Uprisings Are Spreading!

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The topic here might hit a few nerves over at the corporate mothership because I directly encourage and side with the farmers, truckers, and citizens of all the many nations who are uprising against their corrupt, inept (or both) leadership.

The truth is, people have good reasons to be “restive.” They have been comprehensively failed or ignored by the ruling classes.

Whether by arrogance or ignorance is irrelevant, the future we are being ushered towards is bleak and joyless.

Unless we stop them.

It’s time to face facts: “they” really don’t have any Plan B when it comes to energy in Europe; the media is complicit in hiding the truly important stories; and the WEF crowd has a strong interest in seeing us all bankrupt (presumably, so they can buy up all the assets and rent them back to us).

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“Failure is impossible.” (Susan B. Anthony)
Why? Because we refuse to give up the fight!


Let’s Go Brandon Visit

Hi Chris,
Any idea why we are having a visit tomorrow from him? Visiting an old torn down coal power plant. To my understanding will eventually be a windfarm. Also to my understanding it’s nothing but rubble, which the removal have been an environmental nightmare. No misting of debris including controlled demolition of cooling towers, in a populated neighborhood.
Supposedly coming to talk of climate change. But a visit for something that isn’t built, over a plant that was shut down along time ago, seems like a waste of resources, ie fuel for everyone to travel here. All police details for any ongoing work in the area are cancelled. Making many roadwork employees missing a day of work.
Just can’t find any logic to the visit. Wouldn’t even say it has potential to be a good photo op.


This is one thought: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/biden-may-declare-national-climate-emergency-wednesday-seize-executive-power-sources-say/


Pretty Sure My Social Credit Score Is A Negative Number

I’ve come to the realization that the WEF will need to be sent several harsh messages that the average joes will not comply. It will end in bloodshed.


Corollary Of Thomas Sowell’s Quote

In a democracy, the people gets the government they deserve.

Peak Prosperity Video Server

Maybe evangelism could give way to information sharing.

Un And Wef

Short clip at the end of this video shows UN entering into agreement with the WEF reference: Agenda 2030
Mass Resignations around the world! Next phase of Great Reset. - YouTube


Offline Videos

One of the things I love about content on YouTube is I can download videos and watch them offline. Currently on PP I can download audio for offline but not videos. You used to offer mp4 downloads, can you do that again or get some other offline option?
Also important is the ability to play back (offline) at 1.5-2x speed.


This all brings up questions of what’s next? It also brings to mind what happened in Egypt in 2011. The most vulnerable and dangerous times are when a society goes into anarchy. With all the resignations by presidents/prime ministers now one wonders what and who will come to take the place? Is it a part of the reset plan or their plan suffering failures?
Time will tell.



I just read Sowell’s “The Vision of the Annointed.” Brilliant.


The Southern Black Slaves Vs Progressives

One was sold into slavery, the other is buying their way in.


I understand this short clip of the UN and WEF MOU was from 2019.
Its been resurfaced and doing the rounds on Twitter now, but don’t believe its new.

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Supposedly the Biden admin is going to use an executive order to force it’s climate agenda forward, given that Manchin seems to have scuttled the plan to have Congress fund it. This may be the backdrop for the big announce…


Agreed. Thomas Sowell and Walter E Williams. Just watching their videos over the last year or two. These guys spoke the truth that needed to be broadcast and printed everywhere.


I think more accurately Progressives are slaves who are convinced they are the masters.


You could try the ‘Odysee’ version, or if you use Linux ‘LBRY’ they are downloadable.

Background On Pepijn, Eva And Politics In The Netherlands 1/3

I noticed Chris is using Eva and now Pepijn as sources for his analysis on the situation in the Netherlands.
This is going to be a somewhat lengthy story broken in three separate posts. I’m gonna try to put some perspective on Dutch politics and how people like Pepijn van Houwelingen, Eva Vlaardingerbroek and the political party Forum for Democracy led by Thierry Baudet are being perceived in the Netherlands. Hope this helps to understand the current situation with the farmer protests and how Dutch politicians react.
Dutch politics since 2002
First, the broader picture on Dutch politics. Ever since the late 90’s about one third of the electorate is unhappy with the traditional parties and looking for a new home. The reasons for the unhappyness vary of course. Generally speaking those who are on the loosing end of the globalisation, mass immigration and climate policy realize they will not get any improvement by voting for the traditional parties a.k.k.a socialists, liberals like Mark Rutte and christians.
These people can be seen as the “Somewheres”. They have roots in the old worker districts in the cities that are flooded with immigrants who do not integrate and stick to their own culture. They are also people in low paying jobs that experience first hand it becomes impossible to support a family from a single wage with no raise, no income certainty only flex contracts with a neverending race to the bottom. They are now also mostly christian/conservative farmers who have been tied to their lands for generations and see the future livelyhood of their children get sacrificed on the altar of climate religion. In summary, Somewheres work in the factories, logistics and agriculture and actually produce or move tangible goods.
The other 2/3rd of the population can be seen as the “Anywheres”. They are thriving in a world of globalisation, working their consultancy jobs in the Service economy. Their office is where their laptop is, which can be in an office in financial Amsterdam or government The Hague, or on a beach in Spain. As long as there is Wifi, they can produce their service and get paid handsomely. They vote for the traditional parties. Chris correctly framed most of their jobs as bullshit jobs which a simplifying society can perfectly live without.
So here is the root of the problem; the 1/3rd of Somewheres are looking for change ever more desperately, voting for more and more extreme parties. It started with the LPF in 2002 whose leader Pim Fortuyn got asassinated by a leftist vegan climate warrior days before the election. Then in 2010 they moved to PVV of Geert Wilders, whose tireless fight against Islamisation has resulted in death sentences by Muslims and him living in maximum security protection for almost 2 decades now. Then in 2019 the Somewheres voted for Forum for Democracy, more on that later. Now the polls show that BBB Boer Burger Beweging or Farmer Citizen Movement is the biggest party in the coming election in 2023.
Of course the 2/3 of the Anywheres oppose. They have the majority and more and more concentrate in the centre of the political spectrum. The left and right flanks are taken by extremist parties of the Somewheres. The Anywheres vote on parties that are pricipally excluding the Somewhere parties for their “racist and populist” agenda. So every coalition since 2002 consists of various Anywhere parties that are starting to resemble each other more and more. Every now and then, a Somewhere party gets included in the Anywhere coalition. Since the beliefs are fundamentally opposing, these coalitions fail swiftly. The Anywheres frame, using the power of state media, that the Somewheres are unreliable and the people should only vote Anywhere parties. Led by Mark Rutte, various coalitions of Anywheres are calling the shots towards an endless and relentless push for more globalisation, mass immigration, european unification and climate religion.


Backhround On Eva, Pepijn And Politics In The Netherlands 2/3

Eva and Forum for Democracy party FVD
Dutch Universities, like all universities in the world, suffer from wokeness. Read Dave Collum and you know what that means. The traditionally more liberal and right-leaning University of Leiden is one of the rare places in Academia where openminded thinking and free debate is cultivated and thriving. No suprise that the Leiden university is the birthplace of the Forum for Democracy or FVD party, led by Thierry Baudet.
Baudet and FVD became visible as part of the diverse group of people that led the movement to get the first Dutch Advisory Referendum in 2016. A new law that has been in the works for decades was used to force a Referendum on a treaty between the European Union and Ukraine. How telling this was…
Heavily opposed by the Anywhere parties, the referendum happened anyway and the Dutch voted AGAINST the treaty. This forced Mark Rutte to shamefully go back to the EU and renegotiate. Of course in classic Rutte style, the opposition got neutralized and since the referendum was Advisory and not Decisive, easily ignored. The EU-Ukraine treaty was signed with a minor fold-in leaflet stating some dutch rumblings. Baudet and FVD were “on the map”, framed as Somewheres while Baudet, a lavendersniffing pianoplaying academia elitist, is the prototype Anywhere. Free thinking is enough to get one shoved aside!
As for the referendum, which was a crown jewel of D66, the most Anywhere of the Anywhere parties, this was killed off by the next Anywhere coalition after another referendum rejected a privacy violating law to give the dutch NSA/FBI more tools to do mass surveillance. The Anywheres don’t like opposition blocking their schemes so the referendum law is gone. The mass surveillance law of course passed.
FVD won the 2019 election for the Senate. They became the biggest party in the upper house. Of course the Anywhere parties excluded Baudet and FVD has zero power. FVD suffered from the classic problem of any sudden growth party. How to get good candidates on the list. The Leiden University was a good source of candidates, Eva Vlaardingerbroek being one of them. The list of candidates is a long list of PhD heavy academics that resonate very little with the average Somewhere voter. Of course the ego’s on the list, smelling power, started fighting already before the elections, Eva left before the 2021 Lower House elections which proved an utter fail for the FVD. Their fraction in the Senate broke in 3 pieces leaving FVD with just a few seats and powerless.


Background On Eva, Pepijn And Politics In The Netherlands 3/3

FVD and Covid
Covid arrived in 2020 and widened the gap between the Somewheres and Anywheres. While Aywheres could work from home and get their groceries and Amazon orders delivered at home, Somewheres paid the price. The lockdowns forced to close their restaurants and stores, and the people in low paying jobs like healthcare, police and logistics had to get out to work, get exposed to the virus and get ill. Many suffer from long Covid and get sick over and over now that the virus freely spreads around.
Baudet jumped on the Covid bandwagon, being one of the most vocal opposing the lockdowns, mass vaccination and covid passports which the Anywheres swiftly introduced. Other Somewhere parties of course also opposed but they lost every vote to the Anywheres.
While Baudet’s message about Covid resonated with many people, he made a fatal error. He compared the Covid passports to the yellow star Jews were forced to wear in WW2. While in academia these provoking images can be used to make a point, in Dutch society these very sensitive topics are a no-go area. Many Somewheres as well as fellow partymembers thought Baudet went too far and turned away from him and his party. Of course the Anywheres framed Baudet as a Nazi right away, ignoring his many valid points that proved to be right one after the other.
Pepijn, WEF and Farmers
Baudet has been warning about the WEF plans and influence for several years. While being framed as conspiracy theorist, he kept hammering on the WEF = Evil drum. After Covid became a non-issue (at least in the political discussion, in daily life it still destroys people’s health), it was the only distinguishing topic left on his agenda. The other handful of FVD MP’s in the lower house follow his concerns and speak up. Pepijn van Houwelingen, PhD not from Leiden but from the east of the Netherlands and therefore mentally closer to rural Somewheres, is one of those MP repeating the master’s voice. Gideon van Meijeren is another FVD MP famous for catching Rutte lie in public about his WEF connections and reading Klaus Schwab’s book.
Pepijn, given his background is now talking to anyone who wants to hear him. As all FVD MP’s he is fluent in English and several other languages, speaking to foreign media regularly, also because FVD gets zero coverage in Dutch Main Stream Media. The Farmers protests are for them just another hook to hang their WEF = Evil story on. Baudet himself, being the urban elitist he is, has zero affiliation with farmers and leaves this part gladly to his minions.
Of course farmers are not stupid and they see what FVD and people like Eva and Pepijn are doing. They also realize that Wilders and Baudet are too controversial to ever get a chance to increase the 1/3 somewheres to get a majority. Thats why the BBB party is now leading the polls, with at least a down to earth woman as leader but with the same fundamental flaw; no good other candidates on the list so far, and a single topic that will not convince enough Anywheres to change sides. Mark Rutte is just waiting, rubbing his hands to disarm another opposition party. He has a proven track record in doing so.The Anywheres will fight tooth and nail for him, and he has the power of the State behind him to supress any opposition that dares to toe the line of the law