Unpacking the Migration Issue: Serious Warnings from a War Reporter

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Michael Yon is one of the most accomplished front-line war reporters alive today. Back in 2005, Micheal called it exactly as he saw it and declared Iraq to be in a civil war which was politically incorrect. The government preferred to sweep that fact under the rug, fearing a public backlash. So they stuck to it being a war between the US and Iraq. But it was more than that, and the difference was vital and important.

It’s a classic trick – blurring the lines between two distinct concepts to serve a certain narrative while suppressing another.

I’ve made the point before: Immigration is a careful, thought-out process. Migration, on the other hand, is about the mass movement of people from point A to point B without any vetting.

They’re different, right? Yet, some folks would have you believe that they’re the same. And not just that, they’d argue that migration is always a force for good.

In the thick of wars and conflicts, words often become battlegrounds of their own. A war is a war, a civil war is a civil war, and an invasion is an invasion – no matter what the narrative keepers say.

Where does all this lead if left unexamined and unchecked? It ends in famine. Listen in as Michael Yon connect the dots.


If Group A wants to destroy Group B with minimal risk to themselves, what better way than to invite Group C in to do the actual killing for them?

Of course, this would have to be done covertly lest Group B discover who was actually setting up the planned “civil war” (which was not actually a civil war).


Luckily for us, the classically-educated wing of the Native-Born Americans won’t be doing much of the actual fighting. They will be doing much of the dying. It will be the scrappy, hard-scrabble working class Americans taking it to the streets. And, even though by genetic predisposition they will possess a lower collective testosterone bank than the barbarian hoards they do battle with, they will more than make up for that deficiency in their vastly superior amalgam of IQ, also by genetic predisposition. I’m not stating I am convinced this advantage will be enough to carry the day. It really depends on just how many muster for the show and whether or not they can cast aside their petty grievances in order to form a cohesive fighting unit. Much remains to be seen.

You make an excellent point, however. The detritus which are slithering across the borders are nothing if not battle-hardened and used to confronting death up close and personal. Precious few of us Western men are made of such stuff. The learning curve will be steep, swift, and unforgiving.


Very good interview with great information @cmartenson! Would it be possible to get the titles / authors of some of his reading materials referenced in the interview? Would like to read about the Fauci of the 1890s lol Thanks for another great learning lesson!


Same here, very interested!


Great interview! If only Michael could have stayed on the topic question a little more, though his tangents were just as interesting. What do you think he might have said regarding the timing of the serious events in the US that he anticipates?


I can listen to Michael Yon all day. He puts a lot of dots literally on the map, but contrary to Whitney Webb, he connects them in a coherent way for me. I do not always agree, yet he makes me think. Good stuff.


So psyched to watch this one! You are doing the hard and real work needed and asking the right questions to get closer to the truth. Whereas 60-Minutes went to the border and kept asking different people the same question, “Why are you coming here?” Thank you! And I wanted to share a cute little VD poem I just came across. Enjoy


I like Michael Yon. TLAV and others have tried to discredit him, but I believe that his heart is genuine. I just think he’s been a poor judge of character with regards to certain people like Elon Musk. If he put him in the “baddie” category where he rightly belongs, his paradigm would benefit greatly.


Congratulations Chris! I’ve never seen any interviewer get a word in edgewise with Michael Yon as often as you did!! Michael is fascinating and an highly effective investigator and thinker, but presenting an argument from beginning to end is not his strong point. Most interviewers just try to stay out of his verbal way while he goes 137 mph. And the two of you are opposites in another way. You present your findings by showing us the data and observations you uncovered, then how you think they’re connected, then your conclusions and finally what we should do as a result. Michael does his in depth field research which is exceedingly broad and thorough, then draws his conclusions. When someone asks him a question, any question, all his conclusions come pouring out at high speed in no particular order and with hardly any of the observations or data he based them on. But he’s right and so predictive it’s spooky! I just wonder how long he could go on at his normal frenetic verbal pace before he passed out or spun out of control like an unbalanced centrifuge or stopped and said, “That’s it. I’m done.” And it freaks me out what it would be like for a therapist trying to help he and his hypothetical wife work through their issues!

If someone ever wanted to know why I’m so sure our world is facing death on a “biblical” scale, I could just refer them to Michael Yon. Just listen to him go on for an hour or two and you’ll see it. My ears hurt trying to keep up with his stream of consciousness but I’m right there with him on his conclusions and predictions. Ugh.



Veered a little off topic on the “gardening ban” thread but on topic here:

" Slightly off topic but as far as the Trilateral Commission goes concurrently with it’s inception the Coudenhove-Kalergi Foundation was also established, these words were penned a decade ago “Mass immigration is a phenomenon the causes of which are cleverly concealed by the political elites, and multicultural propaganda is employed to falsely portray immigration as inevitable”



Boy, I am really confused now. I just read from one of the sources I have always trusted (perhaps until now) that most of the camps have been provided and funded by the US government. If I understand correctly you have stated previously that these are funded by NGO organizations. Am I misunderstanding someone. I really want to totally grok this whole situation. Thanks and best wishes to all of you who have made this treacherous (I think) trek into the Darien gap.


Here’s how it works. The US government (and the UN and billionaires) send money to the NGOs. The NGOs facilitate The Invasion.


thank you so much for the clarification. I haven’t been on PP very long and just learning like crazy from all the really smart, cool and kind folks here. Thanks again.


There it all is: depopulation, SPR drain, invasion, old parasites & diseases coming back, probable looming sabotage and possible terror attacks. Throw in the previously discussed domestic oil depletion predicament, demoralization, fantasy solar-and-wind schemes, economic problems, etc., it’s really starting to stack up. The signs are there, 100% consistent with Yon’s model of what’s going on.

At some point there are enough facts that it’s at the very least a damned good working model, and plenty good enough to guide planning and actions. Thanks for laying it all out there in one interview. FWIW, I listened while building up and designing the wiring for my garden’s new pump house, because at this juncture there’s no time to waste.


Wow! Fascinating Guest👍🏻 I watched him on The Highwire with Del a couple weeks back. This man needs to make the independent media rounds as often as he can right now. Thanks for putting this out for everyone on YouTube Chris.


I would definately love to hear more insights from Michael Von!


I always enjoy listening to Michael Yon and appreciated the free-flowing range of topics. This creates more of a mosaic to stand back from and interpret rather than a strictly linear, logical, data - analysis - conclusion. Chris’ prompting provided some boundaries and pushed Michael to summarize and offer conclusions and predictions.

I liked that Michael made prediction, e.g., on screw worm (though certainly don’t want that invasion). We can go back after time and see if that and other predictions of his was correct - he mentioned value of predictive power even if don’t get the reasoning and motivations exactly correct. He also alluded to things taking time in a big, complex system to break down, but indications are that famine is coming. Internal civil war scares the hell out of me - though maybe we’re already in it and it will hopefully not become a hot war (let’s pray it does not).

Re interpreting anecdotes: has anybody else noticed that the USPS is less and less reliable in delivering mail on a timely basis? I used to (pre-pandemic) routinely have mail go between CA or Or on west coast where I live to/from family and friends in IN, TN, NC or NY in Midwest/east coast in 3 or 4 days. Maybe a little slower right around Christmas. One day in early December this year, I received a batch of Christmas cards in OR mailed from CO, IN, NC, NC, GA and postmarked 4 to 10-12 days earlier but all arriving on same day in Oregon. Maybe means nothing…Just seems like so many things don’t work as well as they used to.

Keep the interesting interviews and scouting reports coming Chris - thanks!


Another brilliant presentation.

It is interesting how the formula is repeated in different countries. For example, the US has its border invasion, Europe has its own migrant crisis and in Australia we have had the intake of migrants to “catch up for the Covid years”. Michael Y raised screw worms. Near to where I live multiple areas have been infested with fire ants and devils fig with no good explanation as to how it happened and why multiple areas are affected. The transport of seeds, soil and seedlings has been banned. There has also been the ever present threat of foot and mouth and the requirement to track every single cow or other farm animal and their feed with something like a digital ID. Any outbreak and authorities will slaughter all your animals.

When Michael Y suggested predictive models I would have liked him to clarify the model and its predictions. It obviously includes factors that contribute to starvation like fertiliser loss. There was the recent request from the WEF for governments to ban food gardens in the name of climate change. Perhaps a fuel shortage would make this a lot worse.


I guess they can double down on the death by vaccine narrative - France just passed a law making it illegal to criticise mRNA and LNP vaccines that carries up to 3 years in jail and a fine of up to 45,000 Euros.
It’s not dissimilar to a law passed in Queensland in Oct 2022 where medical practitioners can be jailed for up to three years for discouraging patients from receiving the vaccine.
It’s so weird it’s hard to believe.