What is the Covid cult? Four signs you need to watch out for...

What we call the center mass of our culture, “the mainstream” if you will, is behaving and operating like a cult.

Without any significant institutional opposition, the full power of cult programming was unleashed on the people of the US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Europe with devastating results.

Families were torn apart. Friendships irrevocably altered. Colleagues lost.

If we take an open-minded look at the main practices of traits of cults, we discover that the so-called “normal” center mass of western cultures shared practically every one of them in common.

To escape from the cult you need to first recognize that you are in one. To heal from a cult, allies are needed; people you can really trust.


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Adding To The Common Knowledge

“A new report estimates that 26.6 million people were injured, 1.36 million disabled, and 300,000 excess deaths can be attributed to COVID-19 vaccine damages in 2022 alone, which cost the economy nearly $150 billion.” ……who’s going to be held responsible for this cult behavior that caused so much death and destruction…. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/bombshell-vax-analysis-finds-147-billion-economic-damage-tens-millions-injured-or-disabled


I’m Not In A Cult,

I’m in a tribe of good like minded people.


Tried To Help Thom Hartmann Out Of The Covid Cult

Hi All,
This is kinda a sad story…sad for Thom Hartmann (TH) that is. Maybe some of you know who is TH. If not, he has a daily, nationally syndicated 3 hour radio show. It comes on at 9 AM (but only the first hour) where I live after another show to which I sometimes listen. I used to like the dude but that was before Covid. He became one of the biggest mouthpieces for the MSM Covid narrative, pushing masks, separation, getting the shots and punishment for those that refused. He is extremely divisive and partisan. I can barely listen to the guy before turning the radio off.
TH was so proud of himself (and his wife) when he volunteered to be a human pin cushion as soon as he could back in 2021. I had the first several minutes of his program on yesterday. He told about his and his wife’s attempt to go to their local pharmacy on Saturday to get their booster shots. It had been 6 months since their last ones and he figured his immunity was down to 20% (he didn’t say how he knew that). Anyway, he was upset because the pharmacy turned them away saying they were’t giving out shots anymore. Hooray! Lucky for them!
I just had to call into his show to talk to him about the ineffectiveness of the shots and the actual danger from getting the shots and to ask him why he still wanted to do that especially after all that we know (or should know) about them by now. His call screener asked me what I wanted to talk about so I told her straight up that I wanted to tell him that he was endangering himself by getting any more of the clot shots. She put me on hold. In less than a minute she came back on the line and simply said, “We’ll pass” and hung up on me.
How sad is that? I mean, what a coward. He couldn’t put me on the air because he couldn’t allow me to spread “disinformation” about the shots and it’s his show and he decides what gets said on it. I have heard him say that before to other callers in regards to Covid and other subjects…cutting them off in mid sentence. Poor guy. He just can’t face the truth or he has marching orders from someone although he will vehemently deny that.
I have decided not to listen to his show at all anymore, not for even a few minutes as I have been before turning it off. I wish him well but I suspect he will get what he ultimately deserves for his stupidity. Thanks.


Fauci Didn’t Screw Up

He was successful in driving mail-in ballots for the whole country, allowing massive voter fraud and defeating Trump.
He was successful in driving pharma profits to record levels
He was successful in keeping opposition beaten down
He was successful in diverting a large chunk of the plandemic profits into his own pocket.
He was successful in dismantling individual rights so the elite will be better able to manipulate the masses in the future.
He’s a brilliant man and highly successful. You are just looking at him from the wrong perspective.


Essential V. Nonessential

As a retired federal employee, I was the most terrified when I heard non governmental jobs being described in these governmental terms. I worked as a RN in a federal medical center for BOP prisoners. The docs,nurses,and guards were essential. The rest or the staff were nonessential, meaning we worked during government shutdowns and did not get paid. The nonessential staff got a vacation so they could take another job and get paid. When the shutdown ended, Congress usually voted to backpay us, both essential and non essential alike. Congress gets paid during government shutdowns. They usually exempt themselves from the laws they pass. It’s stunning.
Being “essential” means you are about to get screwed. BOHICA.


Hi richcabot,
Here here!! I was going to say something like what you have said but I first wanted to tell my other story about Thom Hartmann (see below). So thanks for saving me the time.
Fauci was just doing his job and he did it very, very well. He too will get what he deserves in the end. Enough said about him. Thank you.


I Know Are But What Am I?

The hilarious part of this whole situation is they think WE are the cult. We think they are the cult. They think we think they are the cult. We know they think we think they are the cult.
Some real clown world stuff.
If you think too hard about it you might end up biting your own tail.


Along the lines of “history is written by the victors”.

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It’s Not Over Yet

My poor sister in law in New Jersey, had major surgery yesterday and was very nervous. Though she and her family have been jabbed, including her 2 teenage children, they did not let her have anyone with her before or after surgery. We were promised that life would be normal again if we got jabbed. Be careful about deals with the Devil. “I’m the Devil. I lied.”
Another thing I have not heard discussed is the use of commands during all this. This is very psychological and cult-like. The commands are phrased using verbs. “Wear a mask.” “Get the vaccine.” “Stand 6 feet apart.” “Wash your hands.” Does anyone remember “Answer your phone?” “Stay home.” “Stay safe.”


I forgot one, “Get tested.” Can anyone think of more?


Thom Hartmann fits perfectly the mold of Sam Harris. Or vice versa.
Smart. Well educated. Ego is clearly wrapped around their identity as ‘intellectuals’ with a whiff of “smarter than you.”
Cut from the same cloth they are.
Both fell heavy for TDS and this bled rather seamlessly into mask and vaccine maximalism and hysteria. Neither can even begin to admit as much to themselves.
However, this means I simply cannot spend any time listening to either of them anymore. A waste of time, even if they are speaking about something else intelligently…once someone shows me they possess the ability to twist the facts to fit their world, I begin to doubt everything they say.
This isn’t the same as demanding people always be right, just to be clear. Nothing wrong with being wrong. At all. It’s a necessary part of growing and learning.
But there is something wrong with being unable to self-detect when one has made a massive error of judgment.


A Friendly Reminder

A copy of the “severe winter of illness and death” message remains pinned up at my desk. These are things that should not be forgotten. Thank you for continuing to hold these people accountable.


Fear Over Covid Won’t Necessarily Translate To Accepting Climate Crisis

I am optimistic that the climate gaslighting won’t have the same impact as the fear generated by Covid messaging. Every time I talk to my friend who has had 5 jabs (?), then had Covid, and yet still wears a mask everywhere ?, she brings up the subject of how electric cars can’t possibly work as a way to replace gasoline engines. Fear of death by little invisible viruses in the air is more potent than getting people to cough up thousands of dollars to replace their car with an EV.


I am assuming that is only in America. I have seen far higher global figures.


Why So Many People “went Along With The Program”

Personally, I don’t think it’s a mystery. Mattias Desmet explains it very well in his descriptions of Mass Formation. See any video interview of him for details.


Prior Exposure = Protection

I’m certain prior exposure to these cult like behaviours makes one more protected from their effects.
By having experienced these behaviours previously they are more easily recognised and identified, and ignored.
Having grown up in a home where shame was used as one tool to manage behaviour, it was not going to work on me.
The whole ‘protect granny’ or feel shame and guilt held no weight.
In fact the knowledge that someone was trying to shame me really raised my hackles - how dare they!
The ‘shame’ of not pulling my weight socially or in the workplace was not going to work either.
They only know the ‘groupthink’ not individuals.


Backing Away Or Changing Tactics

Are the Australian Health authorities backing away in reality, or only for visual optics?
I would not put it past them to be dosing children with MRNA in the standard childhood vaccines, while they say it’s not needed on the front of the paper…
My trust in the healthcare system is gone. It’s been replaced with an active distrust.


I just downloaded the Crash Course audio book from Audible.
Looking forward to listening to the new book. It’s advice, not indoctrination.


Says It All About Propaganda…