Vimeo Files: Chris Discusses Vimeo's Censorship of Peak Prosperity

Why Can’t The Public Get Angry…

about Fetterman getting elected? Because Americans have been vaccinated, medicated, flourodated, chlorinated, fed shit for food and shit for news. A friend of mine is convinced there will be a race war because she is of the ilk there is a racist under every rock. I say to her, with the present health of the American people? Good luck with that! We can’t even elect a coherent candidate!


Speaking Of Controlling The Narrative…

Sasha Latypova has uncovered some interesting information from her FOIR’s. She has discovered the DOD has been running this whole “Counter Measure” operation, including the censorship. The reason all the Fauci’s are still running around is because this is a Military Operation. The information is quite shocking. Ms. Latypova would make a great guest for Chris to interview.
Chris I haven’t seen you do any interviews lately, Ms. Latypova would be a good one.
My understanding is that the DOD has included the normal childhood vaccine schedule on the list of “countermeasures” to combat a national security risk due to recently increased vaccine hesitancy. I’m not sure what exactly that means for us, but I am certain I won’t like it.


Are We Not Shamed Yet?

I really think all the absurdities being hoisted on us are a shaming exercise to demoralize the sane members of the public. The shaming theme and the ‘you will eat bugs’ theme are both very Chinese-esque. Not sure if that’s contrived or not, just sayin’…

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mRNA vaccines have been used in animal farms here in the US for decades. My husband Andy grew up on a 500 acre dairy farm and it’s nothing new. What is new is they have altered the mRNA vaccines


“The elite puppet masters controlling the government also control the financial kleptocracy.”
Perhaps. There are also many drunk on ideology that they don’t care about bankruptcy.
Hollywood in the last few years has embraced every woke trope and driven away customers. I love movies but have little interest in seeing most of what’s come out, and no longer look forward with excitement to another month’s new releases.
Movies lose money and they keep coming out. For some, if it comes down to profit vs ideology, they will go down with the ship and blame their customers.
In silicon valley, the spigot of free money flowed freely, with profit not even an afterthought. Musk bought Twitter, laid off 75%(!) of employees, and most users didn’t notice a problem. (In fact, some remarked on the improved experience as the shadow-banned returned.) The problem here is the free money - likely from the kleptocrats - but coupled with ideology that sanctioned the bad employee behavior as somehow moral and noble.
So kleptocrats, sure. But the ideology is a big part of this.

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“Can we fix what’s wrong before the whole society collapses?”
That’s pretty much THE question, isn’t it?
In one bucket are things baked into the cake at this point. $91T in US debt ain’t gonna get paid back, no matter who is in office and what piece of legislation is signed tomorrow. Some combo of default, inflation, taxes, and spending cuts - and likely a new currency, too.
In another are things not yet a foregone conclusion. Maybe a CBDC could be avoided. Maybe a new round of death jabs too. Maybe Congress holds hearings to go after Fauci, CDC, FDA, and find out the names in Epstein’s little black book of blackmail.
It’s hard to tell in the big mess we’re in what lies in which bucket. There’s coupling between things; too many in the latter bucket moving forward may make others inescapable.
And there’s the question of whether a particular thing is intentional or is just a consequence of the math.
Unfortunately I think there’s enough in the first bucket, and far too many people eager to accept (or do the pushing for) things in the second that a big collapse is inevitable.
How big might be adjustable.
Whether you or I get caught up in it or insulate ourselves well against it is likely up to us, though not completely. But the better prepared, the better our odds.
And maybe getting the word out helps prepare more people for what’s coming, and for what’s after that, and reduces the forces actively pushing us into the collapse.

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Agreed. It’s a ghost town compared to pre Covid. It’s scary there and I probably will not go back

Someone Detected A Security Threat…

So I have been writing letters to the Swamp since the Obama Administration. Never have any of my letters been rejected because a security threat was detected until this morning. If me or my letter is a security threat, then the deep state is in deep shit!
Mr. Scott, Can you please tell me how it is legal for fake doctors on Twitter to sway and nudge public opinion?  Is it legal because our failed legislators have repealed laws prohibiting the use of propaganda on US citizens?
The experimental gene therapy and modification treatment would have NEVER taken off and the public would have NEVER lined up to take that “science” in the arm if it were not for the propaganda that was made LEGAL by way of legislative votes. And while our very own government is paying for advertising experimental gene therapy, there is not one single side effect listed in these so-called advertisements. How is that possible? Maybe because the commercial would become an informercial listing the myriad 1200 possible side effects? Might create a little vaccine hesitancy? (asked in squeaky motherease)
And what an orgasmic wave of centralized control was instituted when the idiots in DC decided to repeal laws prohibiting direct advertising of pharmaceuticals to the public. And now somebody is direct advertising medical devices to fucking children. ALL PERFECTLY LEGAL SAY THE IDIOTS IN WASHINGTON.
How many times do I have to say thanks for fucking nothing?
Wow, letter not accepted, some noted a security risk
Request not Accepted - Security Risk Detected

Whether you or I get caught up in it or insulate ourselves well against it is likely up to us, though not completely. But the better prepared, the better our odds.
I think it's more up to our karma, and we never know what's coming to bite us in the rear end. You would have noticed during the pandemic, how all of us were experiencing the same pandemic but each of us experienced it in a different way.

Vaccines for all, including our bees! It’s the new boom town. They will continuing ruining everything. Our poor bees and natural world are under assault. It’s as though we are being invaded by hostile et’s, who are busy making our world and all the forms to their liking.

They don’t teach cursive writing any more in schools. It is planned dumbing down because uneducated, unmentored, people are easier to manipulate and mentally control. Look at all the barriers to education for our young people today. Look how the values have changed. Look to the overwhelming use of distraction to keep people uninvolved in what actually matters. It is all part of the takeover plan.

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I’m in the city and I’d be happy to help with a meet-up!

As a practicing farm veterinarian, I’m not familiar with any mRNA vaccines currently or ever in use in the USA. That is a VERY unsettling thought!
We’ve used conventional vaccines for decades, with great success in some fields (Rabies anyone?) And marginal success in others (toxic mastitis in dairy cattle…) Definitely could have missed something, but perhaps your husband is referring to other types of vaccines?

Censorship Liability

Over and above the 1st amendment liability risk, there might be a class action from the covid-jab injured who may claim that they would not have taken the jab but for the censorship which denied them informed consent.


Who are the owners of the alternatives? BigTech / davos et al…

Theo Schetters, Geert van den Bossche know a thing or two about it.