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Maybe you got here because you followed a link from YouTube, or Twitter, or Facebook. Or maybe you’re already a long-time reader, in which case welcome back.

Below, once you are signed into this site (which requires registration for all newcomers) you will be able to access (for free, of course) today’s video which builds upon and goes further than the one posted to YouTube.

Why are we doing this? Because we cannot risk being deplatformed. We already have had one video taken down by YouTube for our strictly scientific coverage of a review paper of Ivermectin (IVM) put out by some of the most accomplished critical care medical doctors in the world.

It’s nothing personal, their own video of Dr Kory’s testimony to the US Senate was taken down and deleted by YouTube.

But chilling nonetheless. It sucks, and here we are.

Our response? Put relatively benign, non-objectionable content out on YouTube but then put what we actually want to say here, on our own site, and behind a soft wall (registration required).

Why the soft wall? Because our biggest foes are scammers, spammers, bots, and Google’s prying eyes and spiders which will scrape our content and potentially misuse it against us.

Are we over-reacting? No, in fact we may be underreacting. Behind the scenes we are having daily conversations with other content creators who are battling their own waves of censorship that lack both any defensible rationale and a party you could actually talk to on the other end of the social giant machinery.

So what’s down there that’s worth your time? Today I discuss:

  • Ivermectin and the war against it.
  • The various strategies in play to confuse the public's perception of IVM
  • Provide direct actions you can take to inform your doctor about IVM
The data on IVM is compelling as to its effectiveness (we've got some direct user experiences in there today) which makes the obviously coordinated campaign against it all the more horrible (if not horrifying).

As always, I provide full links to everything. We’ll also be having a rousing discussion in the comments section, and we’d love to have you so if you’re still on the fence about signing in, why not give it try? Our tribe is welcoming, we’re curious, and we’re very independent minded.

This is how we beat them at their own game. We simply walk away. No longer will YouTube get my best content for free (while taking more and more profits for themselves) while becoming more draconian in squashing ‘unapproved’ ideas.

The War on Truth - Ivermectin and the Battle to Save Lives and Get Back to Life

Now on Rumble.

Today’s Links:


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YouTube is going to remove your YouTube channel anyway. It will just take longer. I’m going to show this to my high school HVAC class. I’m hoping to make a screen capture for the kids. I’ll see if my bosses can me.

Everyone should read:

For a detailed explanation of the rules JP does a great job of explaining them clearly!  You’ll may not completely comprehend them.

you got that right…

I see no video. Just introduction, then a title header, then a large blank space, then the links and finally comments. No video.

Chris I noticed that Dr John Campbell has brought up the subject of Ivermectin on his You Tube channel, he’s based in the UK and he is saying that the evidence is looking substantial enough that Governments should be looking into it, following to see what happens here in the UK, at present Ivermectin isn’t even on the radar.

Chris thank you sooooo much for opening this up and keeping truth alive! Stay resilient my friend!

You really need to go read the text of Section 230. It says it’s okay to violate the First Amendment if what the person is saying is “objectionable”. So, they did pass a law that mentions the First Amendment in the process of sanctioning the violation of it.

I'm going to show this to my high school HVAC class.
Go for it! And please let us know how it goes?  
I see no video. Just introduction, then a title header, then a large blank space, then the links and finally comments. No video.
Not sure...works for me. I can see it in several browsers. So, which browser are you using? Have you tried shutting your tabs down and reopening your browser? Seems like it might be something like that.

Hmm, I’ve tried to text the full link to the “Review of Emerging Evidence…” to my friends and it immediately has a “failure to deliver”, no matter who I try to forward it to. However if I put the address in quotes it goes through no problem.
Edit: my mistake by thinking I was forwarding the link, and not the 28 page .pdf, doh!

It is out-of-control… Now MSM is slamming misinformation about vaccine… and dangers… saying antivaxers making baseless false claims and are now that antivaxxers are dangerous… Its out of control… its far gone… War not just on words coming to your hometown soon.

You finally called these people “stone cold murderers” - kudos!

The so-called Trusted News Initiative denominates itself as the self-appointed arbiter of of acceptable information on Covid, the vaccine and Covid treatments. The members of the “Trusted News Initiative” are:

AP, AFP; BBC, CBC/Radio-Canada, European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Facebook, Financial Times, First Draft, Google/YouTube, The Hindu, Microsoft, Reuters, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, Twitter, and The Washington Post.
Trusted News Initiative!?!? "Facebook," "Microsoft," "Google/YouTube," "Reuters," "Twitter," "The Washington Post." I would have laughed myself sick had this not been so tragic.  

To know whether treatment is better in one country vs another you need to compare CFR. You compared US and India death-rate.

Its out of control.. its far gone.. War not just on words coming to your hometown soon.
I completely agree. And you have to be clued into the precise use of inflammatory words. Emotionally laden content designed to force you react in a certain way. The main lever usually exerted is the 'belonging lever.' Everyone wants to belong. We hate to be abandoned and forgotten. So here's the LA Times recently working diligently to marginalize those who might dare to question the state of California's official edicts. As if somehow elected officials even at the state level had risen beyond the right or duties of their own citizens to question their actions. Do you see what I see? The LATimes has framed things like this; "The only way to stop Covid is to enter a lockdown. That's settled science. Further, there are no effective treatments that could replace a lockdown, Therefore anybody resisting a lockdown is a danger to society. Oh, and some of them are conspiracy theorists." Left out of that, of course, is that there's an alternative framing which says: "Hey, there is an effective set of treatments. Ivermectin alone would plunge the transmission rate by more than 90%. Further we could be smart about the way in which we allow people to live their lives. Maybe younger folks with a 99.96% rate of survival don't need to be locked down. Maybe we should be giving Ivermectin and Vitamin D to our elderly and then being, you know, a bit more careful around them." But, nope. The LA Times is clearly on the propaganda bandwagon and is branding people as "resistors" and "conspiracy theorists" for doing things like reading clinical trial results. You can practically hear tribunals assembling out in a nearby empty stadium... This needs to be fought. It's unacceptable. This sort of dangerous language and framing by the like of the LA Times is exactly what precedes very bad periods of history. How about we 'just say no' to that path, mmmmkay?

Try FLCCC.NET , it will redirect you to the same website.

Discussed the whole IVM thing with my doc today. She said she will research FLCCC and others. Curious to see if she comes around to our point of view. This could save many lives as she is director of a large chain of rural health clinics. 

What do you mean “texted”? Like SMS?