Vaccine Mandates Are Here

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The much anticipated FDA “approval” on August 23rd of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine made global headlines, spurring a new round of employer mandated vaccination policy announcements. But what exactly does this “approval” entail? Is this the true gold standard indicator of safety that the rigorous FDA approval process claims to convey, or just a creatively worded re-definition of the Emergency Use Authorization already in place? If the latter, the current tidal wave of vaccine mandates by employers are neither legal nor enforceable. So what’s an employee to do? Cut past the noise to learn about your rights and options.



NY Times: F.D.A. Fully Approves Pfizer-BioNTech’s Vaccine, a First for a Covid-19 Shot:

FDA “Approves” Pfizer Vaccine:

What An Approval Letter Actually Reads Like:

Member of FDA’s Expert Panel Resigns Over Controversial Alzheimer’s Therapy Approval:

One-Third of New Drugs Had Safety Problems After FDA Approval: <

Mother Weeps As She Tells Senator How Pfizer Shot Left Her Daughter Wheelchair-Bound:

Doctor Talks to NFL Team About Vaccines, Says Americans Should be ‘More Worried About Taking Aspirin’:

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The war on us proceeds on multiple, multiple fronts;
Not an isolated incident;

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Can this video be put up on bitchute or rumble, since youtube deleted it before I could watch. The censorship everywhere is so frustrating!

YouTube video taken down for violating terms of service.
How disgusting is this censorship?

Okay I was just trying to watch the update and Youtube must have removed the video. It stopped playing right in the middle of watching. Can we get the video put up on another platform like Rumble? I am assuming Youtube did not like the video.

Viktor Frankl has said that war brings out the best and worst in people.

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I’d just heard the Dr say news headlines were inaccurate, and then (YouTube) video stopped, only to find it had been removed from the public. Glad to see you have the audio on here at least.

Literally was watching the video about the FDA and mandates, and then it was taken down from YouTube. You were just reading the letters and articles. The video actually cut out when you were talking about trust. Go figure there’s none.

For the data that Chris spoke about re: menstrual cycles, is it possible that this wasn’t reported by the FDA because of a lack of evidence in a double blind study (while headaches, etc did appear?). I ask because the ~30,000 reported incidents that Chris cited through VAERS (171 million total fully vaxxed, or ~85 million women) corresponds to a one in 2,833 per fully vaxxed woman. Unfortunately I do not know of reputable data sources on this, but could this mean that any woman who notes a change in menstrual cycle that recently had the vaccine may falsely attribute that to the vaccine? The question essentially boils down to: how likely is a cycle to be irregular, and is that occurrence more likely post-vaccine?

Oh wow I must have finished watching two minutes before it got taken down. This further supports the idea that the information age has transitioned to the disinformation age

YT has taken the video down

Great video as usual. I’m really sorry about the censorship; it shocked and upset me to see it. I hope justice is served one day.

No misinformation. What is going on now is beyond censorship - the threatening of doctors… this is not about science. Its about politics clearly. I cant believe we are at point this bad - that no more medical exemptions - oh the state will allow them - but medical boards will not allow doctors to give them. this has been going on in NY and CA for years. Drs have been intimidated into not giving exemptions as its the only exemptions still allowed in the states, but you cannot get them
We have gone full on vaccine war - which i predicted. But it has shown the true power of those in charge to control every single string of media, every single board of licensing - every little politician. EVERYTHING. I can say if I were 20 years old without family, I would have made this war physical by now. Too bad the young strong youth today are totally indoctrinated. I am not sure we have anything left to save.
In the end, this is far beyond being about just the vaccine. We have taken this country to nothing during this plandemic. and the media are culpable in a way that is maddening. politicians , and FDA , CDC , all this is expected, they have been owned by the special interest for decades. I have recommendation at this point, stock up on every single supplement you will ever need. This are going to be pulled in short order.
In less than 1 year you will have nothing , and be totally reliant on the govt for even your food. And as much as I think farming yourself seems like a good idea, I see indications, that they will poison your water, spray chemicals, cut your power etc.
I think by the time most people realize the battle is as hand, it will be far too late. I say if we went guns a blazing tomorrow - it probably is still too late. But there is nowhere in the real US , one single bit of what is going is legal. And no one ever gets punished but the whistle blower.

Time to start putting these videos on, I think …

I watched this one on youtube, the comments stoped to work at some time (no sorting for newest, no option to read responses, no option to comment myself) but i was able to finish watching this. After i finished, i couldn’t find the video anywhere anymore.
They let people finish watching videos, before they delte/shadowbann. But that makes sense, otherwise it would be to obvious and would make people mad (stoping during a video would give those reactions)

I just saw that too. I was responding to a comment when the video was taken down. I guess (((they))) decided that Chris and people in the comments were too close to the target. That’s where you catch the most flak, you know.

It’s awful. censorship is rampant and it gives me all the more reason to hold off from getting this vaccine…especially because it doesn’t even stop the spread.

Just finished watching, and was EXTREMLY impressed, and about to put a link on Twitter/FB/Gab, but when I did “share” it came up with the “removed” warning.
We are living in a dark time in human history. One of the darkest
Here is the link on Odysee, for those that missed it on YouTube:

How do you post a comment? I can’t find the button on the website. and yeah Google, the owner of youtube, will censor this like crazy. it’s not long until this website gets taken off Google search engine