Top Conclusions After 8 Months Of Reporting On Covid-19

…I think of how to be a better person, to honor my work, to show high character and to be honest to a fault. I will always lead by example and treat folks the way I like to be treated. I do not engage any longer in silliness. I simple want to live in Peace and if this Peace is being disrespected I do hold the card that matters most, “please leave” are my two words I use if someone comes to my home and intentionally messes with my Peace. It is that direct. My goals are to better my circumstance so that I live a “life worth living”.
Chris, starting with Barb then to Bobby, Paul, Braylon, Braxton, Kate, Kathy, Shannon, Rich, old friends on our Facebook page, Cory, Dianne, and so many more I shared what I had learned elsewhere and with every Podcast you shared about the Virus. To a person I was able to convince they take strong measures early like wearing a mask and washing their hands with bacterial soap found in every hospital and clinic. The need to wash hands was important. I gave all of them the vitamins they should load up on to help their immune systems and encouraged them to eat well. Explaining the immune system needed help so that the worst of the disease would not effect vital organs that would compromise their long term quality of life. That upon returning home that a direct shower was probably a good idea. I convinced them that HCQ, Zinc and Arithamiacin was an early and effective treatment and that they should insist upon early treatment. Today they credit me with being right, that they appreciate my efforts and that they love me for being this type person to share these things I’ve learned. In every case I explain that you provided me the tools and I just shared them. Many have read your on going Covid Virus reports and have felt they had you to help them get through the uncertainty with logic and a professionalism not seen very much of today.
My point I’m trying to make is you helped save these people’s lives and at the very least kept them from getting sick in the first place. So, read their names again and take to heart that you and you alone helped me, taught me, to perhaps save their lives and for this I am profoundly in your debt as they are my wife, son’s, grandson’s, daughter in laws, Barb’s sister, my family and dearest friends. To say I am grateful is an understatement. Thank you…Peace
PS: I hope your transition now that this Virus and your writings will be subdued that you readdress the OIL issue and how the lack of Capex and the shutting in of production has effected this production. I personally believe that cheap prices will soon be in the real view mirror and a strong shift is underway and that we better get it together to ensure what is crucial to get built, gets built with the oil that is left. Maybe offer an opinion on how it helps us to soften up Venezuela so that an annexation or some other form of control over their oil in our hemisphere is most likely in the cards and how the Monroe Doctrine will re-establish the US policy concerning our hemisphere and how we can get to the other side providing we treat our hemisphere with the respect they deserve as well.

Great Hypothesis. I’ll go with it till someone can find a better explanation. And great first post. Nice to have you here.
I am a musician and have played Bluegrass/Gospel at our rural church throughout the pandemic. We started without anyone in the congregation and did live streamed services for months. Then people started tricking back in. One day in June a guy sang near me and sat near me. He became symptomatic two days after church and had a confirmed diagnosis a few days later. His wife also got covid. He had a meal with some church members and 2 got sick. I was convinced I had been exposed and got an antibody test. It was negative. I have been on Chris’ prophylaxis protocol since March and I know that my D3 levels are very high. I get a blood test every 3 months and it is normally around 100 ng/mL. I also do Zinc and Quercetin and Vitamin C. I Also work construction and have contact with people mostly in fresh air but sometimes inside the new house I am building. I am sure that I have been exposed.
Your hypothesis makes tremendous sense. Our congregation is filling back up with people who are mostly elderly and without masks and our county has only 11 cases of active covid. Life seems to be returning to normal.

Thank you, Chris, for the excellent work since late January investigating and reporting on COVID-19. Your videos quickly became my information source of choice. Specifically, your first-handed analysis put lots of great details into a coherent, wider context. There are other medical or biologist specialists who likewise did an excellent job breaking down details and explaining things clearly, but your broader context integrated those details like nobody else. I got so much out of the videos that I signed up with PP mainly because I wanted to do something to pay you back for getting so much good information for free!
This video is a particularly good summary of the last few months. I really appreciate you including your right and wrong calls. Too few people will be so open as to publicly identify those, yet doing so adds to my respect for your character and for your skills.
Great job, all around.

I get a 503 error from the “HCQ Works!” link.
I went to the ResearchGate website and searched for the title, authors names, article number and came up with bupkis.
Anybody else have a workable link?
Admin: That link no longer seems to work. Here’s one that has the article reproduced. Not sure what’s happened to the original:

Not sure if Chris has seen this. The study is embedded in the zerohedge article, link posted below. I suppose the real news here is that one of the scientists that co-authored the paper has been banned from Twitter.

Thanks Chris, Adam
This platform was an oasis of rest within a crazy, crazy world. Your approach and information helped me a lot. When I followed the situation in Europe beginning this year, I felt alone. There was no one, no rational person at least, I could talk to, share and check ideas, observations and discuss prepping that best suited my situation. This community felt like a warm shower. Apart from the videos there were lively discussions, a tremendous amount of resources, e.g., dtrammels contributions, and oftentimes very witty and funny comments, and some true wisdom. These confirmed, or confronted my own thoughts and perceptions, and there were some really nice eye openers.
Given all that we now know, we definitely have an handle on this. I still find it unfortunate that the majority of friends, family and colleagues are either stuck in the official mythology preached by people and organizations with ulterior motives, or captives of irrational COVID-19 deniers. But on the other hand: all they ever need to learn about their reaction to this crisis, risk minimization, and a wider outlook, can all be found at PP. This site is a true treasure trove imo.
Cheers, Dave

@sofistek Well, I guess we'll never know the true CFR but using closed confirmed cases, as Chris did a while back, that rate is about 5% (globally, a little less). We're seeing case increases both globally and in Europe. Deaths do seem to follow by a few weeks, in most places but it definitely doesn't seem to be as deadly as it once was. I'm not sure why Chris remains optimistic about the future and seems to be struggling for reasons (even claiming that knowledge is growing exponentially!). I don't see any cause for optimism in the future.
The CFR is a direct consequence of whether or not people are allowed to use the known effective treatments, a pretty meaningless metric in such circumstance. A higher CFR indicates a more corrupt government and corporate legacy media, not a more dangerous virus. As an example, in Spain (Soros/Bilderberg's main playground in the EU) the CFR is now so low as to make it a sick joke that exposes the terrorist narrative which threatens further lockdowns while the hospitals remain empty and asymptomatics are maybe 95% of "cases" (PCR positives and false-positives). Cause of optimism? Learn metaphysics, i.e. the true nature of reality/consciousness/God/you. The lies don't start or end in the political, MSM, and Big Pharma arenas. The biggest 'lie' of all is that you're a tiny little human who's not in control of your life because too many "external" factors (beliefs/definitions) have built up. You're the most powerful being that exists, but your belief blinders/cages (Maya) are slightly more developed than other people's. The ultimate secret is that what you put your attention to (i.e. what vibrational resonance your heart's electromagnetic field is irradiating) is what determines the scenarios you(r Higher Self) will manifest in your reality. Some sources you might benefit greatly from: Tom Campbell, Bruce Lipton, HeartMath Institute, Teal Swan, Alan Watts, Terence McKenna, Bashar, Abraham Hicks. Also, serotonin2A agonists, particularly the tryptamine psychedelics (DMT and psilocybin mushrooms), especially if this is not something you've ever done before, should be able to give you doses of optimism of types/modalities you never suspected could exist.
@derelict I certainly appreciate the time and energy put into the videos and explanations, but I'm still waiting for some dots to be connected. Not necessarily from PP but from my own readings and thoughts. Take HCQ. If it's highly effective and being supressed (what???) you'd think that would have come out in Brazil. Both Bolsonaro supported it, and the Brazilian health establishment. In fact, the health minister who was skeptical was forced out. So you had a unity of purpose in Brazil, and extensive testing reported at hospitals in all the major Brazilian cities. So it doesn't follow that if there is a "party line" on HCQ that Brazil would be following it. But their testing was inconclusive. Well.. beyond that. Their testing across people with mild cases was that it was more negative than positive. I'll stop there as I've said I'd still like to connect the dots on this one. And hear a believable rationale for why the WHO, the CDC, whoever, would have a vested interest in supressing a viable treatment. It just doesn't make sense.
That's a great point. Bolsonaro may not be as smart as we were hoping he would be. Similar to Boris Johnson. They had excellent early results in Sao Paulo hospitals with HCQ, but something happened... I have yet to research what. As to the WHO and CDC's interests... did you know they are vaccine companies?
@The Finn We are experiencing a second wave of Covid-19 infections. Statistics show that severe cases, hospitalizations, number of people in intensive care and deaths are down – way down. No-one seems to be able to give a credible explanation to this. The explanations offered have included increased testing, better treatments, younger people getting infected, loosing vulnerable up-front, better protection of the remaining vulnerable, changes in behavior and mutation of the virus to name a few. They probably contribute, but they fall short of explaining the phenomenon.
All those are contributing factors, yep, I'd say particularly increased testing is a major factor as it's detecting all the asymptomatics plus a bunch of false positives (shedding dead SARS-CoV-2 material and/or detecting OC43/229E hCoVs). Another major factor is vitamin D levels are much higher due to the summer -- people now don't commonly have deficiency. Another likely factor is people not recently having gotten any vaccines that obliterate the terrain/immune system (like the flu shot, filled with crazy amounts of mercury in some markets, and crazy amounts of aluminum in all markets as far as I can tell), as shown by the decreased infant mortality during the pandemic. In some countries with highly criminal governments they are now pushing for massive early flu vaccine campaigns for the elderly in order to kill off as many old people as possible to reduce the social security burden. Another likely factor is indeed the acquiring of some immunity by low-level exposure, as you posit. And there's the factor of cross-strain immunity with the somewhat pathogenic OC43 and 229E.

So, it’s impossible to calculate a CFR, since treatments are varied across the globe. Perhaps the best CFR would use cases that received no treatments, as that would indicate how intrinsically deadly the virus is. Interventions can be used to lower that rate.
As for optimism, my comments were based on Chris’s often repeated assertions that good times are coming but he hasn’t (AFAIK) articulated just why that is. Demanding that I learn metaphysics is not much of an answer. Of course we can each make of the situation what we can but there is not much real cause for optimism when, for example, the world has failed to achieve a single target on the destruction of nature.

I can’t thank you enough…no doubt you have saved so many lives with your Covid postings…I think mine for sure!!

@sofistek As for optimism, my comments were based on Chris's often repeated assertions that good times are coming but he hasn't (AFAIK) articulated just why that is. Demanding that I learn metaphysics is not much of an answer. Of course we can each make of the situation what we can but there is not much real cause for optimism when, for example, the world has failed to achieve a single target on the destruction of nature.
Those are parameters fed down a decrepit hierarchy of technocrats who care not remotely about what they're telling you (source is the Guardian [the British NYT] and worse yet, the UN, a den of pederasts and human traffickers, vaccine bioweaponizers, civil war stirruppers, and world government advocates). Even if the "science" they presented us with were accurate rather than cherry-picked to support their narrative, they care only about controlling you/us by enslaving you/us to their false narratives, one of which is the idea that YOU/US, not them, are destroying the planet and human freedom via "climate change" and other invented supranational "problems", while they suppress most energy advancements (chiefly Tesla/magnetic, antigravity, geothermal, likely even electrogravitic technologies to name a few), all effective Covid cures, and any other info that doesn't suit their control agenda. The much larger problem/challenge is the mind control, the extreme corruption and weaponization of every major institution, the false narratives that have created the neomarxist/Maoist NPC hordes now deployed to eliminate freedom of speech and all other basic human rights (right to property, right to controlling your own body). It's not a demand, it's a suggestion. When you learn the true nature of reality, optimism is built-in, no longer dependent on "external" factors. Everything I just mentioned seems like big problems, or challenges, and they are, it's a Peak Corruption scenario that has to play itself out, but from a nonlinear higher-dimensional perspective that's all just a playground, a show you came here to witness and be a part of, it's got nothing necessarily to do with who and what you are or came here to do during this incarnation. What really truly matters is YOU, your self-work, your integration of the shadow aspects within yourself, your elevation of your vibrational frequency towards a service-to-others disposition i.e. the frequency of love/source, your finding of your divine purpose (the experiences or life path you as a soul chose to experience when you incarnated, aka the Dao, realigning with Source, heart field coherence, flow/zone state, surrendering the ego to the auto-organizing will of the Higher Self, etc etc) by means of following your highest excitement... for there is really nothing else "out there", outside of yourself -- you're far more powerful than we've all been told. If you're a scientific mind, Dr. Tom Campbell (the first scientist to present an actual Theory of Everything that attempts to explain everything and not just the so-called fundamental forces) is easily the best first stop towards under/innerstanding what I'm talking about.

Chris, thank you so much for the latest Covid coverage!
It is so nice to have you back. For a moment I was afraid that you would have thrown in the towel on Covid reporting. That would have been truly sad and a loss. Your Top Conclusions After 9 Months of Reporting On Covid-19 has had 168 thousand views and got over 2,300 comments so far.
Very special thanks for your YouTube episodes I DON’T FEAR COVID 19 (ANYMORE) and Be Smart Wear A Mask. The thinking (in my comment #39) seems to be gaining ground. I loved that clip from Dr. Gandhi. You summarize it and connect the dots so elegantly, thank you.
I also thank @Oliveoilguy and @tbp for their reactions.
In the YouTube comments I also found the name for the concept: variolation. The Chinese practiced the oldest documented use of it, dating back to the fifteenth century. (Source Wikipedia)
Fantastic! I am back to work, as I don’t fear Covid-19 anymore. I still watch you twice a week – to learn even more.
All the best!

hank you for the focus on integrity, which you display in droves. I’d also add courage. Courage makes every other virtue possible. Learned so much from you and the tribe. Trying to pay it forward. Thank you.
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