Vaccine Deaths in New Zealand

New Zealand is a fascinating real-world experiment on vaccine safety. After locking themselves out from the rest of the world and thereby strictly eliminating Covid as a variable, they went about with a mass vaccination campaign. What did we learn?

Well, not very unexpectedly they had a surge in all-cause mortality in the 60+ cohort that almost perfectly correlates with vaccine delivery intensity. More jabs = more deaths and fewer jabs = fewer deaths. It deserves to be looked into more carefully, but responses from New Zealand’s health authorities indicates that maybe they don’t have any such interest. No surprise there.

Further, we’re being “trickle truthed” as the world comes to the realization that not only don’t two jabs work very well against omicron, but neither do three jabs and now four jabs.

While the U.S. mainstream media still hews to a stale campaign of trying to whip up more concern and fear over omicron, even the CDC has had to admit that omicron is a lot less deadly and far milder than delta.

The narrative is now fully shredded, but the agenda marches on. But for how much longer? People are waking up and the first large demonstration in the U.S. is planned for Jan 23 from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial. Begins at 11:30 a.m. EST.

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I’m reposting this. I really think that seasonality mostlyl explains the deaths. I’m not saying there aren’t vaccine issues. I just think the death association is an artifact of seasonality:

Looking a (just over halfway down the page, we see the average mortality by month over the years of 2011-2020: January 0.9263 February 0.9199 March 0.9286 April 0.9567 May 0.9947 June 1.0457 July 1.1156 August 1.1121 September 1.0693 October 1.0100 November 0.9722 December 0.9489 So July is about 19% larger than February. Using the chart in the above link, we see that March (similar to February) averages about 550 deaths and July about 670, a difference of about 22%, not much different than the 10 year average of 19%. I don't think this data shows any vaccine mortality.

that article didn’t list the unvaccinated among the more vulnerable! Now that’s interesting.




I see your analysis there and I considered it, and…what I saw was that the NZ data you brought forth (which is completely reasonable and valid - seasonality is very important) is for the entire population of NZ.
The chart that Jim posted and that I drew from is for just the 60+ cohort. Now a lot of the deaths will be located there, but not all of them. So the expected number of deaths there might be - what? - 90% of the total? Just guessing. If so, the gap just widened.
So it seems to me there’s a case to be made for there to be a signal there that deserves a bit of inquiry.


Yes, it is, but wouldn’t seasonality be about the same, perhaps even more pronounced in the elderly? There were 29479 deaths in the 60+ group in 2019. See
I did a rough estimate of the missing weeks in 2021, assuming they were like the rest of the warm season and got 29860 deaths in the 60+ group, an excess of 380 or about 1.3% over 2019. There might be something there, but it’s small.


Deaths those 5 years for 60+ were

2015 27279
2016 26966
2017 28852
2018 28517
2019 29479
average 28218.6
The trend is upward. Using the 5 year average, we have 1640 excess deaths. Using just 2017-2019, we have 910 excess deaths. That makes for 5.8% and 3.1%, respectively, a bit more, but perhaps within the noise level.

Just like the Philippines data analysis video that someone posted in another thread… shows the exact same correlation…


Why do these “vaccines” harm people? Because that’s what they were designed to do, by the evil men who engineered the spike protein. Why are govt officials continuing to mandate these deadly injections? Because that’s what they’ve been told to do, by the evil men who run the world. It’s long past time to advocate for our fellow citizens and demand a complete halt, until the data from the safety signals can be analyzed. We can’t save everyone, but what kind of person are we, if we don’t at least TRY?


This is a strange video of Dr. Been, where it doesn’t seem to be normal himself, and starts with alarming fear mongering of omicron surge.
Don’t Be Unprepared for COVID Surge (Let’s review the therapeutics.)
He has long list of therapeutics with links, including ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, and Remdesivir!
So just posting to get feedback, opinion of fellow members. Thanks.


I am a New Zealand citizen and in the over 60 cohort. I asked a doctor for ivermectin several months ago and he said he could not prescribe it as doctors who did so were subject to what was basically persecution from the medical council. I attempted to import some from India at an exorbitant price but unfortunately it was confiscated at the border. I received a letter from Med(un)safe saying if I wished to claim it I would need a prescription from a New Zealand doctor. I asked another doctor for a prescription and he was extremely apologetic but said he could not because doctors had been told not to prescribe Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine by the Medical council. This is the organisation that licences doctors, disciplines them, etc. This really pisses me off as given the lack of efficacy of the vaccines against Omicron it amounts to deliberately endangering the lives and health of New Zealanders. I guess its horse paste for me.
ps. The only reasons I can see For the Medical Council to do this is because they are receiving some sort of incentive from the vaccine manufacturers.


Wow. Never heard Dr Been like this. Sounds like he’s all over the map grasping at straws. Brain fog?
Wife & I just went through omicron. Funny, with all the preparation I’ve done, I really wasn’t enthusiastic about a kitchen sink approach. Took my HCQ + zinc, & switched to anti-clotting / anti-inflammatories after a few days.
Wife & I both came through with distress next to nil. Biggest nothing-burger in my cold/flu history.
I dearly hope Dr B is OK.


Everyone needs to read chapter 10 of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.'s book on Fauci. What we are witnessing is the dystopian genocide that David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, and Bill Gates hoped to achieve. Instead of promoting health, they spent decades, and billions of dollars, promoting death, and sterility. I hate bringing up their depopulation agenda, because it’s so dark, but what’s far worse is pretending this isn’t it.


I’ve mentioned this in another thread… but I’ll bring it up in the hopes it stirs some discussion. So the possibility here is that the Oligarchs are trying to cut our numbers down preemtively to our own natural overshoot correction right? Is this better or worse? I mean we know what’s coming right? I’m making assumptions here I know but how many people are going to make it through teotwawki? A couple billion give or take… so what is better from a pragmatic point of view, do we keep going in the standard run and go off the cliff like lemmings or is this culling that may be happening any better? Ideally we would have this convo out in the open but the worlds masses aren’t about to realistically contemplate this, are they? So what’s better a slow depopulation or a bigger one once the trucks stop running?Im not trying to be needlessly macabre here my wife has been double vaccinated so I stand to lose what words fail me to describe. I want to choose life and liberty and defend it til my last breath, by that same logic are we not dooming ourselves to collapse anyways…
Any thoughts?


I live in New Zealand. What I would have liked to see is a comparison with the previous two years to see if there is still a signal.
We were told that the death rate among the very old was slightly lower in 2020 than in 2019, seemingly due to no Flu being around. If correct, this would mean that there is chance that 2021 deaths are a reversion to the mean rather than an increase. The correlation with the vaccine rollout is definitely cause for investigation but more data is needed.
I have no doubt that the vaccines are killing a lot of people and injuring many more, but I think we do need to test this data against previous years for a more accurate comparison.


After recently contracting Covid, he admitted he had difficulty getting early treatments or any treatment for that matter (anything approved under EUA etc…). He seemed very disheartened over this. I suspect he realized that people are going to be in a real bind trying to get pharmacotherapy during this wave and so he offered multiple options with literature to back it up. He has been very generous in sharing his Covid experience and I too hope he recovers fully.


Chris, a quick check of the official NZ death data in 2021 compared to the previous 5 years (60+) indicates that there is nothing out of the ordinary about the 2021 numbers. The data was taken from here:


Starting in April, it is by far the smoothest curve. That blue one, 2018 I think from the blurry image you uploaded, is not too far off. The others show some minor ups and downs and an occasional spike, probably from influenza. 2021 is just a smooth curve. Could it be faked?


Hi Ian,
It is MANDATORY that a doctor loses their licence if they even mention or prescribe ivermectin in Australia.
I’m afraid I don’t think even the horse paste is available NZ, unless you want it combined with some other wormer. And you can’t even import it, as wemustspeakout discovered. So it might be best to look into alternatives. She had managed to acquire quite a war chest of other therapeutics from places like pipingrock (iherb is another). For instance, there are protocol organised around Quercetin as a zinc ionophore.
But some therapeutics do seem more available in NZ than here in Oz. Supposedly, Promethazine is available over the counter in NZ, you just have to speak with the pharmacist. I gather Dr Chetty has used it to treat the inflammatory phase of the disease without any antivirals. You can find interviews with him on the Covexit channel on Rumble and other places (I can’t include anything like a full URL addresses so you’ll have to fill them out due to ridiculous filtering on this site).