Twitter, Elon Musk, Free Speech and the Impact on Science Headline "Informed Consent", Replay Available

For this episode, Chris dissected the Elon Musk purchase of Twitter and the hilarious if not troubling reaction by the unserious and triggered mini-tyrants working for Twitter and the universe of trolls all over social media.

Should we laugh, or worry about the Republic and the people we call neighbors? How important is frees speech, especially when it comes to science, and your family’s health?

It’s another week of “Informed Consent” from Peak Prosperity.

The replay is available below.

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How Does Musk Prevent Ultra-left Twitter Employees From Sabotage?

It occurred to a group of us last night that the Feds and current Twitter management are going to drag their feet on this. They want censorship through the US midterms.
Meanwhile, the current leftist employees that are ideologically committed to censorship at all costs will have months to plant trojans and back door access to thwart any efforts to take down the censorship algorithms.
We began to wonder if they will simply do a scorched earth to prevent Musk taking over a working Twitter. By the time he can get it back up running with his own team, the tech junkies will have moved on to the next big thing.
Is there any way Musk could minimize such sabotage??


Free Speech Vs Societal Slander

I’ll try to listen live if bedtime for the kids isn’t a disaster.
I’ve found myself on the minority side of the free speech debate within the PP community.

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Which is Ok! That’s why we’re all here.


Post Mass-psychosis Theory/ Terminology

Is there any terminology in the mass psychosis literature that describes the sense of disorientation that an observer (not one who got swept up in it) feels AFTER witnessing so many around them get swept up in it, when the wave of fear passes (as it has now) and those that were caught up revert back to a more “normal” way of being without ever acknowledging that they had gone down that road? Is anyone else finding it challenging to have interactions with those who were swept up in it now, when they act like everything is fine and don’t see how alarming and problematic it was that we were going down that road and that there is still a problem because it hasn’t been acknowledged? There must be a word for that. But if there is I don’t know what it is.



I work with many woke 20-somethings. They are unable to understand someone else’s point of view. They make assumptions about someone else based on appearance, age, vocabulary, without asking for clarification. Indictment without evidence–it’s maddening.


Thanks, Acorn. You just reminded me of this quote by Friedrich W. Nietzsche.
“Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.” Do we have monster fighting monsters?
All the best, Acorn.


Very easy for Elon to run the past twitter feeds through the learning network computers he uses for Tesla Machine learning. Even if there’s a sudden server outage and they create a new algorithm. He can reverse engineer the algorithm (or close to it) from the data they provide. They can wipe house on the code, but they can’t delete all the data from the servers without voiding the contract which will speak volumes in itself. Even in this case “scraping” the internet server archives will achieve a similar result. He has probably already done this. I very much doubt the Twitter employees have the calibre of the people he will bring in and the computing power of the “dojo” supercomputer he built for self-driving machine learning to completely clean house.


Where’s The Private Video

Where’s the private video for today for insiders?



What are your thoughts on the childhood vaccination schedule?

We recorded part 2 immediately after the livecast. You should see it soon.


What is the website to donate to Seneca. Maybe blind but don’t see it.

Important Video

Chris, Evie,
I can’t make it explicit yet —I’ll have to think about it for some days to think this through— but, I feel that this video is profound and fundamental.
Imo it ties together your inner motives leading to PP, which is, again imo, one of the most emancipatory platforms. around.
The latest addition of the “human condition”, i.e., mass psychology, and cognitive fallacies, imo completes the already powerful set of

  1. the clinical discectomy of narratives by distinguishing facts from assertions and opinions,
  2. the human condition and the three E’s,
  3. your mastery of understatement.
    Regarding the latter, maybe it is I who has changed. However, when it is due to the threat of censorship, the thought and speech police might have brought something good. Either way, it makes me laugh out loud and it provides a nice exposé of this “theater of absurdity”?
    So, thanks!
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I can’t answer your question, but I suggest you read some books from Mattias Desmet, and some of the authors he refers to. He writes in a most enjoyable fashion.
Byw, you could pop Mattias an email, or contact him via LinkedIn. A friend of mine did this, and he actually got a response!

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I wanted to add this to it, but I took to long. Here you go:
“ when the wave of fear passes (as it has now) and those that were caught up revert back to a more “normal” way of being without ever acknowledging that they had gone down that road?”
First of all, the fear hasn’t passed. It has been transformed into a totalitarian way of thinking. This is the essence of Mass Formation! They are still in a state of psychosis (read Mattias Desmets latest book, I’m not sure if the English translation is already available).
This is, for example, visible in the weird narrowing of consciousness and narrative involving Ukraine, Nazi’s, and Russia. Noticed that it are the same crazies? Also, wait till this winter to find out if the crazies have really returned to sanity as you think they are.
I think that you are expecting others to apologize and behave like sane, rational people again. Well, they won’t, and they aren’t. If history is a guide: after WW2 many Germans stated that “I didn’t know this”. This was after they were caught and humiliated, not before, not during the atrocities. Again, this is the standard process of Mass Formation. To my knowledge, it always ended in atrocities and complete destruction. (But he, humans are still around, so this shall pass too).
Your struggle now will usher in a new consciousness. Every birth is painful: the realization that you are lonely, but not alone, is painful, saddening, and maybe frightening. No wonder that some —check out the Substack of Naomi Wolf— returned to the religion of their youth.
In several traditions they call your experience a “bleeding heart”. In Buddhism there is this “meditation” technique in which one practices compassion for others as a remedy. Try it! It works: see what these crazies are: utterly afraid, dissociated from their own soul, unreachable by knowledge, faith, compassion, you on the other hand aren’t. This is a pretty heavy load to carry, but, a pure heart is worth it as some old geesers in our history told us…
True, you can’t expect anything back from the crazies in this respect, but reciprocity is a thought construct best thrown into the garbage bin.


On Informed Consent

Incredible input!

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Too many, too fast.


Too Much Musk?

I thought I’d heard enough about Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter.
I was wrong. This was a really interesting discussion.


Friday Funny Re Musk / Twitter

Click on the image to enlarge.


Hee hee I know exactly what you mean. It is like, in the monster movies, when the person you thought you knew transforms into a werewolf when the sun goes down, and then in the morning is a person again, and they don’t realize amything is amiss, but the observer’s whole world is upended. Among people who have been profoundly betrayed, like Bernie Madoff’s victims and betrayed spouses, this event (the unmasking) is called Dday.