Top Conclusions After 8 Months Of Reporting On Covid-19

First, a huge thank you. As someone who discovered the channel at the end of January and who followed it religiously (and shared the heck out of the videos) I thank you, Chris, for just important information as we all slogged through this scary chapter. That said, I was bummed that you are pivoting away from Covid right as Europe is seeing alarming spikes (UK, Spain, France and others joining). The US has always trended about 6 weeks behind Europe–so even though it appears the US is doing much better, so was Europe a month ago. Hoping you will jump back in when things heat up again. Still so many unknowns with this Frankenstein virus the CCP cooked up in that P-3 lab. Who knows what’s around the next corner?

Just finished a double batch of amazing bone broth, using 10 pounds of knuckle/marrow bones from my CSA’s pastured herd. I’ll freeze most of it and serve it forth in cold weather as a nutrient-rich immunity booster. Got a new roof and receiving yet another large cold frame next week. I have supplements and seeds and protective gear out the wazoo, and I can hear the hum of the dehydrator working on colorful peppers from the garden.

The despair I feel about the world beyond my home is lightened when I pull from my abundant larder, water the kale and peas sprouting in the fall bed, and hug my obsessively cautious, still-healthy family. There’s more work to do, of course, but it feels productive and hopeful, not desperate.

I’m on top of these and other preps because Chris and Adam keep driving home their message to build resilience and to get ready. You have helped keep me on track.

Thank you, thank you, Chris and Adam and PP tribe!


I’m wondering - who would pay $30 or more to come on here and troll? I sense the same issues in these folks that existed in how I used to live my life. Conflict, confusion, disbelief in my self and trusting in “our betters” to guide and help us.
Chris is not perfect, none of us are. But I’ve been following the “official” reporting, studies and governmental and medical establishment responses since early December when my spidey sense started going off.
I didn’t catch on to the PP crowd until late March. But even before then I was aware that this was being mishandled, was full of propaganda and that we were in for the biggest blatant pulling-of-our-chains that has ever existed in my lifetime.
The way this has been mismanaged or managed for nefarious purposes along with all the peripheral distractions, greed and money printing makes the Colin Powell WMD UN briefing seem tame in retrospect. All due respect to Secretary Powell, he was acting on his best understanding of the facts and his duty at the time, I think.
So when Adam says he may have to put the hammer down, I say good for you Mr. Taggart (and happy anniversary to you and your wife).
The underlying tenet that I’ve understood being held here since joining the PP crowd has been one of giving respect when dissenting and you either back up your position or just shut up.
I look for (I hope others here do too) contrarian opinions to mine when they are presented with a modicum of decency and some evidence, flawed or otherwise.
Adam and Chris seem to welcome these opposing viewpoints and I’ve witnessed that if they are worthy of attempted correction, further discussion or adjustment of their own personal views due to the weight of said argument, they are engaged as such.
It’s inevitable that PP will get trolls. But I truly hope PP self-moderates the blatantly unproductive dissent that occurs. I believe they will as Adam has chimed in to warn about it.
But this place has truly become one of my few tribes where I can discuss the reality of life thru the lens of critical thinking, compassion and an attempt to better the ever-changing world around us.
I have changed and am still changing from the simple likes and replies I receive on my long-winded personal comments that have the word “I” in them too many times.
I need this and those who wish to shit on what is being provided here for all of us to gain from need not be here anymore.
Shoo flies, you aren’t helping at all.

In this interview Prof. Raoult says they identified 7 mutants of the Sars-Cov-2 virus. These mutations are signs of degradation of the virus. It’s a sign the bug is not doing fine, in his own words.

Looks like we got a double header troll here today.

Good call, Dave.

Chris and Adam, I would like to add my thanks to the others above. Your research, analysis, advice, predictions and reporting have been absolutely brilliant. You didn’t have to take time to share your information with us, especially after being demonetized and enduring other attacks, both technical and verbal. Did you get everything right? Who cares? Let us observe that you got most things right, including recommendations to take swift action, and a lot more right than the governments and health ministries of almost every country in the world, most of which did absolutely nothing until after the virus had already arrived and it was too late. It has indeed been a strange journey. Who could have predicted that we would simultaneously have to deal with a domino effect of such irresponsibility, corruption and deceit, along with the health related worries? But here we are, and those of us who have followed your videos and writing have been able to inform ourselves and prepare mentally as well as physically, for what was coming, and what is still to come……
By the way, as a classical painter, I loved the Leonardo da Vinci quote. It is true in art, and in life.

“I have changed and am still changing from the simple likes and replies I receive on my long-winded personal comments that have the word “I” in them too many times.”
I feel just the same way and there is definitely an element of “therapy” for me in participating in this site. Although for me its also about my ongoing interest in the integrity of my own thought processes.
In the end it has almost nothing to do with HCQ, “Peaceful protesters” or Skripal Poisonings specifically IMO, For every one of these stories that I catch and properly diagnose, I am probably missing about 50 more so that the “grand narrative” I’m building is probably way off anyway.
Its still fun to work on the grand narrative and my brain really wants to do it so why not play along? As long as I don’t confuse my current views with my identity there is no real harm that I can see.
What is valuable is knowing that I personally am not particularly vulnerable to this virus. I’m not in the group with co-morbidities but I still worried about being a long hauler and based on the actions Ive taken from Chris’ work, I don’t have that concern anymore.
So for me its onto the next thing (which is worrying about the power grid going from rock solid to “sort of OK”) . I just don’t see how I regret spending time on that, no matter what sort of political system we are living under this time next year.

Well, I guess we’ll never know the true CFR but using closed confirmed cases, as Chris did a while back, that rate is about 5% (globally, a little less). We’re seeing case increases both globally and in Europe. Deaths do seem to follow by a few weeks, in most places but it definitely doesn’t seem to be as deadly as it once was.
I’m not sure why Chris remains optimistic about the future and seems to be struggling for reasons (even claiming that knowledge is growing exponentially!). I don’t see any cause for optimism in the future.

Thank You so much Chris for the information that has really helped guide me. You’ve been the one voice that I’ve trusted whole heartedly. I luckily stumbled on to your videos in January & through these months I’ve come to admire your integrity, intelligence & energy!!

Chris and Adam:
Hats off. Been following you on podcast since 2016-2017 and as a member of this site subsequently. The sheer volume of videos you put out on the COVID story is astonishing. On occasion, when I give a talk, I find that each minute of presentation represents about an hour of background work – especially when there are technical issues to analyze and graphics to prepare. I don’t know how you guys pull it off with everything else you both have going on the site and in your personal lives. Thank you for the focus on integrity, which you display in droves. I’d also add courage. Courage makes every other virtue possible. Learned so much from you and the tribe. Trying to pay it forward. Thank you.

I don’t find Fred Smith to be trolling, as the video posted offers a variety of interesting data and interpretations. Don’t shout somebody down as a troll, just because they don’t agree with you - I think Chris would agree with that.
I do find it curious to join a site just to post a one liner with no other explanation. Why here, why now? But it is what it is. I find the video worthwhile and am still digesting it.
I certainly appreciate the time and energy put into the videos and explanations, but I’m still waiting for some dots to be connected. Not necessarily from PP but from my own readings and thoughts. Take HCQ. If it’s highly effective and being supressed (what???) you’d think that would have come out in Brazil. Both Bolsonaro supported it, and the Brazilian health establishment. In fact, the health minister who was skeptical was forced out. So you had a unity of purpose in Brazil, and extensive testing reported at hospitals in all the major Brazilian cities. So it doesn’t follow that if there is a “party line” on HCQ that Brazil would be following it. But their testing was inconclusive. Well… beyond that. Their testing across people with mild cases was that it was more negative than positive. I’ll stop there as I’ve said I’d still like to connect the dots on this one. And hear a believable rationale for why the WHO, the CDC, whoever, would have a vested interest in supressing a viable treatment. It just doesn’t make sense.

While other nations - some of them third world nations - have discovered, tested, and are deploying treatments that work to both prevent and treat infections [notably Egypt, Bangladesh, Argentina: ivermectin, and many many other countries: hydroxychloroquine], Fauci this weekend got to talk again about all the COVID-19 treatments developed by the NIH using its $42 billion dollar annual budget during this pandemic.
I call these treatments - annual price tag: $42 billion dollars - The Fauci Protocol. They sum to:
“Wear a mask, hide in the basement, and wait for the vaccine.”
This Protocol was reiterated this weekend by the man himself: “hunker down.” “We need to hunker down and get through this fall and winter, because it’s not going to be easy,” the nation’s leading infectious-disease expert said during a panel discussion with Harvard Medical School on Thursday. “We’ve been through this before,” he said. “Don’t ever, ever underestimate the potential of the pandemic. And don’t try and look at the rosy side of things.” “I keep looking at that curve, and I get more depressed and more depressed about the fact that we never really get down to the baseline that I’d like,” he said. Despite saying it’s too soon to look on the “rosy side of things,” Fauci did note that vaccine trials are “progressing very well,” and reiterated the belief that a vaccine could be possible by the end of the year or early next year. $42 billion of your tax dollars were spent this year to develop The Fauci Protocol. Just half of that amount would cover the ($60?) cost of sending every man, woman, and child in America a 5-day course of HCQ+AZI+zinc.

I have watched the Covid series from the very beginning, every one, skimming through only a few for the nuggets/info which I didn’t have already. Indeed an incredible body of work Chris, the effort, focus, and generosity --which has helped protect my family in innumerable ways. And I’ve been able to offer your work to many others, including physicians, who have often been misinformed, sadly.

As long as I don't confuse my current views with my identity there is no real harm
That's pure genius.

Well it turns out, there is a secret Fauci Protocol, which he disclosed in an interview this weekend. "If you're deficient in vitamin D, that does have an impact on your susceptibility to infection. I would not mind recommending, and I do it myself, taking vitamin D supplements," he said. "The other vitamin that people take is vitamin C because it's a good antioxidant, so if people want to take a gram or so of vitamin C, that would be fine."
Wow. After 8 months, and $42 billion dollars, Fauci is now recommending we should take Vitamin D and Vitamin C! Did he announce this from the podium? Did he make this a national recommendation? Well no. It was just mentioned in an interview. Sure, he takes it. And he "doesn't mind" recommending that others do so. Especially since a whole lot of Americans are vitamin D deficient. What's more:
Extensive evidence has linked vitamin D deficiency to greater risk of infection, particularly from respiratory diseases like COVID-19.
Seems like something Fauci should share with the rest of us in a bigger way than just as an aside to a reporter. After all, that's what he gets the $42 billion dollars a year for. That said:
Aside from vitamin D and C, there's little evidence that pills, powders, plants, or potions can make a significant difference in warding off illness.
Yeah. No pills. No powders. No plants, or potions. Except for belatedly telling us - in passing, 8 months after the pandemic started - about the vitamin-C and vitamin-D pills. I'm sure when Fauci starts taking something else to prevent infection, he will mention it in passing to another reporter. "Oh by the way, this other thing also helps prevent disease." What else is in The Secret Fauci Protocol? We just don't know. Perhaps: somebody should serve a warrant on him and see just exactly what he is taking every day. Might save lives. We should have done this back in March, actually.

Fauci appears to be working for big pharma. Big pharma probably has control of CDC and FDA, through various means. Happens in most government agencies now. It’s anti-environmentalists who control the government environmental agencies as well. The U.S is looking more like Mordor, controlled by Orks than ever before.

I’m adding my thanks for your great series on COVID-19, and though I don’t know if you saved me, my family and/or friends from the disease, its certainly possible, as I passed your information on to all. Still have 28 N95 masks left, though now using them more for smoke protection in Cal.
I’ll continue to watch the COVID-19 statistics carefully as mutation is possible, or worse, if the virus is created In a lab, a further tweaking of its capabilities. Fare well!

Hi Chris,
Thank you for your excellent reporting. I have a friend who caught the virus. Age 44, slightly overweight, nurse with off the charts energy before the virus. I shared with her your insight on this virus. She took HQ and zinc and weathered the storm. She was sick for a month. She is back at work though her energy level is not close to being the same and her lungs hurt at times. I strongly believe the HQ and zinc helped.
Stay safe my friend.

I have been watching you for quite a while on YouTube. I also proudly have three Resilience-shirts. Absolutely fantastic work! I love the logic, transparency and integrity! Chris, thank you so much for the virus coverage!
There is something that has lately been bothering me about this epidemy, so I thought that I will comment about it. I am not an epidemiologist nor a doctor. I am an engineer. I live by logic and I have an idea.
We are experiencing a second wave of Covid-19 infections. Statistics show that severe cases, hospitalizations, number of people in intensive care and deaths are down – way down. No-one seems to be able to give a credible explanation to this.
The explanations offered have included increased testing, better treatments, younger people getting infected, loosing vulnerable up-front, better protection of the remaining vulnerable, changes in behavior and mutation of the virus to name a few. They probably contribute, but they fall short of explaining the phenomenon.
There seems to be a gap in the mainstream logic and I have a hypothesis.
It is said that people need to be exposed to as little as ten virus particles or maybe thousands to get infected. The dose may vary depending on whether it’s ingested or inhaled. It is widely believed that the initial viral load has a correlation on how severe the infection case will be. Nobody knows exactly how many particles of SARS-CoV-2 novel coronavirus are needed to trigger an infection.
We know that there is currently no definite cure for Covid-19. It is our own immune system that takes on the entering virus load. While some people have died, there are very many who have recovered from infection.
It is a reasonable assumption that number of initial virus particles required to get infected is personal for each individual and also changes over time. In the beginning a person can have some level of cross-immunity due to other infections or vaccinations. Someone might have deficiencies of important vitamins while others do not. Vulnerable people have a lower threshold to get infected than healthy people.
So, we do not know how many virus particles are needed to trigger Covid-19 infection on a particular person. But it seems to be undisputable that the number is greater than one. If it would be straightforward that one virus particle kills you, the logic would be clear. This is the key point. When the number of particles needed to get infected is something more than one, my hypothesis comes into play.
Let us assume for simplicity’s sake that a person needs ten virus particles to get infected with Covid-19. The exact numbers do not matter here. The question is what happens to a person who happens to face five virus particles? Or three? Or eight? Based on the mainstream definition, they will not be infected. But what happens to them? They took in virus particles. Their immune system defeated the invasion. They are healthy. Wouldn’t it be logical to assume that their immune system is now more alert and is more able to tackle the next virus particles they encounter. What if the person then gets one or two virus particles every other day while shopping and minding their other routines. Wouldn’t it be logical to assume that their immune system builds its capabilities up even further. So, for this imaginary person, the threshold of number of virus particles required to get infected goes up during the days, weeks and months passing by. It could be further assumed that the amount of the viral load he or she requires to get a severe infection goes up as well.
When this process takes place in numerous individuals across a population, the results are decline in severe cases, decline in hospitalizations, declining need for intensive care and less deaths. This is what we have witnessed around the world. You could describe it as heard immunity without infections. Another way of looking at it is that severity of a case indeed has a correlation with initial viral load and the bracket starts already from one virus particle. A third way of describing it is that there is a class that we could call immunity boost, for example, below classes of asymptomatic and symptomatic Covid-19 infections.
In large population in the real world the probability of facing less than ten virus particles is higher than the probability of getting a thousand particles. The number of such incidents ought to be multiples higher than the number of actual Covid-19 infections.
If this hypothesis holds, this is good news. The epidemy will fade away as all epidemies have actually done over the course of history. There has never been a virus that would have decimated earth’s human population.
If this hypothesis holds, what would be the rational policy response? In the beginning you need restrictions to flatten the curve to keep severe cases below your hospital and intensive care capacity. Going forward, your population gains immunity and you see severe cases decreasing. At this stage you should continue shielding the known vulnerable people. In the beginning masks are also useful, as they reduce the peak amount and probability of a sudden overwhelming virus load. You should try to limit sustained exposures, but not necessarily casual short-time contacts.
There you have it. My concern are the reported nasty side effects of Covid-19 infections. Do they impact these immunity boost cases or are they only results of symptoms and severe cases of Covid-19? If it is only the latter, based on all of the above, we could now pretty much just go about with our lives from health point of view. If the immunity boost cases also suffer from adverse side effects, then we need to continue caution. Research is needed on this.
Either way, hunkering down or going about, we can all grab popcorn and set our minds to the looming debt, banking and fiat money crises.
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