Top Conclusions After 8 Months Of Reporting On Covid-19

After eight months of intensive coverage of the covid-19 pandemic, it’s time for Chris to start focusing these twice-weekly videos on other subjects just as important to our future well-being.

But before he does, what have we learned over the course of these coronavirus videos?

Well, for starters: we thankfully know a good deal at this point how the SARS2 virus infects people and how to treat it cheaply and effectively (even if world governments refuse to do so).

The virus has revealed a profound lack of integrity amongst our “leaders” and public health institutions. We don’t think that trust will be easily regained – if ever – in our lifetime.

But while we didn’t get everything right in our coverage, we’re pretty darn impressed with how far out front of the mainstream media we’ve consistently been. Putting out these videos, 5/week through May and then 2/week afterwards has been the most intensive effort of our lives.

Given all of the messages of gratitude Chris and I have received from our viewers, and the stories of how this information may have protected and saved lives around the world – all the effort was definitely worth it. Thank you for supporting us in this cause!

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Thanks for everything, Chris

I think for me the capper was Chris’ five (or however many) point plan for a redo of the NiH. It’s just so damned sensible.
I also think Chris is absolutely right about it being time to move on as, qualitatively speaking, the problem of Covid-19 has been “solved” by cheap commodity medications even if the Western World chooses to keep the pandemic alive.
Thats just so damned sobering but the reason I finally signed up for PP after freeloading off Chris’ many public interviews for at least 6 years is that he has this ability to pull it all together in a way I don’t see elsewhere.
That and he only “pulls it together” as far as the evidence dictates. Chris just tells you the authorities are ignoring HCQ. He admits he doesn’t know why. A lessor man seeking more attention would have it all wrapped up in a neat little bow.
So thanks Chris. I’m really looking forward to the next chapter even if I’m not really looking forward to the next chapter :>

Well done Chris & Adam. We appreciate the lots and lots of energy you must have put into these videos. And they are of high standards. We have learned a lot and we were able to prepare and take precautions. And we are ready for the next step. Thank you.

Hello Chris,
I’ve been a subscriber for many years. I’ve never more appreciated your work than during this pandemic. I still am concerned about the 3E’s which I was reminded about the other morning while putting the dog out before sunrise and almost no “bugs” coming to the lights. I have sent your many COVID videos to friends to help them understand what is happening and hopefully inspiring them to be better prepared. Please keep up the great work you and Adam are doing as it is have far reaching impacts.

I really enjoyed the Covid reports. Came for the Covid, stayed for the prepping.
It really make$ you wonder why they $eem to be ignoring the cheap and effective treatment$.
This situation may have become political / financial. Like you say “it didn’t have to be like this”.

Dear Chris,
I have mixed feelings, I’ll start with the positive.
Thank you for your reporting on the Sars-CoV-II virus. And thank you for helping me prepare. Peak Prosperity gave me a lot of excellent information about dealing with the corona-virus so I would like to pay you a great compliment for that.
Peak Prosperity helped me:

  • to prepare early
  • to prepare to be more resilient
  • to begin to plant a garden
  • to get the right supplements (and elderberry sirup)
  • to know the truth about hydroxychloroquine and other medicine
  • to learn how the Sars-CoV-II virus works and what you can do to counter it
  • to realize the importance of sleep
  • to be aware that Sars-CoV-II was probably created in a lab
  • with great tips, like functional medicine
  • and a lot more information
    So thank you!
    However, it is my opinion that you have been lacking in reporting on certain area’s of the corona-virus pandemic or even wrong. If I have to summarize this in one sentence, I would say you have paid no attention to authoritarian overreach by governments, and even seem to be playing a little into it:
  • You don’t follow the money. No mention of the fact that all (194 or 196) member-states of the World Health Organization must implement their guidelines. And that 80% of the budget of the World Health Organization is from voluntary contributions which come with strings attached. Meaning that the WHO is just a conduit of its most powerful donors. In this case, Bill Gates via the Bill&Melinda Gates Foundation, GAVI Alliance and others. And he has a specific agenda (control of the population):
  • If there is one thing that points to a planned pandemic, it would be Event201. As far as I can see, you have only mentioned Event201 once, in a passing sentence. No investigation.
  • A lot of fear mongering! Honey badger virus! Honey badger virus! Honey badger virus! Calling it the honey badger virus was funny the first three times, the other 500 times not so much. Or Adam mentioning that he would hunker down in his home for 1 1/2 years. And your testes will be affected by the coronavirus! I could go on but you get the point.
  • You say that wearing a mask doesn’t hurt you. Not true! Wearing a mask, normalizes it’s use. It probably has irreversable consequences for the future. In the future with a new pandemic, it will be used by authoritarians to muzzle its people, literally. If you don’t wear a mask, you will be arrested. Just look at whats happening in the police-state Australia is becoming. It also sends a signal of fear and it is hugely damaging for the psychological development of children if you normalize its use.
  • you are giving no attention to the fact that the Medical-Martial-Law Paradigm slowly is replacing the War-On-Terror Paradigm that is slowly unfolding before us.
  • you give no attention to the eugenics movement, which is about population reduction and which has gone underground since World War II but which has also infiltrated the Green Movement.
    So, in closing, thanks again for all the valuable information you have given! But I would also like to say that if you want to get a more complete picture of the truth and if you also want inform your audience accordingly, you should also focus on things such as I mentioned above.
    Kind regards!

Thank you Chris and Adam; you both have done a super excellent job and helped innumerable people. I took the time to read hundreds of comments on Youtube when your briefings posted and the positive feedback was enormous and overwhelmingly positive. A great many people benefited.
Many people suffered from anxiety when you reduced the reporting!
I am very happy you’re continuing these educational videos and looking forward to them. Gardening in the summer in Florida is hellish and I’ve been in quite a funk lately. I know Chris will be motivating.

Hey Prep101, I think one reason Chris does not discuss these things openly in public is because of the flak and losing credibility. In case you haven’t noticed Chris is very conservative and cautious, he’s not a big risk taker, he has to collect sufficient data, and I suspect he’s trying to reach a broad audience, and he stays very focused.
He’s also busy and has to prioritize.
I suspect as events unfold, Chris will be having lively conversations and connect the dots moments in private with his inner circle.

Excellent proposal Chris. Testing generic drugs for new applications. Thank you for your and Adams hard work all these months. I never felt fearful because you gave me a plan to work with. Being prepared gives confidence and peace of mind. Looking forward to your advice in coming weeks. Stay well. Deborah, Summerville, SC

See this considered, calm scientific analysis:

My biggest takeaway from Chris over the last 8 months is knowledge about nutraceuticals and ways to protect myself.
There is a cavalier attitude in the video about those that were going to pass away anyway and who’s “time was up”. I fall in that category due to age and cancer, but refuse to go into my section of the mortality curve without a fight.
The video is great and has tons of good stats…well worth a watch. I’ll still wear a mask when circulating among random people, so that I remain a living breathing human and not a statistically expendable old person.

…May have sounded a bit alarmist to some. We forget the novel virus gave the science community little opportunity to learn of it. The time gained receiving Chris’ message brought “expendables” like OOG and myself to a more broad base of knowledge and changed our fear to respect.
Thank you Chris for your efforts.

You are comparing someone imparting information on 08 September to someone imparting information real time when things were happening. This comparison reflects questionable logic to start as in ever heard of “hindsight being 20/20”?
Chris was operating blind, without any sound information base to lean on, when all the authorities were saying different things.
He was giving all important information away free. He continually said to all of us, go do your own research.
He was in effect swimming with rip currents all around him and he tread water for eight damn months.
He has a beautiful life and resources and could have been cotchin his feet up by the fire place drinking shiraz with his lovely Evie.
Chris is noble and brilliant.
Fred Smith joining today to impart this most negative message.

The fear factor was way way down for me too. I was fully stocked when the panic buying craze happened. I felt completely safe after purchasing my supplements. I was able to spot the propaganda immediately, thanks to Chris’ studious analysis. I got more serious about prepping.
I made a quick list of things needed ASAP - before the end of the year.
Based on my knowledge of Astrology, the plethora of predictions and my experience under certain planetary influences, we are in for a ride until 2023. There will very likely be a war. The world will suffer food shortages. It’s been described there will be total economic disintegration. Man’s inhumanity to Man will increase.
Ergo, really looking forward to Chris and Adam’s new focus going forward. It is now time to mitigate, mitigate, mitigate. However, expect more pandemic reporting from Chris in the not too distant future. I think Round II is around the corner.

Like most of the replies so far, i have been a regular reader, probably better than 80% read rate. After a while I learned to skip to the summary bullet points slide at the end of each 50 minute episode. Why? Too much time taken up in chatty conversational smooze. Dr Chris, (another peeve, since you always lead with this new persona of DOCTOR Chris Martenson that was never necessary really for your credibility) doesn’t do what the title claims: what did I get right? This post for another hour has low signal to noise ratio: lots of words no specifics. IF so good, why not list them: the rights and the wrong calls?

Go away and stop cryng down our leader.
Not wasting my time defending anything to the likes of you.
G’wan nuh.

grahamia2 wrote:

IF so good, why not list them: the rights and the wrong calls?
Clearly you didn't even watch the video. Chris listed them out from 4m:35s-8m:55s. To use your own words, your post (your very first, which sets off my troll detector) "has low signal to noise ratio". You are welcome to have an opinion. But on this site we don't tolerate slinging criticism -- especially about providing "no specifics" -- when the critic himself provides no specifics of his own. Reply with something concrete and constructive. For instance, if you think someone had a materially better track record than Chris, especially back in the Jan-Mar time frame, then please present the case. Or next time, I bring out the troll hammer.

Good call Adam!
It never ceases to amaze me at how easy it is to issue a slight or a criticism of anothers work, especially with such an apparent lack of awareness of how much effort and research went into preparing the presentation in the first place. I suppose it is the basis for the age old saying about casting pearls before swine.
In this case I think the swine get a bad rap compared to the lack of understanding laid bare by the author of the criticism.
Keep up the great work Chris. You guys rock!

Jim likes to say that flak only happens when we’re over the target.
Hmm. I wonder what it was that Chris said to irritate? Any guesses?