VIDEO: The Coronavirus Is The Pin Popping The 'Everything Bubble'

For years, Peak Prosperity has been raising a loud warning of the ‘Everything Bubble’ that the world’s central banks have blown in global asset prices.

Over that time, we’ve debated with hundreds of economic experts on what will be the trigger to “pop” this mania.

Well, now we’re finding out.

The economic damage being wrought worldwide by the coronavirus is the black swan the system never saw coming. Trade is being strangled, and the necessary productivity needed to support that massive increase in global debt that has been taken on over the past decade is just not there.

Bankruptcies are set to ripple across industries like wildfire. Mass layoffs will return with a vengeance. For certain industries – like travel, hospitality, and the shale oil drillers – this will be an extinction-level event for many players.

As ugly as the swift -19% drop in markets from from February’s highs has been, this is just the start of the reckoning, folks.

To give you a clear understanding what to expect during the bursting of the largest asset bubble in world history, Chris rushed to record this interview with John Rubino, author of The Money Bubble:

For those wondering what practical steps to take with their money as the Everything Bubble bursts: while Chris and John were recording, I was busy interviewing the lead partners from New Harbor Financial, Peak Prosperity's endorsed financial advisor.

In the short video below, they offer their seasoned take on the current market action, what they see as most likely to happen from here, and what they recommend investors consider now:

Anyone interested in scheduling a free consultation and portfolio review with Mike and John can do so by clicking here.

And if you’re one of the many readers brand new to Peak Prosperity over the past few weeks, we strongly urge you get your financial situation in order in parallel with your physical coronavirus preparations.

We recommend you do so in partnership with a professional financial advisor who understands the macro risks to the market that we discuss on this website. If you’ve already got one, great.

But if not, consider talking to the team at New Harbor. We’ve set up this ‘free consultation’ relationship with them to help folks exactly like you.


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Chris, change your clock! LOL

Definitely not a chemist or lab person and new here also. I have been using Lysol Clean & Fresh Multi Surface Cleaner, 1.1856% alkyl dimethal benzyl ammonium chlorides to disinfect cardboard packages received from UPS. Is this product working or should I switch to bleach, hydrogen peroxide or bleach in the percentages Chris mentioned in his video today? Thanks for any input.

I have been using gloves to open all packages, then “dumping” the contents into a plastic tub, followed by disinfecting each item with lysol wipes and setting aside to air dry prior to taking them into the house. I also purchased hydrogen peroxide and bleach as a back up. Just ordered some Microban 24-hr cleaner for things like keys, jackets, etc. Here is a link to an extensive list of recommended disinfectants.

Chris, feed your cat!

Can anyone point me to an effective recipe for hand sanitizer using isopropyl alcohol and aloe vera gel? After watching the video I am second guessing myself. Thanks!

Well I had a consultation with a new harbor advisor today… and to put it bluntly he didn’t make me feel much better about my situation. I was told that there wouldn’t be much benefit to establishing a partnership with them given the pending bubble burst… didnt get much insight on other ways to prepare myself financially other than the obvious… so I had to come to the forum for help.

I’ve been expecting the bubble to burst for years, but it never occurred to me that the black swan would be a super virus.
I stocked up fairly well before most people caught on (thanks Chris), but it didn’t occur to me to buy a UV sterilizer box, before they became insanely pricy and unavailable.
So, I’m making one. I thought I’d share my solution, in case anyone else wanted to do the same project.
Things you will need in addition to the items listed below are, a drill, a solder gun, screw drivers, solder, solder flux and a short length of small gage electrical wire. Modest soldering skills will be helpful. A cheap low power soldering iron is ideal for this project.
The items I am using are:
2 ea Phillips Lighting 363713 Germicidal Lamps $16.54
1 ea AmerTac Everyday Basic Mini Fluorescent Light (Pack of 2) $8.48
1 Powseed 45W Universal Power Adapter $16.87
True Value Hardware:
1 ea Rustoleum Silver Metalic Spray Paint $7.42
1 ea Steriilte File Box internal dimensions 12 1/4 X 10 X 9 $9.70
Basiclly, I have painted the inside of the file box metalilc silver. The result is a finish that resembles rough chrome. Next, I’ll install the two light fixtures on the inside of the lid facing down. The light fixtures come with a 6 volt DC plug. I will wire the two light fixtures together and plug the power adapter into one fixture. The drill is to create a hole in the lid for the power supply wire.
I’m also going to install a couple of hooks on the underside of the lid to hang things like masks from, while they are sterilizing.
That’s it.
The project without the power supply is $42.14 and with the power supply it’s $59.01.
I have extra power supplies at home, but I am wintering 2,000 miles from home. I need this sterilizer before I get home, so I’m buying a power supply.
The finished box has a larger interior than similar retail items I’ve seen.
I based my light system on the bulbs used by Their unit looks excellent and reasonably priced, but they are on back order until mid May. I need one before then.

Really like the Video format as much as the (until now) Podcast format. I can stream either format and tend to listen (or now watch) whilst on the move (usually during the 1 hour train journey travelling to and from Zürich). iPad. Headphones. Tiptop.

There may be away to track many deaths China had in Wu Han ?By knowing how many engineers and workers Apple needed to make ipod on the factory floor and other company you can estimate how many are dead by how hard they work to replace this workers and engineers. If you can’t work a problem forwards, then work it backwards.

Hello JahFire,
I do do not know neither your tolerance for risk nor the state of your estate, but some thoughts came to mind if you wish to add some funds to long term investments via market vehicles.
As you can see from the five year chart of the Dow Jones Industrial Average(DJIA), the index is only roughly 1400 points from flirting with the most notable resistance/support level (12/21/18) of the past two years. This low point in the mentioned index was reached 91 days after it had reached a closing high of slightly more than 26,740 points on Sept. 21st of the same year - at least according to the five year chart of the DJIA as furnished by Google.

In addition, the DJIA saw an earlier downturn in 2018 after it nearly summitted the 26,620 mark in late January (1/26). It faltered to the slightly more than the 23,530 level some 56 days later (3/26).
In my exceedingly humble opinion, the closing price set in late March will only act as a shallow support floor for the DJIA after it likely vacilates in a upwardish manner as it did after the dramatic precipice experienced during the last week in February. The index will probably collapse once more below today’s low after 1) someone in Hollywood in shown to have come down with the virus, 2) the lockdown of primary European city beyond the borders of Italy manifest itself, 3) further testing reveals the entrenched state of the virus in the US, 4) turn to your chosen page in the Choose Your Own Adventure book - the Distopian Edition … pick any or all of the above.
At this point, the stronger back stop offered by the floor establiished in late December 2018 will be likely breached with only shallow resistance levels, which served as brief pauses during the index’s overall rise in 2017, to arrest its descent.
My point being that the current downturn of this index will not subside for weeks as the two prior weak periods cited above suggest. Moreover, this latest mkt. plunge brings to mind the market crash of 1987.
The market lost nearly 35% of its value in roughly five weeks after managing a rebound intermediate high in early October of 1987. This Fall rebound in the index’s spirit followed a shallow fall from its (then) all time high that was obtained earlier in the Summer. However, from its initial fantastic bottom in early Nov. of 1887, the DJIA struggle to superceed the breathtaking low during the rest of said month as it experienced a secondary low point in late Nov/early Dec. of 1987.
This latest example seems fitting in terms of a future timeline as the arrival of Spring will hopefully dampen considerably the virus’ rate of the infection. Thus, market makers will collectively expel a deep sigh of relief and promptly forget the still existing threat of the novel corona virus while promptly extolling the bargains in value to be had.
At this future instance, you could consider modestly dollar cost averaging back in as there could be another surprise in the Fall if the novel virus mimics the Spanish Flu of 1918… or not.
But you should consult a trained professional to ascertain your risk profile coupled with your significant financial goal timeline to possibly set aside some monies in the market given its far lower valuation in the intermediate future and its likely future rise from fresh lows during the coming years of probable inflation to come.

Well that didn’t take long did it.
2’000 point drop on the DOW, oil in the $30-$40 range and…voila…POTUS stands forward and teases stocks back up with talk of fiscal stimulus and more debt.
If this is how it turns out - then the globalists+virus employed a brilliant strategy to move the world over to global fiscal stimulus, from global monetary stimulus.
Copperfields rabbit out the hat. Brilliant. We’ve been done again :slight_smile:

Hi again JahFire,
I did not listen to the two latest videos above prior to thinking about your circumstances. I wished to think for myself on the subject at hand before listening to a likely well informed opinion from a market expert.
Good luck.

Really really appreciate the updates. I’ve not wanted to bother those guys since they have important work to do right now, but I have been curious how their product is holding up to the headwinds. Their s great team and the results speak for themselves.

If Chris advises us to severely curtail our interaction with society during the probable prevalence of the novel virus in our communities, should we not simply enclose a used mask in sealable glass jar and let the sun’s rays disinfect it for us? We should not be moving about our communities during the thick of it anyways, right?

Blame game: how a black swan will convert into a black sheep…

Hearing that the US TPTB are considering a payroll tax cut. They just don’t get it. How is someone that doesn’t have any sick days suppose to benefit from this. A tax reduction on 0 income is still zero. They really think that everyone can work from home and still get a paycheck. I hope that some sensible ideas to help all of the american people are put forth and considered. (Pipedream).
I guess we should all hope that this virus succumbs to the change in weather, come on heat wave. However that will most likely only allow the US to try and get is s$%t together for round two come the fall, while putting an overwhelming burden in the short term on the southern hemisphere.

In our flood of emails was one that claimed to have access to Trump. So on the very small chance that’s accurate, and even smaller chance that anything might happen even if it were true, I took 5 minutes to pen this letter:

Dear President Trump, The coronavirus emergency is unlike any faced by a sitting president in over 100 years. Your leadership on this, and this alone, will define how your presidency is remembered. You are in danger of being remembered as "that guy who was slow to the punch and crashed the economy, and failed to save lives." It's a very tricky balancing act you must now attempt. The greatest negotiation ever because the entity across the table is a virus, and it doesn't respond to any pressure or requests. Here are the three things you must balance:
  1. Stopping the spread of the disease
  2. Preventing the economy from crashing
  3. Not allowing our hospital system to become overwhelmed.
If you fail at (1) this thing just keeps burning through our society creating lasting damage If you fail at (2) as much - or more - pain and misery results for people If you fail at (3) many, many people die, from both the coronavirus as well as other treatable conditions like heart attacks and appendicitis. Here's where your incredible leadership is going to be needed. You can't just 'solve for one' of the above without accidentally sacrificing it. For example, if you simply opt to 'save the economy' (2) then the disease screams across the land, it destroys the hospital system, people refuse to travel or go to work, economic behaviors change, and you lose the economy (2) nonetheless. This is already happening. If you simply optimize (1) and stop the contagion, then your sacrifice the economy and eventually people are starving so they break quarantine and then the disease takes off again and you've failed at (1). Our advice? Immediate transparency and honesty. This is a War. It's time to pull the nation together. Ask for sacrifices and call on people's honor and duty. We'll get through this. It won't be easy. But it will be worth it and will reignite a sense of togetherness like this country hasn't had in 70 years. You could lead this. Or the opposite. Next, people have been getting bad, and often scientifically inaccurate information from the leadership of the CDC and WHO. This needs to stop immediately. And they know it too; people can smell BS a mile away. This is eroding trust at a time when it is most needed. Finally, people need to know what the plan is. Who is making more masks? When will they be available? What should they do in the meantime? Who is paying for the covid-19 testing? Who will pay for the uninsured hospital bills? What happens to mortgages and student loans if people are out of work? You should simply state what the answers are to these (and many other) questions and then let Congress take the fall if they can't or won't deliver on them. Time is running out. You have at most another week to get this right. Sincerely, Dr. Chris Martenson

I agree - a payroll tax cut does nothing for the person who loses their wait-staffing job. It does nothing to help the hourly worker who has no hours to work because their services aren’t needed because nobody is shopping or vacationing.
It’s a super indirect thing. It’s something. But it’s really not a game changer, no matter how much the PPT crams the stock futures up in the overnights to try and “stem the damage” (and probably try to salve Trump’s ego by showing the ““markets”” applaud his amazing leadership, yada, yada, yada)
Meanwhile in Italy:

That’s how you do it.
But that kinda sticks it to the banks and that’s pretty un-American so a weak-assed payroll tax cut it is!
How the ““markets”” can interpret that as in any way being capable of moving the economic needle is beyond me.
So SARs it is! (Sell All Rallies)

If I’m not mistaken, every, single, bank has a charter with the Federal Reserve Bank. Every, single, bank gets their orders/direction from the FED. Money printed out of thin air (for their gains) and added to the backs of those of us that are productive, our kids and grandkids futures.
Let’s strike the match and let it burn.