Your "Adjustment Reaction" Will Be Your Fate

An “Adjustment Reaction” is the very normal, usual, and human set of responses to a threat or new risk. We all have one and we all go through them. It’s just that some go through them much faster than others. Perhaps that’s you. Perhaps it’s not. Either way, you should be aware of the process and your own speed of adjusting, especially in times like these when markets are cracking, energy and inflationary shocks are shaking the ground, and yet we all need to make not just any old decisions but good decisions.

One step further out, our so-called leaders and trusted experts overreact, overcompensate, and go to extremes all while trying to improve bad situations. In too many cases, they compound the problem and make it worse.

We also see it everyday in friends and family. It’s not good for anyone, especially those who are in positions of authority.

Why is this happening, over and over and over again?

When will we learn? Can we ever learn from our mistakes?

The concept you will learn tonight could save you and your family emotionally and more.

Watch this important Informed Consent Framing edition, tonight, 7 p.m. EST, here at Peak Prosperity.

(Editor’s Note: Because of Chris’ travels, there is no Part 2 for this week’s Informed Consent.)

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Glad To Have An Update

Thanks for taking the time to post this Chris - my anchors for sanity are thin and this helps ?


I’m Confused

At 14:54, Chris says that the statement “mask wearing is more harmful than helpful” is complete bunk. Mask type, individual health and circumstances are much more nuanced than this blanket statement. Did I hear this incorrectly?


Yes, you did.

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Ha! I’ve replayed it over and over.


Think about it. Using a mask to prevent covid is akin to keepin’ crows outa your corn with a chain link fence. I agree they come, not enmass but in single file, however they still prey on your Garden. The long term immunity suppression from constant masking for the overall pop. is, well, a suppressed immune system?
I am sorry to have involved myself. I wish you the best and do hope all your beliefs come true.
robie is flying below the radar


I think you and I are on the same page…perhaps reread my post? I don’t agree that masks in general are helpful…in fact, I think they may be harmful in many circumstances. Please listen to this video at the time given…perhaps Chris mispoke or editing cuts the correct wording?


I think he was referring to the original statements by the authorities at the onset of the pandemic, meaning they made blanket statements without any true nuanced evidence yet.

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Appropriate rebroadcast. A suggestion when you do these, overlay a watermark with the original broadcast date. A couple of times I thought, what is he talking about then I recalled the comments are from a many months ago context.


If Only We Knew…

Quarantined for 4 to 6 weeks! How quaint :slight_smile:


Great suggestion…this may explain my confusion above


In the beginning of the pandemic Chris was strongly in favor of wearing masks especially in crowds. Not sure if/when that sentiment changed. The first mantra was correct: “Masks do more harm than good.” Sometimes they trick you with the truth!


Uk Prime Minister’s Way Back When

I find it interesting that nutty Boris made this suggestion—that it might’ve been a good path to ending the pandemic to just let it burn through the population— (watch recent discussion between Bret and Geert where they make conjectures that the pandemic might’ve been over within 18 months of no vaccines and perhaps just early treatment and/or protection of the vulnerable)


I Love The Way Back Machine

This is great insight, even though this video was from 2020, it’s still very relevant. We as a society are getting bombarded with crisis after crisis. I would argue, most of the population is currently in Denial over the dangers of collapse.
One of my good friends was telling me just the other day, as I was bringing up the fact that he should prepare with a little extra food because you just never know, that he was getting too close to retirement. Not really sure why he chose that argument to deflect me. He went on and on about all of the amazing trips he is going to go on, when retired. Again, this has zero relevance to the next 5 years and the possibility of collapse.
He is 46 and has a family of 4 and no matter how much I tell him he should prepare, he deflects.
For me it’s hard because I don’t have many close friends and only 1 of them is aware. Everyone else is in a trance of denial.
This is what I worry about. All the unprepared people waking up at the same time, when it’s too late.
This was a great video to understand why he deflects and even how I coped with becoming aware. Thank you!!


Adjusting Can Be Exhausting And Completely Useless

In the spring of 2011 we had a flood that stayed for years. Our little acreage, usually in the middle of the dusty prairies, became an island in a newly formed lake. It seems we live on a little rise at the bottom of a bit of a drainage basin that fills once in a few centuries. The water came in over a number of weeks, first flooding the fields around us, then covering the low spots in the road, and it kept rising a few inches every day, until the road was under 4 feet of water and the fields under 8. But through the weeks, we always thought “it can’t get any higher” and kept making new adjustments. We built bridges to quad out to where we could park the car, then the bridge was under water and we laughed! :slight_smile: Then we cut down a tree so we could drive out the back way, the high ground, then that was blocked by water. We kept trying to protect our well with longer and longer casing, out there in a boat pounding another piece of casing into the ground around the well … but the next spring, the moving ice on the top of the lake took that out in an instant. We worked so hard during those weeks, adjusted so many times in so many ways, and most of our work was only useful for a few days. We laughed at ourselves so much! In the end we had a dock and a fishing boat to get in and out for the summer, and a way to collect rain water to replace the well.
This we are living through now feels like that. I don’t know how high the water is gonna get. When my bank accounts were frozen by Trudeau in February, I realized we’re already alot deeper than I thought, and now I wonder if we will be allowed to harvest our garden this fall or if someone will just come take it all away from us. I wonder how long they will allow us to have the livestock. So I say, from where I’m at, plant the garden and tend the garden even just for today’s sake. Stock up on food and essentials for hope’s sake, and laugh at yourself when you see you now have 20 bags of organic oatmeal on the shelf. Stay close with the people around you and laugh as much as possible. Do the courageous thing for courage’s sake. I’m all for adjusting and preparing and resilience, but this flood that’s coming seems deeper than we can possibly understand. Today is a good day. It helps mentally to live for today, even when that includes preparing for the crisis we know is coming tomorrow.


Can you talk a bit about having your account frozen? How did it all go down? Were you notified or did cheques just start bouncing and the ATM not working? Did the unfreeze come with an announcement or did it just start working again like an internet site after an outage?


I feel you. Its a matter of adjusting for the uncertainty. I work as a electrician in housing builds and usually in this industry you never know if next week/month/year your working or not. For that matter all of us in that industry have well settled for uncertainty and I myself believe that theres a silverlining in everything life brings us


I had read this on the FLCCC site a while back. Now I can’t find it on that site (and maybe that’s just me and my searching skills), but did manage to find it posted elsewhere. Basically stating the thing about mask type, individual health and circumstances, etc. should be taken into consideration here, not just that masks don’t work.

And granted, the article that I just posted was written by Kory back in Jan. 2021. Not completely sure how he (or they, the FLCCC) see it now. Just wanted to share the article with all of you because I found it interesting to at least think about masks in a different way than I had been, or had been told was the case.


that’s messed up. Can you tell us how things are going in Canada, especially with people involved with the trucker movement?

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