Why The Time To Prepare For The Coronavirus Is *NOW*

First suggestion is to take a deep breath and calm down. For now the chance you have nCov are very low. Not zero, even having been around Chinese recently, but low enough you can stop being terrified. Unless you are feeling ill, with coughing or a fever right now, you’re fine. Even then, there is a high likelihood its a cold of the common flu.
Get a good hot cup of your preferred beverage, then take a couple of hours and watch Chris’ series of videos and read through comments. Start at the first one and work your way forward. You want to educate yourself on the facts and see where there is much misinformation.
Approach this like there was a typhoon or big storm on the horizon. Time to make some preparation and to take stock of your situation. You don’t say if you have a family, children or other relatives. What your job and housing situation is. How much ready cash you have.
Without more detailed information, I would make these general suggestion.
See how much food and water you have on hand. You want to build up what you have, focusing on meals that will last without refrigeration. Also meals that don’t require a lot of preparation or effort to fix. Buy what you can for now and try to build up more as you go along. Any amount of reserve will help you.
Cleaning supplies as well. Go for things that actually kill germs to spray on surfaces. Hand sanitizer too for you at home and for when you travel. Some more masks and rubber gloves if you can get them. Keep a mask and a couple of pair of gloves in your purse.
You don’t say if you have a shower or a bathtub. One quick thing you can do is put a large plastic tote in your bathtub and fill it with water. This will give you a little bit of reserve.
Pick up some ibuprerin, aspirin or other pain meds, along with some cough and fever meds. A couple of big bags of cough drops too.
Those things you can do over the next couple of days while you learn more. You are not alone in this.
Others will offer more suggestions.

Welcome to PP, Anastazia! I’ve seen absolutely no information here on PP and in mainstream/alternative media about nCoV awareness, precautions, cases or fatalities in Africa. (Chris mentioned it in this morning’s/yesterday’s video, I believe.) The lack of information for those outside Africa is very concerning, and must be significantly more so for you and others living in Africa. So your “boots-on-the-ground”, first-person perspective and experiences would be very valuable to the PP community, to the extent you feel comfortable in sharing them. However, maintaining your privacy and safety (physically and politically (e.g., censorship)) is most important.
There’s a wealth of information here on PP in the articles and comments regarding particular steps to fortify your well-being in general (e.g., “Resilience” tab for members above) and for nCoV specifically. There are so many people here that have particular expertise that could be immediately helpful to you, so I’m encouraging other PP members to chime in.
Stay well and strong, Anastazia, and please keep us posted.
All the best,

First of all welcome, This is a good community and Chris and Adam are dedicated to providing guidance and accurate information.
I found an article that lists some hospitals in South Africa which are involved in monitoring Coronavirus. Does this look accurate to you? Do you live near any of the centers listed?

Coronavirus latest updates: First case reported in Africa
The student was travelling from Beijing. (Source)
African countries rush to reinforce defences against coronavirus (Source)
East African airways suspend China flights due to coronavirus (Source)
Africa mobilizes against coronavirus as fears mount (Source)

FDA Takes Significant Step in Coronavirus Response Efforts, Issues Emergency Use Authorization for the First 2019 Novel Coronavirus Diagnostic (Source)
“Under this EUA, the use of 2019-nCoV Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel is authorized for patients who meet the CDC criteria for 2019-nCoV testing. Testing is limited to qualified laboratories designated by the CDC and, in the U.S., those certified to perform high complexity tests. The diagnostic is a reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test that provides presumptive detection of 2019-nCoV from respiratory secretions, such as nasal or oral swabs. A positive test result indicates likely infection with 2019-nCoV and infected patients should work with their health care provider to manage their symptoms and determine how to best protect the people around them. Negative results do not preclude 2019-nCoV infection and should not be used as the sole basis for treatment or other patient management decisions. Negative results must be combined with clinical observations, patient history and epidemiological information.”
Sparky1 note: The FDA news release did not specify the number or location of CDC certified labs authorized to perform nCoV testing. Prior to this authorization, PCR testing was only available from the CDC, which added at minimum 2 days to getting a definitive diagnosis. This authorization should expedite obtaining nCoV tests/test results. Looks like US health officials are ramping-up capacity to deal with anticipated increases in nCoV suspected and confirmed cases.

Global dimming due to the particulates you mention is ‘sustaining’ us. A significant decrease of this aerosol effect will tip us into runaway global warming, not just some temperature increase.

Information for Laboratories 2019-nCoV Requests for Diagnostic Tools and Virus
“Which labs will receive the diagnostic tool?”
“Once CDC’s diagnostic test is authorized by FDA under the EUA, the IRR will begin distributing the test to the following laboratories:
Qualified U.S. laboratories. This includes primary state public health laboratories, regional health laboratories, and a small number of overseas Department of Defense laboratories that test U.S. servicemembers.
Pre-approved international laboratories. Only registered laboratories will be able to order and obtain the test. This includes the following:
World Health Organization (WHO) Global Influenza Surveillance Response System (GISRS) laboratories.
National laboratories in countries in which there is not a GISRS laboratory or laboratories that are strategic laboratory partners of CDC.
Each laboratory that places an order will receive one test initially, and each test provides 1,000 reactions.”

WHO spokesman Tarik Jasarevic said: “There are no known effective therapeutics against this 2019-nCoV (virus) and the WHO recommends enrolment into a randomized controlled trial to test efficacy and safety.” This is only correct if you’re limited to FDA approved drugs.
I’ve found no human clinical trials about this and only a couple with animals (rats) for bacterial pneumonia. The paper linked below shares clinical expert experiences with viral pneumonia using colloidal silver and a nebulizer. The FDA works very hard to keep people from knowing this, because it would cut into their medical industry owners’ profits too much. Instead, this information needs to be shared widely.
It’s important that the colloidal silver be one of the very few good products which contain only very pure water, a high proportion of silver nanoparticles on the small end of the range (amber to yellow colored) and some unavoidable silver ions (which react with salt and become far less effective than the nanoparticles). It should contain no salts, nitrates, proteins, polymers or other contaminates, especially for use in a nebulizer. See the bottom link for more on this. See the bottom link for more on this.
It’s reported that beginning this several times a day soon after congestion starts can result in relief after only a few days, and longer if more severe. Waiting until congestion is very severe could cause the moisture in the cool mist to make the condition worse and use should stop immediately. Consult your physician, think for yourself and do what is best for you.
The paper titled “What Real Medical, Scientific and Clinical Experts Have to Say About Colloidal Silver Usage” is at
Here is the best page I’ve found to help identify one of the few good products without the need for lab equipment. http://ppmsilvercosmetics.com/Brochures/BeSureItsRealColloidalSilver.pdf
The statements made here have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This notice is required by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

https://holistichealth.one/treatment-for-coronavirus/ The Coronavirus outbreak is now affecting people all over the world. It can be very nasty if you’re not prepared for it. No need to panic, but you do need prepare. A few simple precautions can save you from catching it or any other viral infection going around including the flu. Holistic options are available and best for prevention as well. #coronavirus #flu #immune

This is a reply to mntnhousepermi who linked to this oxygen concentrator: https://www.amazon.com/Vuiluyy-Concentrato-rGenerator-Adjustable-Portable/dp/B081DHL8DM/ref=sr_1_7?keywords=oxygen+machine&qid=1580837118&sr=8-7
While mntnhousepermi avoided recommending buying one of these, I am going to disagree. If corona virus does spread outside China with anything like the same consequences then there are going to be far more cases of pneumonia than oxygen equipment. And oxygen equipment is probably the single factor which will make the biggest difference to your chance of survival. Far more than using N95 masks in an unlikely-to-be-successful attempt to avoid infection for example.
The only quibble I have with mntnhousepermi is the quality of the device he linked to. The cheap devices available on Amazon are not considered “medical oxygen equipment”, largely because they do not produce sufficiently high concentrations of Oxygen at the sort of flow volumes necessary for a pneumonia patient, nor are they capable of continuous operation.
They’re still better than nothing of course, but a medical oxygen device would be significantly more useful. The problem is that a medical oxygen device requires a prescription (presumably the result of some scoundrels lobbying for a regulation which put money in their pocket). However you may be able to find them for sale on craigslist. I happened to notice that in my area there were a couple for sale at around $200.
It’s also the case that people who are non-residents of the US are able to purchase these from dealers without a prescription by signing a waiver stating that they are not a resident which might be useful for those of you who are non residents.

I’ve already taken possession of an oxygen concentrator that I purchased from Amazon UK. My wife has had pneumonia several times and I’m conscious of the fact that if the virus strikes here, which I think it will, then the NHS will not be able to cope. In my opinion access to emergency health services should not be taken for granted.

Hi there everyone
Thanks so much for the innumerable amount of advice and support. Very helpful.
I have a lot of updates on firstly myself regarding my concerns about feeling unwell (went to the doctors yesterday)
Secondly the situation that South Africans are facing. I have information from my doctor and a few other people (doctor, people who are in the military, as well as a person who works in the government and a reporter who is from the news studio)
I would like to share this with you however I would prefer to do it privately via WhatsApp or email, as I have pictures, email and videos that could put me in a risky position.
I have shared all of the amazing advice you have given me with my family (parents, child, sisters and brothers and my partner)
Most of them are starting to follow your suggestions.
For that I am truly grateful to all of you. Thank you for your help during this insurmountable period this world is facing.
If someone is interested to see what is going on in Africa and would like me to share with you please kindly let me know via email or private message.
Again thanks

The most important thing one can do now to prep for the nCoV and other crises is to build knowledge and skills. Here are some helpful, reputable resources for managing health and medical concerns when formal services are unavailable or unaffordable. Best to get hard copy versions of these resources in case the Internet is down or devices are not operational.
I’m providing this with the usual disclaimers: I’m not a doctor. I am providing information, not health or medical advice. Please consult with your health/medical professional for any concerns.
Here’s a link to free pdf downloads in multiple languages for “Where There is No Doctor”, or dentist, as well as guides for several other specific conditions and circumstances: https://hesperian.org/books-and-resources/
“The Survival Medicine Handbook” and other books/resources by Joseph Alton, MD, and Amy Alton, ARNP; includes natural/herbal and pharma approaches.: https://www.doomandbloom.net/med-herbal-book-resources/
Drug Reference resources:
“Physician’s Desk Reference” or Nurses Drug Reference books: Search online for print or online resources; some older versions may be available but still useful in a pinch, augmented with a quick check for online updates for specific drugs.
Drugs.com: https://www.drugs.com/
Rxlist.com: https://www.rxlist.com/script/main/hp.asp
FEMA “Shelf Life Extension Plan” study found that many drugs, if properly stored, can be extended long past their expiration date. https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/3525372/Stability-Profiles-of-Expired-Drugs.pdf
The Altons’ manual provides information about antibiotics safe and appropriate use, dosage, storage and expiration dates, and use of aquatic or avian antibiotics during emergencies. Again: not providing medical or health care advice or treatment here.
Thomas Labs in the US produces antibiotics for human consumption and for animals. Dr. Alton cautions to “Look only for those veterinary drugs that have the antibiotic as their SOLE ingredient.” Thomas Labs: https://www.thomaslabs.com/category/s?keyword=antibiotics

https://holistichealth.one/treatment-for-coronavirus/ The Coronavirus outbreak is now affecting people all over the world. It can be very nasty if you’re not prepared for it. No need to panic, but you do need prepare. A few simple precautions can save you from catching it or any other viral infection going around including the flu. Holistic options are available and best for prevention as well. #coronavirus #flu #immune

RebelYell, do you have any recommendations on the best oxygen generators to buy? This is completely outside my experience, so I have no idea even where to start looking for recommendations on what’s worth buying. Is there an Amazon equivalent for ‘proper’ medical equipment?

Manitoba, Canada - Amidst the heavy statistical talk in some threads, my focus is to continue building up my pantry. No matter how this story unfolds, we’ll need to eat.
I’m working to get tasks done from my to-do list that require going out and about. For now I’m not concerned about going out in my community, but I figure, get 'em done soon so I can stay in later if need be. That ranges from booking a dentist appointment to using up a restaurant gift card.
I’m also ramping up the decluttering that was one of my New Year’s resolutions. If we had to escalate from ordinary cleaning to serious disinfection, that would be easier with less stuff around.
I’ve been pondering, “What could I do to make life easier for my executors if I were to be hit by the virus truck?” It’s a good time to review my will and think about ways to tidy up some financial affairs. To begin with, make sure my binder with info about bank accounts, stocks etc. is up to date.
I’ve even been doing some online decluttering, such as cancelling some unused social accounts. I’ll be doing more of that.
Such things make sense in ordinary times, so it’s not morbid to think about them now.
I think of it as practical paranoia! :slight_smile: