Winter is Coming

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The policy responses to Covid have been awful, but those failures are utterly dwarfed by the energy and supply chain policy inactions that are bringing us into a very dark winter.

While COVID-19 has occupied a lot of our intellectual and emotional energy over the past year and a half, energy and material shortfalls are far more likely to seriously impact your life. I alerted this channel to the energy issues last June, and sent out an ALERT over a week ago to my Insider members. I stand by the urgency of those messages even more now.

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An energy crisis is roiling across the UK and Europe on the cusp of winter, and the rest of the world is on the horizon. It’s already being felt in the UK, Europe, China, Russia, and the U.S.

In the UK, the media is chalking up the energy crisis to consumer panic buying and truck driver shortages, but this blames everyday citizens for what is actually a much deeper structural problem and bungling executed by government policies. A more accurate explanation acknowledges the origins of the current energy crisis in a predictable outcome of the failure to invest in the production of oil and supply stability during the COVID-19 mismanagement and shutdowns.

While the governing elite will have you believe the crisis is as “transitory” as the inflation they themselves create through central bankers’ monetary policies, it would be foolish to take them at their word. A major economic shock is guaranteed at this point in the story – one that will disproportionately impact the middle and lower classes.

Watch this video to have your eyes opened to the reality that “energy is everything” and come over to to learn more about how we might create energy resilient societies that safeguard human flourishing for everyone, not just the ultra-wealthy.


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As I said in another post first there is all sorts of disruptions constraining a sector of the economy which is then amplified by the BIGGIES. This goes on long enough that all the small to medium players go BK. Then the BIGGIES players swoop in and buy up all assets for pennies on the dollar. The Biggies are now free to dominate the industry and rake in massive profit all the way down. This is seen by those who are doing “Gods Work” as necessary and beneficial for all humanity…twisted I know.
Ready for winter here.



For a corporation to get a loan in Europe, they must be assessed on their carbon footprint. Enter ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Standards. The AICPA and the SEC are toying with implementing these standards into the 10K. Imagine the power to call what is “green” and what is not. Will lithium miners get a better green score than an off shore oil rig? It is up to regulators and independent assurance consultants to decide. Given 70% of US energy is from fossil fuels, and given the Saudis have employed Russia for defense in absence of US missals, supply chain issues could be an issue given technocrats are fiddling with our oil based economy for profit. Sort of like a kid playing with fire, or like no electricity in sub-freezing weather in Texas. They have no idea what they are doing to humanity for their profits, IMO. It will come back to haunt them.

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Awesome video as always but wanted to point out that John Michael Greer likes to say collapse now and avoid the rush, not panic…at least as far as I’ve heard and I read all his stuff as I do yours. I think it’s meant to convey that collapsing isn’t a bad thing if you do it voluntarily.


Partly due to the info spread on PP, we are now (almost) electricity dependent. We are almost done with a small project to reduce our household dependency on natural gas with ~80%.


I posted this review on the Redit Collapse Blog
“I appreciate some of Chris’s work. With most of the work he does that is before his pay wall, his statements are usually supported by cites embedded in the description of the video or on his site, (not so much the stuff behind the pay wall, lots of ranting and “opinions” going on there…imo). But when I logged into his site to check out the cites for this segment, there were none to be found. Doesn’t mean he didn’t do his “homework”, just means he got lazy with this one and his current audience (rolling my eyes) is not holding his feet to the fire. tsk tsk Chris! I could not find the data to support his claims, but I will continue looking for it.”
Could you please share your data source on some of your key statements. This is a comment that I would have defended you against had you shared your sources.
“When you are relying on social media posts for your sources, it’s not good journalism.”
Admin: We’re not sure what you’re referring to. All links are embedded within every presentation and then posted as clickable links beneath the video here and on YouTube. Everything is easily searchable by Google using keywords. Is it possible that r/Collapse is getting lazy? We’d advise they try to avoid that.

I don’t see this as journalism. This is more of a think tank where all sorts of thoughts and ideas are discussed. To that end a social media post is the jumping off point of a discussion. It is a data point of how the world is reacting.
Now we do have the central idea of the three Es (Econony, Energy and Environment) which focuses us a bit so we aren’t discussing the best way to beat the boss in Super Mario Brothers. Although I could discuss, without fossil fuels will the concept of the Princess in the castle that needs saving return? Cause I have to tell you, I’m not physically strong enough to do a lot of things without fossil fuels. I am going to need a guy to “save” me on a few things.



You called the pandemic on day one, I think Chris deserves a Genius Grant


I have stalked up and believe I am prepared as can be for this coming shortage. Is there any way to invest and prosper for this coming shortage? Is investing in coal futures, oil futures, etc worthwhile looking into? Any thoughts or ideas?


Jamie - So you admit you are a stalker?
Here is an idea for making money;
“Custom Body Bags”. Don’t let your loved ones get bagged up in a generic monotone plastic bag. A full line of decorated body bags custom engraved with the deceased’s name and a QR code linking to a video of their best moments.


My husband once interviewed a candidate that recorded on his resume that his last job was night stalker. He refrained from asking about it :slight_smile:


Historically it is high prices that instigates investment in development and production but I think that is is different this time.
I have read quite a bit of commentary that over a trillion, possibly several trillion dollars were lost on the whole Shale/Fracking fiasco making it very difficult over the last several years to drum up money for development and production on any play that even hints at being risky, which is all of them now. That and for the first time in 12 years of my pee-coil research I am hearing constant talk about “renewables” taking over and increasing risk even more. IMO “renewables” will never scale but the threat is there.
Bottom line …this is it I think!



Yeah its a joke - at least to anyone intelligent. But scrub 3$ cure - and give you something they can control you with. $$$$$ and who and how and why you can have.



File:PF-07321332 structure.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Pfizer’s new drug 07321332
Chemical structure of the macrocylic, highly effective antifouling... |  Download Scientific Diagram
Chemically very, very different. Similar modes of action (protease inhibitor).
The reality is PFE’s new drug just might be better than ivermectin. Just don’t have the data yet.
How chemists make these large molecules is beyond me.


Mega Corporations and private equity have been buying up hospitals and clinics all across the country and abroad. Then they close up rural facilities by the hundreds and thousands, cut back on staff and infrastructure on what is left to save money, then buy up ambulance and air ambulance services which are booming since it is hours to care facilities now for much of rural America. This is the real story of overcrowded hospitals and ICUs. America now has the lowest hospital beds per capita of the top 12 countries of the developed world. That and the least healthy, most obese, most medicated population.


We, as a civilization, should have started years ago attacking all the assumptions that we have made about Physics. Assume that every physics “Law” is an assertion and start from there in order to ensure our continued energy supply.
Dare I make an “all true scientists” falsehood? Why Yes, indeed.

All true scientists are open minded skeptics.
Fortunately, humans are not equal; they come in all shapes and sizes. (No, Gladys. They are not of equal value; Some are just plain rotten.) So. Where is this conversation going? Allow me to introduce to you scientists who are contented to go on a rampage through the entire Edifice of Kludges and bring down the termite and mold infested structure. Dr. Michael Clarage who brings us a new model of the cosmos. He and a whole team of iconoclasts, like Halton Arp, Ralph Jurgens, Engineer Wal Thornhill, Stephen Caruthers, Professor Vyotski and the usual suspects. (Quite a little name dropper, aren't I?) I have not done justice to the list of my heroes. Did you think Plank's constant or Newton's "Laws" of gravity are sacrosanct? Think again. To destroy even one of these Illusions is a Life well spent. Perhaps a little aperitive to give you courage to venture through the door next to the Overton Window to the banquet on the other side.
Chaos theory says that only two-body objects have stable orbits. Introduce a third, and it flies apart. And how many planets orbit our sun in perfect harmony?

I heard analysis on the subject of the labor shortage that says it’s about the high unemployment payouts that have allowed many to just stay home. I have heard expressions of bewilderment over it’s continuation beyond the termination of unemployment benefits. How about this explanation. How many covid-19 deaths were over 70 years old? Most of the 770,000, right? Or the question might be how many excess deaths were there due to covid-19 and/or the response to covid-19. How many inherentance events just happened in the last 18 months? Some had nothing to pass down. Some, a small amount of wealth. Some passed down enough to allow their offspring to retire, a paid-for home perhaps. Some may just have inherited enough to take a year off from that soul-sucking job. ‘Some’ just may be hundreds of thousands.