Welcome, Glenn Beck viewers!

Welcome to the home of the Crash Course.

My name is Chris Martenson (about) and I spent four years of my life developing the Crash Course with the goal of helping you understand what is going on with the economy and why the next twenty years are going to be completely unlike the last twenty years.

I ask very little of you. You can watch the Crash Course for free here. While I survive on subscriptions, I am not trying to sell you anything. My most deeply held concern is that you watch the entire Crash Course. It is the most important 3.5 hours you can possibly spend in this day and age.

While you could watch it alone, it's even better if you watch it with family, friends, and neighbors.

I do ask that you not try and watch it all at once. There is a lot of material in there, and while I did my level best to make it easily accessible, it's still quite a bit. Give yourself some breathing room and watch it in 3 or 4 viewings.

And I do not want you to make any immediate decisions or changes to your life as a result.

I ask that you read this short piece to understand why the Crash Course is presented in the way that it is and why I request that you give yourself time to sit with this material before coming to any conclusions about what you need to do, if anything.

And I have designed this site with the intention of saving you time in your important quest to understand what is going on. The very best articles I have found are located here, the best books here, the best internet sources here.

While these are almost certainly incomplete as sources for a complete economic education, they are also compact and digestible.

Lastly, sometimes a physical DVD is better than an Internet link. If you want to share this work with someone who may not necessarily open a URL and watch a 3.5 hour program, you could always hand them a DVD, which I am providing at barely the cost of production when ordered in quantity.

Again, I care about my country, I care about the globe, and it is my mission to help you and yours make the best possible decisions to prepare for an uncertain future.

Chris Martenson

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who’s glenn beck?

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It is good to see that Glenn Beck is recommending his viewers to this website. Most of his audience are reasonable-minded people and will contribute to the discussion here. I used to watch him when he was on CNN, but now I cannot watch anymore because I can’t get Fox News where I live.

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Yeah Gadfly. I can’t get FOX Noise anymore either, ever since I eliminated that channel from my TV.

Welcome Glenn Beck viewers to the Crash Course community! I am confident that you will find the Crash Course concepts and the community members to be just what you have been looking for to help you understand how we got into this mess and why the current "stimulus" attempts are doomed to fail. Your perception of the reality we are currently living in will be forever changed (mine sure has). However, I warn you-- at first you might be scared or depressed with the facts, but eventually you will feel enlightened and empowered and realize that this is a golden opportunity to make meaningful reforms that can lead to a better and more sustainable world for all.

I happened to be watching Fox for a while today and caught part of
Glenn’s show and he had a segment where he was showing the exponential
growth of the money supply by the Federal Reserve over the past few
decades and making no bones about the fact that this is an
unprecedented and scary trend that we should all be very worried about.
I thought to myself, "I should email his show and tell him about the
Crash Course". I got interrupted and didn’t get to watch all of the
show so I didn’t see him plug the Crash Course, but checked in to
PeakProsperity.com later and there is the blog post from Chris
welcoming Glenn Beck viewers! Wow, finally an opening in the main
stream media! This is an exciting development!

I just emailed Glenn and thanked him for mentioning the CC and
encouraged him to seize the opportunity to be the man in the MSM to
lead the charge in getting the word out and increase the public
awareness that our terminally ill financial system is on life support and the sooner
we abandon our course and take bold steps to create a new, sound, sustainable and fair financial
system designed for the modern world-- the better.

Here is the email address from the Fox site if any more of you want
to pile on and thank Glenn for the plug and encourage him to continue
to support CC concepts on his show:



[quote=Will] …encouraged him to seize the opportunity to be the man in the MSM to
lead the charge in getting the word out and increase the public
awareness that our terminally ill financial system is on life support and the sooner
we abandon our course and take bold steps to create a new, sound, sustainable and fair financial

That sounds like a great idea. Nevertheless I’d be extremely careful, all. Choose words carefully. The Crash Course was intentionally created to be scrupulously neutral. Safe enough for somebody to mention on prime time television or radio.

If, through unfortunately worded statements Mr. Beck is given the first impression that the subscribers to the Crash Couse are "survivalist extremist food-hoarding gold-bugs," association with which could injure his image publicly, he may be easily scared away from ever mentioning the Crash Course again.

"survivalist extremist food-hoarding gold-bugs"

Why would Glenn get this impression?

Does this represent your impression on balance of the subscribers to the Crash Course?

Chris has stated publicly that he protested the war in Iraq. That’s not scrupulously neutral in my opinion.

He’s also publicly stated that half his portfolio is gold/silver if I remember correctly. That would probably qualify as being a gold-bug by most main-streamers.

And not that Glenn isn’t concerned about his image but I’d imagine that probably upwards of half of Americans would consider him radical as he’s a very outspoken individual who frequently yells and wildly gesticulates as he makes his points. Moreover, among main-streamers Glenn probably tends towards the "survivalist extremist food-hoarding gold-bugs," as he’s frequently invoked the spectre of martial law and other borderline conspiracy/doom-saying topics on his show.

Just trying to figure out exactly where you’re coming from here.

[quote] Does this represent your impression on balance of the subscribers to the Crash Course? [/quote] Of course not. I was trying to invoke an extreme caricature. My only point is that it wouldn’t be the first time a public figure has been scared away from an good cause by an overly enthusiastic pitch which led them to believe the issue might be too hot for them. Actually, I’ve never closely followed him, so you may be right that we have nothing to worry about.

(Ron Paul has also stated that he invests in physical assets, thinks there will be a dollar crisis, and opposes the Iraq war, and he is one of Beck’s favorites, as I understand.)


I was delighted to see you used the word "we" in "we have nothing to worry about." I do feel that we are a "we" here. Though perhaps you used it simply as a matter of course and not intentionally to indicate solidarity. In any case, good show.

CM and Glenn Beck are certainly kindred spirits. It seems like he tends to open his show with Crash Course type topics. This seems like a great marriage (If I’m not getting too far ahead of myself here).

[quote=maincooncat] I do feel that we are a "we" here. Though perhaps you used it simply
as a matter of course and not intentionally to indicate solidarity. In any case, good show.
[/quote] Thank you, I think so too. I can’t say I calculated before using the word. But it certainly does mean "we," and with great pride. I’m not interested in insulting the one group of people who are doing more than almost anybody else to meet and overcome some of the biggest problems civilization has ever faced.


I agree with jrf29 that we do need to be careful and conscious of our choice of words in promoting the Crash Course, as it would be unfortunate to have anyone get the impression that the CC is some extremist viewpoint. There are a lot of ways to say the same thing, and some are going to be more effective than others. Also, you typically only get one chance to make a first impression.

I can see how the CC could sound radical and way out in left field if not precisely and effectively communicated to the intended audience. Many of us on this board have become intimately familiar with the CC concepts and related terminology, but we have to remember that much of the Crash Course is new and foreign to most people and it is a somewhat of a challenge to try to condense 3 hours of content into a few sentences that people can understand. And, as jrf29 indicated, we humans are capable of sounding a little crazy sometimes when we let our enthusiasm or passion get in the way of patiently and carefully communicating our knowledge and awareness.

I’m so thrilled that Glenn Beck has brought up the Crash Course and Chris. Back in December, a friend and I went to a Glenn Beck book signing in Virginia. We wanted to make certain that Glenn knew of Chris and his excellent work.

I laminated my business cards with a reference to visit Chris’ site on the back of the business cards and gave the cards to Glenn and his team, hoping that Glenn’s research team would review Chris’ work. I also believe Glenn and Chris are somewhat kindred spirits and are saying what needs to be said.

My friend also gave Glenn an excellent, but controversial, book about Lincoln with the business cards inside referring to Chris and the Crash Course.

Maybe our efforts worked!

Pairing two great minds who honestly care about our Country! Awesome!! Let the message of the Crash Course spread and spread and spread!




Glenn Beck and CM are indeed kindred spirits. Glenn has been talking about much of the same things CM is concerned about for at least the past two years. In the past year this has become more and more his focus. He also says it is up to us, as individuals, to assume responsibility and take back the power that we have , though the last 50 years of indoctrination have made more and more inclined to let go. I believe he is highly unlikely to find anyone but the most "rabid extremist" a "turn-off". In fact, he usually relishes engaging with rabid extremists (mostly those with a different world view than he. It would be interesting to see him engage with a "radical" who holds his views.) Frankly, I suspect he is "radical" himself but actually tones it down for his shows as he is trying to reach people, not run them off.

I have to admit I’ve never heard of Glenn Beck either- but anybody with an open mind, especially if they have a media following is welcome. This is awesome! Speaking of media, how did the WGBY appearance work out?

Well for me…,I am a fan of Mr. Beck. He is refreshing in his passion for proclaiming the fact that "the king has no clothes". This could be a wlcome crack in the dam of public stupor in perceiving the fact that "the next twenty years are going to be entirely unlike the last twenty years". Go Glen! and Welcome Beck veiwers to the most relevant website you can spend time on.

I wrote Mike Gallagher two weeks ago and directed him to the Crash Course, will send the rest of the top eleven talk radio hosts a DVD too.

Rush limbaugh

, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Dr Laura, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, Neal Boortz, Mark Levin, Dave Ramsey, Mike Gallagher, Micheal Medved


I want to caution against turning the CC into another sideshow on the nutcase right. There’s actually enough blame - and reasonableness - go go around. By too closely associating this school with fire-breathing extremists, you risk contaminating the entire course. Glenn Beck is on Fox for a reason.

Good point, azzenstudent. And to echo and invert jr’s sentiments from above, which cautioned against caricaturizing/radicalizing the pre-existing parts of the CC and site that could alienate potentially more mainstream promoters, we should also be cautious of becoming too associated with extreme segments of the mainstream that could in turn ostracize new comers to Chris’ work.

Truth is, the popularity of this site and who comes to it and for what reasons is an organic and spontaneous process that is really beyond anyone’s direct control.

Sorry about the double post (I’ve had a couple as of late) seems my laptop buttons are sticky, which causes unintentional double clicks.

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There are just as many "nutcases" on the left, fact is nobody wants to listen to them or they would be on the top ten talk radio list. Getting the message out is what's important not a persons particular political bent.
BTW- Most of these "fire breathing extremists" are for less govt and more personel freedom, I don't consider those positions extreme.