’s Immigration Committee!
But, that committee hadn’t convened for a year and a half.

In 2021 and 2022, the committee spent $196,000 on staff salaries. Reboyras met with other city officials and some alderpeople in private briefings, he and others said. But the committee didn’t hold any public meetings, even as the city strained to follow through on its vows to welcome newcomers.
Reboyras said the committee employees answered phones and stayed busy — but usually not on immigration committee work. Instead, when they didn’t have anything else to do, he deployed them to address issues back in his Northwest Side ward, he said.
Also note that while the South Shore area there is thoroughly Blue on political maps, it is quite red on this map...

The End-game?

Where is this all going if the lunatics behind it really get what they want? A grand chaos out of which they want to build their new order? Is that what they believe? That the utopia will rise like a phoenix out of the ashes? Or do they actually have a detailed grand plan to make it happen?
Also, isn’t it interesting how these fighting age males never had to get any experimental injections?


DocG: You were reading my mind. I was thinking about the Curtis Stone video as I watched Chris’ video above with the lines of people coming across. We really are heading into a world where bad behavior is rewarded, and good behavior is punished. All the border crossers are way ahead of us in the U.S. They know that if you want something you need to take it. We are such compliant, domesticated lab mice.





Interesting Coincidence

I’ve just moved from Australia to the UK. When I left Australia the federal government announced the largest ever migration plan to ship in 750,000 new migrants over two years; no new infrastructure investment and a critical existing rental property shortage. No answers from any of the politicians on solutions. Over to the UK and the authorities here seem unable to stem the tide of illegal boats from main land Europe full of fighting age men (only men). They are also given mobile phones and emergency accommodation over the local citizenry. This on top of the legal migration of over 1 million people on a small island again with no additional investment in infrastructure. Given this is clearly happening across the western world is does make you wonder if the authorities are anticipating a mass ‘die off’ or a need to build up a pool of potential soldiers for some future conflict. Or whether it’s all part of the planned ‘great reset’ and the destruction of our western values. Whatever the reason the authorities don’t seem in any hurry to stop it.


More Accurate…



It Costs Taxpayers $300,000 Per Immigrant On Average

Dori Monson (R.I.P.) would often report on how much it costs the American taxpayers to provide services to the asylum seekers. $300K was the reported amount that I could never forget!
That figure accounted for taxes that each of them generated, but it was also noted that a significant portion of their income was sent usually back to support their families, so those dollars would usually flee the American economic system for good. This was also ~4 (maybe 5) years back, but I’m sure that estimate never went down.
Now IF this head count estimate of 7MM new immigrants is accurate (those who have entered the U.S. since Mr. Poopie Pants took office), that would translate to a $21T burden to the American people.
If one wanted to do something to kill the dollar and Western resolve, this would definitely work towards that goal :frowning:

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I saw that a couple of days ago, but it doesn’t make any sense. Satellite phones do not work without functional terrestrial / ground resources. If any major component is down or disrupted (ground stations, auth gateways, relays / switches, backhaul networks, etc), they’re making any calls or transmitting data / messages.
The only real “event” that I could see where sat phones would be useful is during an attack targeting (specifically) mobile networks. So this sounds like some kind of MSM (fear-based) narrative being cooked up to me.

Refugees Or New Recruits?

This would be a great way to staff your military with new blood; foreign-born recruits will share little affinity with the civilian population. The Romans resorted to this kind of thing, as did Louis XVI. We are living in late stage Empire; History can be expected to rhyme.
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America Is Importing Haiti And Europe Is Importing The Middle East

This has been going on in Europe for a long time and we’re now seeing the results of it, in the form of increased criminal activity, cultural clashes (in the form of male-female segregation, parallell societies where European norms aren’t being respected, increased violence and sexual crimes against women, etc etc).
For decades you where not allowed to ask anything - because then you where racist. You couldn’t even talk about the economics of it. Sweden - where I live decided to be a humanitarian superpower (not my words - our goverment said this), and took in about 10% of the Swedish population in the course of a decade or so, mainly consisting of young males from the Middle East or Africa. The demographics have shifted so much now, that it’s really beyond repair.
The cost of the culture is huge, I’m sorry to say. And the economics don’t add up either. The amount of people working and paying taxes is shrinking, and the proportion of people of working age that are unemployed and on welfare is growing. We have very high taxes - but everything that these taxes are supposed to go to (police and judiciary system, military, education, healthcare etc) is crumbling. Swedish laws are not adjusted for what has come and we now have no-go zones and bombings that makes certain parts of Sweden as dangerous or worse than some countries that are supposedly at war.
This is the result of mass immigration. And let’s be fair - there’s not a humanitarian disaster. Most of the people that make it to Europe do so because of economic incentives - not because they’re at war. If it was a humanitarian disaster you would make refugee camps and eventually send people home. And you wouldn’t necessarily do this in Europe but rather focus on helping people in the more immediate area of conflict. If you’re trying to assimilate people into your society you can’t bring in this many. It takes time to integrate people. You have to decide, you can’t do both of these things and come away with a country that still stands.


Thomas Sowell

I’m currently reading Sowell’s fascinating book, “Intellectuals and Race,” wherein he mentions the challenges of assimilation at another point in US history similar to that which is occurring in western countries worldwide:

"During the course of the nineteenth century, however, over a period of generations Northern blacks tended to acquire more of the culture of the surrounding white urban population of the North, just as other groups often have when living surrounded by a vastly larger population with a different culture and a higher socioeconomic level. By the end of the nineteenth century, this cultural assimilation had reached the point where racial barriers eased considerably in the Northern cities...
This situation changed drastically, however, and within a relatively few years, with the mass migrations of millions of blacks out of the South, beginning in the early twentieth century. This not only greatly multiplied the black populations living in many Northern cities, the newcomers were seen by both the pre-existing black populations and the white populations of these cities as creating greatly increased social problems such as crime, violence and offensive behavior in general...
The new majorities of Southern blacks in the Northern black urban communities were sufficiently large, and their culture sufficiently reinforced by continuing new arrivals from the South, that their rate of assimilation to the cultural norms of the surrounding white society was neither as rapid nor as complete as that of the much smaller numbers of blacks who had preceded them in these cities in the nineteenth century..." (pp. 99-100)
Within our own community, the Woke sentiment is taking over in anxiety-ridden ways. The community college where my husband has been working for 20 years announced today a partnership with local county courthouses to admit 10 criminals into the college rather than put them in jail. Not sure when that's supposed to start or based on what criteria they'll select the chosen 10, but of course it's for the betterment, equity and inclusion of these poor, downtrodden individuals, probably at taxpayer cost. As for those phones, all I could think of was "tracking devices".
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If I Wanted To Confiscate Guns…

If I wanted to confiscate guns, I’d have to acknowledge that the existing US military wouldn’t reliably comply with those orders. I’d probably decide to weaken the existing military in any way possible. I’d force senior members out through vaccine requirements, homosexual and trans issues, and any other means possible. I might even start WW3 with Russia and/or China to occupy the troops.
At the same time, I’d bring in a new batch of adult males from other parts of the world who would have no issue going door to door taking guns from Americans. I’d give them cell phones so I could keep track of them, and call them up at a moments notice.


Any when they use the military against its own population, those individuals have zero allegiance or affinity to the culture or people born in the US.

Thanks A Million

Bro I first joined because I could not resist the $1 month offer, after that first month I said to myself “just cut down on the beer and wine money and put it towards the monthly payment” the rest is history…luv ya Chris & all


A Look Inside The Largest Migrant Hotel In Nyc: Drunk Kids, Alcohol & Violence


Young Illegal Aliens Could Be Used By Deep State Against Us Citizens.

Along with a colleague, I interviewed over 200 illegal aliens at the San Antonio Migrant Center—mostly young illiterate males with no vocational skills. Some are ex-Venezuelan military. Some are gang members. They aren’t here for freedom but for the free stuff. It is my opinion that the government could use them in an insurgency against the citizens. Yesterday, the Army and Air Force gave citizenship to those that complete basic training instead of completing two tours to be awarded citizenship. Rome didn’t learn, and neither will America.


I think of this interview of J.J.Carroll on May 23 on Man in America as an “update” to what was learned in the General Discussion of Micheal Yon titled “This is an invasion of America”. J.J. Carroll’s focus here is on individuals in downtown Chicago that are displaced by migrants, why, and what the “displaced” say is coming…likely to us all. REVEALED: The Horrifying Secret Behind the Border Invasion w/ J.J. Carrell

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your premise is very likely incorrect. We see this day in and day out with police very willing to violate their oaths, and even published laws, all under orders from superiors.