Vimeo Files: Chris Discusses Vimeo's Censorship of Peak Prosperity

Just before the Thanksgiving holidays, Chris joined the Unity Project’s CEO Laura Sextro on her Rumble podcast to discuss how Vimeo censored private Peak Prosperity videos. It’s an illuminating discussion that shows the 1st Amendment violations of Big Tech social media channels.


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Some Thoughts Re: Interview

A point was made regarding Social Media. This I believe is why Steve Jobs would NOT let his kids go near an iPhone or later on an iPad. As the visionary he was. I truly believe he connected the dots and saw SM playing a big role pushing these devices into the mainstream public. If so he was spot on.
I also believe he saw the potential downside that people would get addicated to these devices when SM began to latch on to these mobile devices. I cannot believe for a moment he did not consider that. He was too good at seeing the future development of a product.
Today we have kids and adults alike starring at their phones like zombies. So they have become dependent on these devices and the content that gets presented on them. When that happens it becomes trouble because that is their main source of news. They won’t get or seek opposing views such as Peak Prosperity or read Paul Craig Roberts or Martin Armstrong or Catherine Austin Fitts or James Corbett or Brando Smith from
They will only accept controlled information. That is where the danger lies because now those providing access to that content become the emboldened gate keeper which is why we are dealing with controlled information from Google, Facebook, etc.
They are representing the people who will only accept what they say so opposing views are shutdown. Hmm, that sounds a lot like communism where the authority gets to decide what you will read or see.
The other problem lies with something Daniel Patrick Moynihan referred to 30+ years ago as the dumbing down of America.
People today are really engaged with pleasure so they live for food, sex, sports and entertainment. They leave the rest for those in charge. That’s where society is today and the structure we are fighting against.
It becomes an uphill climb against a behemoth.


Video Skipping?

I got to about ten minutes in, and the video skipped to the end. Tried it a couple of times. Is it my phone? Anyone else having a problem?

Kill Switch Tyranny


Well That Was An Uplifting Experience!

It seems to me the big question is, “Can we fix what’s wrong before the whole society collapses, or are we required to collapse first then rebuild from the ashes?” Watching what’s going on and comparing it to history makes me more sure every day we won’t have even a chance at fixing what’s wrong until we’ve collapsed. The perpetrators are fully in control of the system(s) now and “we the people” are distracted, dumbed down, enthralled with The Narrative, and too comfortable with our chains. We also have to remember that the perpetrators are right now consciously working toward destroying our world so THEY can “Build Back Better.” So that means when we find ourselves standing amid the ashes and rubble of our society and begin to rebuild a better world THEY will be there too prepared to push us aside and build another evil, unsustainable world they are still in control of. “New boss same as the old boss.”


I think the latter is the more probable scenario. The current system cannot be fixed. This isn’t just negative thinking but just plain old commonsense. Trump’s problem when he said he would drain the swamp, did not realize that it included both parties.
Martin Armstrong warns that the US will collapse and he is forecasting that it will happen by 2044.
He wrote this today on his website.


I thought he said in other articles that it would be 2032 when a new system of governance emerges (possibly direct democracy). This implies the existing system will collapse before that time. Which is also in keeping with the cyclical patterns of the Fourth Turning. I personally think things will be quite serious from the falling apart perspective by 2025, and the next 5 or so years after that will be unprecedented in terms of problems to solve and predicaments to manage.


Cancel Policy

So I work for the city of New York and experienced similar cancel policy but from my job.
Anyone who refused vaccinations was placed on leave without pay while awaiting a Religious or Medical exemption. During the process, the phone calls at the office were not answered. Denial lettered were sent out on Friday afternoons so that those claiming exemptions would have to wait til Monday to respond as well as eating into the 7 day appeal time limit. All the denial letters were just rubber stamped, generic answers with no specifics of why someone was denied. No email, letter, or doctor review had a specific name attached to it let along signed.
I just put this out there to show that it was not only social media platforms executing these strategies with out any shred of trying to do what’s right.
I hope if we keep pushing these companies, organizations, governments and most importantly people will be held accountable.
Thank you for all you do; keep up the great work


I find rather strange how people are forced to take these bogus injections. Now there is the possibility that they may find themselves in our food supply. I hope Chris explores this possibility.


Perhaps Chris Can Explore This Possibility

The Globalists putting mRNA vaccines into our food supply. I dismissed this story a couple of years ago that Mac Slavo posted on his website shtfplan dot com
Well Martin Armstrong on his website brings up the same idea linking a story from Epoch TV that they want to inject this crap into our food, such as putting fluoride into our drinking water.


Yes plus look into this Chris cause EVERYONE has to eat.

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meme of the guy with the blindfold is awesome, going to copy that ?


Yes, agree we can’t let mRNA, etc sneak in through our food (or the food our pet animals eat) … This is a scary, important, discussion on the recent omnibus bill that passed, with Naomi Wolf and her husband. Apparently there’s huge transfers of power to agriculture / biodefense …
And Byram Bridle warns of mRNA animal vaccines through One Health -
Also -
And - - Much info about the WHO power grab - meeting this week. Profound consequences if they get away with rewriting rules of global pandemic management, when pandemic can mean whatever they say it means.

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Chris, You’re In Nyc? Any Open Plans / Events While You’re Here?

There’s still some soul in this city … and beautiful community gardens all over, especially lower east side …


I had no problem with the video. No skipping on my end. I am watching via my computer, however, so I can’t comment on the phone viewing experience.

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Big Tech

Censorship, cancel culture, etc. Not good. Ai cannot solve the problem if the input perimeters are incorrect. Eg: Inflation. Ai cannot calculate gov inflation correctly due to input data.

Don’t These Companies Want To Make Money?

Vimeo has been around for many years but although their web interface/mobile video player apps were a bit clunky and hard to use compared to Youtube, I wanted to support them simply in the hope of some viable competition.
Way back when Youtube first started overtly censoring I really thought that it was a chance for Vimeo to grab market share but they were actually going just as hard at the censorship, maybe moreso (or at least, less subtly at the time).
Other than they are being directed centrally, it’s difficult to see why these companies do this. Even having a woke founder or a bunch of SJW employees can’t explain why they would want to alienate potential creators and viewers and impede the growth of their business. How is Vimeo even still around at this point? It has never come close to being a potential rival to Youtube and unlike Rumble/Odysee there is ZERO point in going to them to look for uncensored speech.


Please?, easy answer to why. The elite puppet masters controlling the government also control the financial kleptocracy. Tech darlings have always been able to generate investment [our dwindling retirement funds] and pay executives exorbitant salaries with NO net income. As we heard from the EU “leaders” shutting down plants and farms, not to worry no income doesn’t mean bankruptcy. If they turn into a zombie company their bonds can get purchased at par and stock can be bought by a competitor with HUGE payouts to the management and peanuts for main street shareholders.
Sorry to tell you guys. There is NO downside for kleptocratic business leaders. We don’t prosecute white collar crime by elites. In a just society, 2008 would have had real estate swindlers in jail for life. SBF would not be out on bail. Ken Lay would have been required to use a public defender, not use the money stolen from customers and shareholders for an elite defense team - all his assets should have been frozen.
One of the main reasons for bubbles and the wealth transfer they drive, which I seldom see addressed, is that bail outs and money printing are a huge risk-transfer scheme. The Banksters and Wall Street kleptocrats take huge risks with their institutions and receive obscene compensation with no claw-back in a bankruptcy. When their recklessness destroys their institution, not to worry, small creditors, employees, small investors and retirement funds and taxpayers pay for the bad judgement while elite executive escape with their hundreds of millions in tact.
A simple change in bankruptcy laws is needed. I think it’s fair that my LLC can protect my MODEST, middle class house which I already owned from a bankruptcy. However, assets which I bought with company compensation during my tenure as an executive should be returned to creditors in a bankruptcy. As an executive, you claim you got the obscene compensation because of your business competence. That is a fraudulent claim. Your poor judgement (and often moral crimes, even if the action was shielded by a regulation your corporation bought) caused the failure.


Garbage in - garbage out. AI and algorithms are only as good as the honor and lack of bias of the programming team. AI simply makes it easier to implement biased censorship.


Or maybe you should just stop buying processed food from factory farms.